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GOP’s Pathetic Attempt To Troll Biden With ‘E.T.’ Meme Winds Up Biting Them Right On The A*s

Republicans are not good at humor. They never have been and they never will be. When was the last time you heard a really good joke or barb come from a member of the GOP? You haven’t.

So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that a Republican attack meme aimed at the Biden administration’s proposal to raise taxes on the big corporations and the richest 1% of Americans fell flat on its face, partially because the meme’s creator didn’t even understand the movie he or she built the meme around.

Here’s the meme sent out by RNC Research:

Maybe it’s been awhile since you last viewed the movie “E.T.,” but Elliott and the extraterrestrial shown in the iconic bike scene (which now features President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in the lead roles) were the heroes of the movie. So apparently raising taxes on the rich is a heroic thing to do. How backasswards is that?

The mockery began almost immediately:

The GOP meme makers must have graduated from Trump University.


GOP GOP Whining Joe Biden Taxation The Biden Administration

Chris Christie Claims Biden’s Tax Increases Are ‘Socialism’ And Gets Slapped Down By Angela Rye

You can tell that former New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie is planning to run for president in 2020 because he’s already using the “socialism” scare word when discussing President Joe Biden’s planned capital gains tax cut to fund infrastructure programs.

But while Christie was spouting talking points, he quickly got his head handed to him by Democratic strategist Angela Rye, who told him and Republican operative Sarah Fagan:

“I think it’s so rich to hear folks talking about Joe Biden’s far-left agenda. If it is too far left to sign 60 executive orders overturning the hatred that was in Donald Trump’s executive orders — at least 23 of them — if it is far left to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, if it’s far left to end the Muslim travel ban, if it is far left to restore the partnership with the World Health Organization then I think most of the country is far left.”

That led Christie to claim that Biden’s proposals aren’t popular with the American people. What he neglected to mention is that a recent poll showed 59% of those surveyed said they support the Biden infrastructure program:

“Look, we can set up strawmen and say he overturned this executive order but that’s not what we’re talking about. The capital gains issue is nothing more than income redistribution. It’s socialism.”

Rye could be heard laughing as Christie spoke, and she was more than ready for him, slapping him down with this retort:

“It’s so interesting to hear this allegation of socialism,” she said. “I know these are buzzwords that work very well with the Republican Party so congratulations for using them this morning.

“But we have people in a pandemic that you said wouldn’t matter by the time you get to the fall, and on the left there’s a conversation happening about student loan debt. How much should be forgiven? $50,000 vs. $10,000. And we’re talking about a capital gains increase when you all just had basically the reparations we’ve been asking for [in] your last tax proposal. So I don’t even understand what we’re talking about here.”

One other thing on capital gains taxes: The vast majority of Americans never have to pay them. The wealthiest taxpayers do. And taxing them won’t do any long-term damage to the economy, despite what conservatives try to claim.

Nice try, Chris, but Angela Rye made sure your lie was exposed and countered with facts.

Here’s the video from ABC News:

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Biden’s Approval Rating Soars – His Policies Are Wildly Popular With Americans Of Both Parties

At the moment, Joe Biden is one of the most popular presidents in recent memory, and even Republicans are giving him high marks for the job he’s doing battling the coronavirus pandemic and his plan to rebuild American infrastructure.

Morning Consult released a poll this week which shows that the Biden agenda is wildly popular among those surveyed, with 65 percent saying they approve of paying for the president’s infrastructure package by increasing taxes on corporations for the next 15 years. Only 21 percent said they’re opposed to raising taxes on big business.

Even 42 percent of registered Republicans said they support higher taxes on corporations, with 47 percent of GOP voters telling pollsters they were opposed to such a plan.

A closer look inside the Morning Consult numbers also has good news for the administration, with 53 percent of those responding saying they they still support tax hikes and only 27 percent saying they wouldn’t support such a plan.

And then there’s this from the poll, which is almost certain to terrify Congressional Republicans:

“When taxes and other potential funding sources aren’t mentioned, Biden’s infrastructure plan enjoys the support of 60 percent of voters, including 84 percent of Democrats, 51 percent of independents and 35 percent of Republicans.”

Americans realize our infrastructure is falling apart and needs to be rebuilt, whether it be roads and bridges our updating schools across the country.

On Biden’s other signature issue, the COVID relief package and plan for getting the majority of us vaccinated, the numbers are also encouraging, with 70 percent saying they think Biden has done the right thing to slow and eventually eliminate spread of the deadly disease.

While Republicans continue to whine and shoot themselves in the foot, President Biden is being rewarded for his bold and decisive ideas. That alone is all the proof you need that the current president is a unifier, unlike his predecessor.


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President Biden Will Take On The Gun Violence Problem With Sweeping Executive Actions: Report

Later today, President Joe Biden will unveil a sweeping package of executive actions to decrease gun violence in the United States, a move that is almost certain to enrage Republicans and those on the right who believe the Second Amendment is absolute, even though the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that it isn’t.

Politico reports that the planned executive actions are meant to help control some of the biggest problems with guns in America, especially as the landscape of the weapons market continues to evolve as technology allows for new ways to possess weapons of mass murder:

“Among the actions Biden will take will be to direct the Department of Justice to begin, within 30 days, the process of requiring buyers of so-called ghost guns — homemade or makeshift firearms that lack serial numbers — to undergo background checks and, within 60 days, regulating concealed assault-style firearms, according to the White House.”

The action to better regulate assault weapons will likely draw major resistance on the right, but the National Rifle Association (NRA) is badly weakened and currently in bankruptcy court after bilking its members out of millions of dollars that were spent on luxury items for the top brass of the pro-gun organization. That means the NRA won’t be able to marshal organized resistance to Biden’s executive orders.

Biden will be joined at the announcement by Attorney General Merrick Garland, and is expected to task the Department of Justice with making it easier take weapons from those deemed a danger to themselves or others:

“Biden will also direct the Department of Justice to provide states within 60 days with proposed red flag legislation that would permit courts to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may be a danger to themselves or others and issue a comprehensive report on firearms trafficking, according to the White House. The last report was completed in 2000. In addition, Biden will direct five federal agencies to redirect money to help prevent community violence. The Department of Health and Human Services will also help teach states how they can use Medicaid money for gun violence prevention.”

As you’d expect, carping from gun fetishists has already begun before Biden even unveils his plan, with the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearms industry, remarking:

“Where those orders exceed his lawful authority and usurp the power of Congress to make law, NSSF will take all appropriate steps to protect the interests of our industry and the Second Amendment rights of our customers.”

But executive actions related to public safety are difficult to challenge in court, so the pro-gun camp may find they have almost no way to effectively fight the president’s new orders.

No matter what Biden does, you can count on the gun crowd asserting that the president wants to take guns away from everyone, even though that’s nothing but a lie they recycle anytime gun control is discussed in Washington.