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MT Greene Brutally Heckled By Protesters At GOP Rally: ‘Get The F*ck Out Of My State!’ 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) showed up in Virginia this week to campaign on behalf of a fellow right-wing extremist GOP candidate for Congress, but she didn’t stay long as protesters heckled and verbally excoriated her until she turned tail and left in disgrace.

According to the Daily Progress, Greene was in Albemarle County to campaign for Republican John McGuire, who is running in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District against incumbent Congressman Bob Good.

Greene and McGuire arrived at a polling station at the Albemarle County Social Services building Wednesday in a bus emblazoned with the name and likeness of former President Donald Trump, who recently endorsed McGuire over Good. That endorsement came two days before Trump became the first former president to be convicted of a felony for using hush money payments to influence his 2016 election.

However, it soon became clear that Greene was not welcome in the county, as she was met by dozens of protesters who let her know exactly what they thought of her.

“Are you having fun?” one protester yelled toward the bus. “You didn’t have to come here. You could have gone somewhere else.”

Another protester told the controversial Greene, “A real Charlottesville welcome, bitch,” while others angrily shouted, “Get the f*ck out of my state!”

Five minutes later, Greene and McGuire were back on the Trump-emblazoned bus, clearly shaken by what had happened and trying to put a positive spin the debacle, with McGuire’s campaign issuing a statement that read, “Deranged leftists hell-bent on destroying this country. Just like President Trump, we won’t be afraid to stand up to the radical left. This is why we need to get rid of Bob Good. We can’t afford backstabbers when the USA is at stake.”

While Greene may well be a darling of convicted felon Donald Trump and others in the extremist MAGA movement that has taken over the GOP, it’s clear that her appeal is limited and may even wind up being detrimental to the candidates she endorses. And the same can be said for Trump, whose approval rating has continued to tank since he was found guilty in Manhattan.

Comments on social media also suggest that Greene isn’t going to win any popularity contest.

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Trump Appears To Foam At The Mouth In Bizarre New Campaign Video

There are new concerns this morning about the deteriorating health of convicted felon Donald Trump due to his appearance in a campaign video he released Wednesday in which he urged his supporters to vote any way they possibly can, including via absentee ballot, despite his claims that method is corrupt and rife with cheating.

The video, which was posted on social media by PatriotTakes, features what appears to be spit flying from the disgraced ex-president’s mouth.

At a another point in the video, Trump even froths at the mouth.

Here are the videos that were flagged and posted by PatriotTakes.

That was all it took to send Twitter into spasms of disgust and laughter in response to Donnie’s foamy declarations.

Later today, Trump will probably claim the video has been manipulated with artificial intelligence and is fake. After all, he can’t stand it when anyone makes fun of him. So be sure to share the videos far and wide all over the internet.

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Robert DeNiro Verbally Swats Down A Trump Supporter Outside New York Court In Must-See Video

Academy Award-winning actor Robert DeNiro held a press conference outside the Manhattan courthouse where former president Donald Trump is on trial for allegedly committing election fraud this morning as closing arguments were taking place inside, and he brilliantly handled a pro-Trump heckler who tried to interrupt his statement.

Accompanied by former Capitol Police officers Harry Dunn and Michael Fanone, who battled rioters on Jan. 6, 2021, DeNiro remarked, “On January 6th, while Republican lawmakers despicably tried to keep the loser Trump, the loser Trump, in the White House, and Trump-inspired insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, brave men and women from law enforcement put their lives on the line to defend this country. These guys are the true heroes. They stood and put their lives on the line for these low lives, for Trump.”

“They lied under oath,” a Trump supporter insisted.

“Who lied under oath?” DeNiro asked. “What are you telling me?”

“Those two traitors behind you,” the Trump supporter said.

“You got to, I don’t know, I don’t even know how to deal with you, my friend,” DeNiro replied. “I don’t even know how to deal with you. They stood there. They didn’t have to.”

“They stood there and fought for us, for you. For you.”

The Trump supporter told DeNiro, “They weren’t fighting for me.”

“No, they fought for you, buddy,” DeNiro fired back. “You’re able to stand right here now. They are the true heroes.”

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Trump Blames ‘Crappy Contractor’ After He Almost Topples Over During Friday Rally

Disgraced and multiply-indicted former president Donald Trump nearly toppled over during a Friday evening rally in St. Paul, Minnesota, and he immediately suggested the contractor who had constructed the dais was to blame.

According to Newsweek, a video clip of the moment was shared online by the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign.

As you’ll see in the video, the minute Trump begins lurching to his left and grabs the podium, he turns his ire to someone else, even though it may have been his staffers who put the dais in place.

“You know, this is the worst platform,” Trump said. “Who put this stage up?”
“It keeps tilting further left,” he added. “Like too many other things.”What a crappy contractor this was.”

The Biden-Harris HQ team noted, “A feeble Trump nearly falls down on stage after he leans on his podium too hard and then goes on an angry rant calling his event workers ‘crappy.'”

During his Friday evening speech in St. Paul, Trump also said that while he was willing to debate President Joe Biden, he thinks Biden should be required to take a drug test before the debate begins.

“I just wanna debate this guy, but you know, I’m gonna demand a drug test too, by the way. I am. No, I really am. I don’t want him coming in like the State of the Union. He was high as a kite.”

The video has now gone viral with over 218,000 views and nearly 1,000 shares. Some of the comments from Twitter are also worthy of notice.


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Unhinged GOP Senator Attacks Witness During Hearing: ‘Are You Going To Call Me A Sick F**k?!’

Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy had a deranged meltdown yesterday during a hearing of the Senate Budget Committee and verbally attacked a witness for daring to retweet a posting on social media in which Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) was called a “sick fuck” by climate protesters in March.

According to Mediaite, “Manchin was confronted by a group of climate activists at Harvard University, where one protester called him a ‘sick fuck’ before he was forcibly removed from the room. Supran retweeted a post by the organization responsible for disrupting Manchin’s visit at the university.”

The witness, Dr. Geoffrey Supran, Professor of Environmental Science & Policy and Director of Climate Accountability Lab at the University of Miami, told Kennedy, “Big oil is the new big tobacco. As a scholar of disinformation, I do not use the word lie’ lightly. But no other word adequately describes the oil industry’s brazen efforts to mislead the public about its history of misleading the public.”

Rather than engage Supran on the issue of climate change and public policy, Kennedy tried to pick a fight with him.

“Are you going to call me a sick fuck?”

Supran countered.

“This form of character assassination is characteristic of the kinds of propaganda techniques of the fossil fuel industry.”

Kennedy got his comeuppance on social media, where many noted that he is indeed a sick fuck.

Careful what questions you ask, Sen. Kennedy. You might not like the answers.