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Enraged Trumpers Explode With Anger After Ivanka Urges Americans To Get Vaccinated

On Wednesday, Ivanka Trump got vaccinated for COVID-19, and she proudly shared her immunization in Instagram, along with this message:

“Today, I got the shot!!! I hope that you do too! Thank you Nurse Torres!!!”

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Ivanka should be praised for her posting and encouragement that others follow her lead and also get vaccinated for coronavirus. That’s the only way we’ll ever be able to get the country back to normal and greatly reduce the death toll from this horrific pandemic.

But not everyone saw it that way, and they quickly flocked to Ivanka’s post and began making angry, hateful, and ignorant responses. Here’s some of what you’ll see if you visit Ivanka’s posting:

rice488: “No thanks! With a 99% survival rate, I shall pass. With Bill Gates involved I will not get one”

kenny_vv: “Hell no. Why would you post this?”

katherineljackson: “Hell no. Quit telling perfectly healthy people to take this so called ‘vaccine’.”

tash_poonka: “No thank you! I have immune system for a reason.”

rmgvd: “Bummer. I was hoping you were above this kind of virtue signaling.”

Of course, none of this should surprise anyone. A recent poll showed that among American surveyed, white Republicans are among the most hostile to taking the COVID vaccine.

The good news: Fewer Republicans means less ignorance and unwillingness to do something for your fellow Americans.


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New Report Exposes The Full Extent Of Ivanka’s Corruption While Her Daddy Was In Office

Even though she had absolutely zero experience when it came to government service, for four years Ivanka Trump was given unlimited access to the Oval Office and was reportedly one of her father’s most trusted advisers, which could help explain why Donald Trump was such a massive failure as president.

According to the New York Times, Ivanka was charged with overhauling programs that assisted small businesses run by women around the world, but the program “was so haphazardly managed by a federal agency that an independent watchdog was unable to determine whether it actually worked.

“In a report released on Thursday, the Government Accountability Office found that programs funded through the Women’s Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment Act, which Ms. Trump, the eldest daughter of former President Donald J. Trump, helped usher through Congress in late 2018, were deeply flawed and hampered by poor oversight.

“Officials at the U.S. Agency for International Development, which oversaw $265 million per year in spending on the initiative and an associated antipoverty program, never worked out “an explicit definition” of who was eligible to receive millions in aid, the report found.”

And yet, Republicans like to say that Ivanka was doing great things for women. Clearly, she wasn’t. Instead, she was using taxpayer money to fund a program that we cannot even measure the success or failure of. That’s the very definition of corruption.

The G.A.O. report also found that while Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel hailed Ivanka by claiming her efforts would “empower women all over the world,” the reality was far from what had been promised:

“Investigators, who interviewed agency workers in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, reported that those workers ‘did not receive any guidance’ from top officials on how to define ‘the very poor,’ hampering efforts to deliver aid.”

Just like her father, Ivanka Trump isn’t good at anything other than lying and cheating. She’s a grifter and for the last four years she’s been wasting taxpayer money so she could pretend to be “governmenting.”


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Former Prosecutor Says Trump’s Kids May Have To Take The Fall For Their Father’s Crimes

Even though former President Donald Trump has been in the news recently regarding eight years of his tax returns being made available to the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., a former prosecutor said Saturday that the Donald’s three eldest children — Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric — may be the ones who wind up taking the biggest legal hit when it comes to their father’s alleged crimes.

Former assistant Manhattan District Attorney Daniel Alonso was a guest on CNN. He was asked for his thoughts on the case being built by Vance. Alonso began by laying out the full range of crimes the former president may potentially be indicted for:

“He faces peril in multiple jurisdictions, but the Stormy Daniels payment is a discrete set of facts. And if they can get over one weird hurdle in New York on the falsification of business records, that could have legs. Michael Cohen was reimbursed by the Trump Organization and presumably the Trump Organization did not correctly list the information in their records. And there is that recording of Cohen and Trump talking about one of the payments. So I think that that could be a discrete case of falsification of business records, assuming that they can prove the felony count which the statute of limitations hasn’t yet expired.”

And then there’s the numerous alleged financial crimes which could also be lurking in the Trump tax filings, Alonso continued:

“The other stuff, it is certainly very much worth investigating. There are discrepancies between what they are telling the insurance companies and banks and tax authority, very substantial … I think a lot of that remains to be seen. There are — there is a lot of evidence, a lot of people to talk to, and there have been accountants and lawyers presumably who were all involved in this.”

Alonso then explained how it may wind up being the Trump spawn who have to pay the biggest price for their father’s wrongdoing:

“One last thing I want to say, it is not necessarily Donald Trump, right? He may not be the defendant. They may not have enough on these accounting issues to charge him, they may have enough to charge the Trump Organization or other executives, including the kids or others at the organization. Or the CFO. So there are lots and lots of unknowns here, and I wouldn’t assume that the defendant is definitely going to be Donald Trump.”

The possibility of the Trump children being in legal jeopardy raises what may be the biggest questions of all: Are Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric willing to do decades in prison for daddy? Or would they turn state’s evidence to save their own skin?

Here’s Daniel Alonso on CNN:

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Former Trump Chief Of Staff Suggests Don Jr. Or Ivanka Will Be Their Father’s Running Mate In 2024

When he speaks at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) on Sunday, one-term failed former President Donald Trump is expected to claim yet again that the 2020 election was stolen from him, laying the foundation for another run at the White House in 2024.

But something former Trump administration chief of staff Mark Meadows said seems to suggest that if and when the Donald does run again, his running mate will be either Don Jr. or Ivanka.

During an appearance on Fox News, Meadows remarked:

“We will see the start of planning for the next administration and I can tell you, the people that are at the top of that list, all of them have Trump as their last name.”

Granted, Meadows could mean that the 2024 nominee will have the last name of Trump, but does anyone actually believe that any Trump other than the 45th president will be running if he decides to? Certainly not.

If you read a bit between the lines, it certainly seems that Meadows is suggesting another Trump will run with the old man. And the only Trumps who have expressed an interest in politics are Don Jr. and Ivanka.

Also, consider the reports about the Donald naming Ivanka as his running mate in 2020 before he decided on Mike Pence.

Of course, all of this supposes that the former president (and members of his family) won’t be incarcerated on financial fraud charges and therefore have zero chance of winning anything at all. That’s entirely possible, and actually seems more likely than another President Trump, no matter what first name you insert.

The “Trump movement” has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with keeping the Trump cult of personality alive.