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Social Media Users Retch After MT Greene Shares Bikini Pic For Her 50th Birthday.

Today is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) 50th birthday, and for some reason she decided it’d be a good idea to celebrate by sharing a photo of herself wearing a bikini on social media.

In a post she made on Twitter, Greene wrote:

Today I turned 50!

Many people go into their 50th birthday thinking it’s a bad thing, but I truly feel it’s wonderful and I’m so excited and grateful God let me live 50 years and do so many things.

From being the first person to graduate college in my family, to carrying 3 babies in my womb and the absolute miracle of 3 childbirths, to raising my children and teaching them about God’s creation and man’s dangers, to running successful businesses and carrying the weight of the responsibility, being a member of congress, running, cycling, swimming, competing, training, reading, always learning, creating, building, skiing, surfing, hiking, making mistakes, learning lessons, and most importantly God’s grace that I don’t deserve but am thankful for beyond words, my 50 years have been an incredible journey that I’m thrilled to be on.

And God willing, I’ll passionately continue each step following Him wherever the road leads.

But if Greene was expecting compliments for her photo, she didn’t get many of those. Instead, most of the responses were extremely critical and often hilarious.

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‘Disgusting’ Eric Trump Gets Shredded For His Tone-Deaf Memorial Day Weekend Message

Even though neither he nor anyone in his immediate family has ever served a single day in the U.S. military, Eric Trump wants us to believe that the entire Trump clan “gave up everything to Save America.”

That’s the message Eric conveyed on Twitter over the Memorial Day weekend when he shared a post from another social media user.

That didn’t sit well with many, and it prompted a fierce backlash against Eric and the Trumps.

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Trump Attorney Suggests Her Client May Lose Because Hush Money Jury Is ‘Left-Winging’

Alina Habba, an attorney for ex-president Donald Trump, said this morning that she’s worried her client could lose the New York hush-money case against him because jurors have spent the Memorial Day weekend “left-winging” with friends and family.

Habba made that bizarre statement during an appearance on Fox News, with host Sean Duffy remarking, “I want to tell you what, there’s a silver lining in this, Alina. I don’t want a juror on Thursday or Friday going into Memorial Day weekend to go, you know what? I got a party going on. I want to end this case early.”

“I think it could bode well for President Trump, for those people on the jury who understand the law and the facts to fight for him and fight for justice,” Duffy added.

Habba disagreed with Duffy, suggesting the long weekend might harm her client, especially since the jury wasn’t sequestered.

“And for them to be able to be out and about on a holiday weekend with friends and families who have opinions, who are watching the news, TV’s on the background at the pool party, I have serious concerns. If they’re left-winging and they’re watching MSDNC, as my client calls it, or CNN, they’re not going to get fair news.”

“They’re going to hear, but by the way, they have been saying that this case is a hoax, which is shocking, but they know that the jurors are out there listening,” she continued. “I have worries about them going back to whatever friends might have, Trump derangement syndrome, forgetting all sense of reality and coming back and sitting in that box and saying, you know what, I’ve got to do, you know, take one for the DNC.”

“I want law to fact, because if we can get that, we will win. We will not just get a hung jury. We will get an acquittal.”

Here’s the real problem for Habba and her client: The facts show that Donald Trump committed several crimes. And that means the law will only be served if he’s found guilty and punished.

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Mick Jagger Trolls Trump With An Onstage Reference To Stormy Daniels

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger hilariously trolled former president Donald Trump this week during a concert in New Jersey, even going so far as to reference adult film star Stormy Daniels, who is a key witness in Trump’s Manhattan fraud trial which resumes next week.

According to HuffPost, Jagger made his remarks during a performance of the legendary rock group at MetLife Stadium.

“I was a bit worried about the weather tonight. I thought we were going to get a Stormy Daniels, but we’re all right.”

Jagger also reminded fans there was “much bigger vote happening in November.”

Jagger’s comments led others on social media to join the fun.

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NY Court System Hands Major Advantage To Trump Prosecutors Before Jury Begins Deliberations On Tuesday

When a jury reconvenes next Tuesday in Manhattan in the criminal case against former president Donald Trump, they’ll hear closing arguments from prosecutors and Trump’s attorneys, be given instructions for the deliberations by Judge Juan Merchan, and then begin their deliberations to determine whether or not Trump should be a convicted felon.

And it’s those closing arguments that could wind up being the difference in the case, which means that prosecutors have a decided advantage thanks to the way New York courts work, where the prosecution gets the last word, according to conservative attorney George Conway.

Conway told MSNBC host Katie Phang, “It’s the story of the documents. The way it works in New York state courts, which is unlike in some other courts like federal court, is that the defense gets to sum first and then the prosecution gets to sum next — it’s not prosecution, defense, prosecution rebuttal like it would be in a lot of other courts.”

“So the prosecution can really figure out how to basically wrap it all up and get the last word,” he added. “And that is an advantage to the prosecution.”

The last side to speak in any trial has a decided advantage because the jury will have those words fresh in their minds as they begin to determine if Trump is guilty or not guilty. And considering the evidence indicates that the ex-president did indeed commit multiple felonies, it should be a slam-dunk case. Time will tell.

Here’s the video: