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BUSTED! GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Forced To Admit He Knew He Was Pushing Russian Propaganda

Even though he was warned by the FBI in August of last year that he was being used as a tool of Russian disinformation activities meant to spread lies about President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, Sen. Ron Johnson says he didn’t take that warning seriously because he thought he was being misled by federal authorities.


In other words, according to a new report from the Washington Post, Johnson knew he was serving as an agent of Vladimir Putin, but he chose not to listen to counterintelligence officials working for the top law-enforcement agency in the United States:

“The FBI last summer also gave what is known as a defensive briefing to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who ahead of the election used his perch as chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to investigate Biden’s dealings with Ukraine while he was vice president and his son Hunter Biden held a lucrative seat on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.”

Despite that briefing from the FBI, Johnson was forced to admit that he did indeed willingly work as an asset for Russia, insisting that he didn’t see the warning from federal agents as being genuine:

“Regarding reports that I received an FBI briefing warning me that I was a target of Russian disinformation, I can confirm I received such a briefing in August of 2020. I asked the briefers what specific evidence they had regarding this warning, and they could not provide me anything other than the generalized warning. Without specific information, I felt the briefing was completely useless and unnecessary (since I was fully aware of the dangers of Russian disinformation).

“Because there was no substance to the briefing, and because it followed the production and leaking of a false intelligence product by Democrat leaders, I suspected that the briefing was being given to be used at some future date for the purpose that it is now being used: to offer the biased media an opportunity to falsely accuse me of being a tool of Russia despite warnings.”

So Johnson was warned, but he chose to ignore that warning and spread lies directly from Russian intelligence just so he could help keep Donald Trump in the White House. How’s that for loyalty to country?

Sen. Johnson, like so many in the GOP, doesn’t give a damn about the national security of the United States. They’re far too busy trying to get in good with the Russians and be a part of the Traitor’s Club.

Ron Johnson is up for reelection next year. He needs to be sent packing.

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Roger Stone Told Matt Gaetz He Could Get Trump To Pardon Him For $250K: Report

The scandal surrounding Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) took another wild turn Thursday evening when The Daily Beast released a report suggesting that Roger Stone –who has been a close friend and adviser to Donald Trump for decades — told Gaetz that he could convince the former president to grant him a presidential pardon if the congressman could round up a cool $250,000:

In late 2020, Greenberg was out of jail and in communication with Stone. A series of private messages between the two—also recently obtained by The Daily Beast—shows a number of exchanges between Greenberg and Stone conducted over the encrypted messaging app Signal, with communications set to disappear. However, Greenberg appears to have taken screenshots of a number of their conversations.

“’If I get you $250k in Bitcoin would that help or is this not a financial matter,’ Greenberg wrote to Stone.

“’I understand all of this and have taken it into consideration,’ Stone replied. ‘I will know more in the next 24 hours I cannot push too hard because of the nonsense surrounding pardons.’

“’I hope you are prepared to wire me $250,000 because I am feeling confident,’ Stone wrote to Greenberg on Jan. 13.”

Stone, you may recall, was pardoned by Trump in December of last year. Stone had been convicted of making false statements, obstruction, and witness tampering.

And now it seems that was also eager to help Gaetz and Greenberg get pardons for their alleged crimes, which include sexually trafficking a minor girl across state lines.

Once Stone received the 250K, he suggested that he’d be able to acquire a pardon for Gaetz and Greenberg, writing:

“Your thing is being looked at and I will have an answer by Saturday as to whether you have a viable shot for justice and how to go about it.”

Stone maintains he never tried to buy a pardon for Gaetz :

“I made no formal or informal effort in regard to a pardon for Mr. Greenberg. I recall requesting a document explaining his prosecution The [sic] details of which I was unfamiliar with.”

If it can be proven that Stone did try to use money to obtain a pardon from Trump, there are any number of federal crimes that he, Gaetz, Greenberg, and even Trump can be charged with.

Gaetz, in the meantime, has bigger worries, such as potentially being hit with a life sentence if he’s convicted of sexual trafficking.


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Devin Nunes And Jim Jordan Are Also Caught Up In Rudy Giuliani’s Latest Scandal

Now that a few days have passed since the FBI served search warrants on the home and office of Rudy Giuliani, new information is coming to light which suggests that the long-term fallout from the Justice Department’s investigation into the former mayor of New York City may also present major legal problems for two Republican members of Congress: Rep. Devin Nunes (CA) and Rep. Jim Jordan (OH).

Nunes name came up when it was revealed that not only did the FBI serve warrants on Giuliani, but also attorney Victoria Toensing, which led former federal prosecutor Daniel Goldman to respond to some tweets regarding Toensing also being on the warrant list:

That shows Nunes is also caught in the conspiracy that the DOJ is now starting to unravel.

As for Jordan, we learned today that he took $3,000 in contributions from Guiliani. That means he’ll also be getting a visit from the FBI very soon, if he hasn’t already.

Jordan was already facing a very uncertain run for another term in Congress next year, and when it was revealed that he’d taken, his likely Democratic challenger, Jeff Sites, remarked:

“It is beyond outrageous that Jim Jordan accepted money from the target of an active federal investigation. It would be improper for any member of Congress, but especially for Jordan, who helps lead the committee supervising the Justice Department while it conducts this probe.”

So while Rudy may be the one currently in the crosshairs, if Nunes and Jordan played any role whatsoever in Giuliani’s crimes, you can bet they’re going to be placed under the microscope, too.

Oh, there’s also the chance that Giuliani will roll over on Donald Trump and result in him being charged. That’s the only card the former president’s attorney has left to play.

Could Rudy wind up destroying the GOP? It’s beginning to look that way.


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Suspected Sex Offender Matt Gaetz Gets Destroyed For Tweeting Out A List Of The ‘Best’ High Schools

For some reason known only to him, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) — who is currently embroiled in a scandal in which he allegedly transported an underage girl across state lines — decided he’d tweet out a list of the Florida high schools considered to be the “best.”

And you thought only the Trump spawn and their father could be so self-unaware, but it turns out that Gaetz is also too damn stupid to realize when saying nothing is the best course of action.

It didn’t take long before social media lit up with reminders of the crimes Congressman Gaetz may have taken part in and how every parent should keep their children as far away from the Florida Republican as possible:

Later today, maybe Matt can share a list of his favorite places to take a date when she isn’t yet old enough to drive.

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Ted Cruz Picked A Twitter Fight With Trevor Noah – That Was A Big Mistake

There are few people in this country who are as widely disliked as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who has also been called the most hated man in the U.S. Senate.

Despite this knowledge, Cruz seems determined to pick fights with those who can easily make him look like the moronic troglodyte that he is and reinforce his own pathetic ineptitude when it comes to debating.

For example, Ted ran across a clip of “The Daily Show” and saw host Trevor Noah commenting on some of the results from the 2020 Census. Noah zinged Cruz with this line:

“Aside from New York getting screwed, the big news out of the census is that America’s population grew at the slowest rate since the 1930s. Basically, immigration is down and the birth rate is falling, primarily due to this photo.”

Cue a photo of Ted Cruz.

Clearly, Noah is making a joke. That’s kind of his job. But Cruz got his feelings hurt and tweeted a response that came across as pure asshole:

As you’d expect, Noah was equal to the challenge, and he fired off this retort:

Cruz should have left well enough alone. But he just couldn’t:

That’s when former host Jon Stewart joined the fray:

Noah then finished off the Texas Republican:

Game, set, and match, Trevor Noah, with an assist by Jon Stewart.

At last report, Ted Cruz was seen slithering out of his Senate office and heading to the nearest international airport. He was said to be carrying a box of tissues.