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Sarah Sanders Gets Cold Busted For Lying About The COVID-19 Vaccine

Believe it or not, former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is actually encouraging people to get vaccinated for COVID-19, writing an op-ed that was published Sunday in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in which she repeatedly gives her former boss, failed, one-term former President Donald Trump, all the credit for the vaccine.

For example, Sanders writes:

“A few months ago, I decided to take advantage of President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed and get vaccinated.

“When the Trump administration initiated Operation Warp Speed in May 2020, the president stated that a vaccine would become available by December of that year at the very latest. From the moment he made his announcement, the ‘expert’ class tried to undermine those statements with baseless fear-mongering.”

Why were so many of us skeptical about what Trump said regarding the vaccine? Probably because he spent four years lying about everything and even suggested that as soon as warmer weather arrived in the summer of 2020, COVID would completely disappear. It didn’t, and hundreds of thousands of Americans died as a result of his misinformation and attempts to minimize the seriousness of the pandemic.

Just like her former boss, Sanders also resorts to lying to make her case, suggesting that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris tried to discourage people from getting vaccinated:

“The New York Times ran an opinion piece claiming that whatever the Trump administration released would likely be a dangerous political stunt. CNN did the same. But no one did more to undercut public confidence in the vaccine than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Biden doubted that the vaccine would be ‘real,’ while Harris said in a nationally-televised debate that she would not take any vaccine the Trump administration had a hand in creating.”

But as CNN White House correspondent John Harwood noted on Twitter, Sanders is also lying with her accusation:

Here’s the video of exactly what Harris said during the VP debate:

Of course, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Sarah Sanders is praising Trump and lying about the candidates who defeated him and Mike Pence by nearly 8 million votes. After all, Sanders is running to be governor of Arkansas. She’ll say whatever it takes to divert attention from the truckload of bullshit she uttered from the podium as press secretary.

Does Trump deserve some of the credit for the coronavirus vaccine? Yes he does. But that has to be balanced against the endless lies he told about the disease as thousands of Americans perished under his so-called “leadership.”

COVID is one of the main reasons Trump lost the 2020 election. And it’s also the reason a majority of Americans will never trust him again.

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Former FBI Asst. Director: Putin And The GOP Are Telling The Same Lie About The Capitol Insurrection

At his post-summit press conference in Geneva after he had met with President Joe Biden on Wednesday, Russian leader Vladimir Putin stopped sounding like the president of his nation and more like many member of the Republican Party.

Asked by a reporter about his attempts to destroy dissenting opinions in his country, Putin immediately referenced the January 6 Capitol insurrection:

“On the question of who is murdering whom, people rioted and went into the Congress in the U.S. with political demands. Many countries are going through exactly what we’re going through. Let me just repeat. We sympathize with what was happening in the states, but we do not wish that to happen in Russia.”

Close your eyes and you could almost hear congressional Republicans saying the very same thing by trying to minimize what took place earlier this year. It’s almost as if Putin and the GOP are using the same talking points.

And that’s exactly what it sounded like to former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi, who told MSNBC host Ari Melber:

“I can’t, from the national security perspective, can’t let the opportunity go to not point out that, as recently as today, Vladimir Putin at his press conference regurgitated the very same message that we have U.S. Congressmen saying, which is that the people that breached the security at the Capitol were simply looking for their political voice. They were simply looking for some political solutions. Vladimir Putin said that today at his press conference and these members of congress who refuse to honor the bravery of the Capitol police officers, who protected those members of congress are echoing the same thing as Putin.”

The words from Putin are also eerily reminiscent of what is being preached night and day on Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News: That the rioters were the good guys who had a legitimate reason to storm the seat of government on the very day Congress was convened to declare Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States.

For example, on Tuesday evening, Fox host Tucker Carlson suggested that the Capitol riots had been organized by the FBI as a way to quash the pro-Trump movement in the United States.

So what, you may ask, is the difference between the Kremlin and the GOP? Well, one is working to destroy the United States from afar while the other does it right here at home while falsely claiming they’re interested in democracy.


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GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert Lionizes The Capitol Rioters As ‘Political Prisoners’

Hundreds of millions of people here in the United States and around the world watched in absolute horror on January 6, 2021 as a mob of pro-Trump protesters marched on the U.S. Capitol, rioted, and engaged in the sort of insurrection that wasn’t thought impossible in this, the strongest democracy in the world.

Thankfully, the insurrection was put down, Joe Biden was certified as the 46th President of the United States, and federal authorities began deciding how to find and prosecute those who took part in the riots.

But according to Texas GOP Congressman Louie Gohmert, those people who broke into the Capitol building are “political prisoners” who did absolutely nothing wrong.

Gohmert made his remarks Friday in the House of Representatives, the very same House where insurrectionists called for the blood of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and chanted that then-Vice President Mike Pence should be hanged. The Texan proudly stood and declared:

“Joe Biden’s Justice Department is criminalizing political protest, but only political protest by Republicans or conservatives. They’re destroying the lives of American families, they’re weaponizing the events of January 6 to silence Trump-supporting Americans.”

Actually, the Justice Department is prosecuting the people who committed federal crimes that have been on the books for decades. And if these rioters didn’t want to destroy their own lives and those of their families, they should have stayed home and not engaged in criminal acts. It’s just that simple.

However, Gohmert was only getting warmed up, and what he said next is a slap in the face of both reality and history:

“We have in this city political prisoners held hostage by their own government. Victims of an unequal system of justice in a country where rioters and looters on the left are let off the hook, even considered heroes while those on the right are considered hardened criminals without any record before a trial can even begin.”

Wrong again! Rioters and looters “on the left” are also charged when they break the law. They are prosecuted to the full extent of the law because that law is written to apply to everyone, not just those of one political stripe or the other. And that’s exactly how it should be.

Louie Gohmert, like so many on the right, is delusional and seeking to rewrite what happened on that fateful day in January. His attempt to pretend what we all saw didn’t happen is an insult to every reasonable American’s intelligence.

But that’s the Republican way in the Age of Trump: Lie and deny, use falsehoods and conspiracy theories to cover up your own nefarious actions. It’s the epitome of what Orwell warned us of in 1984.

Sedition, treason, and rioting are wrong, un-American, and illegal. And Louie Gohmert is a lying sack of dung for trying to whitewash such actions.


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Here’s The REAL REASON Sarah Sanders Is Leaving The Trump Administration

It was a surprise announcement, made late Thursday afternoon, and it was made by President Donald Trump via Twitter, which he often uses when he wants to announce something he’s too much of a coward to tell someone to their face:

But as it always the case with Donald Trump, there’s a whole lot more to the story than he’s willing to admit.

For her part, Sanders tried to put a happy face on the entire matter, telling NBC News:

“I feel like it’s important for the president to be able to put somebody in place as he moves into the campaign season.”

Ah yes, the campaign season. Trump is trying to get re-elected even though his poll numbers are dismal and he’s losing to nearly all of the top Democratic contenders; by a 13 full points to former Vice President Joe Biden.

And then we come to the disastrous interview Trump gave to George Stephanopoulos of ABC News. In that interview the president said there was nothing wrong with accepting negative information from a foreign country on an opponent.

As press secretary, Sarah Sanders had to have set up that ABC interview, and Fox News host Neil Cavuto is convinced that’s why Sanders got the boot. On his show Thursday, Cavuto noted:

“The timing of this is odd. Just after the George Stephanopoulos interview with the president, the hypothetical came up about accepting intelligence from a foreign source and the president, of course, reacted the way he did. He said yeah, I’d be open to it. Maybe he’s pointing the finger, why did you get me into this, Sarah Sanders?”

We’ve seen it a million times with Donald Trump. He expects absolute loyalty from those around him, but will instantly toss them under the bus to save his own ass. He got burned on the ABC interview, so Sanders is gone.

No one will miss Sarah Sanders, who lied almost as much as her boss. But her loyalty was rewarded with a knife in the back from Trump.

Donald Trump is a total and complete failure as a human being and as a president. He proves that each and every day in new and terrifying ways.

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Paid Liar Kellyanne Conway Says Hope Hicks Is Leaving Because She Misses New York (VIDEO)

If perhaps you were under the impression that White House Communications Director Hope Hicks is leaving the Trump administration because she cannot take the daily BS from Donnie Babyhands, Kellyanne Conway wants you to know it’s all much ado about nothing.

Appearing on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, Conway was asked by co-host Steve Doocy:

“Was it the ‘white lies’ thing? She couldn’t take the heat?”

Conway wasted no time spinning one lie after another, which she does almost as well as her boss, the Pathological Liar-in-Chief:

“This is very simple. Hope’s been doing this for three years nonstop. It’s very simple. I think the president spoke for all of us who have had the privilege of working with Hope and getting to know her as a friend, that she’s fantastic and she has done a tremendous job for him. And as the president says, [she] will probably be back in his orbit sometime and someday to help yet again.”

Notice how Kellyanne didn’t actually answer the question? She was just getting warmed up, and decided to add this:

“Hope’s a New Yorker. She got a great family she’s close to. And she has a wonderful future and we’re all excited to see. I love her and I’ll miss her very much.

“She had the luxury of not having to come on TV often. But I think we’ll hear from her. And one day when Hope Hicks sits down to give a major post-White House interview, millions of people will tune in and I’ll be one of them.”

Donald Trump’s a New Yorker, too. Is he about to resign? Oh please tell us it’s so, Kellyanne!

As for that post-White House interview, Ms. Hicks may be sitting for yet another long interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, too. And that could be very bad news for Trump, because Hicks knows things others in the White House don’t.

So bon voyage, Hope. See ya at the grand jury.