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Doctor Humiliates GOP Congressman When He Asks Her ‘What Is A Woman?’

The House Judiciary Committee was meeting today to discuss the issue of abortion, and one Republican congressman got his head handed to him when he asked a female doctor who was testifying to tell him what a woman is.

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) asked Dr. Yashica Robinson, an abortion provider in Alabama, the question after she noted that she preferred she/her pronouns:

“What is a woman?” 

Dr. Robinson responded:

“I think it’s important for you to understand why I used she/her pronouns.”

The congressman interrupted:

“I would just like it if you could answer the question. What’s a woman?”

That’s when the doctor put Bishop on full blast:

“I think it’s important that we educate people like you about why we’re doing the things that we do. And so the reason I use she and her pronouns is because I understand that there are people who become pregnant that may not identify that way and I think it is discriminatory to speak to people or to call them in such a way as they desire not to be called.”

Bishop countered:

“Are you going to answer my question? Can you answer the question? What’s a woman?”

Doctor Robinson:

“I’m a woman.”

The self-satisfied congressman then asked:

“So, you’ve given me an example of a woman You are a woman. Can you tell me — otherwise, can you tell me what a woman is?”


“Yes, I’m telling you I’m a woman.”

“Is that as comprehensive of a definition as you can give me?” Bishop asked.

Again, the doctor gave as good as she got, telling Bishop:

“That’s as comprehensive of a definition as I will give you today because I think that it’s important that we focus on what we’re here for and it’s to talk about access to abortion.”

The better question is one that should be asked of Congressman Bishop: Can you tell us what a bigoted eunuch looks like? If you’re uncertain, go take a glance in the nearest mirror.


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Anti-Abortion Activist Tells House Committee Electricity In DC Comes From ‘Burning Fetuses’

At a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee this week, an anti-abortion activist told members of the panel that electric power in Washington, D.C. is provided by burning aborted fetuses.

Mediaite notes:

Catherine Glenn Foster, who is the president and CEO of Americans United for Life, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. She spoke out forcefully and at times graphically about abortion. At one point she claimed discarded fetuses help power Washington, D.C.:

“Abortion activism always requires euphemism and misdirection. Why? Because of the violent nature of abortion. Because it is, frankly, inconvenient. Human persons, from their earliest, days poisoned in the womb and dismembered, torn limb from limb, bodies thrown in medical waste bins and – in places like Washington, D.C. – burned to power the lights of the city’s homes and streets.

“Let that image sink in with you for a moment. The next time you turn on the light, think of the incinerators, think about what we’re doing to ourselves so callously and so numbly.”

Where did Foster get such an absurd conspiracy theory? HuffPost reports it likely came from rumors that medical waste is often incinerated:

While some states, like Indiana, require aborted fetuses to be buried or cremated in a funeral home, they’re disposed of as medical waste in the nation’s capital.

That has led anti-choice activists to accuse Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services, the largest medical waste incinerator in the country, of transporting and incinerating fetuses to generate energy. Recently, an anti-abortion activist found with the remains of five fetuses in her apartment claimed that she and a colleague had obtained them from a Curtis Bay worker. The company denied the claim, saying company policy prohibits it from transporting fetal remains.

If indeed the Supreme Court does overturn Roe v. Wade and criminalize the right of women to make their own reproductive choices, how many unwanted orphans will Catherine Glenn Foster be willing to adopt?

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Lauren Boebert’s Disgusting Abortion Conspiracy Theory Sets Off A Wave Of Outrage

According to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), the only reason some companies are saying they’ll pay for their employees to travel and receive abortions in states where it’s legal is because they don’t want to provide parental leave benefits.

HuffPost notes that Boebert shared her brainless conspiracy theory on Twitter:

“Anyone else consider that these companies suddenly offering to pay for employee abortions are doing so just to avoid paying for maternity leave?”

“Cheaper to kill the baby… true evil personified.”

However, Boebert has also been a vocal critic of paid parental leave, such as what she said last November:

“I delivered one of my children in the front seat of my truck. Because, as a mom of four, we got things to do. Ain’t nobody got time for two and a half months of maternity leave. We have a world to save here.”

Saving the world? Sure thing, BoBo. You can’t even manage to keep your lies straight, yet alone “save” anyone.

Social media users blasted the Colorado Republican.

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GOP Senator Gets Shredded Online For Comparing Pregnant Women To Sea Turtles

According to GOP Sen. Steve Daines of Montana, the eggs of sea turtles have more protection under the laws of the United States than a human fetus.

During a speech he gave Tuesday in the Senate, Daines referenced the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that gave women the right to choose whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term. Based on the leaked draft of a pending opinion from the high court, at least five justices are ready to overturn Roe.

All of this prompted the following remarks from Sen. Daines:

“If you were to take or destroy the eggs of a sea turtle, the criminal penalties are severe. Why do we have laws in place that protect the eggs of a sea turtle or the eggs of eagles? Because when you destroy an egg, you’re killing a preborn baby sea turtle or a preborn baby eagle. Yet when it comes to a pre-born human baby rather than a sea turtle, that baby will be stripped of all protections in all 50 states…. Is that what the American left wants?”

The Washington Post notes that there are indeed protections for endangered species:

Under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act of 1940, deliberately destroying — or even disturbing — a bald eagle’s egg or nest carries a $100,000 fine and a sentence of up to a year in prison for a first offense, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Sea turtles are protected by the Federal Endangered Species Act of 1973. In Florida — which provides further safeguards — any act against a sea turtle’s nest and eggs is considered a third-degree felony, wielding a penalty of $100 per egg.

Of course, what Daines neglected to mention is that human beings have protections under existing laws. But should someone not yet born have protections? If so, then we’re all 9 months older than our birth certificates indicate, which means we’re going to need new ID cards and will have to start celebrating Conception Day instead of our boring birthday.

It didn’t take long before Daines got destroyed online. Take a look:

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Queen Of Projection Lauren Boebert Says Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Is An ‘Insurrectionist’

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who has repeatedly defended the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol, is now claiming that the mayor of the city of Chicago is an insurrectionist.

Boebert was triggered by a Twitter posting from Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot regarding the Supreme Court and how the right-wing justices may well come after the LGBTQ community once they’ve finished taking away the right of women to make their own reproductive choices.

That led Boebert to respond:


“Lori Lightfoot just issued a ‘call to arms’ to her fellow radicals directly on Twitter. While people are being slain in her streets on a daily basis, all she can worry about is endangering more lives with her reckless words. Shame on her. She should resign.”

Mayor Lightfoot is warning people to be ready for the next assault on personal rights, privacy, and freedom, so that makes her an insurrectionist? That’s complete BS. Sounds like Boebert is merely trying to tar the mayor with the same charge that has been leveled at her for her role in trying to excuse the Capitol riots.

Boebert has been busy making a complete fool of herself in recent weeks:

  • The Colorado Republican was roundly mocked on Twitter for announcing she’d written a book.
  • Boebert said anyone upset with the passage of the “Don’t Say Gay” law in Florida should “build” their own Florida.

The irony of Lauren Boebert calling anyone an insurrectionist is so rich that it makes you wonder if Bobo even knows the meaning of the word.