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WATCH A Reporter Shred A House Republican’s So-Called ‘Evidence’ Against Joe Biden

Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, got fact-checked on live TV during a press conference by an NBC reporter, and video of the exchange has gone viral on social media.

Presenting what he claimed was “evidence” of illegal activity by President Joe Biden, Smith began making all sorts of wild allegations, HuffPost reports.

“Smith … claimed the committee had “over 700 pages of examples where people should be very concerned.”

But NBC reporter Ryan Nobles was having none of the dog and pony show Smith was leading, and he immediately began peppering Smith with facts and questions that severely undercut the congressman’s claims.

The reporter wondered about the relevance of a WhatsApp message Hunter Biden allegedly sent in 2017, when Donald Trump was the U.S. president and Joe Biden hadn’t yet announced his 2020 presidential run.

“If he’s not the president or the vice president at that time, where’s the wrongdoing? He wasn’t even a candidate for president at that time,” Nobles asked.

Smith tried to counter: “He was a candidate.”

Actually, Biden didn’t announce his candidacy until 2019, which makes Smith a liar.

Rather than admit his mistake, Smith inquired of Nobles, “What source are you with?”

NBC, Nobles replied, to which Smith whined, “So, apparently you’ll never believe us.”

Nobles retorted:

“You presented a piece of evidence that you say came on August 6th, 2017, that demonstrates that Joe Biden was using political influence to help his son. But he wasn’t a political figure at that time. The first WhatsApp message you put up — how does that demonstrate that there was some sort of political influence being put over him if, at that time, he is not a political, not an elected official?”

Getting more exasperated by the second, Smith told Nobles he wasn’t about to “pinpoint one item.” But as Nobles reminded him, “You presented it! It was [the] first thing that you brought up.”

Perhaps sensing that he was only making matters worse, Smith turned away from Nobles and told the other reporters, “I’ll take the next question.”

The so-called “impeachment inquiry” being conducted by House Republicans is nothing more than an attempt to distract from the fact that their leading presidential candidate, Donald Trump, stands accused of 91 criminal counts in four separate jurisdictions. And their actions are backfiring on them in humiliating fashion.


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WATCH: One Of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Constituents Confronts Her For Her Bigotry

Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene got an earful from one of her constituents at town hall she held in her district, and it all had to do with comments Greene made recently about Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY).

According to Radar Online, the black constituent asked Greene, “Do you know who Carolyn Donham is?”

When Greene admitted she didn’t, the woman continued.

“She was the woman who said that Emmett Till looked at her the wrong way, or said something to her, the way you did Jamaal Bowman,” she said. “You were on the steps of the Capitol talking about gun violence…”

The woman added, “I think you’re reckless. I think you’re reckless. You had no business saying, ‘Oh, he’s so big. Oh, I feel so, like, he’s gonna hurt me.’ It’s the same thing Carolyn Donham said that got Emmett Till killed, and that was reckless, and you did a reckless thing. And if anything happens to Jamaal Bowman, it’s going to be on your hands.”

Clearly taken aback by the woman’s comments, Greene finally responded.

“Let me ask you, were you in New York when he stood outside my car… and he brought a crowd around me? Were you there?” Greene asked. “No, you were not in New York City when that happened. It’s on video, it’s on video, and you may watch the video. And you can see how he cussed…That’s wrong. This isn’t about skin color. I refuse, I refuse for you to do that.”

After a few more seconds of back and forth, the majority of the audience stood and applauded Greene.

The video drew plenty of comments on Twitter.


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Did Marjorie Taylor Greene Audition For ‘American Idol’ In 2002?

It’s fascinating to see what does and doesn’t go viral online.

Cat and dog videos almost always do well on social media, as do cute snippets of adorable kids.

But those in the public eye, be they in the entertainment or political realm, often do the best, if only because we have a natural curiosity about such people.

So it should come as no surprise that when a video of someone who looks exactly like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) began circulating on Twitter, it didn’t take long before everyone was sharing the clip of her seemingly doing an audition for “American Idol.”

Sure looks like her, doesn’t it? But Mediaite says it’s not:

Except it wasn’t her, though the contestant, Stefanie Sugarman, sure had the combative attitude Greene has.

Sugarman auditioned on Season One of the show in 2002. She was 23 years old, or five years younger than Greene, when she auditioned. Sugarman was from California, whereas Greene is from Georgia. Sugarman was in marketing, while Greene was in general-contracting and CrossFit.

Sugarman sang a cringeworthy version of H-Town’s “Knockin’ Da Boots.”

The best part of the video, however, is how the judges tell Sugarman that she has very little talent, which is painfully obvious from her audition:

Judge Paula Abdul called Sugarman “very, very outgoing,” but said “I personally don’t feel that you’re the next American Idol.”

Judge Randy Jackson told Sugarman she’s “not a very good singer.”

“I think you’re lying through your teeth,” Sugarman shot back.

The real Marjorie Taylor Greene is not a very good person, either.


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‘Weird Uncle Donnie’ Autographs A Little Girl’s Hand – And She Acts Utterly Unimpressed By It

Here’s a hypothetical question for you: Let’s say every single time you invited a person over to your house, one of your children said that person gave them the creeps. Maybe your dog growled at the person and kept his distance, too. Would you keep inviting the person? Or would you think maybe your kid and pup are good judges of character and try to avoid contact with the invitee?

The reason for that query is very real for a little girl who was with her dad for a campaign even held by failed one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump.

In the video below from Patriot Takes, the girl is riding on a man’s shoulders (probably her father or close relative) when Trump uses a Sharpie to plant his autograph on the child’s hand. Take a look:

That’s just creepy as hell, especially when you consider that Trump has publicly lusted after underage girls (including his daughter, Ivanka) and was once accused of repeatedly raping at 13-year-old girl with the late convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Social media users were also disgusted by the move, and some even speculated as to what Trump might have written.


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Rick Wilson Brutally Trolls Trump In Hilarious Video: ‘Just Doing A Wellness Check On You’

Former Republican strategist Rick Wilson has a very important message for failed one-term, twice-impeached and multiply indicted ex-president Donald Trump: Things are going bad, but they’re going to get so much worse.

Wilson shared his message with the world on Twitter with what he dubbed a “wellness check” video for the disgraced former president, and the sarcastic commentary is guaranteed to enrage Donnie if and when he sees it.

“Hey Donald, it’s Rick,” the video begins.

“I’m just doing a wellness check on you know, I know you’ve had a really bad weekend, you had a bad day yesterday and you’re having a bad day today. I just wanna make sure you’re okay buddy, honestly,” Wilson says, placing his hand over his heart like a concerned friend.

From there, Wilson addresses the situation in Russia, where Trump’s BFF, Vladimir Putin, faced one hell of a crisis last week.

“Over the weekend you saw your friend Vladimir Putin basically sign his own death warrant by showing weakness, and no dictator can show weaknesses, as you know. He will be dead before the 2024 election cycle most likely, and you won’t have your sugar daddy, oops.”

As for the Monday release of audio featuring Trump admitting on tape that he broke the law with the classified documents he stole from the White House, Wilson notes, “Second thing, last night when CNN released that audio of you bragging about your crime, of you admitting on tape – again – that you were flashing classified documents around and you didn’t have the authority to classify them as a former president. Chef’s kiss, buddy.”

Wilson concludes his hilarious monologue by referencing a ruling handed down earlier today by the Supreme Court which that state legislatures cannot decide what electors are chosen because it would override the will of the voters and circumvent court review.

“And finally today, the Supreme Court ruled against you. The independent state legislatures thing was a longtime conservative product that they were trying to put together to help the GOP and your justices ruled against it.

“Congrats Don, you’re having a bad week and by the way, it’s about to get worse.”

Wilson’s video is quickly going viral, with 155,00 views in less than three hours on Twitter. Feel free to give it a share and let’s see if we can boost it to a million by this time tomorrow.