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WATCH A Fox Host Put This GOP Congressman In His Place For Refusing To Do His Job

Fox Business host Stuart Varney got into a verbal altercation with Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), and put the congressman in his place for refusing to say he’d be willing to compromise with Democrats and avoid a government shutdown later this year.

During a Monday interview, Varney told Roy, “Well, reading between the lines, it sounds like you are a holdout again, and that you are quite prepared to shut the government down. You are, aren’t you? Yes, you are.”

Roy responded:

“Well, let me just say, Stuart, the question here is, do you believe that we should continue to fund a United Nations that literally just stood with Hamas? Should we continue to fund a wide open border that is endangering my constituents, where people are dying from fentanyl?”
“No, I’m not going to blindly saddle up and say, sure, let me write another blank check for all of America to wonder what their leaders in Washington are doing.”

That’s when Varney called Roy out for his recalcitrance.

“But I do remember, was it three, four weeks ago? House Republicans rejected a deal that Speaker McCarthy had worked out because they said it wasn’t good enough, and we had three weeks where we didn’t have a speaker, and the Republican Party was embarrassed up and down the wazoo throughout the entire country.”

“Well, remember, Stuart, that I was a part of putting forward a proposal that would have reduced spending, secured our border, and kept the government going,” Roy countered.

Varney then reminded Roy, “Yeah, and you didn’t have the votes for it. So what’s the point? Now we have a speaker. What is the point? If you know you don’t have the votes, so you shut down the government, we’re embarrassed all over again.”

Clearly agitated by what the Fox host had just said, Roy had this to say:

“All right, Stuart, what do you want to do? Sign up for the endless spending plan for our Democratic colleagues that’s destroying our country.”
“If that’s what you want, then just bring Democrats on your show to continue to vomit out all of the ridiculous spending programs and my Republican colleagues who absolutely refuse to do their job and do what they said they would do.”

Who’s refusing to do their job? Chip Roy and many of his Republican colleagues. They’re willing to shut down the government, send the economy into a tailspin, and then try to blame it all on someone else.

Every elected Republican needs to be voted out of office come November of next year. It’s the only way this country will ever be able to move forward and get things done.

Here’s the video from Fox Business:


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Republicans In Full Meltdown Mode After Democrats Call For Testimony From Rudy Giuliani

Day 1 of the GOP impeachment inquiry aimed at President Joe Biden devolved into panic and shouting when Democrats at the hearing demanded that Rudy Giuliani be subpoenaed for his role in seeking dirt on the Biden family while visiting Ukraine during the 2020 election.

Rep. Kweisi Mfume (D-MD) made the motion to issue a subpoena for Giuliani, leading Republicans to suggest the motion be tabled. However, a lack of available GOP caucus members was in the room for that to happen.

As Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) tried to call a formal vote and possibly defeat Mfume’s motion, video showed Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) pacing back and forth and giving orders to staffers who quickly left the room.

Minutes later, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-NC) entered the hearing and declared Giuliani “doesn’t have a lot to do with this.” Republicans then managed to secure enough votes to allow for tabling of the motion for a Giuliani subpoena.

That led Mfume to note:

“I do reclaim my time and I asked my question where in the world is Rudy Giuliani? And that is how we got here, ladies and gentlemen. This committee is afraid to bring him before us and put him on the record. Shame. The question was raised, what does this have to do with it? It has everything to do with it. And [witness University of North Carolina law] Professor [Michael Gerhardt], in your testimony you said, in every impeachment inquiry beforehand, the House has identified some credible evidence of wrongdoing committed by the targeted president, is that correct?”

Gerhardt: “Yes, sir.”

Mfume added, “Would you say House Republicans have made an unprecedented overreach of congressional power?” 

To that, Gerhardt responded, “It strikes me that it is.”

Here’s video from the shit show the GOP is calling an inquiry:


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Pete Buttigieg Testified Before Hostile Republicans – And He Kicked Their A**es: VIDEO

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg walked right into the proverbial lion’s den when he testified before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and he quickly schooled committee Republicans on topics ranging from climate change to subsidies for Big Oil.

U.S. Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) suggested that Buttigieg was personally to blame for “killing” the U.S. auto industry by supporting the development of electric vehicles.

“I don’t know if you can justify or how you justify forcing my constituents to pay for EVs [electric vehicles] and EV infrastructure for coastal elites and wealthy people, but somehow you do,” Perry remarked.

Buttigieg: “Well, I need to point out that wealthy people were specifically excluded from the Inflation Reduction Act.”

Perry: “Well. Do you dispute that two-thirds of EV owners, are owned by people over 100,000, that make over 100,000?”

Buttigieg noted that the price of electric vehicles is going down and wondered if Perry was opposed “cutting their costs.”

“I’m not against cutting the cost. The market should do it,” Perry replied. “But you want the government, you want my taxpayers to pay to cut the cost.”

That led to Buttigieg asking about taxpayer-funded subsidies for the oil and gas industry.

“If you are of the view that there should be no subsidy to propulsion vehicles, then are you against oil and gas subsidies?”

Another GOP congressman told the secretary, “Nobody wants these electric vehicles unless you’re an elite that can afford them – people in may district sure as hell don’t want them.”

The secretary responded, “We’re doing this for three reasons, even though the EV revolution’s going to happen.”

Buttigieg also told Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) that “climate change is real,” which led the congressman to reply, “This one’s called Autumn.”

“Yeah, that’s the seasons changing which respectfully is not the same as the climate changing,” Buttigieg retorted.

But perhaps the best exchange was between Buttigieg and U.S. Rep. Eric Burlison (R-MO), who asked the secretary about the cost of his “private” flights, to which he responded:

“I knew this might come up, so I brought some numbers. Since getting the job, I have taken—these are estimates, give or take a couple—but I’ve taken 638 flights.”

“607 of them were commercial, 10 of them were on military aircraft such as Air Force One, and 21 were on FAA aircraft—representing about 3 percent of the flights.”

He added, “Just once again, the way I usually travel is an economy class aboard an airliner like everybody else, when we do it differently, it’s often because it will save taxpayer money.”

Here’s some video clips from Buttigieg’s testimony:


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John Fetterman Burns Marjorie Taylor Greene Down After She Whines About His Wardrobe

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) masterfully swatted down Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) this morning after she fired off a hateful tweet aimed at him on Sunday.

Here’s what Greene tweeted out:

What does it matter if Fetterman wears jeans and a hoodie instead of a suit and tie? Some of the biggest douchebags in the Senate (i.e. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley) always wear a suit, but they also try to overturn the will of the voters and invalidate an election as they smugly sit and adjust their ties.

Also, Margie is in no position to complain about how anyone dresses considering that she often looks like her outfits came from the markdown rack at Walmart.

Fetterman only needed a single sentence to put Greene in her place:

“Thankfully, the nation’s lower chamber lives by a higher code of conduct: displaying ding-a-ling pics in public hearings.”

Fetterman is referring to Greene showing nude photos of Hunter Biden during a House hearing in July:

“Displaying a pornographic image of Hunter Biden, Greene continued:

“So when Hunter Biden paid for this woman to do this with him, to travel across state lines from California to Washington, DC, on June 15th, this is a violation of the Mann Act. This was prostitution.”

“Greene then added, ‘This is evidence of Hunter Biden making sex, excuse me, this is my time, making pornography.'”

Others joined Fetterman in swatting down Margie.

The House dropped the bar on the ground when they let MTG in!

— Elena Callahan (@ecastrignano11) September 18, 2023


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Will Jack Smith Indict Members Of Congress For January 6? Legal Experts Weigh In

Now that we know failed one-term, twice-impeached, and thrice-indicted former president Donald Trump had six alleged co-conspirators in his attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, questions have begun as to whether or not we can expect more indictments related to January 6, 2021 and the election coup plot.

More specifically, can we expect to the names of members of Congress on pending indictments? Will Special Counsel Jack Smith go so far as to make certain he gets everyone who may have tried to subvert democracy and stage an illegal takeover the government?

Tom Norton of Newsweek recently reached out to legal experts for their opinions on whether or not we might soon learn of indictments featuring the names of Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Jim Jordan (R-OH). What about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)? Could he soon be a criminal defendant?

David Weinstein, a partner at Jones Walker LLP, said the order appointing Smith as special counsel suggested “that if he has collected the appropriate evidence he could indict other individuals for their involvement in Trump’s alleged plot to overturn the 2020 election.

“Those other persons could include other Congressional members.

“But to do that he would have to collect reliable credible evidence showing criminal intent and their involvement in Trump’s alleged conspiracy or another conspiracy.

“At this time I am not sure that is something he has the bandwidth to undertake.”

Robert Fisher, a partner at the law firm of Nixon Peabody noted, “I think he [Jack Smith] would need significant and overwhelming evidence before adding sitting U.S. Senators to this indictment.”

And Scott Fredericksen, a partner at Foley & Lardner LLP, said that while Smith has the power to indict anyone he wants, he doesn’t think he’ll go after any members of Congress: “That just isn’t going to happen. I think it would be more likely the moon is made of blue cheese.”