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Creepy! Trump Has A New Personal Assistant Who Looks A Lot Like Ivanka

Her name is Natalie Harp, and these days she’s seen literally everywhere with failed, one-term former president Donald Trump.

But what many have found most interesting (and downright creepy) is how much she resembles the disgraced ex-president’s daughter, Ivanka.

According to The Daily Mail:

Donald Trump’s glamorous assistant left her hosting job at the conservative One America Network to take a plum role in the former president’s communications team. 

Natalie Harp, 31, was the second OAN employee to jump ship for Trump’s team – after Christina Bobb left a year ago – and took up the job in March 2022, having quit as host of The Real Story.

The young blonde comes from a devout Christian family and recently tragically lost her father, Dr Robert Harp, an esteemed and highly-respected entrepreneur and executive at the Biola University in Los Angeles. 

Most often, Harp spends her days with Trump on the golf course at Mar-a-Lago while he awaits indictment in several venues, including Manhattan and Fulton County, Georgia.

Harp is often seen accompanying the 2024 presidential candidate, 76, on his daily golfing trips, riding in her own golf cart that is specially equipped with a laptop and computer so she can readily show Trump positive stories about himself

On Wednesday, the pair were seen cruising around Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, where Harp was seen wearing a chic pink tennis outfit with a black skirt and skintight hot pink top with a matching hat. She accessorized with a comfortable pair of white tennis shoes. 

And if you wonder why a young woman as beautiful as Natalie Harp wants to hang around with and old geezer like Donald Trump, consider this quote, which sounds like it came directly from a MAGA cultist:

“What I especially appreciate about Liberty’s (University) vision is that every field of knowledge is treated as a mission field — whether in education, business, or politics. Doing God’s work is not limited to ministry in churches or foreign countries but deep in the heart of our own neighborhoods — and yes, even the DC Swamp,” she said.

Donald Trump IS the DC swamp. Too bad Harp is too damn brainwashed to understand that.

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Court Filing: Ivanka Tosses Daddy Under The Bus In New York Fraud Case

Perhaps hoping to avoid being thrown overboard by her father and others in the Trump Organization, Ivanka Trump is now making it clear in court filings that she intends to point the finger the failed former president in an effort to save her own skin.

A lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James accuses the Trump Organization and its top corporate officers — one of whom just so happens to be Ivanka — of bank and tax fraud and seeks civil penalties against the company and those in charge of it.

Now, however, Ivanka is asserting through her attorneys that she had nothing to do with any fraud and that “other individuals were responsible for those tasks.”

Erik Larson of Bloomberg reported on the filing from Ivanka’s attorneys.

NEW: Ivanka Trump joined her father and brothers in asking a judge to delay the Oct. 2 trial of NY’s fraud suit. Her lawyer said the case “is not simple” and that Ivanka has a “unique” defense because she left Trump Org. in 2017 and isn’t accused of lying about her dad’s finances

“The Complaint does not contain a single allegation that Ms. Trump directly or indirectly created, prepared, reviewed, or certified any of her father’s financial statements,” her lawyer said in a filing. The suit alleges “that other individuals were responsible for those tasks”

AG James believes that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization committed at least $21 million in tax fraud. She is seeking financial penalties against the company and to ban it from doing business in the state of New York ever again, a form of corporate death penalty that can be used by the state in extreme cases of bad behavior by a corporate entity.

The Trump Organization is headquartered in the Empire State and would likely be destroyed if James is successful with her lawsuit.

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Trump Family Insiders Say Jared And Ivanka’s Marriage Is ‘Falling Apart’

The marriage of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump is said to be “falling apart” according to insiders who are familiar with the situation.

Radar Online reports the marriage is filled with “animosity” between the two.

Trump family political outcast Jared Kushner’s marriage to the former president’s daughter Ivanka is coming apart at the seams, has learned, with insiders revealing the two are constantly at each other’s throats.

“It’s all falling apart. They’re always fighting and can barely contain their growing animosity for each other even when they appear in public.”

Jared and Ivanka’s reported marital problems began shortly after Vanky’s father, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump, lost the 2020 election to President Joe Biden.

“It’s a toxic situation right now,” said the source. The once rock-solid 13-year union allegedly began to crumble after Ivanka’s father, Donald, lost the 2020 presidential election triggering the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

“Jared recognized Donald had become radioactive, and he pushed Ivanka to abandon her father for the sake of their own reputations and the future of their children,” said the source. “They still have grand ambitions and consider themselves card-carrying power brokers. But Jared knew if Ivanka continued to stand by her dad, all of his big business connections would go out the window!”

Shortly after her father announced he would be running for president in 2024, Ivanka made a public statement saying she wouldn’t play any role in helping with the campaign. That was not well received by others in the Trump family.

“The result is Ivanka has been declared persona non grata by all the other Trumps. And she’s begun to have regrets. She didn’t sign up to be a pariah in her own family!”

Ivanka’s willingness to testify under oath to the House Select Committee investigating the January 6m 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol has also caused a strain in her relationship with her father.

“Donald was furious with Ivanka. He and her brothers Donnie and Eric considered her testimony a betrayal,. They believe she and Jared have chosen sides — and it aint’ with them. It’s with all their glittery, gala-going friends who don’t happen to like Donald all that much.”

This latest report of troubles between Jared and Ivanka would seem to confirm what Page Six noted a couple of weeks ago:

Miami spies say that the usually rosy couple seemed a little “cold” with each other at a recent yacht party on Miami’s Bay of Biscayne.

A seagoing source was surprised to notice the frosty vibe, telling us, “I never saw them interact. They stood in the same group, but almost as acquaintances.”

They added, “As they moseyed around the party, they kept their distance [from each other] — never too close; never too far apart.”

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Mary Trump Explains Why Jared And Ivanka Are Distancing From The Donald

Even though he announced in November that he plans to seek the 2024 GOP presidential nomination yet again, two of ex-president Donald Trump’s closest advisers and confidants, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, made it clear they won’t be part of the next campaign.

What exactly changed for Jared and Ivanka? Their cousin, Mary Trump, thinks she knows exactly why the two are backing away from the failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president.

Speaking with Ali Velshi of MSNBC, Mary Trump noted that the two can sense that Donald is “losing value.”

“Donald is definitely losing value in terms of the party and in terms of politics generally, and Ivanka and Jared are legitimately wealthy people apart from whatever Donald’s doing, so they don’t need him to the same degree they might have.”

She added, “It’s the same with most of Donald’s inner circle — there is always a transactional calculation being made and a lot of people are making the calculation that it just isn’t worth it for them anymore.”

In other words, it has always been a sort of quid pro quo. Jared and Ivanka wanted to enrich themselves, so they took jobs in the Trump administration because they knew it would give them the perfect opportunity to make a mint. If you doubt that, consider the massive deal Jared made with Saudi Arabia after his father-in-law lost the 2020 election.

PBS reported on the Kushner deal with the Saudis back in April.

A $2 billion investment that President Trump — former President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner secured last summer from a fund led by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has raised questions about the ethics of post-White House business dealings.

Kushner’s private equity firm secured the investment after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman overruled a host of objections from the sovereign wealth fund’s advisers. The New York Times reported some of the group’s concerns. The private equity firm was found to be — quote — “unsatisfactory in all aspects.” The kingdom would be taking on the bulk of the investment and the risk.

Ivanka, on the other hand, got new trademark approvals from China while her old man was still president, CNBC noted in 2018.

President Donald Trump’s daughter and senior advisor, Ivanka Trump, last month won initial approval from the Chinese government for 16 new trademarks, covering a wide range of products that include “voting machines.”

The approval for Ivanka Trump’s trademarks — which comes three months after she said her personal clothing brand was shutting down — occurred “while her father continues to wage a trade war with China,” noted the public interest group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which first reported the approval.

Jared and Ivanka have lined their nest and now they’re kicking Donald to the curb.


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Ivanka Trump Gets Caught Cropping Kimberly Guilfoyle Out Of Wedding Photo


Over the weekend, Donald Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany, got married at the disgraced former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

The ex-president’s other daughter, Ivanka, posted photos of the Trump women in their wedding dresses. But she cropped Kimberly Guilfoyle — who is engaged to Donald Trump Jr. — out of the photos before she posted them online.

Newsweek reports:

Eagle-eyed social media users noticed something was amiss after Ivanka Trump seemingly cut Guilfoyle, fiancée of Donald Trump Jr., out of a photo. A picture was posted online featuring six women, with Ivanka Trump next to the bride and Guilfoyle at the end of the row. When Ivanka Trump later posted a selection of photos on Instagram and Twitter, Guilfoyle had been cropped out of the original image, so that Tiffany would be central with two women on either side of her.

Four hours later, Ivanka reposted the wedding photo and Guilfoyle had been restored to the image, but chatter had already started online regarding what exactly was going on inside the Trump family.