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Viral Video: Marjorie Taylor Greene Appears To Kick A Gun Control Activist Who Disagrees With Her

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) appears to have committed a crime that was caught on video today in Washington, D.C.

Greene was walking and talking to activists who support sensible gun control. The congresswoman is vehemently opposed to any laws that would regulated guns in any manner whatsoever.

One of the activists, Santiago Mayer, the executive director of Voters of Tomorrow asked Greene about her staunch opposition to laws that would help reduce mass shootings, to which Greene replied:

“Shame on you. You know what? Go move to another country where they take away your guns.”


“I want to live in a country where kids don’t get shot.”

A sneering Greene told Mayer:

“You’re not even a grateful American.”

Another woman who was wearing a blue dress, then inquired of Greene:

“How does the second Amendment prevent gun violence?”

If you watch closely at the 1:15 mark of the video, it appears that Greene kicks the woman to make her move out of her walking path. The startled woman is clearly surprised, and a few seconds later an aide to Greene mentions that it’s against the law to block a member of Congress.

As she walks past the woman in the blue dress, Greene seems to say that she should just consider being kicked an “accident.”

Mayer later confirmed that Greene had indeed kicked a member of his team:


Congress GOP Gun Crime Gun Nuts WTF?!

Matt Gaetz Says He’s Opposed To Active Shooter Alerts Because They’ll ‘Bombard Your Cell Phone’

If there was an active shooting situation taking place in your town or near your home, would you want to be alerted to that threat?

Most rational people would emphatically say yes to that question, and yet there are Republicans in Congress who are vehemently opposed to creating a system that would provide alerts on your cell phone when there’s a violent incident which could threaten you.

The Active Shooter Alert Act of 2022 is expected to pass Congress this week, and it’s purpose could not possibly be more timely, as the National Education Association explained in their letter of support:

The legislation would create a national system for sending AMBER-style alerts during an active-shooter emergency. This would be crucial in disseminating accurate information quickly, warning people in the vicinity who are vulnerable. A national coordinator would work with state and local governments to coordinate elements of the network and establish procedures for responding to active shooters. Additionally, the legislation would require the Government Accountability Office to study and report on state and local responses to active shooters and situations requiring that a public alert or warning be issued.

That’s a win-win situation for everyone, and yet Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) — who allegedly likes to hang out around underage kids for his own perverted reasons — spoke against the bill today on the floor of the House, remarking:

“One has to ask, what is the true purpose of this bill? Why do the Democrats want to use the power of government to bombard your cell phone with active shooter alerts 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

“It’s because they want you to be afraid of the Second Amendment. It’s because they want you to be afraid of responsible gun ownership.

“And they hope that if they program you and bombard you long enough that you’ll hate your own Second Amendment rights, or that you may tattle on your neighbor who is lawfully and rightfully exercising theirs. The American people should not fall for this.”

What in the hell?! This country has already seen 330 mass shootings so far this year. We had 692 of them in 2021. But we should fail to inform people because their cell phone will be bombarded?

Here’s what Gaetz is really worried about: If people start seeing how many mass shooting incidents happen close to where they live, there will be increased calls by voters for more sensible gun control laws, which would negatively impact the congressman’s paymasters who produce weapons of mass murder.

More information is always a good thing, no matter the problem. Active shooter notices on our phones are long overdue, and if Gaetz doesn’t want to get them on his device, he can always choose to keep his phone off, especially when he’s trolling the mall for little girls.

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WATCH Jamie Raskin Mock Marjorie Greene By Telling Her It ‘Sounds Like You Want To Arm’ Fetuses

No one in Congress seems to agitate Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) more than Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD), probably because Raskin is everything Greene will never be: Intelligent, witty, and accomplished.

That dynamic was on full display during a hearing of the House Rules Committee at which Greene was testifying on the issue of the Second Amendment when Raskin asked her:

“Do you think the students should be armed?”

Greene replied:

“I think children should be trained with firearms.”

Raskin retorted:

“So they can repel someone who comes in?”

Getting agitated, Greene said:

“That’s not what I said. I said I believe children should be trained with firearms so they understand how to use them.”

The debate then shifted to the topic of abortion, which led Greene to get apoplectic:

“Abortion kills babies! We’re talking about kids being killed, abortion kills innocent children… They can’t protect themselves at all from this horrific procedure.”

That led Raskin to expertly mock the Georgia Republican by telling her:

“Sounds like you want to arm them.”

All Greene could muster in response was a weak:

“That’s impossible. That’s impossible, Mr. Raskin.”

Game, set, and match Jamie Raskin. He managed to troll Greene right to her face.



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Kyle Rittenhouse Has Launched A Video Game Where Players Can Kill ‘Fake News Turkeys’

In his ongoing effort to try and make a buck off the fact that he shot and killed two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin back in 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse has just launched a video game in which players can shoot and kill what he calls “fake news turkeys.”

The New York Post reports:

Kyle Rittenhouse announced the release of a new video game Thursday in which you can shoot “fake news turkeys” — and proceeds will go to his ongoing effort to sue media outlets for defamation.

Rittenhouse, who was acquitted last year after fatally shooting two men and injuring a third during a 2020 protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, said on Twitter that the game is part of his effort to “fight back against fake news.”

“The media is nothing but a bunch of turkeys with nothing better to do than push their lying agenda and destroy innocent people’s lives,” he said in a promotional video for the game, which he is selling on his website for $9.99.

In case you’re wondering who would choose to go into business with a figure as controversial as Rittenhouse, the game was created with the help of Mint Studios, whose CEO told the Washington Examiner:

“We had to step in to help Kyle after we saw what was done to him.”

What was done to him? He’s still alive, which is more than you can say for Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, the two men Rittenhouse shot and killed. He later claimed self-defense and was acquitted by a jury on charges of homicide, attempted homicide, and reckless endangerment

Rittenhouse recently claimed he would be attending Texas A&M University, but the school said that was untrue.

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Naomi Biden Burns Marco Rubio Down For Whining About The Senate Gun Reform Bill

President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi, shut down Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Twitter after he whined that he hadn’t been given enough time to read a Senate bill on gun reform that passed the upper chamber on Tuesday.

According to Newsweek:

In a tweet, the Florida senator complained about the time given to read the gun bill ahead of a vote on whether to begin debate on the bill after it had been finalized and released.

“We are being asked to vote tonight to begin debate on a gun proposal whose legislative text was only made available less than an hour ago,” he tweeted.

That was all it took for Naomi to go off on Rubio and put him in his place for the absurd posting.

“Ok—suspend reality and believe you would actually read a bill. The bill is 80 pages & ~13,000 words. The average 5th grader reads ~180 words per min. This means a 5th grader could read this bill in just over an hour. You had that for this vote & 30 hours until the actual vote.”

Others then joined the debate and shredded Rubio, including Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012.

Maybe if Rubio wasn’t so damn busy trying to decide what Bible verse he’ll tweet out each day in order to give the false impression he’s a Christian, he’d have enough time to read legislation.