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Marjorie Taylor Greene Walks Into An Embarrassing Self-Own Regarding The End Of 2023

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) managed to accidentally humiliate herself with a strange numeric tweet she sent out on New Year’s Eve day.

On Twitter/X, Greene posted this:

Yes, it is indeed 12-31-23, which just so happens to be 123123 when you remove the hyphens.

However, many social media users couldn’t resist the temptation to turn Margie’s posting against her.


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Trump Claims Democrats Are ‘Signing Up’ Migrants To Vote At A ‘Rapid Pace’ In Deranged Late-Night Rant

Perhaps sensing that he cannot possibly win the 2024 presidential election, failed one-term former president Donald Trump went on an extended social media rant Saturday evening in which he claimed Democrats were registering “unvetted migrants” to vote next November.

On his failing Truth Social site, the disgraced ex-president wrote:

“It’s becoming more and more obvious to me why the “Crazed” Democrats are allowing millions and millions of totally unvetted migrants into our once great Country,” Trump told his followers. “IT’S SO THEY CAN VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.

“They are signing them up at a rapid pace, without even knowing who the hell they are. It all makes sense now. Republicans better wake up and do something, before it is too late. Are you listening Mitch McConnell?”

The Donald’s latest bizarre conspiracy theory drew plenty of fact-checking, mockery, and ridicule on Twitter/X, where his Truth Social posts are also shared.

Hopefully, by this time next year, Joe Biden will be preparing for his second inauguration and Trump will be headed to prison for the rest of his miserable life. That’s how we can make America great again.


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Susan Collins Gets Shredded For Her Outrage Over Trump Being Booted From Ballot In Maine

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is absolutely outraged that Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows removed failed former president Donald Trump from the state’s 2024 primary ballot as a result of his attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election and his support for the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Collins — who voted to impeach Trump in 2021 but acquitted him in 2019 — weighed in on the action taken by Bellows on Twitter/X, writing, “Maine voters should decide who wins the election – not a Secretary of State chosen by the Legislature. The Secretary of State’s decision would deny thousands of Mainers the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice, and it should be overturned.”

That was a bridge too far for many on social media, especially when you consider a statement Collins made after the Jan. 6 attack in which she thundered:

“President Trump had stoked discontent with a steady barrage of false claims that the election had been stolen from him.

“The allegedly responsible officials were denigrated, scorned, and ridiculed by the President, with the predictable result that his supporters viewed any official that they perceived to be an obstacle to President Trump’s reelection as an enemy of their cause. That set the stage for the storming of the Capitol for the first time in more than 200 years.”

The blatant hypocrisy of Collins’ outrage set off a wave of criticism aimed directly at her.

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Jack Smith Has Obtained ‘Powerful’ New Evidence That Proves Trump’s Intent On Jan. 6

New recordings obtained by Special Counsel Jack Smith regarding efforts by the Trump administration to block certification of the 2020 election provide powerful new evidence that prove failed former president Donald Trump’s intent to commit criminal acts, according to legal experts.

The recordings, which were first made public by CNN this week, suggest that Trump and those allied with him flew fake elector ballots to Washington D.C. so they could replace the real ballots with ones that would be favorable to the disgraced ex-president.

Two days before the January 6 insurrection, the Trump campaign’s plan to use fake electors to block President-elect Joe Biden from taking office faced a potentially crippling hiccup: The fake elector certificates from two critical battleground states were stuck in the mail.

So, Trump campaign operatives scrambled to fly copies of the phony certificates from Michigan and Wisconsin to the nation’s capital, relying on a haphazard chain of couriers, as well as help from two Republicans in Congress, to try to get the documents to then-Vice President Mike Pence while he presided over the Electoral College certification.

The operatives even considered chartering a jet to ensure the files reached Washington, DC, in time for the January 6, 2021, proceeding, according to emails and recordings obtained by CNN.

The recordings are of Trump-aligned lawyer Kenneth Chesebro, who devised the fake elector scheme and is now cooperating with prosecutors.

Former federal prosecutor Elliot Williams had this to say about the recordings:

“It’s one thing for a jury to read a transcript or even hear someone talk about things they heard somebody else say, it is another thing to hear voices to have sort of an evocative effect, that is more valuable and powerful.”

The tapes, Williams continued, “could be introduced as evidence showing the state mind of not just of the former president, or people around him who knew what they were doing and attempting to take all efforts to get these fake or alternate — their argument is — ballots to Washington, D.C.., it can speak to intent.”

CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen concurred with Williams.

“And the reason those details about the elaborate plan to get all the materials to Washington for Jan. 6 matters so much is they go directly to the intent here.”

He added, “This wasn’t just, as it started out, a preventive measure in case Trump won court cases,” Eisen said. “This was an active alleged conspiracy to have Mike Pence and Congress block the rightful winner of the election from taking office, and Jack Smith has said that that is a criminal conspiracy. And it’s hard to understand how lawyers and other professionals couldn’t see why that was wrong.”

With each day, new and damning evidence comes to light that will help the special counsel make the case against Trump, who is reportedly terrified that he will indeed be found guilty and spend the rest of his life in prison.


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Tom Cotton Gets Hit With A Brutal History Lesson For His ‘Ignorant And Stupid’ Civil War Comments

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) walked into a rhetorical trap of his own creation Thursday when he attempted to defend former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who flubbed a question about the primary cause of the Civil War this week during a campaign event.

Cotton made his comments on Twitter/X, where he suggested that Democrats had supported the expansion of slavery rather than vote for Abraham Lincoln. That, the senator maintained, was what led to war among the states.

“The Civil War started because the American people elected an anti-slavery Republican as president and Democrats revolted rather than accept minor restrictions on the expansion of slavery to the western territories,” Cotton wrote on social media.

He added:

Really? Wow! That’s one hell of a bizarre reading of history, and it wasn’t long before others on social media began giving Cotton a much-needed lesson on what actually took place in the United States and has transpired in the years since the Civil War ended in 1865.