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DOJ Preparing To Take Action Against Georgia For Their Voter Suppression Law

Now that we once again have a U.S. Attorney General who believes in protecting the Constitution and the rights of all Americans, the Department of Justice is once again working to make sure that all of us have an equal voice in deciding who represents us and makes the laws that govern our nation.

According to multiple reports, the DOJ under AG Merrick Garland is giving serious considering to suing the state of Georgia for the package of voter suppression restrictions that were signed into law Thursday evening by Governor Brian Kemp (R).

CNN White House correspondent Arlette Saenz reports that President Joe Biden was asked about whether or not the DOJ would indeed challenge voting restrictions in the Peach State:

That’s not all the president had to say on the matter, according to the New York Daily News:

President Biden took blistering aim Friday at Georgia Republicans and suggested they could face Justice Department scrutiny for enacting an ‘outrageous’ law that places ‘Jim Crow’-like restrictions on voting in the critical swing state.

“Biden also told reporters later in the day that Justice Department intervention could be warranted.

“’We don’t know quite exactly what we can do at this point. The Justice Department’s taking a look as well,’ he said.”

A lawsuit has already been filed in Georgia by several civil rights groups. The Justice Department could either join that action or file its own lawsuit to block implementation of the voting restrictions and eventually have them ruled unconstitutional and therefore illegal.

The Biden administration also continues to push for passage of the For the People Act in the U.S. Senate. While Republicans are expected to try and delay a vote on the bill by using the filibuster, it increasingly looks like Senate Democrats will overhaul the filibuster rules so that the voting rights bill can reach the Senate floor for a vote. With the Senate currently divided 50-50 among the two parties, a tie vote would allow Vice President Kamala Harris to cast the deciding vote that would make the For the People Act the law of the land.

The DOJ needs to fight the Georgia voting restrictions and get them overturned. If Republicans cannot win elections without cheating, then they should disband their party and admit they’re bereft of any real ideology other than repression.


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Over Half Of Republicans Think Not Having An Election In 2020 Would Be A-OK

According to President Trump, millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election. That, Trump says, explains why he lost the popular vote by over three million ballots. As with most things, the president offers no proof of his allegations, but scores of his supporters accept his lies as absolute fact.

How pervasive is the false narrative that American elections are unfair and “rigged” as Trump repeatedly asserted? Enough so that a new poll shows 52 percent of Republicans said they would have no problem with the president postponing the 2020 election indefinitely to make sure only American citizens are allowed to vote.

That same poll, which was recently published by The Washington Post, also shows that among Republicans:

  • 47 percent believe Trump won the popular vote.
  • 68 percent, think millions of illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 presidential election.
  • 73 percent think voter fraud happens somewhat or very often.

Remember that Election Integrity Commission Trump set up to investigate the president’s bogus claims of massive voter fraud? Turns out the first thing they wanted was detailed voter information from registration databases, including the age, address, ethnic background, address, and Social Security numbers of every registered voter in the United States. The vast majority of states told the commission, headed by longtime vote suppression specialist Kris Kobach, to take a hike and refused to hand over such data.

But the commission may have a more sinister purpose: To allege that voter fraud is a nationwide problem and therefore merits that President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress put a hold on elections until the fake problem can be taken care of.

However, should Trump and Congress decided to go down that road, they should be warned that the vast majority of Americans will not support or allow such a blatantly unconstitutional move. What Republicans actually fear most is the wrath of angry voters, and come 2018 and 2020, they may see that anger transformed into wave elections which sweep them from power and make them politically irrelevant.

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Liar-In-Chief Donald Trump Backs Off Promise Of Investigating Voter Fraud

Just five days after he was sworn in, Donald Trump once again returned to the issue of why he had lost the popular vote by some 3 million ballots, tweeting out:

There was even an executive order drawn up which would have launched this YUGE investigation into voter fraud. So when does said investigation begin?

Turns out it doesn’t.

A senior administration official confirmed to CNN that while such an investigation might happen sometime in the future, it’s no longer a major priority. What?! If 5 million people voted illegally in 2016, shouldn’t that, along with probes into how much influence Russian meddling had in the results, be placed at the top of the agenda? Nope. Because it’s yet another lie from this pathological liar.

Perhaps senior advisers to the Liar-in-Chief informed their boss of a recent Politico/Morning Consult poll which showed that only 1 in 4 Americans–a mere 25 percent–believe Trump when he says voter fraud is rampant in the United States.

It should also be noted that being registered to vote in more than one state is not voter fraud. If it were, President Steve Bannon and Trump’s own daughter, Tiffany, would be under indictment because both are registered in multiple states.

What this is really about is simple: Trump cannot accept the fact that he lost (and to a woman!) so badly. He is not able to wrap his damaged mind around the fact that he is an illegitimate head of state who was not the choice of most Americans. Trump lives under the illusion that everyone loves and supports him.

In a month or so, Trump will probably trot out the voter fraud lie yet again, then back away when he realizes he cannot support his preposterous claims with actual facts. This is the pattern. And just think, we potentially have to put up with this crap for four more years.

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Trump’s ‘Expert’ On Voter Fraud Is Registered To Vote In Three States

According to Donald Trump, Gregg Phillips of True the Vote is an absolute expert on the topic of voter fraud in the United States. Phillips claims he will soon be presenting evidence that anywhere from 3-5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 election.

And yet we now discover that Phillips, for all of his passionate fervor on the topic of voter fraud, is registered to vote in three states: Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.

Both Phillips and Trump have made a very big deal out of Americans who are registered to vote in more than one state. Yet a simple check by the Associated Press found that Phillips is guilty of the same “fraud” he accuses others of being involved in. And some of Trump’s own family are also registered in multiple states.

The AP found that Phillips was registered in Alabama and Texas under the name Gregg Allen Phillips, with an identical Social Security number. Mississippi voter registration rolls list him under the name Gregg A. Phillips, and that also includes the final four digits of Phillips’ Social Security number, his correct date of birth, and even a prior address matching one once attached to Gregg Allen Phillips.

Just last week, Trump announced he would instruct federal officials to investigate voter fraud, commenting:

“When you look at the people that are registered, dead, illegal and two states, and some cases maybe three states, we have a lot to look into.”

Contacted by phone Monday and asked about his multiple voter registrations, Phillips had this to say:

“Why would I know or care?

“Doesn’t that just demonstrate how broken the system is? That is not fraud — that is a broken system. We need a national ID that travels with people.”

Actually, what it demonstrates, Mr. Phillips, is that you’re a hypocritical assclown who is trying to make money off lies that you have spread far and wide and even managed to convince the simple-minded head of state are true.

So when the big federal investigation is conducted, I suggest we indict and prosecute Gregg Phillips–along with Tiffany Trump and Jared Kushner–for voter fraud and throw the book at them. That would send the message that voter fraud will not be tolerated in any form or by any American.

Sound good to you, too, Donald?

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Man Claims He Has All 3 Million Illegal Voters’ Names – And ‘Threatens’ To Release Them

Perhaps you were wondering exactly where Donald Trump got his bizarre (not to mention patently false) figure that some 3 million people voted illegally in 2016 and therefore caused him to lose the popular vote to Hillary Clinton.

The man behind the dubious claims is named Greg Phillips, and now this con man (no wonder Trump likes him so much) says he may just release the names of all the people who committed voter fraud last November.

First, some background: On November 13, just five days after Trump was declared the winner of the election, Phillips made this posting on Twitter, which we all know is Donald Trump’s favorite source of “news” and other alternative facts:

After making his claim, resident lugnut and full-time bullshit artist Alex Jones grabbed ahold of the lie Phillips had propagated and began spreading it far and wide on his website, InfoWars. Trump, who is also fond of conspiracy theories, picked up the information from Jones and began spouting it out whenever he was reminded that he lost the popular vote by the same 3 million votes Phillips and Jones had fashioned into their latest golden calf, ready for worship by other right-wing halfwits.

Now Phillips has given an interview to the Daily Beast and is making even more ridiculous claims:

“If I had my druthers, and they said, ‘Gregg, you can release your list or you can give it to [the Department of Justice],’ I’d instantly agree to give it over to DOJ. They could bump it up against the Homeland Security file. There’s a group of us who don’t think we should release the names at all.”

Yet when reporters have repeatedly asked for the list, Phillips told them this via Twitter:

“We will release it in open form to the American people. We won’t allow the media to spin this first.”

So what is Phillips waiting for? An engraved invitation? Do we have to fall to our knees and beg for the list? Or might it be that he’s so full of crap that he has no list and is just engaging in a pathetic attempt to get his 15 minutes of fame?

Phillips now says his reluctance to release his “list” is based on not wanting to identify someone who might not have done anything wrong:

“That’s exactly what’s taking so long. Rather than publishing things that might be wrong, we not only just want to do a quality check on our own algorithm, we want to do an internal audit, if you will.

“I committed from the outset to publish all of this data to the public. I’m gonna let the public see everything we’ve done. Our analysis, everything, will be published. We will also give copies to the federal government. We’re gonna publish the entire data set.”

Sure thing, Greg. You’re gonna release the list the day after pigs start flying and unicorns appear on every street.

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