Discrimination Racial Profiling Racism WTF?!

WATCH: Racist Trumpkin Gets Publicly Shamed For Calling 5-Year-Old Girl A ‘Terrorist’

You’ve probably never heard of John Turano. He’s one of the many Trump-worshiping idiots who prowl the streets of this country and feel they have the right to scream whatever insult comes to mind, even if that invective is hurled at a child.

In the video below, which is going viral, a woman approaches three Trump supporters in Los Angeles and tells them:

“You called my 5-year-old cousin a terrorist.”

The woman, named Rawan, and her cousin, are Palestinian-American. To them, Turano replies:

“Looks like one. It doesn’t matter what age you are.”

Rawan then tells Turano:

“You’re calling a 5-year-old a terrorist.”

Turano’s smug, moronic daughter, Bianca responds:

“But this is America, we can say whatever we want. Freedom of speech.”

Later in the video, John Turano tells the woman and her little cousin to suck his dick as his equally disgusting daughter adds:

“You guys are terrorists, get out of here. If you hate America so much leave.”

A boy with Rawan and her cousin then shouts at Daddy Turano:

“I don’t hate America — I just hate [inaudible] fucks like you!”

Donald Trump has emboldened assholes like John and Bianca Turano. Trump has given them cover to be as offensive as they want because some of the neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville earlier this year are “very fine people,” according to the president.

Trump and many of his supporters are cancers on this country that need to be excised as soon as possible.

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Discrimination Gun Nuts Racism

WATCH: Racist Gun Store Owner Refuses To Sell To Black Man – Because He Might Be A Criminal

The NRA and their minions who say they support the right of every American to own a gun apparently have a major problem with African-Americans joining their ranks.

If you want proof, look no further than Hopkins Gun & Tackle in Richmond, Virginia. Chris King Mason, a black man, went into the store and was almost immediately refused service. As Mason wrote on Facebook, where he also posted a video of the encounter with the store owner:

“The owner of this store refused to sell me any firearms. His reason was simply and I quote ‘I will not sell you or your friend any firearms because my reason to believe is that you will sell them to someone else.’ At first, I presumed that he wasn’t serious because I am a regular customer, until he stood by his decision not to sell me anything and ask that I remove myself from the store.”

When Mason tried to reason with Hopkins, he was threatened. Hopkins said he would call the cops:

“We have to follow all federal guidelines and we’re not gonna sell you a gun. And if you don’t go ahead and leave the premises I’m gonna call the police.”

Mason then commented directly on the video he was filming with his cell phone:

“So I just walked in Hopkins Gun & Tackle and before I could say anything this man right here said he would not sell me a firearm. And his reason? What’s your reason again? You don’t need a reason?”

Here’s a bet I’m more than willing to make: I bet $100 that if Mason had been white, Hopkins would have sold him as many guns as he wanted.

In America, where green is the only color that should matter, there’s still plenty of morons who are still hung up on black and white.

Here’s the video:

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Discrimination Hate Crimes Racism WTF?!

Unhinged Racist Goes On Tirade Against Woman Speaking Spanish (VIRAL VIDEO)

It’s safe to say that we’ve all heard people speaking Spanish or another language at one time or another in our lives, and the vast majority of us went about our business and paid it no mind.

But a man at a Goodwill store in Durant, Oklahoma, heard Maty Roberts talking to her sister in Spanish and decided to stick his fat, ignorant face in her business. The man began yelling out racial slurs and, according to Roberts’ daughter, got more agitated by the second:

“He just kept spitting out words, like, ‘You’re an immigrant and you need to go back to your country.”

Another man who was also with the two women confronted the unshaven racist and asked:

“Sir, are you the one who hates wetbacks?”

That led the hate-filled asshole to respond:

“Wetbacks, wetbacks, wetbacks — because you’re an immigrant. No, you’re speaking immigrant.”

When the woman went to check out, the man continued to verbally harass them, saying:

“I don’t speak English, I don’t speak English, no comprende, no comprende — you lousy-speaking immigrant.”

Police arrived at the store and began to talk to the man in the parking lot, who told the officers:

“Get that bitch out of here, get that bitch out of here. I’ll show you World War III, it starts right here.”

“Immigrant, immigrant, immigrant. Fucking wetback.”

When asked for identification, the man refused and said his name was “Jack.” He informed the police officers that he needed to go home because his blood pressure was high. But before he left, he continued to berate Roberts, telling her:

“On this side of the Red River, north of the Rio Grand, north of the Red River, we speak English and English only.”

No, on this side of the Rio Grande, “Jack,” we look down on shitheads like you and think you’re the one that needs to be shipped to deserted island.

Here’s the cell phone video Roberts shot. WARNING: GRAPHIC, RACIST LANGUAGE:

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Discrimination WTF?!

Trump Supporters Leave Note On Restaurant Tab Saying They Won’t Return Because ‘Owner Is Mexican’

Fernando Franco is the founder and owner of Di Frabo Italian restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, and recently two patrons left a message on their receipt which was clearly aimed at him. Franco recalls:

“The manager came to me…and he said that last couple they left this note.”

The note read:

“The food was tasty, and the service attentive. However the owner is Mexican. We will not return. America first.”

Franco, who is indeed from Mexico, resides in the United States on an E-2 investors visa, said the note was the equivalent of “a slap in the face.” And he added that he places part of the blame on the divisive campaign Donald Trump ran. But he also said there’s a silver lining to this ugly cloud

“I told my staff the good thing is that they said that the food was tasty and the service was attentive so I guess that’s a good thing.”

What makes this entire situation even more disturbing is that people would go into a restaurant, fill their fat faces with food, and then decide to crap all over the place on their way out the door. If they feel so strongly about the matter, they could have walked out the minute they realized the owner was Hispanic. It seems highly unlikely they didn’t know this fact long before the bill showed up at their table.

Even worse is the fact that some Americans now feel free to attack another person based on where they were born. Is someone born in the United States superior to a person born in Mexico in any real manner? Some of these same so-called “Christians” who so fervently support Trump seem to forget that we are all God’s children and all equal.

Here’s my message to the couple that left this hateful message for Mr. Franco: Karma is real, and I wouldn’t want to be you when it shows up to visit.

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Discrimination Islamophobia WTF?!

Hypocrite Trump Adviser Says Muslim Ban Will Protect Americans From ‘Bigots’ (VIDEO)

Stephen Miller may not be a household name just yet, but he’s the man who crafted the executive order signed by Donald Trump on Friday that bans travel to the United States from seven countries in the Middle East.

Miller was a guest on CBS This Morning earlier today, and he defended the controversial ban on Muslims by saying:

“We’re going to take the next 30 days to develop a new set of screening protocols to try and ensure that people entering our country, particularly on a permanent basis, truly love and support the United States of America. There’ll be a 60-day period where countries will be asked to comply with the new directives. Countries that are in compliance will have regular, ordinary and routine migration with the United States.”

Then, in what may be one of the most blatant examples of hypocrisy yet from a member of the Trump team, Miller added:

“It only makes sense that we engage in some kind of selections process that prioritizes the entry of people who, as the order stated, don’t hold bigotry, hatred or violence against any sexual orientation, against any race, or against any particular class of people.”

Are you freaking kidding me?! People who don’t hold bigotry, hatred or violence against any sexual orientation, race, or class of people? What about the KKK and neo-Nazi members who so ardently support Donald Trump? What about David Duke? Closer to home for the Trumpkins, what about Steve Bannon, who once wondered aloud if the United States might be better off if only property owners were allowed to vote? Are they going to be detained at the airport and held indefinitely?

Personally, I don’t feel a deep-seated need to be protected from people who are seeking to come to the United States for freedom or to escape war and terrorism. I do, however, feel strongly that all of us need to be protected from the enemy within, especially the Machiavellian demons who currently work in the West Wing.

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