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Trump Supporter Says ‘Civil War’ Will Begin If Donald Is Convicted For Any Crimes

A woman who supports disgraced former president Donald Trump told NBC News correspondent Vaughn Hillyard that there will be a “civil war” in the United States if the failed ex-president is convicted for any of his many alleged crimes.

Hillyard spoke with the woman at a recent pro-Trump rally, asking her, “If Donald Trump were to be found guilty by a jury, where do you see this going?”

“Civil war,” she replied. “Civil War. Divide it up. Because we can’t live together, obviously.”

A man who was also at the rally insisted he would “protect” Trump from ever spending a day in jail, no matter what he has to do to assure that.

Appearing on “Morning Joe,” Hillyard noted:

“What I’m increasingly convinced by, from conversations like those across this country, is that we are increasingly getting closer to an event, whatever that event may be, that event is becoming increasingly closer here. Donald Trump does have millions [of supporters] — it may not win him an election, but it will be there to defend him to the very end, whatever that end may look like.”

Could it be any clearer that these people are not just supporters and have instead crossed the line to become domestic terrorists?


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George Conway Trolls The MAGA Faithful With His Trumpian 10 Commandments

Now that we have a new speaker of the House who is fully committed to the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen from multiply-indicted former president Donald Trump yet professes to be a Christian, it seems only fair that someone make it crystal clear exactly what the Trump faithful have actually signed up for.

Why? Because the Trump acolytes need to be mocked, shamed, and trolled for pledging their undying loyalty to the most immoral man to ever hold public office in this country.

That’s why attorney George Conway’s new Trumpian Ten Commandments is so timely, as he explained on Twitter.

Conway begins with this instruction on how best to get the message to the MAGA lunatics who have been elected to Congress:

“To be posted in all Members’ offices per order of the Speaker:”

And then we get the new commandments, which also need to be shared far and wide on every social media platform, including Truth Social for anyone who has an account there and wants to make sure the Donald sees them.

1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me, except thou shalt followeth thy Orange Jesus over any moral cliff.

2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, unless thou shalt have purchaseth it on

3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, except when thou shalt attacketh Brandon or thy RINOs.

4. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy, unless thou attendeth a musical production in Denver.

5. Honour thy father and thy mother, and burieth thy mother on thy father’s golf course.

6. Thou shalt not kill, but thou shalt shooteth looters on sight, and puteth alligators in thy moat to keepeth out the Mexicans.

7. Thou shalt not commit adultery, but if thou shalt do so with thy porn star, thou shalt payeth her off through an intermediary and falsifieth thy accounting records.

8. Thou shalt not steal, unless thou needeth to steeleth one moreth than a certain number of popular votes or unless thou can hideth thy stollen documents at thy bathroom in thy resort.

9. Thou shalt not bear false witness. LOL.

10. Thou shalt not covet (but seeth nos. 2, 4, 7, and 8 aboveth).


Yep. That pretty much covers it, although a true MAGA hypocrite probably needs an accompanying photo of the entire Trump family so that he or she can also pay tribute to the spawn of Donnie.


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Trump Supporter: Military Leaders Who Disagree With Trump Should Face A ‘Firing Squad’

Last month, disgraced and failed former president Donald Trump angrily declared that Gen. Mark Milley, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, should have been executed for “treason” for daring to contradict the ex-president and speak to a Chinese military official in the final days of the Trump administration to reassure China there would be no attack on the nation.

Rather than being as outraged as the majority of Americans are by Trump’s violent rhetoric, his supporters say they agree with the twice-impeached former president, with some of them speaking to NBC News.

Vicky Entseminger remarked, “Treason is treason. There’s only one cure for treason: being put to death.”

Cynthia Yockey concurred.

“Why was he not in there before a firing squad within a month?” she asked.

Trump acolyte Rob Dannels told NBC:

“We used to execute or imprison people for all the treasonous actions I see. Now, in this day and age, it’s just throw it underneath the rug.”

And while a few of those who voted for Trump said his comments about Milley were indeed excessive, most of them proudly admitted they’d be voting for him again in 2024.


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MAGA Faithful Furious With Taylor Swift For Urging Her Fans To Register And Vote In 2024

The only people on the planet who are as thin-skinned and insecure as failed one-term former president Donald Trump are his fans, who are sometimes referred to as the “MAGA faithful,” though it would probably be more accurate to label them members of a cult.

The latest person triggering Trump supporters is none other than recording superstar Taylor Swift, who has been urging her fans to register and vote in the 2024 election (she did the same thing in 2020, and young people showed up at the polls in record numbers) and is also (gasp!) getting cozy with Travis Kelce, who plays tight end for the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs.

Could Swift make a difference in 2024, especially since it appears the general public isn’t very excited about a Biden-Trump rematch?

Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Inquirer thinks so, writing:

On Tuesday — National Voter Registration Day — the now-Nashville-based singer posted a plea to her 272 million Instagram followers to sign up for the ballot, triggering a sizable response. “I’ve been so lucky to see so many of you guys at my U.S. shows recently. I’ve heard you raise your voices, and I know how powerful they are,” Swift wrote. “Make sure you’re ready to use them in our elections this year!” The group posted its biggest day since the heated 2020 election, with many of the 35,000 new voters coming not long after the singer hit the “send” button.

But Swift’s willingness to get involved in the political scene — especially since she carries so much weight with young voters, a key and growing demographic — has Trump acolytes enraged and lashing out online, suggesting that the singer-songwriter is ugly, talentless, and needs to stay in her lane.

Sean Davis of the Federalist hatefully declared, “Taylor Swift is dumb and her music sucks.”

That’s a hell of a lot of projection, Sean.

Then there’s Roger Kimball, a columnist for the Trump-backing American Greatness, who suggested, “Also, she is homely.”

Be sure and check out Kimball’s Twitter photo if you want a really good laugh. He looks like a pile of feces that has been sculpted to resemble a human being.

Trump worshiper Clay Travis attacked both Swift and Kelce.

“Travis Kelce is doing Bud Light and covid shot commercials. He needs to fire all his marketing agents. Or he needs to just go ahead and cut his d–k off, become a chick, and endorse Joe Biden.”

Considering that Kelce is listed as 6-5 and 250 lbs., Clay might want to steer clear of any venue where the Chiefs are playing or end up having his pointy head spiked in the end zone by Kelce just for laughs.

It’s so much fun watching the Trump humpers lose their undeveloped minds over the most trivial shit, isn’t it?


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Right-Wing Activist Says The MAGA Movement Was Created Because ‘We Want A White Obama’

According to right-wing activist and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, the Donald Trump/MAGA movement was created because Republicans were looking for “a white Obama.”

During a podcast at a pastors’ summit on Wednesday, Kirk seemed to admit that the GOP had some blatantly racist motivations when they nominated the failed one-term former president in 2016.

“The Obama movement was larger than life,” Kirk said. “They rode this idea of candidate enthusiasm and this idea of hope and change and all of that. But you live by the sword, you die by the sword.”

“And Obama got re-elected in 2012, but then Republican voters said, our turn,” he added. “We want a white Obama.”

Only Trump (who suggested that Obama was illegitimate and wasn’t even born in the United States, despite his birth in Hawaii) could fill the bill of a white Obama, Kirk explained:

“And the only, I mean, you’ve got Jeb Bush, you had Marco Rubio, and who was the only person that could potentially play the charismatic game as talented as Barack Obama? Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump is the white Obama? That may well be one of the dumbest things to ever ooze from the mouth of a Trump worshiper.

Let’s do a quick compare and contrast:

  • Obama was about hope and change for the better. Trump was about hatred and taking the country back to the days when blacks weren’t allowed to eat in the same restaurants as whites.
  • President Obama stressed equality and inclusion. Trump used veiled white nationalism and fear of others to accomplish his rise to the presidency.
  • Obama is a man of intellect, decency, and kindness. Trump is a lowlife thug who revels in ignorance, preaches division, and loves no one but himself.

Trump humpers think they’ve found the white Obama? All they’ve found is a rehash of George Wallace circa 1963. No wonder they love the evil he represents.