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Mitch McConnell Gets Taken To The Woodshed For Trying To Paper Over The GOP’s Racist History

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) thought he’d try and rewrite the history of his party on Tuesday, but he immediately got smacked down by the facts about the GOP which are written in bigotry and hatred.

During a debate on whether or not to eliminate the filibuster in the U.S. Senate, McConnell said the procedure — through which one senator can bring all business in the upper chamber to a screeching halt — had not been used in the past (by Republicans) to delay passage of civil rights legislation in the 1950s:

“It has no racial history at all. None. There’s no dispute among historians about that.”

That’s a lie, and McConnell said it knowing damn well it was a lie.

History shows that the longest filibuster ever held in the Senate was made by the blatantly racist GOP Sen. Strom Thurmond in opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1957, speaking continuously for 24 hours and 15 minutes to prevent black Americans from having the same rights as whites.

Steven S. Smith, a political scientist at Washington University in St. Louis, explained the use of the filibuster by Republicans during the bad old days:

“The histories of the filibuster, civil and voting rights, and race in America are intertwined.”

How racist is the history of the Senate filibuster? It was once used to block anti-lynching bills. That is the shameful past of the procedure McConnell tried to paper over.

Fortunately, however, former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance of Alabama was quick to counter McConnell, noting:

When he started getting criticism, McConnell’s office tried to walk back what he’d said:

For those who aren’t familiar with the full history of the Republican Party, it was once the Party of Lincoln. But then Richard Nixon was elected, followed by Ronald Reagan (who railed against “welfare queens” in a blatant attack on African-American women), and later was the party of choice for Donald Trump, who called Mexican immigrants “rapists” and suggested that anyone who dared to protest was a hoodlum or an “animal.” The GOP has become the party of bigotry and racial hatred. And the filibuster is part of that legacy, despite what McConnell or any other revisionist historian tries to assert.

How can you tell when someone is a racist? When they deny their own past, their support of bigots, and their cozy relationship with neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and white separatists.

Nice try, Mitch, but you’re just as full of shit as ever. And you’re also a terrible liar.

Donald Trump Elections History WTF?!

Delusional Donald Says The Only Reason Lincoln Was More Presidential Than Him Is ‘The Hat’

Once again, Donald Trump is trying to rewrite history, and in the process he’s making one of this nation’s most beloved presidents spin in his grave.

Trump is absolutely obsessed with Abraham Lincoln, a man of such integrity and courage that the current head of state should be afraid to even mention his name for fear lightning will strike him.

And yet, Monday evening during one of his desperation super-spreader rallies in Pennsylvania, Trump once again mused that he’d done more for black people and was more presidential than the man who saved the United States in the midst of a bloody civil war, remarking:

“I’ve done more for the black community than any other president, and I say with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln, and I mean that, with opportunity zones, and with criminal justice reform, with prison reform, with what we’ve done for historically black universities, colleges, schools, what we’ve done. It’s nobody’s done more. Abraham Lincoln, let’s give him the nod, but beyond that, nobody’s done more. I love the black community.

“I can be more presidential than any president ever. Except for the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln when he’s wearing the hat.”

Oh, so now it’s just the hat that’s making Trump a distant second to Honest Abe? What a joke that is! As VoteVets rightly noted:

How big of an egotistical asshat does a person have to be to even speculate on being as presidential as Abe Lincoln?

Here’s something it’s safe to bet on: If Lincoln was still alive, he’d want nothing to do with a buffoon like Donald Trump. Hell, he’d probably give the Donald his hat if he’d just promise to go away and stop running his mouth.

It’s been said a million times but it bears repeating: VOTE! If you haven’t voted yet — no matter what state you live in — get out and vote when you can. Do it for Abe.


Donald Trump Elections History

Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss Has Found A Very Unique Way To Troll Donald Trump

You’ve probably seen Pulitzer Prize-winning presidential historian Michael Beschloss on NBC News, MSNBC, or PBS. He’s widely considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and respected experts on the American presidency in the world.

But it turns out that Beschloss is also a master of trolling, and he’s been doing lots of that since the infamous Atlantic story of Trump dissing Americans who fought and died for this country as “losers” and “suckers” broke a couple of days ago.

Over the past couple of days, Beschloss has been posting historical photos on Twitter which feature past presidents honoring veterans who have made the nation stronger and freer.

The first post came Thursday and featured Jimmy Carter:

And then Beschloss continued to make his point unmistakable with the other tweets he posted:

The message could not possibly be clearer: All of the presidents who came before Donald Trump have been more than willing to pay the proper respect to those who fight on our behalf. They understood the sacrifices made to secure and maintain our freedom and our republic.

It’d be nice to think that all of this criticism of Trump’s comments would cause him to reconsider what he’s said and offer an earnest apology for any pain or offense he might have caused. But that would require him to have a heart and soul. Clearly, he has neither.

Donald Trump Elections History

Political Forecaster Predicts Trump May Well Face The Same Fate As Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover, you probably recall from history class, was the 31st President of the United States and president when the Great Depression began in 1929. Rather than respond with bold action and programs to bring the country out of the economic doldrums, Hoover kept insisting that the federal government had no role to play in relief efforts.

Considering that the unemployment is now close to what it was at the height of the Depression, it’s fair to ask: Could Donald Trump be the next Herbert Hoover, a failed one-term president seen as out of touch by the electorate?

That’s certainly the consensus of Democratic strategist/political forecaster Ed Kilgore, who told MSNBC’s Alex Witt that there are indeed a great many parallels between the economic times of Hoover’s presidency and what faces Trump. Kilgore began by noting that Trump is not nearly as accomplished as Hoover was:

“President Trump is a man of great inherited privilege and wealth, you know, who did become a national celebrity but through a career of real estate and resort development, and then reality television.

“Herbert Hoover was an orphan, very much a self-made multimillionaire, considered the world’s most brilliant engineer and manager, and he rose to national celebrity through several extraordinary acts of emergency management. He fed starving Europeans early in and after World War I. He was in charge of food supplies during World War I. Later as Secretary of Commerce, he led an enormous relief effort after a huge flood. He became known as the Great Humanitarian.”

As for the direct comparison between Hoover, who lost badly to Franklin Roosevelt in the 1932 election — Roosevelt won 472 electoral votes to Hoover’s 59 — Kilgore noted that Trump may indeed lose his bid for a second term and also cause Republicans to lose control of the Senate:

“Right now he’s in some serious trouble and so is his party, which is in danger of losing control of the Senate along with the White House.”

Imagine all of the good that could be done if Joe Biden is elected and has a Democratic House and Senate. The Supreme Court would be safe for a generation, and we could finally address important issues such as global warming, economic inequality, and other injustices.

Maybe it’s time we all started tweeting to Trump with the hashtag #DonaldHoover.

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WATCH An Idiotic Fox News Host Compare 9/11 Memorial To Confederate Statues

Monday was the 16th anniversary of the terror attacks on the United States by Al Qaeda which brought down the World Trade Towers and resulted in the deaths of some 3,000 people. So, naturally, a brainless Fox News host had to say something incredible offensive to the memories of those who were lost on that fateful day.

During an interview with Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade asked if Zinke was worried the monument to Flight 93 would one day be removed much the same as statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are being taken down across the country:

“Do you worry 100 years from now someone’s going to try to take that memorial down like they’re trying to remake our memorials today?”

Zinke responded:

“Well I’m one that believes that you know we should learn from history. And I think our monuments are part of our country’s history. We can learn from it.

“Since we don’t put up statues of Jesus, everyone’s going to fall morally short. And I think reflecting on our history, both good and bad, is a powerful statement and part of our DNA.”

This isn’t the first time the false analogy between 9/11 and memorials to Confederate traitors has been made in recent weeks. Maine GOP Governor Paul LePage had this to say on the subject:

“Listen, whether we like it or not, this is what our history is.

“And to me, it’s just like going to New York City right now and taking down the monument of those who perished in 9/11. It will come to that.”

No, it’s nothing like that. A monument to victims of 9/11 is a tribute to those who died as the result of terrorism. Honoring racist traitors who attempted to overthrow the American government is an insult to everything this country stands for.

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