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More ‘Bombshells’ Coming From Jan. 6 Committee Early Next Week: Report

Having subpoenaed five Republican members of Congress this week — including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) — the House Select Committee on the January 6 Capitol insurrection is expected to make headlines again early next week with yet another round of what are being called “bombshells.”

According to a report from Axios:

The Jan. 6 committee may seek testimony from additional lawmakers as soon as next week, ahead of blockbuster TV hearings that kick off next month, Axios has learned.

Of particular interest in the Axios report is that more subpoenas could be in the offing, too, though no one with knowledge of the panel could definitively say so:

Chiefs of staff and other aides to members of the House select committee were told Friday on their weekly call with committee staff to brace for more bombshells ahead of the June 9 start to public hearings, according to two sources on the call.

Security for the planned public hearings which begin in June are also underway, with U.S. Capitol Police providing regular updates and giving a formal briefing on May 20.

If there are more subpoenas, some could be for Republican senators, including Ted Cruz (TX) and Josh Hawley (MO), both of whom were eager to delay certification of the 2020 electoral votes when Congress met in joint session on Jan. 6, 2021 for the purpose of formally declaring Joe Biden as winner of the presidential race over former President Donald Trump, who lost by over 7 million popular votes.

Theoretically, there could also be subpoenas for Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence, though both would probably fight such a move by attempting to tie up the matter with court appeals.

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Former Employees Call Lauren Boebert A ‘Monster’ Who Is Impossible To Work For

Before she became one of the most controversial and useless members of Congress ever elected, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) owned a restaurant named Shooters located in Rifle, Colorado, where the servers have long been encouraged to openly carry firearms in imitation of their employer, who does the same and absolutely loves to pose for photos with a holstered gun on her jeans.

Boebert has created a sort of self-made mythology around herself, suggesting that she rose from nothing and started a successful establishment, realizing the American Dream and determined to make sure others can do the same.

But based on what former Shooters employees told Abigail Weinberg of Mother Jones, the restaurant is a financial disaster and their former boss is almost impossible to work with or for, which seems to presage the lack of legislative accomplishments for Boebert over the last two years in office.

According to the report, Shooters sounds less like a business than someone trying to play make-believe and pretend she’s successful when the opposite is true:

“Multiple employees say that they were paid in cash, either out of the register or from Boebert’s husband’s wallet, without any taxes deducted. While many workers were struggling to make ends meet, they say Boebert spent exorbitant sums on breast implants, private schooling for her sons, and a new Cadillac Escalade. They describe her as alternately absent, showing up only when news crews were at the restaurant.”

Speaking of news crews, once the media spotlight made Boebert a household name in Colorado, that’s when Bad Lauren reared her ugly head, a former waitress noted:

“The second the restaurant blew up, her head blew up, and it became something entirely different. And I got to meet a new version of her that is a monster.”

And while Boebert pretended to be a believer in gun safety to counter her rabid devotion to the Second Amendment, she was anything but diligent about obeying both the written and unwritten tenets of responsible gun ownership:

Boebert insisted in her television appearances that gun safety was paramount, telling CNN, “There’s no accidents that are gonna happen…There’s no reason a waitress is ever allowed to unholster.” Most workers describe Boebert as consistently safe with guns. Still, one worker says safety was “not how it was perceived on TV.” Another claims that Boebert pointed a loaded gun at him when he said that he would have voted for Obama for a third term. “She would tell it like a joke,” he tells me. “She thought it was hilarious.”

To this day, Shooters barely manages to stay afloat, and Boebert admits in her congressional disclosures that the restaurant lost $143,000 in 2019 and $226,000 in 2020. How’s that for the American Dream come true? Sounds more like a nightmare.

Shooters is such a failure that Boebert reportedly can only pay salaries when her husband gets his paycheck from work he does in the oil and gas business:

Employees tell me they believed that Boebert’s husband, who works as a consultant in the oil and gas industry, was keeping the company afloat. “There were times when we were waiting for him to get his check, so that way she could get us our check,” one former employee says. According to Boyington, “He’s the one who paid the rent, all the bills, everything.”

The bottom line is that Lauren Boebert is a failure at everything she’s ever attempted other than convincing the voters of her district that she’d be a success when all she’s ever been is a massive failure and con woman. No wonder she’s such a huge fan of failed, one-term former President Donald Trump.


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Lauren Boebert’s ‘Free Speech’ Rant On The House Floor Gets A Brutal Clapback From Jamie Raskin

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) decided it was time once again to draw attention to the fact that she’s an airheaded buffoon who barely has enough sense to get in out of the rain.

So the Colorado congresswoman went to the House floor and began ranting about how conservatives are being censored on media platforms and her dislike of the creation of a disinformation governance board at the Department of Homeland Security.

When she had finished, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) immediately let her know that he wants her to talk as often and as much as possible, and he explained why:

“Unlike some of our colleagues on the other side, we’re not interested in censoring other people’s speech. We want the whole world to see how the gentlelady from Colorado speaks, in public, as a member of Congress. We want everyone to look at that.”

Others on social media then joined the mockery of Boebert:

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WATCH Jamie Raskin Put Marjorie Taylor Greene On Full Blast For Being A ‘Cheerleader’ For Putin

Why is it that so many Republicans seem incapable of calling out Russian President/mass murderer Vladimir Putin for being a brutal and evil dictator whose military has committed numerous war crimes during their invasion of Ukraine?

It began with failed, one-term former President Donald Trump, who absolutely refused to say anything negative about Putin, leading some to suggest that the Russian leader had some sort of kompromat (i.e. damaging information) on the Donald.

Now, however, it seems that everywhere you look members of the GOP are making excuses for Putin and Russia, with Rand Paul even suggesting during a Senate hearing on Wednesday that talk of NATO expansion led to Russia invading Ukraine.

Also guilty of being a Putin apologist is Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who said this in March:

“If we truly care about suffering and death on our television screens, we cannot fund more of it by sending money and weaponry to fight a war they cannot possibly win! The only effect of more arms and more money from America will be to prolong the war!”

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) has clearly had enough, and he lit into Greene today during a floor debate on expanding President Joe Biden’s authority to arm Ukraine:

“All of these efforts to distract us from the issue at hand are meant to cover up the very clear pro-Russia and pro-Putin faction at the heart of their side of the aisle.

“Last month, in March of this year, the very distinguished gentlelady from Georgia on a radio show called The Voice of Rural America, and she followed Donald Trump’s sickening appeasement of Vladimir Putin and blamed Ukraine for the situation.”

But Congressman Raskin was far from finished, adding:

“She said, ‘You see, Ukraine just kept poking the bear, and poking the bear, which is Russia, and Russia invaded. There’s no win for Ukraine here. Russia is successful in this invasion.’

“We have members of Congress who are cheerleaders for Vladimir Putin and are voices of nothing but defeatism, fatalism, and pessimism for democracy in Europe, so they try to distract us with a lot of phony rhetoric about other issues.”

It needed to be said, and Jamie Raskin said it perfectly.

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Madison Cawthorn’s Campaign Is Nearly Broke And Facing A New Threat To His Reelection Bid

As he tries desperately to get reelected to Congress for a second term, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) is facing some terrifying numbers for any candidate, and he’s also up against a new threat from voters that could well doom his chances of even surviving the primary election which will be held in the Tar Heel State next month.

The main challenge facing Cawthorn’s campaign is that it’s nearly flat broke and isn’t pulling in new funds to replace those he’s spent.

In a filing Cawthorn made with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) today, we learned that the congressman has spent more money than he’s raised and only has a net $115,575 on hand when his debts are accounted for.

Additionally, the FEC filing shows that Cawthorn has spent $443 on Chick-Fil-A, $1,371 on “Papas Beer,” and $2,560 on Amazon.

Cawthorn is also facing significant blowback from comments he made about his Republican colleagues in Congress, accusing them of holding orgies fueled by copious amounts of cocaine. He later walked back those comments, but the damage had already been done, with Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) remarking:

“On any given day, he’s an embarrassment.”

And now North Carolina Democrats are urging their voters to help rid the state of Cawthorn’s bullshit once and for all, according to WNCN:

Some Democrats are trying an unusual strategy to try to defeat controversial Republican U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn: they’re urging people to vote in the Republican primary.

Moe Davis, a Democrat who ran against Cawthorn in 2020 and lost, is urging Democrats to temporarily change their voter registration to unaffiliated. Under state law, that would allow them to vote in either party’s primary.

“If you remember back when Bill Clinton ran for president, they had the slogan, ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’ What I’ve been trying to stress to people is, ‘It’s the math, stupid,’” said Davis.

Getting rid of Cawthorn would be a nice start. But voters also need to kick Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to the curb, too. Those three are a daily embarrassment to their party, their states, and the entire country.