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VIRAL VIDEO: Lauren Boebert Proves On The Gun Range That She Understands NOTHING About Firearm Safety

Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert absolutely loves guns, even though she doesn’t know a damn thing about the Constitution and what it says about the issue of guns and laws regulating them.

Lauren thinks the Second Amendment is absolute and no laws whatsoever can be passed that regulate guns in any manner whatsoever, despite the fact that the amendment reads:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Well regulated. Clearly, regulations are allowed or the Founding Fathers would have left off that phrase and just said that the right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

And yet, as much as Lauren wants to hug her guns and possibly even make out with them (do you doubt she’d try?), she doesn’t know squat about gun safety, which should be required if you’re going to be operating a weapon that can kill people.

In the video below, which was posted on Twitter by Patriot Takes, you can see Boebert firing off a few rounds at a gun range, but she gets frustrated when her hair keeps flying wildly as she fires the rifle she’s shooting.

To rectify that situation, Boebert goes over and grabs a pair of safety goggles to put atop her otherwise empty head and hold her hair in place while she continues to shoot.

Just one problem: She doesn’t put the safety on the rifle before she puts the weapon down. A man standing next to her does so.

While she was at it, why didn’t Lauren just go ahead and wave the gun around in the direction of others? After all, she’s already proven that gun safety is a completely foreign concept to her, as Twitter users quickly reminded her.

Since Republicans won’t let us have any sensible gun control legislation, can we at least pass some laws that won’t allow showboating morons in Congress?


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WATCH Ted Cruz Get Roundly Booed When He Says More Guns Are The Solution To Mass Shootings

Despite having zero proof that more guns are the way to stop mass shootings in the United States, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said Saturday at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin that the only way to stop bad guys with guns is to give even more guns to the good guys and anyone else who wants one, or even a hundred.

In other words, Cruz was spouting the same bullshit every member of the GOP clings to because they’re owned by companies that manufacture weapons of mass murder.

Cruz told attendees:

“Whenever you have a mass murder … you have Democrats in Washington, the step they immediately go to is we need to take away firearms from law-abiding citizens. OK, you can clap for that except for the minor problem that it doesn’t work. If the objective is to stop these crimes, gun control is singularly ineffective.”

Of course, the same could be said about lack of gun control, which is clearly not doing a damn thing to decrease shootings.

Instead, Cruz suggested the country adopt his plan:

“If you want to stop crime, you target the bad guys. You target the criminals, the felons, the fugitives. You prosecute them, you put them in jail, you get them off the streets, and you also enhance security at vulnerable targets.”

The Texas Republican said the same was true for shootings at schools:

“Two weeks ago, I stood on the Senate floor and tried to pass legislation I’ve introduced that would double the number of police officers in school. If we want to keep our kids safe, and I desperately want to keep our kids safe, the most effective step we can do is to have police officers there to protect them who can intercept a mass murderer before he gets into the school and stop them.”

Loud boos and jeering could be heard among those listening to Cruz, who continued to spout platitudes he likely got directly from the NRA:

“Look, if you have a solution to stop the deranged evil murderers, I’d love to hear it. My solution is to throw them in jail. Stop them before they commit these crimes. There are some we won’t know about beforehand, and the single best step to stop them is to have armed officers on campus that can stop them before they kill our kids.

“But look, instead you guys can instead sing kumbaya with them and hope they’ll just stop, but what you’re proposing doesn’t work.”

Neither does what you’re proposing, Ted, and there’s a river of blood flowing across this country that proves so.

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Kyle Rittenhouse Reportedly Has A Girlfriend – Twitter Is Weighing In

It says something about just how deeply obsessed this country is with guns, gun culture, death, and destruction that someone who traveled out of state carrying a semiautomatic rifle and shot two unarmed people would become a folk hero to Republicans and right-wingers.

And yet that’s the story of Kyle Rittenhouse, who has visited with disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, been a guest on Fox News, and even had people raise money for him online to help offset his legal bills.

And online is where the latest information about Rittenhouse arrives, as it seems he now has a girlfriend, as you can see from this video:

There was also this:

And this on Instagram:

So he has a girlfriend now, or are we all being punk’d? It’s hard to tell just yet, but the very prospect of Rittenhouse being hooked up with another person set off some pretty strong feelings online.

GOP Gun Nuts WTF?!

Lauren Boebert Has The Ultimate WTF?! Moment – Claims Americans Will Eat Their Dogs If Gun Control Passes

According to Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, if any form of gun control such as an assault weapons ban passes both houses of Congress, it will result in the complete downfall of the United States, lead to the imposition of a tyrannical government, and Americans will even begin eating their own dogs.

And you thought she couldn’t possibly get any dumber.

During an appearance on right-wing Newsmax, Boebert told former Trump administration flunky Sebastian Gorka:

“If the citizenry in America is disarmed, then we are no longer citizens. We are subjects.”

Gorka nodded in agreement and Boebert continued:

“You know, here in America we have gourmet treats for puppies. We have these amazing groomers for dogs. Well in Venezuela they eat the dogs. And it started because they don’t have firearms. They do not have a way to protect themselves, to defend themselves from a tyrannical government.”

What in the hell does that even mean? They don’t have guns in Venezuela, so they eat their dogs? So any country that has gun control (i.e. England, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden) automatically becomes a nation of dog eaters? That’s so absurd that it makes my teeth ache.

It didn’t take long before Twitter lit up with mockery aimed directly at Boebert.


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GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson Makes A Fool Of Himself With Pro-Gun ‘Message’ For Joe Biden

On the very same day that four people were killed in a mass shooting that took place at a mall in Indiana, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) thought it would be a great idea to post a video in which he brandished two assault rifles and seemed to threated President Joe Biden.

Here’s the video Jackson shared on Twitter:

HuffPost notes that Jackson’s video seems to be in response to comments Biden has made since the horrific mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas:

Biden last month called for renewing the ban on sales of military-style assault weapons. But even in the face of repeated massacres by shooters who legally purchased the powerful rifles, Republicans have been steadfast in opposing reforms.

The video itself was mocked endlessly on social media, but what many who commented were most fascinated by is the way Jackson was holding the weapon in his right hand, which is pointed directly at his foot! One slip of his index finger and the former White House physician would be in need of a doctor for sure.