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Matt Gaetz Threatens Nancy Pelosi For Investigating His Role In The Jan. 6 Insurrection

Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is terrified, and he’s not even good at hiding his fear.

Sensing that the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol insurrection is about to have his and other members of the GOP’s phone records as part of their investigation, Gaetz decided he’d publicly threaten Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

During an interview on Real America’s Voice, Gaetz said he plans to seize Pelosi’s phone records if the GOP happens to retake control of Congress after the 2022 midterm elections:

“The reason Nancy Pelosi is doing this is because they want to cast this cloud of criminality. Nancy Pelosi better be careful what she wishes for because if the new tradition when one party gains power in the House of Representatives is that you investigate the personal records and the personal lives of the people who are out of power, well then 2022 and 2023 are going to be very difficult years for the Democrats.

“Maybe we ought to look at Nancy Pelosi’s phone records with her husband, who benefited millions of dollars off of stock trades and technology bills that were moving through the legislative process.”

If Gaetz and others in the GOP did nothing wrong on Jan. 6, why are they afraid of letting all the information come out so the American people can see it and judge their actions for themselves?

Gaetz ended his rant by declaring:

“This is unprecedented, this is Marxist and I look forward to standing up against it.”

Um, no. It’s not unprecedented and it’s also not Marxist. Gaetz is clearly using words he doesn’t even know the meaning of.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is also making idle threats against any telecommunications provider who agrees to hand over phone records to the Select Committee, firing off a statement on Tuesday:

“If these companies comply with the Democrat order to turn over private information, they are in violation of federal law and subject to losing their ability to operate in the United States. If companies still choose to violate federal law, a Republican majority will not forget and will stand with Americans to hold them fully accountable under the law.”


Of course, McCarthy is wrong. It is NOT a violation of any federal law to comply with a request from a congressional committee. It never has been. McCarthy is just blowing smoke.

Matt and his Republican co-conspirators are worried. And considering what they played a part in — an attempted coup — they damn well should be.


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Angry Trump Whines About Cable News Outlets Covering Hurricane Ida ‘All Night Long’

Failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump is livid that cable news outlets spent most of Sunday reporting on Hurricane Ida, which was bearing down on the Gulf Coast and made landfall last night.


During a call-in interview with right-wing radio host Todd Starnes, Trump whined that the networks should have been covering events in Afghanistan, which they did all last week:

“Because Afghanistan is not even something that can be discussed in a rational way. The level of stupidity — and we had a great agreement. And Biden admitted the other day, he made a mistake because they didn’t want him to say that no people have been killed since this agreement was signed.”

Actually, the “agreement” Trump referred to was put in place during the final months of his administration, and it was a deeply flawed plan that allowed the Taliban to take control of the country in record time. Trump even sent then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Doha, Qatar, to meet with members of the Taliban, something President Joe Biden has refused to do because he doesn’t want to give the group legitimacy the way Trump did.

Trump also claimed he had been tough on the Taliban and had told the leader of the group he would bomb his house first if anything went wrong. However, considering that the former president is a pathological liar, that’s probably complete nonsense:

“And the media, which is fake and crooked and corrupt, they’re the worst people, they’re the most corrupt people. The only thing I don’t understand is why. They’ve got to hate our country. And they are in fact the enemy of the people. But the corrupt media shows the hurricane all night long.”

Then why doesn’t Trump start his own media company? Probably because no one will invest any money on a project he’s attached to. Trump has always been a failure in the business world and is an incompetent fool who had millions of dollars handed to him by his father. He later squandered that money and had to be bailed out on multiple occasions by his family and banks such as Deutsche Bank, which is getting ready to call the Donald’s loans in later this year.

Here’s an idea for you, Donald: Put the crank away and go to bed instead of staying up all night tweaking. You’re burning out the few brain cells you have left.

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GOP Congressman Owns Himself By Saying The United States Is Becoming Just Like Orwell’s ‘1984’

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) wants us to believe that the United States is becoming just like what George Orwell envisioned in his classic dystopian novel, 1984, but his Tweet referencing the book only succeeded in making him look like a little boy who failed to do his required reading and needed to bullshit his way through a book report.

Here’s Cawthorn’s tweet:

But as Josephine Harvey of HuffPost notes, there’s so much wrong with Cawthorn’s take on the book that you almost need the time it takes to read 1984 to fully explicate all of the nonsense the congressman packed into such a small space:

“For a short tweet, critics found a lot of issues with it. For starters, all novels are fiction. More importantly, it sounded like Cawthorn has either never read 1984 or needs a major refresher on the dystopian classic.

“The Orwell reference is often bandied around by conservatives, usually incorrectly. The book paints a picture of a future under a totalitarian regime. Orwell, a democratic socialist, portrayed how such a government could assert and maintain power by manipulating truth and reality through propaganda.”

Manipulating truth and reality through propaganda. Sounds a lot like the Trump administration. Then again, it also sounds like what passes for “news” on Fox, Newsmax, and One America News (OAN), where truth is shunned like a case of scabies.

It didn’t take long before social media mocked Cawthorn back into temporary silence:

If you suspected that Republicans are getting dumber by the second, Madison Cawthorn is living proof that you’re correct.

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Marjorie Taylor Green Blames Her Latest Twitter Suspension On Dr. Fauci, Obama, And Porn

Much like her political idol — failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump — Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has a love-hate relationship with Twitter. She desperately needs it to spread her lies and bullshit to her gullible followers, but she hates that the platform has rules (i.e. terms of service) for using their social media network.

Greene just received a seven-day suspension from Twitter for a tweet she sent in which she suggested that vaccines for COVID-19 are “failing” and “do not reduce the spread of the virus & neither do masks.”

Of course, there’s not a shred of truth to Greene’s moronic posting, and Twitter was well within their rights to hand her a suspension. Although, considering that this is Greene’s fourth suspension, they should have made it longer than a week or even booted her off the platform completely. Yeah, some right-wingers would no doubt whine about such a move, but the fewer annoying asshats on Twitter, the better the experience for the rest of us.

Based on what Twitter told CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan, Greene is very close to joining Trump and getting a permanent ban from their site:

It might also help if Greene didn’t deliberately spread lies, but of course that’s like (as the old saying goes) asking a bear not to shit in the woods. It simply ain’t gonna happen.

As you’d expect, Greene took the suspension like a two-year-old takes the news that he can’t have ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner: She pitched a fit and put out an absurd statement in which she blamed everyone but herself for having her Twitter account locked for the week.

Let’s see, according to Greene, the real reason she’s so oppressed is because of former President Barack Obama, Dr. Anthony Fauci, immigrants, porn, the trans community, and Chinese Communists.

Wow! That’s a hell of a lot of crazy for one person. And of course it has zero to do with why she can’t tweet for a week. According to her, she’s the victim. Hard to know if she’s really that damn stupid or if willful ignorance is her real problem.

Here’s hoping that Greene will indeed share more lies about COVID very soon and get a permanent ban from Twitter. Life’s too short to have to put up with her crap every time you sign onto social media.

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Ted Cruz Indicts Himself By Whining That Dr. Fauci ‘Says What Is Politically Convenient’

If there’s one thing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is known for, it’s being a spineless suck-up who will say anything to advance his own political career, including allowing former President Donald Trump to insult both his father and his wife, only to turn around and become a slavish disciple of the Donald.

So it struck many as classic psychological projection when Cruz attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden.

Promoting a clip of a recent interview he gave, Cruz had this to say of Dr. Fauci:

“Dr. Fauci is a political player who says what is politically convenient at the moment.”

Uh…who wants to tell No Cojones Cruz that he just gave a definition of himself? Let’s allow Twitter to do the honors:

Not only does Teddy Boy not have any balls, he also has zero shame.