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WATCH: House Republicans Act Like Petulant Jerks When Asked About The 2020 Election

House Republicans announced their latest nominee to be the next speaker of the House on Tuesday evening, but their press conference devolved into booing, shouting, and verbal barbs aimed a reporter who dared to ask about their efforts to overturn the 2020 election in concert with multiply-indicted former president Donald Trump.

According to Mediaite, ABC News congressional correspondent Rachel Scott was the reporter who asked speaker designate Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) about his role in trying to void the results of the 2020 presidential race.

“Mr. Johnson, you helped lead the effort to overturn the 2020 election result. Do you—”

Scott was quickly drowned out by House Republicans who laughed, booed, and heckled the reporter while Johnson shook his head at her.

80-year-old Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) — who stood next to Johnson at the podium along with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) — had the loudest response, yelling, “Shut up! Shut up!” before Johnson moved on to the next question.

Scott later recounted the moment she asked her question.

Reaction on Twitter to how the Republicans acted was swift and understandably harsh. Take a look:


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Meadows Immunity Deal Is ‘Crack In The Dam’ That Could Destroy Trump And The GOP: Report

Former Trump administration White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is now cooperating with Special Counsel Jack Smith and providing testimony to a grand jury that could serve as the final nail in the political coffin for disgraced ex-president Donald Trump and many top Republicans.

ABC News reports that Meadows reached an immunity deal with Smith and has been spilling the beans regarding efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

(Meadows) has spoken with special counsel Jack Smith’s team at least three times this year, including once before a federal grand jury, which came only after Smith granted Meadows immunity to testify under oath, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The sources said Meadows informed Smith’s team that he repeatedly told Trump in the weeks after the 2020 presidential election that the allegations of significant voting fraud coming to them were baseless, a striking break from Trump’s prolific rhetoric regarding the election.

That, according to Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig, is another piece in the puzzle, especially since many members of the GOP have said that Meadows’ autobiography has been cited by prominent Republicans for why they believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump.

“We have seen texts and exchanges that Mark Meadows had with people in the White House counsel’s office and other lawyers in which he made fun of the claim that there was an election that had been stolen. There was fraud enough in states such as Georgia to call those counts into question. As I remember one of those text exchanges, he said even my son hasn’t found enough dead people that voted in Georgia to raise questions about this. So, it’s pretty powerful stuff.”

That’s where the autobiography comes into play, Leonnig added:

“If he’s acknowledging that those were false, it reveals to most of us reporters who have been covering this for a long time that the jig is up for a host of other Republican leaders who have been trading on this story, to stay connected to voters, that they think are riled up about this. To stay connected to a group of people that they are misleading in order to get their votes. People who gobble up conspiracy theories, distrust the government, and can be loosely misled and led astray.”

In other words, Leonnig continued, the immunity deal could be a “crack in the dam” of GOP denial.

“It will be really interesting to watch what happens for other Republican leaders who have insisted that the election was stolen. Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, a host of people, many of whom are closely tied to Mark Meadows and Donald Trump.”

It’ll be fun to see what lies people such as Graham, Cruz, and Jordan try to use to cover the lies they’ve been telling for three years about the 2020 election. And it’ll also be interesting to see exactly what Trump knew, when he knew it, and just how large of a role he played in possibly illegal activities for the purpose of remaining in office.

Stay tuned. All rats are about to be exposed to the light of truth.


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WATCH: Jenna Ellis Cries, Whines, And Blames Trump As She Pleads Guilty To Election Crimes

Jenna Ellis, who served as an campaign attorney for failed former president Donald Trump and his attempts to overturn the 2020 election, pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting false statements and writings in a Georgia court this morning. She will pay $5,000 in restitution and serve 5 years on probation for her crimes.

During her allocution in court, Ellis blamed the ex-president and Rudy Giuliani for the legal mess she currently finds herself in.

Reading a statement as her voice broke and tears in her eyes, Ellis told the court:

“Thank you, Your Honor, for the opportunity to address the court. As an attorney who is also a Christian, I take my responsibilities as a lawyer very seriously, and I endeavor to be a person of sound moral and ethical character in all of my dealings.”

She added:

“In the wake of the 2020 presidential election, I believed that challenging the results on behalf of President Trump should be pursued in a just and legal way. I endeavored to represent my client to the best of my ability. I relied on others, including lawyers with many more years of experience than I to provide me with true and reliable information, especially since my role involved speaking to the media and to legislators in various states. What I did not do, but should have done, Your Honor, was to make sure that the facts the other lawyers alleged to be true were in fact true. In the frenetic pace of attempting to raise challenges to the election in several states, including Georgia, I failed to do my due diligence.”

Ellis concluded, “I believe in and I value election integrity. If I knew then what I know now, I would have declined to represent Donald Trump in these post-election challenges. I look back on this whole experience with deep remorse. For those failures of mine, Your Honor, I have taken responsibility already before the Colorado Bar who censured me, and I now take responsibility before this court and apologize to the people of Georgia. Thank you.”

The former Trump lawyer will also cooperate with Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis as she moves ahead with her racketeering case against the disgraced Trump and other defendants who have been charged with attempting to overturn the will of voters in the Peach State.

Trump is facing 91 counts of violating both federal and state laws with his actions during the 2020 election and after leaving office by illegally possessing classified document at his Mar-a-Lago resort.


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Trump Says He Has ‘100% Evidence’ 2020 Election Was Stolen And Adds A Racist Dog Whistle To Boot

There are some lies disgraced former president Donald Trump never gets tired of repeating, embellishing, and twisting in the vain hope that one day they might come true, even though they never have.

Such was the case today when the failed ex-president claimed on his financially-challenged Truth Social site that he has “100% evidence” the 2020 election was stolen from him.

And while he was at it, Donnie also added a blatantly racist dog whistle to rile up his deranged supporters.

As his New York fraud trial was in session Friday, Trump posted this:

“We will never let 2020 happen again. Look at the result, OUR COUNTRY IS BEING DESTROYED. MAGA!!!”

And let’s not forget the dog whistle:

“Does anyone notice that the Election Rigging Biden Administration never goes after the Riggers, but only after those that want to catch and expose the Rigging dogs.”

The word “riggers” brings to mind a disgusting racial slur, and that’s the point, according to former Trump administration official Alyssa Farah Griffin, who said in August:

“With Trump, you don’t need to look for a dog whistle — it’s a bullhorn when it comes to race. And I do think that’s deliberate.”

As for the so-called “evidence” Trump is promising, that’s also a frequent refrain from him, though he’s yet to produce even a shred of proof since he lost the 2020 election to President Joe Biden.

In mid-August, shortly after he was indicted in Georgia on racketeering charges, the twice-impeached former president claimed a report would be released proving that all criminal charges against him would be dropped:

“A Large, Complex, Detailed but Irrefutable REPORT on the Presidential Election Fraud which took place in Georgia is almost complete & will be presented by me at a major News Conference at 11:00 A.M. on Monday of next week in Bedminster, New Jersey.

“Based on the results of this CONCLUSIVE Report, all charges should be dropped against me & others — There will be a complete EXONERATION! They never went after those that Rigged the Election. They only went after those that fought to find the RIGGERS!”

The news conference was later canceled and no report was ever presented backing up his allegations.

All of this is more proof that Trump is terrified. He’s facing the dissolution of his company, the Trump Organization in New York, along with 91 criminal counts for attempting to overturn the 2020 election and his theft of classified documents.

You can expect more wild claims in the weeks ahead, especially as the walls continue to close in on the already delusional and paranoid ex-head of state. At this rate, it’ll be a miracle if he makes it to 2024 without suffering a massive heart attack or being committed to a psych ward.


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Sidney Powell’s Plea Deal Should Have Fox’s Maria Bartiromo ‘Looking Over Her Shoulder’

The plea deal made with Georgia prosecutors Thursday by former Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell could wind up having major legal implications for others who played a role in the attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Among those who are now vulnerable, according to Marshall Cohen of CNN, is Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo.

Powell had numerous contacts with other people in Trump’s orbit and could now be required to turn over evidence against them. Her guilty plea also implicates the group of Republicans who breached Coffee County’s voting systems in early 2021. Another member of that alleged scheme, bail bondsman Scott Hall, has already pleaded guilty.

She was also in touch with prominent right-wing media figures, including former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and current Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. All three of them are facing defamation lawsuits from voting technology companies, and Powell’s admissions in the criminal cases could strengthen the defamation allegations.

Fox has already had to pay a massive settlement of $787.5 million to Dominion Voting Systems, and now Bartiromo could also be on the hook for millions in addition to possibly losing her job for featuring Powell and other members of the Trump team as part of her show.

Powell’s plea deal is also a problem for failed former president when it comes to the federal case filed against him by Special Counsel Jack Smith, Cohen notes.

Just think of it: Trump, Bartiromo, and Tucker Carlson finally having to pay a price for their lies. That would be some incredibly sweet karma.