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RNC Attendees Mocked For Wearing ‘Maxi Pads’ On Their Ears As Proof Of Fealty To Trump

If you watched any of the 2024 Republican National Convention (a.k.a. GOP Nuremberg rally) on Tuesday evening, you may have noticed that many delegates were wearing bandages on their right ear, a sign of loyalty to convicted felon Donald Trump, who survived an assassination attempt over the weekend during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

According to Newsweek, “Arizona delegate Joe Neglia, 63, told CBS News that the prop, which he said he made on the bus to the convention, was an homage to the Republican nominee. He called it ‘the newest fashion trend.'”

“It’s just in sympathy with Donald Trump,” Neglia told U.K. newspaper The Guardian. “I saw that man get shot. I thought that man has almost given his life for his country. He deserves some respect for that.”

It didn’t take long before the mockery began on social media.


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Congressman Calls J.D. Vance The ‘Hatched’ Child Of Trump And Marjorie Taylor Greene

Sen J.D. Vance (R-OH) could soon be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office, and that’s a terrifying prospect, according to Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), who called Vance “the baby of MAGA and QAnon” during an appearance on MSNBC.

Speaking with host Nicolle Wallace, Goldman noted that just minutes after failed former president Donald Trump was shot in Pennsylvania, Vance was on social media blaming President Joe Biden and Democrats for what the FBI is calling a failed assassination attempt.

“I mean, it’s so extreme, you know, it’s like if Marjorie Taylor Greene and Donald Trump got together and hatched something, and that’s J.D. Vance,” Goldman explained. “It’s insane — some of his views. His extremism on abortion — no exception for rape or incest. He has said he would not have certified the last election and will not guarantee that he will certify this election. He has overtly supported Vladimir Putin and Russia in his effort to take over the democratic country of Ukraine.”

The New York Democrat added that Vance is a “neophyte and a novice who has flip-flopped over the last several years after being a NeverTrumper and calling him the potential next American Hitler to now selling his soul so that he can rise the ranks, and Donald Trump loves that.”

J.D. Vance is indeed a member of the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. He has suggested that women should stay in abusive marriages for the sake of their children and made it clear that he thinks all abortions should be banned in the United States, even if a pregnancy was the result of rape or incest.

In other words, Vance is the perfect running mate for Donald Trump because both of them are direct threats to the American republic.


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Viral Video Appears To Show An Insole ‘Lift’ Flying Out Of Trump’s Shoe When He Was Shot

While it’s been clear for quite some time now that convicted felon/2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is one of the most insecure and malignantly vain human beings to ever trod the planet, a new video taken the day he was shot at in Pennsylvania seems to prove what many have suspected: Donnie wears lifts his shoes to make himself appear taller than he is.

The New York Post reports that Trump’s shoes did indeed come off in the mayhem that took place when he was shot.

He also cleared up a mystery about his shoes. On the video of the shooting and aftermath, as the burly agents tried to rush him off the stage for safety, he can be heard saying, “Wait, I want to get my shoes.” 

As he explained in the interview, “The agents hit me so hard that my shoes fell off, and my shoes are tight,” he said with a smile.

Yes, the shoes did indeed fall off, though it’d be more accurate to say they quite literally flew off, careening off the stage and into the nearby grass, as you can see in this video:

Oh, and we also know that there’s something odd going on with Trump’s shoes, as you can see in this photo:

Have you ever seen an insole that caused a person’s foot to be that elevated out of the shoe he’s wearing? If so, feel free to share it with all of us so we can compare.

The video set off a torrent of commentary on Twitter.

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Nicolle Wallace: Kamala Harris Will ‘Wipe The Floor’ With J.D. Vance If They Debate

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace says she’s hoping a debate will take place between Vice President Kamala Harris and Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH), who was named as failed president Donald Trump’s running mate on Monday.

Speaking with political analyst Basil Smikle, Wallace was surprised when he said while some Democrats are calling for President Joe Biden to step down, not many of them are not suggesting Harris should replace him, “And I wonder why? Because in many ways —” Smikle said.

Wallace interrupted him to note, “Who did that?”

“I think most of the people who came out to say Joe Biden should step down did not come right out and say Kamala Harris should be next,” Smikle replied.

“Kamala Harris should be next!” Wallace insisted. “If anyone thinks Joe Biden — as someone who’s covered her, if anyone has watched — I’ve watched all of her speeches for the last two weeks. I thought she was fantastic four years ago. Anyone that hasn’t — I hope that J.D. Vance today challenges Kamala Harris to some debates because she would wipe the floor with him!”

“The reality is, and I said this, that I don’t know if my party knows even how to defend her when the attacks come,” Smikle added. “And they will come.”

Wallace was having none of it.

“Have them call me,” she exclaimed. “Because — let me just say this. I have only covered her — and this is where — you watched her dismantle Bill Barr. How many people can say — you put your list of accomplishments together and if you can put on it ‘destroyed Bill Barr,’ ‘made fun of Mike Pence and the fly on his head without saying a word,’ and have ‘hit the campaign trail with enough vigor to carry the whole ticket for the last 16 weeks.’ She’s ready.”

Donald Trump Elections Social Media WTF?!

Trump Campaign Humiliated After Vowing To Lock Up ‘Violet Offenders’

The 2024 Trump for President campaign needs to do some basic proofreading when it comes to their official website, because they seem to think that it’s a big deal that they’re going to be tough on “violet” offenders if convicted felon Donald Trump wins in November.

Under the heading of Trump’s core promises is the vow to “lock up violet offenders.”

Violet? Pretty sure that’s supposed to be “violent offenders,” but you never know with the Donald.

The MAGA faithful attempted to inform the Trump campaign about their error, but their complaints have been unsuccessful..

Of course, Trump has a history of saying mind-numbingly things, as HuffPost noted earlier this year regarding a speech the disgraced former president gave.

The Republican 2024 front-runner on Friday complained to a crowd of supporters in Mason City, Iowa, about electric catapults and magnetic elevator systems for U.S. aircraft carriers.

The four-times-indicted former president polarized with this line: “All I know about magnets is this, give me a glass of water, let me drop it on the magnets, that’s the end of the magnets.”