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Former Asst. U.S. Attorney Predicts Gaetz And Trump Will Be Indicted ‘Within The Next 3 Months’

There are those among us (call them eternal skeptics) who will tell you that failed, one-term former President Donald Trump will never be charged with criminal offense, and even if he is, he won’t ever serve a day in prison.

Using that sort of flawed logic, it would be easy to suggest that the American judicial system is stacked in favor of those who are wealthy and well-known, so much so that no one with financial means can ever be convicted. But if that’s true, how do you explain the successful prosecutions of Bernie Madoff, Ivan Boesky, the gang at Enron, and Michael Milken?

Granted, the judicial system we have isn’t perfect and is in desperate need of reform, but that doesn’t mean it cannot or will not ever work.

All of that brings us to three names most in the news these days: Donald Trump, Rep. Matt Gaetz, and Rudy Giuliani. And recently, we got new developments on two of those fronts:

  • Donald Trump: Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has empaneled a special grand jury to examine alleged crimes (bank and tax fraud, money laundering, racketeering) the former president, members of his family, and his company may have committed.
  • Matt Gaetz: Gaetz, who is already facing the possibility of being indicted for sexually trafficking a minor, is now believed to have obstructed justice by speaking with a witness in the case against him.

Could we be on the verge of seeing indictments in the matter of Trump, Gaetz, and Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani? That depends on who you ask, but one person who’s convinced all three of them are about to see their name on indictments is former Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Signorelli, who used to work as a prosecutor for the Southern District of New York and has decades of knowledge about how legal issues involving “famous” defendants work.

On Saturday, Signorelli made a bold prediction which he shared with his 36.000 followers: Gaetz, Giuliani, and Trump are all going down, and it’s going to happen in the next three months:

Signorelli got immediate pushback, with people asking, “What makes you say that?” He responded calmly and knowingly:

Using Richard Signorelli’s prediction, by September 5 we should see Gaetz, Giuliani, and Trump indicted and facing trial and imprisonment. Is three more months too long to wait for justice?


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Don Jr. Lied Under Oath In A Sworn Deposition And Faces Prosecution For Perjury

Now that his father is no longer president and cannot shield him from being charged with the crimes he has allegedly committed over the years, Donald Trump Jr. is facing being indicted on a plethora of criminal offenses.

One of those is perjury, and a blockbuster report from Mother Jones makes it clear that Don Jr. did indeed lie under oath in a deposition he gave to the office of Karl Racine, the district attorney for Washington, D.C.:

“The matter at hand was a lawsuit filed in 2020 against Donald Trump’s inauguration committee and the Trump Organization by Karl Racine, the attorney general of Washington, DC. The suit claims that the inauguration committee misused charitable funds to enrich the Trump family.”

Racine took depositions from multiple people who were intimately involved in the Trump inaugural, including investor Tom Barrack, who chaired the inaugural committee, Rick Gates, who served as the committee’s deputy chair, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump.

Additionally, Racine deposed Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a producer for the inaugural who is now a lead witness cooperating with the investigation of possible wrongdoing by the Trump inaugural committee.

Despite the key role she played in planning the inauguration, Don Jr. acted as if he had never met Wolkoff when he was asked about her for his depositon:

During his deposition, Trump Jr. was asked about Winston Wolkoff: “Do you know her?” He replied, “I know of her. I think I’ve met her, but I don’t know her. If she was in this room I’m not sure I would recognize her.” He added, “I had no involvement with her.”

However, a video shot the night before the inauguration proves that Don Jr. was lying when he claimed he didn’t know Wolkoff:

Don Jr. clearly knew Wolkoff, and profusely praised her:

“This footage is from a tony candlelight dinner held at Union Station in Washington, DC, the night before Trump’s inauguration. This soiree was one of the official inauguration events. (A million-dollar contribution to the inauguration committee earned a Trump donor a ticket.) Here Trump Jr. can be seen profusely praising Barrack and Winston Wolkoff for the ‘incredible’ work they did. It seems he did know her.”

As for Don Jr’s assertion that he’d had “no involvement” with Wolkoff, text messages destroy that claim, too:

“On January 17, 2017, an assistant for Ivanka Trump texted Winston Wolkoff and said that Trump Jr. wanted to speak to her, providing Winston Wolkoff with his cell number.”

Wolkoff noted in a statement on Racine’s investigation that she believes the Trump family did indeed try to profit from the inaugural:

“I did not think it was right for the Trump Family or the Trump Family’s businesses to be financially profiting from the presidential Inauguration. It was a gross mismanagement of funds and an abuse of authority, and I made it very clear to people in the Trump Family and the inauguration committee how I felt.” 

On numerous occasions during the deposition given to Racine’s office, Don Jr. used the old standard weasel term that he didn’t remember:

“During his deposition, Trump Jr. frequently replied, ‘I don’t recall,’ and he downplayed his involvement in preparation for his father’s inauguration in January 2017. In several exchanges, he made statements that are contradicted by documents or the recollections of others and that appear to be false.”

Lying in a sworn deposition is a crime: Perjury. The penalty for perjury in the District of Columbia is a $5,000 fine and up to ten years in prison.

Lock him up!


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Louis DeJoy Is In Even Deeper Legal Sh*t Than He Can Possibly Imagine

The biggest news on Thursday arrived in bold headlines from the Washington Post:

“FBI investigating Postmaster General Louis DeJoy in connection with past political fundraising.”

But while there were immediate calls for DeJoy to resign, along with speculation that he just might do exactly that now that he was under federal investigation, what was lost in all the chatter was just how serious the charges against DeJoy are, and how much legal exposure he’s facing if even a portion of the allegations can be proven in court.

Once again quoting the Post:

“In early September, The Washington Post published an extensive examination of how employees at DeJoy’s former company, North Carolina-based New Breed Logistics, alleged they were pressured by DeJoy or his aides to attend political fundraisers or make contributions to Republican candidates, and then were paid back through bonuses.

“Such reimbursements could run afoul of state or federal laws, which prohibit ‘straw-donor’ schemes meant to allow wealthy donors to evade individual contribution limits and obscure the source of a candidate’s money.”

DeJoy asserted during congressional testimony that he had never told employees to donate to GOP candidates nor had he ever reimbursed them via bonuses. If he was lying, DeJoy committed perjury.

But perjury is the smallest of DeJoy’s alleged crimes, and many people have gone to federal prison for just such a fundraising scheme.

And let’s not forget that one of the main reasons DeJoy got his job as postmaster general in the first place because he made major campaign donations to the 2016 campaign of failed, one-term former President Donald Trump, which has always reeked of a quid pro quo and now looks even fishier with the new report from the Post.

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) tweeted Wednesday:

But even if DeJoy does step down as head of the Post Office, it won’t do a damn thing to ameliorate the world of shit he currently finds himself in: Facing prosecution and years behind bars. Considering how eagerly he’s tried to destroy the Postal Service, that seems like a case of righteous karma.


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The FBI Hit The Evidence Goldmine When They Raided Giuliani’s Office: Report

When the FBI served search warrants on the office and home of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani in April, reports suggested that federal agents had seized “electronic devices” that were found in those two locations.

Now, however, we’re learning that the FBI hit the evidence goldmine, scooping up 18 different electronic devices, according to the Associated Press (AP):

“Eighteen electronic devices taken during raids last month on Rudy Giuliani’s home and his law firm in a probe of his dealings in Ukraine belong to Giuliani and employees of his firm, Manhattan prosecutors revealed Thursday.

“The previously redacted facts were disclosed when prosecutors re-filed an April 29 letter on the public record in Manhattan federal court. The raids occurred April 28.

“They disclosed that 18 electronic devices were seized in the search of locations belonging to the former New York mayor and private lawyer to ex-President Donald Trump and his firm, Giuliani Partners LLC. Prosecutors said the devices belonged to Giuliani and ‘certain employees’ of Giuliani Partners.”

It remains unclear exactly what “certain employees” also had their devices seized by the FBI, but it does tell us that others are suspected of being involved in a larger conspiracy. Those employees will likely be questioned by federal prosecutors and could cut deals to tell what they know about Giuliani and his possibly illegal dealings over the past few years.

Adam Klasfeld of Law & Crime shared some of the unredacted documents on Twitter:

These latest revelations in the case against Giuliani come just 24 hours after New York Attorney General Letitia James announced her office is cooperating with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. in a criminal investigation of the Trump Organization, which is privately held and controlled by former President Donald Trump and his three eldest children, Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.

Federal prosecutors are investigating Giuliani for allegedly failing to disclose he was accepting money from foreign governments and operating on their behalf in the United States, which is a felony.

In time, we may know exactly what was on those 18 seized devices, and it’s becoming clearer by the day that Rudy is in very big legal jeopardy.


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FBI Suspects Susan Collins Received Illegal Campaign Contributions From A Defense Contractor: Report

In the 2020 election, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) was considered one of the most vulnerable incumbent Republicans in the U.S. Senate. Many said it to be a miracle that she managed to beat her Democratic opponent, Sara Gideon, by over eight percentage points.

But could Collins have won in part because she took illegal campaign contributions from a major defense contractor that has operations in Maine?

Ken Vogel of the New York Times noted Tuesday on Twitter that he’d run across a search warrant for the phones of two executives of the Martin Defense Group. The FBI, it should be noted, obtained the search warrants back in April:

It remains unclear if either Collins or her campaign knew about the contributions from the two men who work for Martin Defense.