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Conservative Pollster Warns Steve Bannon: ‘People Are Less Likely To Vote For A Republican’

Mark Mitchell, a pollster who works for the conservative Rasmussen polling organization, warned Thursday that recent surveys show that American voters are “less likely” to vote for a Republican candidate than they were just a year ago.

During an appearance on former Trump administration adviser Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, Mitchell noted that President Joe Biden’s poll numbers had risen considerably over the summer and Democrats have also made up significant ground in the generic congressional ballot. Once down by as much as 10 points, the two parties are almost even.

Mitchell also told Bannon:

“Look at the question. If the midterm elections were held today, would you vote for the Republican candidate or for the Democrat candidate for Congress? And, you know, when somebody loses a lead like that, it’s a referendum on the party. Right?

“So, people are very concerned about all these topics. They look around and they see a lot of problems with the economy and they’re worried about being able to make their rent payment or whatever.”

The pollster added:

“But they are less likely to vote for Republicans — I think that’s a very clear signal — than they were a year ago. Much less likely than they were a year ago.”

Remember that “red wave” the GOP was promising at the beginning of the year? The wave now seems to be turning blue and could be disastrous for Republicans because Americans know they cannot be trusted.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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