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Tucker Carlson Mocks Jon Stewart As ‘Really Short’ And Immediately Regrets It When Stewart Claps Back


Fox News host Tucker Carlson thought he’d attack former “Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart over Stewart’s advocacy on behalf of veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

HuffPost notes that Carlson made his hateful remarks Thursday evening on his show:

On Thursday night, Carlson fired off a series of highly personal and deeply weird insults at Stewart for his advocacy of healthcare for U.S. veterans. Stewart, Carlson said, looks “like a guy who lives in the men’s room at your public library, eating imaginary insects out of the air” and “a homeless mental patient.”

“He’s shrieking and disheveled and very short,” Carlson said. “Really short. Too short to date. Was he always that short?”

But someone should have warned Carlson that it’s a bad idea to attack a comedian, especially one as beloved as Jon Stewart, and certainly not when he’s advocating on behalf of veterans.

Stewart quickly clapped back at Carlson.

Others on Twitter then joined the debate and also took turns slamming Carlson.

Memo to Tucker Carlson: You should probably stick to polishing Donald Trump’s butt. At least you’re good at that.

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Jon Stewart Warns: Trump Will Steal The 2024 Election With An ‘Administrative Coup’

Jon Stewart, former host of “The Daily Show,” is warning that everything is being put in place to make it easy for former President Donald Trump to steal the 2024 election with that he calls an “administrative coup.”

In an interview with David Remnick of the New Yorker, Stewart was asked:

“Trump proved himself a colossal liar and admirer of authoritarians, and his incompetence during the pandemic was what it was. January 6th was supported by him and pretty self-evidently in attempt to illegally reverse a democratic election. And yet he persists! He’s quite likely to run in 2024. But how do you feel about it?”

Stewart replied:

“Oh, I think he’s, he’s got it. Got a very good chance, and they’re, they’re smarter about it.

‘What I think they really learned from this exercise was there are really specific pivot points within the American electoral system. And those pivot points are generally the administration of elections run by partisans, but not ideologues. In other words, a lot of those, a lot of the real mechanics and logistics of elections are run by Democrats or Republicans, partisans, but they are administrative positions. If he can replace the administrative functionaries with ideologues, he’s removed almost all of the guard rails that stopped this present one.”

The next takeover by Trump, Stewart predicted, won’t be done with force:

“Forget about that, you know, they were going to storm the Capitol on January 6th and Mike Pence was going to reverse it in some dramatic, you know, ‘And on the finale of The Apprentice… That’s not how this is going to go.”

If and when it happens, Stewart told Remnick, democracy in the United States will be dead:

“It’s going to be an administrative coup, but it will be a democratic coup. So it won’t be a coup and it will bring about a kind of early-stage minority rule. The actual danger of what happened is that it exposed a fragility at a level that is not flashy or sexy or known. The environment is falling apart. Democracy is in peril. Need I go on? This, this, this pandemic, that’s not only endangering the health of people, but their mental health.”