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Don Jr. Says The Second Amendment Is ‘Non-Negotiable’ – Even In Australia

Despite the fact that he’s the oldest of failed, one-term former President Donald Trump’s children, Donald Trump Jr. certainly isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Junior proved yet again that he cannot even manage to read the simplest of news articles and ascertain where the news he’s reading is happening, deciding to comment on a posting from Melbourne, Australia, where a man was arrested for not wearing a protective mask in violation of a local ordinance. Overreach by the cops? You could certainly argue that and most people would probably agree with you.

But Don Jr. took the opportunity to comment on the story from Melbourne with a adamant declaration that “The Second Amendment is non-negotiable!!!”

So did Don Jr. not bother to notice the article referenced something that occurred in Australia, or is he so dumb that he thinks they have a Second Amendment in the Land Down Under, too? (They don’t.)

Junior’s moronic tweet raises so many questions about his own literacy (or lack thereof) and the fact that he feels a need to attach American values and laws to other countries, despite the fact that he and the MAGA faithful would be outraged if any nation tried to impose their laws on the United States.

The mockery began almost immediately after Don Jr. made his hyperbolic (and geographically-ignorant) posting. Take a look:

Here’s another news flash for Don Jr.: Your father will never ever love you, no matter what you do. His father hated him and now he’s doing the same thing to you.

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Gun Lovers Say Biden Wants You To Get Vaccinated So He Can Take Your AR-15

If perhaps you thought you’d heard all of the absurd, over the top, batshit crazy nonsense the anti-COVID vaccine crowd had to offer, then you’ll probably enjoy the latest conspiracy theory coming from the extreme right-wingers: If Biden is allowed to mandate getting a vaccine, that means he’ll come after your guns next.

Wait! What?

Yep, you heard right: If Biden mandates COVID vaccines, the next thing he’ll do is mandate you give up your AR-15.

You simply cannot make this shit up!

According to Fox News (of course), Second Amendment groups are already fearmongering (and raising funds) off their ridiculous analogy of how vaccines equal gun grabs:

“If Biden is allowed to impose regulations without a vote by Congress simply because he decides it helps ‘public safety,’ there is no limit to what he can do,” gun advocate John R. Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, told Fox News. “He could use this same reasoning to impose any gun control regulation that he wanted.”

But wait, it gets better, with some who say they support the vaccine also warning that Biden will come for everyone’s guns if he’s allowed to control the spread of a deadly virus:

Alan Gottlieb, Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, also expressed concern over Biden’s announcement. 

“I am very pro-vaccination,” Gottlieb told Fox News. “But Biden’s federal vaccination mandate reminds gun owners that if he could get away with it would use his executive power to mandate as many restrictions on Second Amendment rights as he could. He has already said that gun ownership is a ‘public health’ problem.”

Yeah, he’s pro-vaccination, but he has no qualms about making a false equivalency between a vaccine to control a public health crisis and the Second Amendment.

So if you did the right thing and got vaccinated, it’s all your fault when the ATF shows up at your door and demands you hand over your hunting rifle.

Is there any depth of stupidity and fear these lunatics won’t stoop to reach?


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Rand Paul’s Bizarre ‘Gun Wall’ Tweet Backfires Badly On Him

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is a very strange man.

He claims to be an eye doctor, but isn’t certified by any recognized board of certification in his state.

He pretends he’s a libertarian, but often sounds like little more than an obsequious butt weasel for failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump and an apologist for whatever multinational corporation donates the most to his campaign.

Oh, and Rand Paul also thinks he’s some sort of intellectual, and yet he posts shit like this on Twitter:

What in the hell?! Joe Biden hasn’t banned any guns since taking office, as HuffPost notes, Paul’s tweet is factually inaccurate in other ways:

“Critics accused Paul of fearmongering over Biden’s bid to ban assault-style weapons, saying few of the weapons on display would actually be prohibited.”

Others also had some thoughts on the senator’s absurd tweet:

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MTG Says People Should Use Their ‘Second Amendment Rights’ If Anyone Asks About Their Vax Status

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) told a meeting of Alabama Republicans recently that if anyone from the government shows up at their door to ask if they’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19, they should exercise their “Second Amendment rights” to counter such an query.

According to NBC News, the event, which took place in Dothan, Alabama, was closed to the media, but a video of Greene’s remarks was leaked to the Alabama Political Reporter:

“You lucky people here in Alabama might get a knock on your door, because I hear Alabama might be one of the most unvaccinated states,” Greene told the crowd, prompting cheers and applause over the state’s low vaccination rate. “Well, Joe Biden wants to come talk to you guys. He’s going to be sending one of his police state friends to your front door to knock on the door, take down your name, your address, your family members’ names, your phone numbers, your cellphone numbers, probably ask for your Social Security number and whether you’ve taken the vaccine or not.

“What they don’t know is in the South, we all love our Second Amendment rights, and we’re not real big on strangers showing up on our front door, are we? They might not like the welcome they get.”

Here’s some of the reaction to Greene’s threats:


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Cash-Strapped Trump Now Hawking Shotgun Shell Necklaces You Can Buy Mom For Mother’s Day

Before he ever left office, failed one-term former President Donald Trump was reported to be desperate for a way to make money, especially since he had enormous loan obligations coming due in the near future.

New York Times financial investigative reporter Dean Enrich explained Trump’s financial bind during an appearance on MSNBC earlier this year:

“He’s going to need to come up with a lot of cash quickly or he’s going to be at risk of defaulting. In the case of Deutsche Bank, if he defaults, the bank has recourse to his personal assets. They could go to court to seize his property or the money he has in various banking accounts. So he’s going to need to come up with cash very quickly and his businesses right now are struggling, so it’s very unclear to me where he might be able to get that money.”

And now we have further proof that Trump is trying to make some money by any means possible by offering a necklace for women that’s made from a shotgun shell:

The description of the necklace on the website reads:

“A classic accessory for everyday wear, our Concho Necklace is inspired by our crowd favorite Concho Bracelet! Perfect for layering or standing on its own, each gold necklace has been delicately crafted to pair well with every occasion.”

A shotgun shell necklace. Nothing says love quite like ammo jewelry, especially when it has the TRUMP name engraved on it.

Reaction on social media was immediate:

If you do decide to give your mother one of these necklaces, don’t be surprised if she disowns you.