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WATCH: MTG Gets Called Out By Reporter For Caring More About Insurrectionists Than Capitol Cops

On Tuesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) held a press conference with her fellow moronic colleagues, Matt Gaetz (FL) and Louie Gohmert (TX) to whine about the insurrectionists who attacked the Capitol on January 6 and how they’re being treated since they tried to stage a coup to prevent the certification of the 2020 election.

According to The Independent, Greene told reporters:

“The January 6th defendants that I spoke to and asked questions to at the jail said that if they have a public defender … their public defenders hate them.

“They’re being represented by public defenders that call them white supremacist, tell them they have to denounce President Trump, tell them they have to denounce their political views, want them to watch videos and read books that basically is critical race theory training, in order for them to have this public defender represent them.”

Did Greene, Gaetz, or Gohmert offer a shred of evidence to support such allegations? Nope. Greene just expects us to believe her even though she lies almost as much as her political savior, failed, one-term former President Donald Trump.

When a reporter noted that he didn’t recall Greene holding a press conference to complain about how members of the Capitol Police were treated by Capitol rioters, a clearly pissed off MTG snapped:

“You may not remember a particular press conference about police officers, but I have made many public statements and cried out against all violence against police officers for the BL- yes, yes for the police officers, specifically for the Capitol Police here.

“Congressman Gohmert sponsored a bill that I co-sponsored with him wanting to give, you know, medals of honor to award them for how they were treated during the January 6 riot, but also extend it to police officers all across the country. I am not going to separate them. I am very supportive of our police, and I have consistently denounced the violence here, so do not go down that route.”

Talk is cheap, and Greene is one of the reasons the Capitol was under siege earlier this year. She needs to be charged and prosecuted. And she also needs to shut the hell up and sit her fat ass down.

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Former FBI Official Warns: Jan. 6 Will ‘Pale In Comparison’ To What Trumpers Have Planned For 2022

A former FBI counterterrorism official Frank Figliuzzi said Monday that what he already sees on the horizon for the 2022 midterm elections will make the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection “pale in comparison.”

Appearing on MSNBC, Figliuzzi warned:

“You know, about a year ago, if you had asked me about this … I would have called this what intelligence officials call an over the horizon threat — something that’s coming, something we should be aware of and think about as a future threat. But the horizon is here. This has been a dress rehearsal for at least a year for radical extremism.”

Noting that QAnon Republicans are taking over at the local and state level which is incredibly dangerous, Figliuzzi continued:

“He’s (Trump) putting his people in place. People who are moderate, reasonable Republicans have already announced, ‘I’m out, I’m out of Congress, I’m out of the governor’s office. I’m out.’ Now we see people like [David] Perdue in Georgia who will be involved in the primary. Why? President Trump needs his guy in Georgia.”

From a national security perspective, Figliuzzi said, the threat the nation faces in 2022 “is going to make the Jan. 6 riot pale in comparison.”

The Justice Department, he concluded, needs to get active, and fast:

“We need DOJ to step it up. I have been the voice of reason with regard to those who say they are taking too slow at DOJ, with regard to the insurrection investigation. I am the guy that says, ‘No, 700 defendants is not slow. They are doing a great job.'”

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Former White House Chief Of Staff Cooperating With Jan. 6 Committee: Report

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is now cooperating with the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, according to CNN.

The move represents a critical shift in the relationship between the top Trump ally and the panel, and staving off a criminal contempt referral for now.

“Mr. Meadows has been engaging with the Select Committee through his attorney,” Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi who chairs the committee said in a statement. “He has produced records to the committee and will soon appear for an initial deposition. The Select Committee expects all witnesses, including Mr. Meadows, to provide all information requested and that the Select Committee is lawfully entitled to receive. The Committee will continue to assess his degree of compliance with our subpoena after the deposition.”

The fact that Meadows is now providing information and testimony to the committee is the surest sign yet that members of Trump’s inner circle are unwilling to go to jail in order to protect him and could well give the committee information that will eventually lead to criminal charges against the failed, one-term former president.

An attorney for Meadows confirmed that his client is indeed cooperating with the Jan. 6 panel:

George Terwilliger said in a statement to CNN that there is now an understanding between the two parties on how information can be exchanged moving forward, stating that his client and the committee are open to engaging on a certain set of topics as they work out how to deal with information that the committee is seeking that could fall under executive privilege.

While Meadows is providing information to the committee in order to avoid being charged with contempt, a source told CNN that he hasn’t been an open book on all matters:

“It’s not incorrect to say he has cooperated to some extent, but he hasn’t completely fulfilled his obligation and we need to see what happens. But Meadows doesn’t want to be held in contempt.”

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon has been charged with contempt of Congress by the Justice Department and faces two years in prison if found guilty.

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Appellate Court Gives Trump Bad News About His Executive Privilege Claims

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia issued an order that suggests failed, one-term former President Donald Trump’s claims of executive privilege over documents subpoenaed by the House Select Committee on the January 6 Capitol insurrection are not valid and that the court has no authority to hear the case.

According to Pete Williams of NBC News:

 A federal court order late Tuesday may be a worrisome sign for former President Donald Trump in his effort to assert executive privilege over documents sought by a House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia notified lawyers for Trump, the House committee and the National Archives that they should be prepared to address whether the court even has the legal authority to hear the dispute. Oral arguments are scheduled for Nov. 30.

The order from the appellate court is surprising given the fact that “courts are typically protective of their jurisdictions,” Williams adds.

Specifically, the D.C Court of Appeals asked in its Tuesday order:

“Does the provision in the Presidential Records Act providing that the Archivist’s ‘determination whether access to a Presidential record … shall be restricted … shall not be subject to judicial review, except as provided in subsection (e) of this section’ … implicate this court’s or the district court’s jurisdiction in this case?”

Additionally, the court’s order posed a second question:

“If so, what effect, if any, do [those provisions] have on the subject matter jurisdiction of the district court to adjudicate any of the requests listed in the Complaint’s Claim for Relief?”

If the court of appeals decides it has no jurisdiction in the dispute, Trump could still appeal to the Supreme Court. However, if the appeals court has already decided that it lacks jurisdiction in the matter, it would be unlikely that the justices would overturn such a decision, especially since it would be based on the historical precedent that only a sitting president can claim executive privilege.


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Federal Judge Questions Why Capitol Rioters Are Going To Jail While Trump Still Walks Free

A federal judge said Friday at a sentencing hearing for a Capitol rioter who participated in the storming of the building on Jan. 6 that he doesn’t understand why so many people are going to prison and yet failed, one-term former President Donald Trump hasn’t even been charged for inciting the horror that unfolded on that fateful day.

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta was sentencing Capitol rioter John Lolos when he made his remarks, according to Zoe Tillman of Buzzfeed.

The judge noted that those who showed up on Jan. 6 and stormed the Capitol “were called to Washington, DC, by an elected official, prompted to walk to the Capitol by an elected official.

“People like Mr. Lolos were told lies and falsehoods and told that an election was stolen when it clearly was not. Regrettably, people like Mr. Lolos for whatever reason are impressionable and will believe such falsehoods and such lies… And they are the ones who are suffering the consequences.”

Judge Mehta went on to say that those are were behind the “Stop the Steal” rally which ended with rioting “in no meaningful sense of the word have been held to account.”

Turning to Lolos, Mehta remarked:

“You are a pawn in a game that’s played and directed by people who should know better.”

Here’s the full Twitter thread from Tillman’s reporting on today’s court hearing:

Of course, Judge Mehta is absolutely correct. Trump and others (Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, etc.) should all be charged with criminal offenses if the evidence supports them being prosecuted. And if they’re found guilty, they should have to serve prison time for inciting the crowds who did so much damage on that dark January day.