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WATCH Jamie Raskin Take A GOPer To The Woodshed Over The Pledge Of Allegiance

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) gave a Republican colleague a much-needed lesson in American history yesterday during a debate in the House of Representatives.

According to HuffPost, Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) was speaking on the subject of adding a citizenship question to the U.S. census when he referenced a line in the Pledge of Allegiance which reads, “and to the Republic for which is stands,” which led him to quote Benjamin Franklin.

“After our Constitution was ratified, he talked about giving us a republic, if we can keep it, and I think people should analyze those two little quotes and wonder why there were references to republic in both of them.”

That led Raskin to note that he had been “inspired” by Grothmans’s comments, and then he took his GOP colleague to school.

He said that “radical Baptist minister” Rev. Francis Bellamy wrote the pledge for the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival to the Americas. He was concerned over the continued salute of the Confederate battle flag in the South.

“And so he wanted to write a flag salute that would be unifying for the Union,” explained Raskin, who noted that Congress added “under God” in 1954.

The Maryland Democrat also noted that Franklin was a strong supporter of immigration and added he had once loaned a friend some money.

His friend assured him that the principal was well invested, but paying interest would be against their religion, Raskin said. Franklin then told his friend that he meant to say it’s against his “principle” to pay him interest on the loan and against his “interest” to pay him the principal.

“Well look, here our principles and our interests converge, very much,” Raskin said.

“The principles are set forth in the Constitution, which is we count everybody and everybody is part of the census, and everybody is part of the reapportionment process. It’s been like that since 1790.”

Mocking the proposal to add a citizenship question to the censu, Raskin concluded his remarks with this salvo:

“But it’s also in our interest because, as my colleagues have said, this is a land that is built on immigration, except for the Native Americans that were already here and the people who were brought over as slaves. All of us are descendants of immigrants to this country.”

It has been said before but needs to be repeated: Jamie Raskin is a national treasure.

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Former Trump Chief Of Staff Says Donald Envies Adolf Hitler And Admires Other Despots

Retired Gen. John Kelly served as White House chief of staff for failed one-term president Donald Trump for two years (2017-2019) and recalls that his former boss had great admiration for despots and dictators he saw across the globe, including an outright envy of perhaps the most evil man who ever lived, the late German chancellor Adolf Hitler.

Speaking with CNN, Kelly recalled when Trump praised Hitler.

“He said, ‘Well, but Hitler did some good things.’ I said, ‘Well, what?’ And he said, ‘Well, [Hitler] rebuilt the economy.’ But what did he do with that rebuilt economy? He turned it against his own people and against the world. And I said, ‘Sir, you can never say anything good about the guy. Nothing,’” Kelly recounted. “I mean, Mussolini was a great guy in comparison.”

“It’s pretty hard to believe he missed the Holocaust, though, and pretty hard to understand how he missed the 400,000 American GIs that were killed in the European theater,” Kelly told me. “But I think it’s more, again, the tough guy thing.”

Trump also praised modern-day tyrants, including Russian president Vladimir Putin, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, and Hungarian authoritarian leader Viktor Orbán, according to Kelly.

“He thought Putin was an OK guy and Kim was an OK guy — that we had pushed North Korea into a corner. To him, it was like we were goading these guys. ‘If we didn’t have NATO, then Putin wouldn’t be doing these things.’”

“There’s nobody that’s better, smarter or a better leader than Viktor Orbán. He’s the boss and he’s a great leader, fantastic leader. In Europe and around the world, they respect him.”

Trump’s obsession with Orbán is so complete that he invited him to spend the past weekend at Mar-a-Lago, where the Hungarian prime minister was treated like some sort of demigod and showered with endless praise.

The disgraced ex-president sees himself as the American Hitler and will attempt to turn the United States into a modern-day Nazi Germany if he manages to win reelection in November. That’s why he has to be defeated and, if convicted of his many alleged crimes, sent to prison for what remains of his pathetic life.

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New Survey Ranks Donald Trump As The Worst President In History

While many of us have long believed that Donald Trump will go down in history as the worst president the United States has ever elected, a just released survey from the Presidential Greatness Project suggests that the 45th president is indeed the bottom of the barrel when it comes to American leaders.

Newsweek reports the purpose of the survey was to “create a ranking of presidential greatness that covered all presidents from George Washington to Joe Biden.”

Respondents were asked to rate each U.S. president on a scale of zero to 100 for their “overall greatness,” with zero being failure, 50 being average and 100 being great. The ratings were averaged for each president and then ranked from highest average to lowest.

Lincoln placed first with a 95.03 average, followed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in at No. 2 with 90.83, George Washington at No. 3 with 90.32, Teddy Roosevelt at No. 4 with 78.58 and Thomas Jefferson at No. 5 with 77.53, the survey results show.

The latest results come from 54 responses from scholars “whose work engages presidential politics” and who are members of the American Political Science Association. The survey was conducted online in November and December of 2023.

Just how badly did Trump do when compared to other U.S. heads of state? So much so that he rated lower than James Buchanan, who consistently ranks near the bottom of similar polls.

Trump received the lowest rating with a 10.92 average, behind James Buchanan at No. 44 with 16.71, Andrew Johnson at No. 43 with 21.56, Franklin Pierce at No. 42 with 24.6, William Henry Harrison at No. 41 with 26.01 and Warren Harding at No. 40 with 27.76, according to the Presidential Greatness Project.

President Joe Biden was ranked in the top third of the list, placing at No.14 with a rating of 62.7.

The new survey also ranks Trump as the “most polarizing” president in the 247 year history of the United States.

In 2019, as he was about to be impeached, Trump proudly declared himself to be the “greatest of all presidents.”

 “‘Not only have the Democrats not advanced key pieces of legislation that would help the economy, but the polls, especially in early states, are showing that voters are tuning out.’ @PeteHegseth They don’t want our greatest of all presidents impeached!”

Greatest of all presidents? Not even close.

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Tom Cotton Gets Hit With A Brutal History Lesson For His ‘Ignorant And Stupid’ Civil War Comments

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) walked into a rhetorical trap of his own creation Thursday when he attempted to defend former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who flubbed a question about the primary cause of the Civil War this week during a campaign event.

Cotton made his comments on Twitter/X, where he suggested that Democrats had supported the expansion of slavery rather than vote for Abraham Lincoln. That, the senator maintained, was what led to war among the states.

“The Civil War started because the American people elected an anti-slavery Republican as president and Democrats revolted rather than accept minor restrictions on the expansion of slavery to the western territories,” Cotton wrote on social media.

He added:

Really? Wow! That’s one hell of a bizarre reading of history, and it wasn’t long before others on social media began giving Cotton a much-needed lesson on what actually took place in the United States and has transpired in the years since the Civil War ended in 1865.


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Kevin McCarthy Gets Brutally Fact-Checked For His ‘Transparent Lie’ About US History

Though he was once the most powerful member of the House of Representatives, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) probably won’t ever be invited to teach a class on American history.

A tweet McCarthy posted Sunday has come under criticism for being utterly ignorant of warfare and the ulterior motives of U.S. foreign policy.

The posting, which included a video, claims, “In every single war that America has fought, we have never asked for land afterward — except for enough to bury the Americans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.”

Of course, as almost anyone who has taken the most rudimentary course in history knows, McCarthy’s claim is complete bullshit.

As a matter of fact, McCarthy’s own California congressional district wouldn’t exist if Mexico hadn’t turned over that land to the United States at the end of the Mexican-American War in 1848.

That set off a wave of mockery and history lessons aimed directly at the California Republican.