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Damning New Video Of Capitol Riots Could Result In Expulsion And Prosecution For Ted Cruz

A new video released on Sunday by the New Yorker could prove to be very big trouble for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who was already facing questions about his possibly culpability in helping set off the riots which rocked the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and killed five people, including a member of the Capitol Police force.

The footage, shot by reporter Luke Mogelson, contains some of the most terrifying images yet of what transpired almost two weeks ago, with the Daily Beast noting:

“As the group moves on, two men hang back and continue searching the binder.

“’There’s gotta be something in here we can fucking use against these scumbags,’ one mutters to himself, ripping out a handful of loose papers and zeroing in on one. ‘This is a good one, him and Hawley or whatever. Hawley, Cruz.

“’Hawley, Cruz?’ says the second man. ‘I think Cruz would want us to do this… So I think we’re good.'”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has suggested that any member of Congress who might have aided or abetted the rioters should be charged with a crime. And the Department of Justice has indicated that if it can be proven anyone in the House or Senate took part in the rioting, it would be amenable to filing charges against them.

What makes this latest video so problematic for Cruz is that it directly suggests he inspired some of the rioters to take the actions they did, and that could also have serious political implications for the Texas Republican, who could be expelled from the Senate if two-thirds of his colleagues agree to give him the boot.

Ted Cruz has long been referred to the most hated member of the Senate. But he’s quickly becoming one of the most despised men in the country.

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Mike Huckabee: ‘If We’re Going To Impeach Trump, Then We’d Better Impeach Kamala Harris’

If you thought you’d heard just about all of the ridiculous BS that Republicans can possibly spew from their pie holes, former Arkansas governor and failed GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee raised the absurdity meter to a new level of head shaking absurdity Saturday when he called for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to be impeached after she’s sworn in on Wednesday.


During an appearance on Fox Business, Huckabee said Trump’s speech to his supporters on January 6 which led to the storming of the U.S. Capitol building and death of five people, was nothing more than a few innocent words and not deserving of impeachment for incitement to insurrection:

“If we’re going to impeach Donald Trump for what he said, then we’d better impeach Kamala Harris for saying the things she did last summer about the rioters and looters — and even establishing a monetary fund to get them out of jail on bail so they could get back to the riots.

“Everybody should have a turn.”

Harris did indeed mention the Minnesota Freedom Fund. It raised bail money for protesters who had been arrested in the weeks after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer in the summer of 2020.

But to equate what Harris said with Trump’s comments is the ultimate example of a fake equivalency. The president told his supporters:

“Anyone you want, but I think right here, we’re going to walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, and we’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them.

“Because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength and you have to be strong. We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated, lawfully slated.”

Not long afterwards, thousands of people descended on the Capitol and began trying to take over the building. They even chanted for Vice President Mike Pence to be hanged.

Now, however, Mike Huckabee wants us to believe it’s no big deal that Trump incited an insurrection and riot that killed a police officer. That alone proves that the Trump faithful are nothing by rank hypocrites and fools.

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Giuliani Says Trump’s Impeachment Defense Will Be Urging Senators To Reject Reality

According to Rudy Giuliani, his client, President Donald Trump, plans to present a defense that goes like this: Reality is not real, votes are fake, Donald Trump didn’t say what we all heard him say, and you can’t blame a president for urging his supporters to try and overthrow the government.

Speaking with ABC News, Giuliani said he would be representing Trump at the upcoming impeachment trial which is expected to begin shortly after the the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday.

The former New York City mayor laid out exactly how he plans to defend the president, and what he said makes virtually no sense whatsoever:

“The former New York City mayor said that in his defense of the president, he would introduce allegations of widespread voter fraud that have been raised — and rejected — in dozens of courtrooms across the country.

“‘They basically claimed that anytime [Trump] says voter fraud, voter fraud — or I do, or anybody else — we’re inciting to violence; that those words are fighting words because it’s totally untrue,’ he said. ‘Well, if you can prove that it’s true, or at least true enough so it’s a legitimate viewpoint, then they are no longer fighting words.'”

Of course, there’s no proof whatsoever of voter fraud in the 2020 election, just the bullshit conspiracy theories peddled by Trump and right-wing media that have been thoroughly debunked.

Despite that, Giuliani added:

“Basically, if [incitement] is going to happen, it’s got to happen right away. You’d have to have people running out, you’d have to have people running out of that frozen speech, right up to the Capitol. And that’s basically, incitement.”

So if the action doesn’t take place until afterward, there was no incitement? Is that really what Giuliani wants to tell the Senate? If so, he may well get laughed out of the chamber and fitted with a straitjacket.

Donald Trump deserves to be impeached, if only so he can never run for office again. Let’s just hope Republican senators have the courage to do what’s best for the country.


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Right-Wing Extremist Groups Now Calling For ‘Coward’ Trump’s ‘Arrest Or Execution’

Just 10 days ago, extremist demonstrators were only too happy to display their undying loyalty to Donald Trump by marching on the U.S. Capitol and storming the building, which led to the deaths of five people, including a police officer.

Now, however, some of those same once-loyal Trump worshipers are calling the president a “coward” and insisting that he either needs to be arrested or executed, according to a report from Jesselyn Cook of HuffPost:

“In online havens for MAGA extremists, including Gab, CloutHub, MeWe, Telegram and far-right message boards such as 8kun, the tone toward Trump is shifting. HuffPost reviewed thousands of messages across these platforms and found that a growing minority of the president’s once-devout backers are now denouncing him and rejecting his recent pleas for peace. Some have called for his arrest or execution, labelling him a ‘traitor’ and a ‘coward.’ Alarmingly, many of those who are irate about Biden’s supposed electoral theft are still plotting to forcibly prevent him from taking office – with or without Trump’s help.”

What led to the shift in opinion among the extremists who have supported Trump since he first labeled Mexican immigrants as “rapists”? Apparently it was the video the president made in which he called for a peaceful transfer of power and an end to the violence that had taken place at the Capitol.

“’So he basically just sold out the patriots who got rounded up for him,’ one person wrote in a 15,000-member pro-Trump Telegram group. ‘Just wow.’

“’We don’t follow you,’ another Telegram user wrote, addressing Trump, after the president put out his video urging calm and order. ‘Be quiet and get out of our way.'”

There have also been messages such as this one:

On other forums, there are calls to “burn down” the Capitol and “pop some libtards”:

“WHATEVER IT TAKES!!” Some posts are more specific:“Civil War is here. Group up locally. Take out the News stations,” one person declared. “LET’S HANG THEM ALL,” another implored. “LET’S FINISH THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.”

The Boogaloo Boys, a far-right extremist group that openly advocates for civil war, have also issued a call to arms:

“Theres a war coming, and cowering in your home [while] real patriots march with rifles … will make you a traitor,” commented a member of an encrypted Boogaloo chat.

Other postings are aimed directly at Trump, and suggest that he too may be a part of the problem that the extremists call for neutralizing:

Among the recent messages excoriating Trump in dedicated pro-Trump networks: “tbh I hope they hang Trump at this point”; “He deserves what’s coming to him”; “he is literally done he will die in jail”; “Seriously hoping they’ll lock him up or lynch [him]”; “Guy is the biggest cuck ever at this point” “Can’t wait til the left locks up his bitch ass. Rot in prison.” Several people have proclaimed that at this point, Trump can only redeem himself by declaring martial law to maintain power by force.

Clearly, Trump has created a monster that he can no longer control and that could well wind up being a direct threat to him and anyone associated with his administration. But the only person to blame for what’s become of some of his former acolytes is the man-child Trump sees whenever he looks in the mirror.


Manhattan DA’s Criminal Investigation Expands – Now Includes Eric Trump

The criminal investigation underway by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has expanded yet again, and this time Eric Trump is in the crosshairs.

CNN is reporting that as executive vice president of the Trump Organization, some of Eric’s actions have come to the attention of prosecutors in Vance’s office:

“Prosecutors’ interest in the 212-acre property called Seven Springs is a significant widening of an investigation that began more than a year ago. It also draws closer to President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, who was directly involved in discussions about the property now under scrutiny, according to court filings.

“Prosecutors sent grand jury subpoenas within the past two months to town officials seeking documents and communications that officials had with the Trump Organization relating to development plans it considered for the sprawling family property.”

As the Manhattan DA’s investigation continues to grow larger, the legal jeopardy faced by the Trump family is also increasing by the day, most notably to Donald Trump himself:

“The criminal investigation poses a significant threat to Trump, his business and his family as he leaves the White House next week and will no longer have the shield of the presidency to delay or postpone lawsuits and investigations.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James is also looking into the Seven Springs property. Her office has said it is trying to determine whether or not the Trump Organization “improperly inflated” the fair market value of the estate.

In a court filing made by the New York AG’s office is this allegation:

“Valuations of Seven Springs were used to claim an apparent $21.1 million tax deduction for donating a conservation easement on the property in tax year 2015, and in submissions to financial institutions as a component of Mr. Trump’s net worth.”

Reportedly, President Trump is considering issuing pardons to his family and executives with the Trump Organization. But those pardons would do nothing to immunize the recipients from state charges, meaning that the Trumps could well be facing indictment in the very near future.