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WATCH Jamie Raskin Shut Down ‘Deranged’ James Comer: ‘You Need Therapy’

A House Oversight Committee hearing erupted into shouting and insults today when two members of the panel, Reps. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and James Comer (R-KY) clashed over the issue of Republican attempts to impeach President Joe Biden despite their complete lack of any evidence proving high crimes and misdemeanors.

Raskin noted that Republicans had accused Biden of taking bribes but have yet to offer any proof to support their specious accusation.

“It has obviously been dropped, and yet this was the genesis of our investigation.”

Comer interrupted, “That is just simply not true, but go ahead and finish your story.”

“Oh, I agree you have been talking about bank statements for more than a year, but they don’t show anything other than there was no crime,” Raskin continued.

“Do you want to move for impeachment today?” Raskin asked. “Because I thought that that was your main agenda item.”

“You all need therapy, Mr. Raskin.”

“No, you need therapy,” Raskin insisted. “You’re the one who’s involved with the deranged politician, not me, okay?”

“I’ve divorced myself from Donald Trump a long time ago,” Raskin added. “You’re the one who needs to disentangle from that situation.”

The purpose of the bogus impeachment inquiry aimed at President Biden was simple: To try and deflect from the laundry list of legal issues confronting disgraced former president Donald Trump, who is facing 91 felony counts on charges ranging from fraud to stealing classified documents and storing them at Mar-a-Lago.

As Congressman Raskin rightly pointed out, the GOP needs to disentangle from its associations with Trump. But they won’t, and that could lead to a landslide loss by Republicans come November.


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Stephen Miller Just Made The Most Absurd Claim About Trump And Social Media Can’t Stop Mocking Him

Former White House adviser Stephen Miller made a bizarre statement yesterday during an appearance on Fox News, and his remarks got him heavily mocked on social media.

According to Mediaite, Miller was asked by Hannity, “You wrote a lot of speeches. You helped write speeches with Donald Trump, and I know that he used to take his big marker and pen and cross this out and add this and probably made your life a living hell. Did you ever have to put the word ‘Pause’ in there?”

Miller said he never did that the way speech writers reportedly do for President Joe Biden, and then he went off on a mini-rant about Trump and style.

“Let me also just say, since we’re addressing the subject of style, the most stylish president and first lady in our lifetimes are Donald Trump and Melania Trump. Donald Trump is a style icon! He changed American fashion on The Apprentice. People spent the next 10 years trying to dress like Donald Trump. So, if anybody deserves a puff piece on their sense of style, it’s Donald Trump and the first lady.

“Joe Biden… looks like a walking corpse! The only style article to be written about Joe Biden is how you have mastered the art of looking embalmed because that is what Joe Biden looks like every single day when they jerk him up and he goes about his schedule.”

Donald Trump is a style icon? What?! Since when?

Anyone who has seen Donald Trump since he announced his first run for president in 2015 knows that he often looks like his suits are loose-fitting to accommodate his ballooning weight and that he also appears to be doing his impression of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, standing with a forward tilt that makes him look even more bizarre.

Here’s what the Washington Post had to say about Trump’s fashion sense:

His clothes are really just a perfunctory set of uniforms. His suits — he has leaned towards Brioni over the years — are cut from conservative but quality fabric yet lack an attention to fit. They are always a little too roomy, the sleeves a tad too long. So much so that they look cheap — or more diplomatically, they look a lot like the mass-market suits that bore his name and were once sold at Macy’s until the department store shuttered the line after his derogatory remarks about Mexicans.

Miller’s hyperbolic statements were instantly shot down online.

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Legal Expert: Trump Has Already Turned Jurors Against Him With This One Action

Disgraced former president Donald Trump may have already turned jurors in his hush money trial against him and guaranteed they will find him guilty, according to a legal expert.

Appearing on MSNBC today, jury consultant David Henderson explained that while trials can be boring at times, falling asleep the way Trump reportedly did on Monday could seal his fate.

“People who show up for jury duty and stay, who don’t say ‘I can’t do this’ and look for the first opportunity to get out, what I found is when they show up, they’re wearing the nicest thing in their closet, thinking, ‘I made special arrangements to be here on time, I’m being polite, respectful, I’m making sure I’m paying attention,'” Henderson noted.

Henderson went on to add that jurors “don’t take kindly” to defendants who don’t take matters as seriously as they do.

“Now, I’ve seen lawyers fall asleep in court before. I’ve seen judges fall asleep in court before. I cannot recall a time I saw a defendant falling asleep in court before, because it is their life, and they got a lot on the line. What jurors are thinking is, ‘I’m staying awake; why isn’t this guy?’ It sends a very negative message that can directly affect the outcome of a trial.”

Asked about how attorneys choose jurors, Henderson said there’s a close. focus on each person’s body language, which can speak louder than what a prospective juror reveals verbally.

Here’s the video from MSNBC:

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Financial Analysts Warn That Trump Media Is On The Verge Of Going Down The Drain

If you happen to own any shares of Trump Media & Technology Group, you should dump them as soon as possible before the price collapses completely and you lose every penny of your investment, financial analysts are warning.

Forbes Senior Editor Dan Alexander says Trump Media is “bleeding money,” telling CNN host Erin Burnett, “It is a sad story. And the trouble here is that if you look at the fundamentals of the company — it’s poised to go down a lot more.”

When it was first offered on the stock market in late March, Trump Media reached a high of over $79 a share. It now stands at $23.77.

The company has even admitted that its financial situation could easily lead to bankruptcy, noting in a filing, “A number of companies that were associated with President Donald J. Trump have filed for bankruptcy,” reads one of the sections of the document. “There can be no assurances that TMTG will not also become bankrupt.”

That, according to Alexander, means Trump Media stock “should fall by at least another 90% before the metrics start to make any amount of sense.”

“For people who are just blindly putting their faith in Trump and in the company — that means that they can stand to lose a lot of money,” Alexander added.

The company was mainly set up to benefit Trump, Alexander went on to explain.

“Meanwhile, the retail shareholders were putting up huge sums to buy in. The ultimate effect is that they put in the cash and the other people walk away with the shares.”

As Rick Wilson rightly observed several years ago, everything Donald Trump touches dies. Including his so-called “media company.”

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‘Sleepy Donald’ Gets Trolled For Dozing Off During Monday Court Appearance

It’s being called “the nap seen around the world,” even though the vast majority of us didn’t actually see it.

Reports began trickling out Monday morning from a Manhattan courthouse where the first day of a historic criminal trial began with failed former president Donald Trump as the defendant, accused of paying hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep an extramarital affair secret so as not to interfere with Trump’s 2016 bid for the White House.

Among the first who caught the disgraced ex-president nodding off was Maggie Haberman of the New York Times.

“Trump appears to be sleeping. His head keeps dropping down and his mouth goes slack,” Haberman wrote.

Minutes later, she added,  “Trump has apparently jolted back awake, noticing the notes his lawyer passed him several minutes ago.”

Photos taken before the judge entered the courtroom also showed a puffy-eyed Trump, seemingly lost in his own world.

As you can see from the hashtag, a new phrase began trending on social media, #SleepyDonald. And that set off a wave of mockery and trolling that reverberated for hours.