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Pete Buttigieg Hilariously Trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene For Her Ignorance About Electric Cars

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg masterfully trolled the perpetually clueless Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for comments she made recently about electric vehicles.

During a Tuesday appearance on Fox News, Buttigieg was asked by host Neil Cavuto about a quote from Greene:

 “Mr. Buttigieg is trying to emasculate the way we drive” by encouraging Americans to drive electric vehicles.

“What did you think of her wording?”

Buttigieg responded:

“I literally don’t understand what that means.

“I mean, my sense of manhood is not connected whether my vehicle is fueled by gasoline or whether it’s fueled by electricity.”

Cavuto then inquired if Buttigieg was “offended” by what Greene had said, adding:

“Because even people who share her politics didn’t share that view.”

That’s when the Transportation Secretary masterfully (and hilariously) trolled Greene by noting:

“It was a strange thing to say. To be honest, there are other members of Congress that I pay more attention to when I’m thinking about opinions that really matter.”

Greene is probably trying to distract from the news that her husband, Perry, has filed for divorce. And while Perry had originally asked for the proceedings to be sealed, he has now changed his mind, which could be a major problem for the congresswoman as the divorce will now be a matter of public record.

Greene has a sordid history, including allegations that she cheated on her husband more than once.

Controversial conspiracy congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene cheated on her husband with a polyamorous tantric sex guru, has learned.

Then after ending her affair with him, the mom-of-three moved on to a gym manager behind her husband’s back.

But despite the tawdry flings, Taylor Greene stuck with her husband Perry as she made her unlikely rise that has turned her into the most talked-about Republican in Washington, D.C.

As if that’s not bad enough, Margie is also clueless about electric cars, along with at least 10 million other topics.

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White House Switchboard Called A Capitol Rioter During January 6 Attack: Report


A senior adviser to the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol has revealed that on the day of the riots, the White House switchboard called a rioter as the attack was taking place.

Denver Riggleman, who served as a senior technical adviser to the Jan. 6 panel, told 60 Minutes correspondent Bill Whitaker:

“You get a real ‘a-ha’ moment when you see that the White House switchboard had connected to a rioter’s phone while it’s happening. That’s a big, pretty big ‘a-ha’ moment.”

Riggleman, a former GOP congressman from the state of Virginia who also served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force, added:

“I only know one end of that call. I don’t know the White House end, which I believe is more important. But the thing is the American people need to know that there are link connections that need to be explored more.”

What remains to be seen, Riggleman noted, is who exactly in the White House reached out to a rioter right as the Capitol was under violent attack, and what that individual was trying to communicate:

 “From my perspective…being in counterterrorism. If the White House, even if it’s a short call, and it’s a connected call, who is actually making that phone call?”

That led Whitaker to inquire:

“Is there a simple, innocent explanation for that?”


“Was it an accidental call? When the White House just happened to call numbers that somebody misdialed a rioter that day, on January 6th? Probably not.”

CBS News also notes that the House Select Committee has done extensive research on communications during the fateful events of Jan. 6 which resulted in the deaths of five people, including a member of the U.S. Capitol Police:

The call was uncovered after Riggleman assembled a small team of data miners and analysts for the committee to comb through 20 million lines of data: emails, social media posts, phone records, and texts, to learn who did what leading up to and on January 6th.

“We were able to do things, I think, in a way that had never been done before with millions of lines of data,” Riggleman said. “And to actually create a graph that shows how these groups actually intermingled.”

Among those groups, Riggleman explained, were “Trump team, Trump family, rally goers, unaffiliated DOJ-charged defendants, Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, and others, which are state legislators, alternate electors, things like that.”

The House Select Committee resumes its hearings on September 28.


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Trump Refused To Name Nikki Haley As His Running Mate Because She Had A ‘Complexion Problem’

Disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump rejected the idea of naming Nikki Haley as his running mate because he said she had a “complexion problem,” i.e. was too dark because she’s of Indian descent, according to a new book, The Divider: Trump in the White House 2017-2021, by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser.

During an appearance on CNN Tuesday, Glasser was interviewed by host Brianna Keilar, according to Mediaite:

Among the book’s claims are concerns from H.R. McMaster that Rudy Giuliani was an “influence agent” and needed to be watched while at the White House. Glasser claimed Giuliani fought for the position of secretary of state under Trump, and when he didn’t get it, he became a constant presence at the White House. McMaster reportedly made it a rule that he needed to be present when Giuliani was speaking to Trump, fearing the former New York City mayor could speak on behalf of foreign powers.

The book also claims that Trump rejected Haley as a running partner, taking issue with her appearance and, more specifically, skin tone.

Glasser noted that Trump’s comments about Haley — who served as UN ambassador for two years in the Trump administration — were made by the failed ex-president during a conversation with then-White House Chief of Staff John Kelly:

When Haley’s name was offered to Trump as a possible running mate, Trump dismissed the idea and said, “this doesn’t look good for me,” referencing Haley’s darker complexion.

“Trump was very motivated and talked often about appearances and in particular had a habit of making derogatory remarks about women,” Glasser said.

Those who continue to defend Trump insist he’s not the least bit racist. Of course, they also believe the 2020 election was stolen, though they have yet to provide a scintilla of credible proof of their bogus claims. Some people are born to be lemmings.

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Trump Thought He Could Remain POTUS By Refusing To Vacate The White House: Report

After it became clear that he had lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden, failed, one-term former president Donald Trump told aides that he would refuse to leave when the time came for him to vacate the White House, which would allow him to remain as head of state.

That revelation comes from an upcoming book,  Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America,” written by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, which is due to hit bookshelves on October 4.

CNN obtained an advance copy of the book and notes:

“I’m just not going to leave,” Trump told one aide, according to Haberman.

“We’re never leaving,” Trump told another. “How can you leave when you won an election?”

Amazingly, Trump’s plan to stay in office developed even after he had accepted that Biden was the legitimate winner and next president:

Haberman writes that in the immediate aftermath of the November 3 elections, Trump seemed to recognize he had lost to Biden. He asked advisers to tell him what had gone wrong. He comforted one adviser, saying, “We did our best.” Trump told junior press aides, “I thought we had it,” seemingly almost embarrassed by the outcome, according to Haberman.

But at some point, Trump’s mood changed, Haberman writes, and he abruptly informed aides he had no intention of departing the White House in late January 2021 for Biden to move in.

At one point, Trump told Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee, “Why should I leave if they stole it from me?”

Despite his protestations, conspiracy theories, and endless lies about massive cheating in the election, Trump and his allies never provided a scintilla of evidence to support their allegations.

Trump continues to spread disinformation about the last election and was booted from Twitter in January of 2021 for his lies.

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Legal Expert: Grand Jury Subpoena For Stephen Miller Should Have Him Very Worried

Former Trump administration adviser Stephen Miller was informed via subpoena this week that a grand jury investigating the ex-president’s Save America PAC wants him to testify under oath, and that could be big trouble for Miller, according to a former federal prosecutor.

Glenn Kirschner was asked for his thoughts on the grand jury subpoena for Miller during an appearance on MSNBC Sunday and said Miller will have two choices when he testifies: Flip on Trump of perjure himself.

“I think one thing we should pay attention to is the difference between a January 6th congressional subpoena, and there have been, I think, more than 1000 witnesses at last count interviewed by the January 6th Congressional committee. The difference is between that kind of a subpoena and a federal grand jury subpoena, which is what now Stephen Miller has had placed in his hands.”

Kirschner then explained what he meant:

“Because you can play some games trying to avoid a congressional subpoena and Congress does not have the same tools to enforce its subpoenas and compel testimony,. But I’ll I tell you what: the Department of justice does.”

“Things have just gotten real for Stephen Miller and anybody else who has a federal grand jury subpoena. I have to believe at the end of the day he will testify truthfully and if not he’ll be looking at a perjury charge in contempt or obstruction of justice charge.”

And what if Miller does tell what he knows?

“If he testifies truthfully about what Donald Trump has done, that could spell additional trouble for Trump.”