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GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Forced To Admit He Knew He Was Promoting Russian Propaganda

Even though he was warned by the FBI in August of last year that he was being used as a tool of Russian disinformation activities meant to spread lies about President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, Sen. Ron Johnson says he didn’t take that warning seriously because he thought he was being misled by federal authorities.


In other words, according to a new report from the Washington Post, Johnson knew he was serving as an agent of Vladimir Putin, but he chose not to listen to counterintelligence officials working for the top law-enforcement agency in the United States:

“The FBI last summer also gave what is known as a defensive briefing to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who ahead of the election used his perch as chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to investigate Biden’s dealings with Ukraine while he was vice president and his son Hunter Biden held a lucrative seat on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.”

Despite that briefing from the FBI, Johnson was forced to admit that he did indeed willingly work as an asset for Russia, insisting that he didn’t see the warning from federal agents as being genuine:

“Regarding reports that I received an FBI briefing warning me that I was a target of Russian disinformation, I can confirm I received such a briefing in August of 2020. I asked the briefers what specific evidence they had regarding this warning, and they could not provide me anything other than the generalized warning. Without specific information, I felt the briefing was completely useless and unnecessary (since I was fully aware of the dangers of Russian disinformation).

“Because there was no substance to the briefing, and because it followed the production and leaking of a false intelligence product by Democrat leaders, I suspected that the briefing was being given to be used at some future date for the purpose that it is now being used: to offer the biased media an opportunity to falsely accuse me of being a tool of Russia despite warnings.”

So Johnson was warned, but he chose to ignore that warning and spread lies directly from Russian intelligence just so he could help keep Donald Trump in the White House. How’s that for loyalty to country?

Sen. Johnson, like so many in the GOP, doesn’t give a damn about the national security of the United States. They’re far too busy trying to get in good with the Russians and be a part of the Traitor’s Club.

Ron Johnson is up for reelection next year. He needs to be sent packing.


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Ron Johnson Proves His Complete Ignorance Of Geography In Disastrous NY Times Interview

Proving yet again that he’s an empty suit with an even emptier skull, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) is making national news as the result of a disastrous interview he gave to the New York Times, expounding on climate change (which he doesn’t understand) and even world geography (which he must have flunked in school).

Attempting to make a point about climate change, Johnson told the Times:

“You know, there’s a reason Greenland was called Greenland. It was actually green at one point in time. And it’s been, you know, since, it’s a whole lot whiter now so we’ve experienced climate change throughout geologic time.”

The Times quickly fact-checked the Wisconsin Republican, noting:

“In the interview on Thursday, Mr. Johnson was still misinformed about the etymology of Greenland, which got its name from the explorer Erik the Red’s attempt to lure settlers to the ice-covered island,” adding Johnson continued, ‘I could be wrong there, but that’s always been my assumption that, at some point in time, those early explorers saw green. I have no idea.'”

No idea? That’s an understatement. Even those who have worked with Johnson acknowledge that he’s a fool, with a former campaign worker pointing to what he called the senator’s “muscular ignorance” and a critic laughing about Johnson being a “gullible rube.”

Johnson is even being compared to an infamous Wisconsin senator who preceded him: Joe McCarthy:

“The drumbeat of distortions, false theories and lies reminds some Wisconsin Republicans of a figure from the state’s past who also rarely let facts get in the way of his agenda: Senator Joseph McCarthy, whose witch hunt for communists in and out of government in the 1950s ruined lives and bitterly divided the country.”

Hopefully Johnson will meet a similar fate as McCarthy and wind up a defeated, broken man.

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Good News: Obstructionist GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Says He May Not Run For Reelection In 2022

For weeks now, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has been claiming that the coronavirus relief bill currently before the Senate isn’t necessary and even trying to delay passage of the legislation by demanding that the bill be read in its entirety on the floor of the upper chamber, which took over 10 full hours, during which time nearly 900 more Americans died of COVID-19.

That’s the bad news, but there’s also some very good news regarding Sen. Johnson, who is making it clear he likely won’t be running for reelection next year, according to the Madison State Journal:

“That pledge (not to run for reelection) is on my mind, it was my preference then, I would say it’s probably my preference now. I’m happy to go home.”

Good news! But as with most things Republicans utter, Johnson then appeared to say exactly the opposite:

“I think that pledge was based on the assumption we wouldn’t have Democrats in total control of government and we’re seeing what I would consider the devastating and harmful effects of Democrats total control just ramming things through.”

But even if Johnson does run for a third term, he won’t have an easy road, as Democrats can sense his weakness and are lining up to challenge him in next year’s election. So far, three have announced they will seat to unseat Johnson, with at least others considering the possibility of entering the race.

Johnson also told the State Journal that he thinks it might have to raise too much money in order to remain in the Senate:

“In the last couple cycles, some of these U.S. Senate seats have cost a hundred million dollars. That is grotesque, it is absurd. It is money primarily all wasted.”

President Joe Biden narrowly won the Badger State in last year’s presidential election, and would love to see Johnson either retire or get beaten. If Senate Democrats can add a few seats next year, it would help make the second half of Biden’s presidency much more productive and all but guarantee that legislation such as a $15 minimum wage, voting rights, and equal rights for the American LGBT community becomes law.

Ron Johnson is a massive hemorrhoid on the Senate. He needs to be removed and replaced by someone who will actually listen to the will of the voters.

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GOP Senator Claims Capitol Police Caused ‘Festive’ Trump Supporters To Riot

According to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), the real blame for the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol lies with members of the Capitol Police who provoked “festive” Trump supporters, leading to the storming of the building and deaths of five people, including a member of the Capitol Police Department.

During a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday, Johnson cited an article by  J. Michael Waller of conservative news outlet The Federalist. Waller wrote the crowd had been “positive and festive” and didn’t begin rioting until tear gas was used by police officers. Reading directly from the article, Johnson remarked:

“All of a sudden, pro-police people felt the police were attacking them, and they didn’t know why.

“The pro-police crowd went from confusion, to anger.”

Here’s the flaw in Johnson’s theory: If the crowd was composed of “pro-police people,” why didn’t they immediately disperse when they were asked to? Since when does a “pro-police crowd” turn on the cops and start killing them by beating them to death with a fire extinguisher or wooden flagpole?

It’s amazing just how far Republicans who support Trump are willing to go in order to present a false narrative about what happened on that fateful day six weeks ago. But their efforts will fail and only serve to prove that they care more about their orange savior than their country.

Here’s the video of Sen. Johnson making a complete fool of himself: