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WATCH Jamie Raskin Mock Marjorie Greene By Telling Her It ‘Sounds Like You Want To Arm’ Fetuses

No one in Congress seems to agitate Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) more than Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD), probably because Raskin is everything Greene will never be: Intelligent, witty, and accomplished.

That dynamic was on full display during a hearing of the House Rules Committee at which Greene was testifying on the issue of the Second Amendment when Raskin asked her:

“Do you think the students should be armed?”

Greene replied:

“I think children should be trained with firearms.”

Raskin retorted:

“So they can repel someone who comes in?”

Getting agitated, Greene said:

“That’s not what I said. I said I believe children should be trained with firearms so they understand how to use them.”

The debate then shifted to the topic of abortion, which led Greene to get apoplectic:

“Abortion kills babies! We’re talking about kids being killed, abortion kills innocent children… They can’t protect themselves at all from this horrific procedure.”

That led Raskin to expertly mock the Georgia Republican by telling her:

“Sounds like you want to arm them.”

All Greene could muster in response was a weak:

“That’s impossible. That’s impossible, Mr. Raskin.”

Game, set, and match Jamie Raskin. He managed to troll Greene right to her face.



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Gaetz And Greene Send Out Frantic Tweets After Jan. 6 Committee Proves They Wanted Pardons

Shortly after the January 6 House Select Committee presented testimony that six House Republicans asked failed former president Donald Trump for pardons in the final days of the Trump administration, two of the six named — Reps. Matt Gaetz (FL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) — took to Twitter and began making posts that only succeeded in proving just how terrified they are of what the future holds for them.

What might that future entail? According to Norm Eisen, who served as co-counsel for the House Judiciary Committee during Trump’s first impeachment trial, Gaetz and Greene are facing 15 years in jail and disqualification from ever holding public office:

Such cold hard facts clearly triggered Gaetz and Greene.

That led to plenty of pushback on social media. Take a look:


GOP Whining Gun Nuts Social Media

Naomi Biden Burns Marco Rubio Down For Whining About The Senate Gun Reform Bill

President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi, shut down Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Twitter after he whined that he hadn’t been given enough time to read a Senate bill on gun reform that passed the upper chamber on Tuesday.

According to Newsweek:

In a tweet, the Florida senator complained about the time given to read the gun bill ahead of a vote on whether to begin debate on the bill after it had been finalized and released.

“We are being asked to vote tonight to begin debate on a gun proposal whose legislative text was only made available less than an hour ago,” he tweeted.

That was all it took for Naomi to go off on Rubio and put him in his place for the absurd posting.

“Ok—suspend reality and believe you would actually read a bill. The bill is 80 pages & ~13,000 words. The average 5th grader reads ~180 words per min. This means a 5th grader could read this bill in just over an hour. You had that for this vote & 30 hours until the actual vote.”

Others then joined the debate and shredded Rubio, including Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012.

Maybe if Rubio wasn’t so damn busy trying to decide what Bible verse he’ll tweet out each day in order to give the false impression he’s a Christian, he’d have enough time to read legislation.


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Puritanical Ted Cruz Accuses Disney Of Featuring ‘Lesbian Toys’ In New Buzz Lightyear Film

On his podcast, The Verdict, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) suggested that Disney is once again promoting a “woke” agenda by featuring what he called “lesbian toys” in the new Buzz Lightyear film.

Cruz told his co-host, Michael Knowles:

“Now, never mind that the last time I checked, most toys are kinda androgynous — they’re usually without genitalia … “

How much do you want to bet Cruz checked all of his kid’s toys for genitalia? If he found any that did have sex organs, he likely confiscated them and kept them for himself, probably in a shoebox he placed in the top of his bedroom closet.

Cruz then noted that the Buzz Lightyear movie has be banned in 14 countries (the vast majority of them in the Middle East due to a kiss on the cheek between two female characters who are married ) and China:

“I gotta say, it’s a wild twist when Hollywood has been willing to grovel to China and let China censor its movies, to embrace anti-Americanism, to avoid any criticism of China because they want to get access to the Chinese movie market, but when it comes to their culture agenda, apparently now they’ve suddenly discovered, ‘Alright, give up the money because lesbian toys are more important.'”

However, Disney has made it clear all along that they would not change the movie in order to gain access to any country, including China, with producer Galyn Susman remarking:

“We had been warned this would be a likely outcome.

“We weren’t going to change the movie we wanted to make just because of a few countries with — for a lack of a better term — backward beliefs.”

Director Angus MacLane echoed Susman:

“We made our movie and they didn’t want to watch it, so fine.”

Of course, it pays to remember that this is the very same Ted Cruz who got caught liking a pornographic tweet back in 2017, as the The Guardian reported at the time:

Texas senator Ted Cruz has been asked to explain himself after his official account “liked” a pornographic tweet.

Although liking a Twitter post does not necessarily share it, the tweet became available to view on Cruz’s verified profile, leading to series of awkward screenshots.

How’s that for hypocrisy? Then again, that’s the hallmark of today’s Republican Party.


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Marsha Blackburn: Democrats Want High Gas Prices So People Will Be Forced To Buy Electric Cars

Proving yet again that she’s the dumbest member of the U.S. Senate, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is now suggesting that Democrats want gas prices to stay high because that way we’ll all be forced to buy electric cars.

Yes, she actually said that.

In a video she posted online, Blackburn proclaimed:

“They have now hit their target. They feel like this helps them moving to all-electric vehicles, forcing you out of the gas-powered vehicle and into an electric vehicle, running up the cost to heat and cool your home.”

How exactly do electric vehicles run up the cost of heating and cooling your home? Some electric vehicles such as the Chevy Volt come with a charging station installed in your home. But that has zero to do with the cost of heating and cooling a house.

Hundreds of thousands of charging stations are also being build across the United States as part of President Biden’s infrastructure bill which passed with bipartisan support, NBC News reported in February:

There are 47,142 publicly accessible electric vehicle charging stations across the U.S., according to the Department of Energy. The Biden administration has said its goal is to raise that number to 500,000 chargers.

Oh, and the increased use of electric vehicles will also raise the price of other things, according to the utterly clueless Sen. Blackburn:

“Running up the cost of packaging and all the derivatives that come from hydrocarbons. Well, I think that the American people have about had enough of this Green New Deal and all of these policies.”

Actually, if demand for hydrocarbons decreases, so will the price. That’s call the law of supply and demand, so Blackburn’s logic isn’t just flawed, it’s complete bullshit.

One good thing did come out of Blackburn’s fact-free rant: The responses she received on Twitter.