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GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert Says The FBI Is Just Like The Biblical Cities Of ‘Sodom And Gomorrah’

Remember when the Republican Party claimed to be the party of “law and order?” It wasn’t all that long ago, but ever since failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump began attacking any law enforcement agent that dared to investigate him, the GOP has become the party of lawlessness.

Proof of that was provided by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) during a speech he made in the House of Representatives this week, according to HuffPost.

He referred to mysterious “sexual improprieties” and “sexual harassment” at the bureau that he claimed he had learned about from mysterious — and unnamed — “whistleblower” complaints numbering in the “double digits.”

“It sounds like Sodom and Gomorrah up there. We got complaints this week about sexual harassment, about sexual improprieties on the top floor, the seventh floor where the headquarters is, of the FBI, and all the favors and all the intimidation that goes along with sexual improprieties.”

Did Gohmert offer any evidence of his accusation? Of course not! He was too busy lying and trying to denigrate the agency that just so happens to have served the search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in August.

Even more bizarre is the fact that Gohmert made his attack on the FBI during a debate on big tech:

Gohmert oddly attacked the FBI as he raged against anti-trust measures aimed at tech giants. The FBI and the Department of Justice, who would enforce the measures, “are the last people that we need to trust with reining in Big Tech,” he declared, without providing any further details.

And this isn’t the first time Gohmert has gone after the premier law enforcement agency in the nation.

Just last month, the Texas Republican suggested the agency was using “Gestapo” tactics.

Right Wing Morons WTF?!

Michael Flynn Claims A State Governor Can Declare War: ‘We’re Probably Going To See That’

Disgraced former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn is now telling right-wing crowds that state governors can declare war and that “we’re going to probably see that.”

Flynn made his comments at a campaign rally for QAnon-supporting Arizona secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem, who has been endorsed by failed, one-term, twice-impeached ex-president Donald Trump, according to HuffPost.

“States’ rights. Did you know that a governor can declare war? A governor can declare war. And we’re going to probably see that.”

Of course, Flynn is 100% incorrect, because the U.S. Constitution clearly spells out in Article I, Section 8, Clause 11, only Congress has the power to “declare war” and “raise and support” armies. Also, the president is commander-in-chief of the armed forces and can federalize National Guard troops with the stroke of a pen, so any governor who declared war would find that he didn’t have any forces he could send into battle.

Frances Hill, a professor of law and dean’s distinguished scholar for the profession at the University of Miami also confirmed that Flynn is full of shit, telling Newsweek:

“Even though various and sundry interpreters of the Constitution have, from time to time, tried to argue that the states are sovereign as well…it is a different kind of sovereignty. They have sovereignty over certain elements of action within their own state—declaring war on anybody in their own state not being among those powers, I suppose I should add.”

Professor Hill also addressed the matter of troops:

“If the National Guard is to be used in a combat situation, that has to be done by the federal government.

“I just think that it’s very dangerous for people to go out…people who still have a voice and who will be covered to some extent, and make claims like this that are simply not true.”

Flynn also got a thorough mocking on social media.

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Expert On Extremism Says He Expects Right-Wing Violence During 2022 Midterm Elections

The 2022 midterm elections are now just a bit more than a month away, and those who study right-wing extremist groups are warning that domestic terrorist groups such as the Proud Boys and QAnon are indeed planning violence to coincide with voters going to the polls.

Andy Campbell, a senior editor at The Huffington Post who authored the book We Are Proud Boys: How a Right-Wing Street Gang Ushered in a New Era of American Extremism, said in a recent interview with Vice that he fears what may be about to transpire.

Campbell began by remarking on comments made by former president Donald Trump that the country will “problems … the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen” if he’s indicted for any of the crimes he has allegedly committed:

“I think Trump knows that everybody is going to react violently to this. The pipeline between the rhetoric and the violence in the street is so short now. How many hours was it between the time he was complaining about the FBI going through Mar-a-Lago and somebody showing up with a gun to an FBI field office? He knows he has people waiting to mobilize.”

And that led him to focus on the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections:

“There will absolutely be Proud Boys violence in 2024 and I think in the 2022 election, too,” noting that Arizona Republicans have called for vigilante justice around ballot boxes.

“I think they are absolutely going to show up in force for Trump’s election regardless of what happens. I think we have to realize that the violence has trickled out to everyday Americans. It’s not just extremist groups anymore. Trump pointing to the back and calling the press the enemy, Trump glorifying Jan. 6 rioters,… that has come full circle.”

Campbell added:

“I think the spirit of January 6 is still here. All of the groups involved are still here, and everyday Americans have joined them… It’s going to be scary.”

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Judge Denies Alex Jones’s Claim Of Bankruptcy And Sets The Stage For His Complete Financial Collapse 

A federal bankruptcy judge in Houston has ruled that officials overseeing the bankruptcy of right-wing host Alex Jones and his parent corporation must be replaced, meaning that Jones will be unable to hide any of his assets.

According to The New York Times:

 Judge Christopher Lopez dismissed Mr. Jones’s attorney and chief restructuring officer in the bankruptcy of Free Speech Systems, Infowars’ parent company, and expanded the duties of a Department of Justice-appointed trustee already monitoring the case. The judge authorized the trustee to hire additional legal and other help, specifying that any new hires must have “no connection to any of these cases,” he said, citing a need to investigate “insider relationships.”

“There has to be greater transparency in this case,” Judge Lopez said during the hearing on Tuesday, pointing to concerns with spending and other disclosures on the part of the company, which is run by Mr. Jones. “Without transparency, people lose faith in the process,” he added, referring to the federal bankruptcy system.

Despite his claims of poverty, Jones has been spending like King Midas, which is odd since he claims to already be $54 million in the hole.

To date, Jones has lost every lawsuit filed against him for his disgusting comments about the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, and was recently ordered to pay $45.2 million to two Sandy Hook parents by a Texas jury. He is facing the same outcome as a trial begins in Connecticut that could also result in a massive judgement against him.

Leaving the courtroom Wednesday, Jones went on an unhinged rant.

“The headlines were ‘Jones doesn’t show.’ They said we don’t want you! I show up yesterday. We don’t want you! I show up today! We don’t want you!

“And this guy is going to report I didn’t show up today! That’s lying! That’s corporate fake media and that’s shame on you!”


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Newsmax Host Eric Bolling: Labor Day Is A Communist Holiday

If you had Monday off for Labor Day, Newsmax host Eric Bolling wants you to know that you’re a communist.

On his show, Bolling bragged that he was working on Labor Day, telling the 11 people who were viewing his “show”:

“You’re looking at a fresh, all-new show tonight because we’re here for you and for this reason, because news doesn’t take a holiday, neither do we.”

And that led to the communism comment:

“Unlike the old and stale shows over at our competitor tonight. who’s off celebrating this fine, fair communist holiday we call Labor Day. so only here….”

Here’s a little bit of the history of Labor Day in the United States, courtesy of CNN:

Labor Day was first celebrated unofficially by labor activists and individual states in the late 1800s, according to the US Department of Labor. New York was the first state to introduce a bill recognizing Labor Day, but Oregon was the first to actually codify it into law in 1887. Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York had followed suit by the end of 1887.

Joshua Freeman, a labor historian and professor emeritus at the City University of New York, tells CNN that the holiday developed as unions were beginning to strengthen again after the 1870s recession.

In New York City, two events converged that contributed to the formation of Labor Day, Freeman says. First, the now-defunct Central Labor Union was formed as a “umbrella body” for unions across trades and ethnic groups. Additionally, the Knights of Labor, then the largest national labor convention, held a convention in the city, complete with a large parade. But the parade fell on a Tuesday at the start of September — and many workers were unable to attend.

The convention was a huge success, and unions around the country started holding their own labor celebrations at the start of September, usually on the first Monday of the month.

It wasn’t until June 28, 1894 that Congress passed an act naming the first day of September a legal holiday called Labor Day.

How exactly is that communist or communism? The holiday was passed by Congress and signed into law by Grover Cleveland.

So if indeed you enjoyed cooking out and spending time with your family on Monday, you’re a communist. Eric Bolling says so, and that means it has to be true, right?