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Mary Trump: NY Fraud Trial Angers Donald So Much Because It Proves He’s An ‘Entitled Loser’

Failed one-term, twice-impeached and multiply-indicted former president Donald Trump has been acting like a horse’s ass during the ongoing New York fraud trial because all of his darkest business secrets are being exposed and the world is finding out he’s a loser, according to his niece, Dr. Mary Trump.

Dr. Trump was a guest on “Deadline: White House,” and she explained to host Nicolle Wallace exactly why the disgraced ex-president is so enraged by the fraud case brought against him by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

“It is so telling, and I think people really need to understand just how this case gets to the heart of who Donald thinks he is and has been pretending to be for his entire adult life. He doesn’t mind that he is going to be on trial for heading up a corrupt organization or stealing government documents or inciting an insurrection because that gives him street cred with his base.”

Now, however, thanks to the fraud lawsuit, Donald’s lies about being a great businessman have come back to bite him, Dr. Trump added.

“But this is happening in a much more public way because Donald is actually there, which just goes to how extraordinarily important it is for him to try to spin this case away from the truth, which is that he is an entitled loser who did nothing but waste his father’s fortune.”

All of the lies, Dr. Trump noted, are meant to hide who Donald Trump really is.

“I think the simplest way to put it is this: Every lie he’s told, every ounce of psychic energy he’s spent over the decades has been in the service of protecting him from the truth about who he is. And the closer he gets to being confronted with that truth, the more dangerous he is going to get, the more out of control he is going to get. Yes, we saw some fireworks in the courtroom, but that was a mere prelude to what we can expect, especially if, hopefully, he loses in 2024.”