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Devin Nunes: In A ‘Normal World’ There Would Be ‘Hundreds And Hundreds’ Of People Looking At Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Even though he’s no longer in Congress, former California Republican congressman Devin Nunes is still slinging conspiracy theories for the braindead morons who watch and believe Fox News as right-wing gospel.

Nunes, who is now CEO of the Trump Media and Tech Group (whatever the hell that is), was a guest on Maria Bartiromo’s “Sunday Morning Futures” show, and went on an extended (and fact-free) rant about Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, telling the host that Russia’s possible invasion of Ukraine is linked to the Biden family:

“Where are we today? Remember, the invasion of Ukraine started in 2014 under Obama and Biden. It was the Obama-Biden administration that wanted to give them blankets and then it was this Hunter Biden laptop where the information existed when they were impeaching a president over this, clearly, the information was out there that it was really the Bidens who had issues, not just with Ukraine, taking money from Ukraine, but also Russia, also China.”

Nunes added that Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks the United States is weak with Biden as president, even though we were never weaker in regard to Russian than when failed, one-term former President Donald Trump was Putin’s personal lap dog and puppet:

“And I believe what they’re going to do is, you know, probably, you know, force the hands of the Ukrainian people and basically put a choice in their hands of do they really want to fight and have bloodshed or is Putin going be able to install someone that he can control?”

That led Bartiromo to wonder out loud if Biden has “conflicts of interest” that are tying his hands on the matter of Ukraine. To that, Nunes replied:

“This is major evidence that sat on that laptop. The FBI had it for over a year and nothing was done with it. So in a normal world, unlike the one that we live in now with this dystopian media that we have and social media, you would have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of media folks, reporters, investigative reporters doing work on this.

“Sadly, you’ve only had a few. The American people deserve the right to know, what is it that the Russians, the Chinese or the Ukrainians have on politicians in this country. That information is known to the FBI, but yet, the American people still don’t have a clue.”

What does Russia have on Trump and Nunes? Can we get to the bottom of that, too, Devin? You voted against impeaching Donald for his blatant attempt to extort the Ukrainians to dig up nonexistent dirt on the Bidens, but now you want a full investigation?

Sit your sorry ass down and shut the hell up, traitor. Let’s take a look at your finances and see who owns you.

Here’s the video from Fox News:

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Ted Cruz Had A Full-Scale Hissy Fit During A Press Conference –You Have To See It

Maybe he needs to switch to decaf or get some therapy for anger management, but Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) quite clearly needs to do something about the way he behaved at a press conference this week.

Along with several other GOP senators, Cruz was about to start the presser when a reporter asked why he and the others weren’t wearing protective masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

But the reporter might just as well have asked Cruz if he would admit that he’s the notorious Zodiac Killer, according to Mediaite:

Cruz noted that “as far as I know, everyone here has been vaccinated, has been double vaccinated, been boosted.”

“On the question of hypocrisy, you just asked, you people at the podium are speaking without masks. Just once, I’d like to see a reporter say to Joe Biden when he,” said Cruz, who slammed both his fists on the podium, “stands at the damn podium in the White House without a mask, ‘Mr. President, why aren’t you wearing a mask?’”

And Cruz was just getting warmed up, quickly adding (along with wild hand and arm gesticulations):

“Just once, I’d like to see you say to Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, when she stands,” continued Cruz, who slammed both of his hounds on the podium, “at the podium with no mask, ‘Ms. Psaki, why don’t you have a mask?’”

“The questions are only directed at one side, and I got to say that the American people see the hypocrisy,” said Cruz.

The American people also see a wild man who is losing what’s left of his mind right in front of us.

It’s fine to say you don’t appreciate the hypocrisy, but it needs to be pointed out that President Biden always shows up to a speech, press conference, or other event wearing a mask, then removes it before he speaks. Cruz, on the other hand, showed up sans mask and tried to make a false equivalency that only served to make him look like the crazy guy at work everyone avoids out of fear he might blow a gasket and start taking hostages.

How deranged is Ted Cruz? He still believes he’ll be president one day. He won’t, and his unhinged ranting about masks is evidence of why.


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GOP Twitter Account Demands Joe Biden Explain Why He Keeps Traveling To Delaware

Republicans never once complained when failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump used to travel to Mar-a-Lago nearly every weekend to play golf and schmooze with members of the resort who had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for that privilege.

Now, however, with Joe Biden in the White House, the GOP is furious that the current head of state is spending the Christmas and New Year holidays in Delaware, which just so happens to be his home state.

The Republican Party’s official Twitter account fired off this angry missive:

Time for a much-needed comparison.

Since he took office nearly a year ago, President Biden has traveled to Delaware 31 times. During his first year in the White House, Trump’s travel costs were over $13 million, CNBC reported back in 2018:

The president’s non-official travel to rallies and vacations have cost $3.2 million alone since June of 2017.

All told, the president has amassed $13,533,937.28 in total first-year travel costs, the organization found. The government shutdown prevented Trump from making his latest sojourn to Mar-a-Lago, where he was scheduled to headline a fundraiser.

One of Trump’s trips to his Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey cost $15,994 per hour!

Mediaite notes:

According to USA Today, Trump visited his properties 38 times in his first year. He also averaged over a 100 visits to his properties per year, according to Citizens for Ethics. 

The GOP tweet was all it took for social media users to pelt Republicans for their blatant hypocrisy:

In their pathetic attempt to troll President Biden, all the GOP managed to do was remind us why we voted Dotard Donnie out of office.

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Lauren Boebert Humiliates Herself By Whining About The Gender Of A Gingerbread Cookie

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), is mad as hell, and she wants to share her fury with the rest of the world, even though what has her so enraged is laughable, much like her “career” in Congress.

What, you might ask, has Congresswoman Bobblehead so angry? A gingerbread cookie.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Colorado Republican was surfing along on Twitter and ran across a post that prompted her to comment. Here’s a screenshot, just in case the brainless Ms. Boebert decides to delete the proof of her ignorance:

A bakery decided to call what has traditionally been known as a gingerbread man a gingerbread person. And when you consider that the cookie looks gender-neutral, it’s not a bad idea to let people write their own title for the cookies.

After all, aren’t right-wingers the ones who say bakeries should be allowed to refuse service to members of the LGBTQ community if they disagree with their lifestyle? Then why can’t a bakery decide their cookies won’t have a gender, either? That’s the free market, which should please all of the so-called capitalist disciples in the GOP.

Oh, and this isn’t the first time conservatives have been caught whining about a cookie, according to LGBTQ Nation, which reports:

 In 2018, Fox News personalities Tucker Carlson and Tammy Bruce complained about a bakery in Scotland selling gingerbread people.

“I contend, after a series of living your entire life being kind of bullied into what you can and cannot say and presumptions that you’re bad people, that it can be the smallest thing that tips you over the edge,” said Bruce as she attacked an individual bakery for saying something she disagreed with on national television, as if every single bakery in the English-speaking world should only use language she likes.

“In this case it’s calling gingerbread men a gingerbread person, when obviously… they’re men.”

Why are they obviously men? Says who? Isn’t the world made of many different views of what to call something? The British say the trunk of your car is the boot. And depending on what region of the U.S. you happen to be in, you’ll get a wide range of how to pronounce various words and phrases.

While Ms. Boebert’s moronic tweet was probably a big hit among her fellow brain-addled simpletons, she was quickly subjected to a well-deserved mocking:

Tune in next week when Lauren Boebert will be offended that people celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanzaa simply because she has trouble spelling them.


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Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Mocked For Whining That She’s Being Attacked

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is whining because the House GOP leadership won’t do whatever she tells them to, failing to realize that as a freshman member of Congress who doesn’t serve on any committees (thanks to her own big mouth and offensive, anti-Semitic statements), she has zero credibility.

Appearing on Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) podcast this week, Greene lamented her plight:

“Kevin McCarthy has a problem in our conference. He doesn’t have the full support to be speaker, he doesn’t have the votes that are there because there’s many of us that are very unhappy about the failure to hold Republicans accountable while conservatives like me, Paul Gosar, and many others just constantly take the abuse by the Democrats.”

That led MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart to expertly mock Greene on his show Sunday, remarking:

“Oh, boo-hoo, so much victimhood here.”

Capehart then turned to former GOP political consultant Stuart Stevens and ex-Republican National, Committee head Michael Steele, asking Stevens:

“Stuart, what she says, again, is not untrue ; Kevin McCarthy has a problem. To my mind his being silent on all these things, he might think it might help him if Republicans get the majority. But if he thinks he can control them, if indeed Republicans become the majority, he’s got another thing coming, doesn’t he?”

Stevens replied:

“You know, for years when Mike and I were involved in the party, we always said that it was a mistake to try to negotiate with terrorists. And that’s what Kevin McCarthy’s trying to do. If these Republicans take over the House next year, which odds are they are, they’re going to put Kevin McCarthy’s head on a spike.”

Stevens then added:

“They’re not going to elect him speaker. He isn’t what they want to be. He is like a chairman who wants to make everybody happy and it’s not going to work. They want a warrior, somebody like a Jim Jordan, to be Speaker of the House.”

Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House? Can you imagine the danger that would be to this country? He’s a man who allegedly allowed male college students on the wrestling team he was a coach for to be routinely molested by the team doctor without ever reporting the abuse those wrestlers say he witnessed. Putting such a person third in the line of secession to the White House would be a massive national security risk.

If Marjorie Taylor Greene is so damn unhappy in Congress, here’s a free bit of advice for her: Don’t run for reelection next year. No one but the knuckle-dragging troglodytes on the far right of the Republican Party will miss you in the least.