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Newsmax Host Says The Biden Administration Will Make It Impossible For Trees To Breathe

Though it’s hard to believe, there are right-wing media outlets that are even more extreme and moronic than Fox News. They don’t have nearly the audience of Fox, but they are seen by hundreds of thousands, especially online.

One of those other outlets that you may have heard of is Newsmax, which is owned by a good friend of failed, one-term former President Donald Trump, Christopher Ruddy.

John Bachman is a host on Newsmax, and he wants us all to know that the Biden administration’s plan to combat climate change will result in trees being unable to breathe.

Bachman played a video clip of climate czar John Kerry was discussing technology that could potentially remove excess greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. And he seemed startled by the idea of what Kerry had just said, apparently believing that it would involve removing all of the carbon dioxide from the planet, making it impossible for trees to breathe:

“If we take all the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, what’re the trees going to turn into oxygen?”

Of course, anyone with a fifth-grade education knows there’s far too much CO2 in the atmosphere and that no one is suggesting we remove all of it. That wouldn’t make any sense. And clearly John Bachman has zero in the way of sense. Sounds like he’s been huffing way too much carbon dioxide and not getting enough oxygen to his already stunted brain.