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DeSantis 2024? Insiders Predict People Will Hate Him Once They Know More About Him

About the only Republican who had a good midterm election was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who won reelection with nearly 60% of the votes cast, easily beating his Democratic challenger, former governor Charlie Crist.

Within hours of the final results from the Sunshine State, DeSantis was being hailed at the 2024 Republican nominee, even if failed, one-term former president Donald Trump decided to run, which he did a few weeks later.

But is DeSantis a safe bet? According to those who know him, the Florida governor has some major drawbacks that could sink his 2024 plans long before the next election arrives.

Mark Leibovich of The Atlantic has taken a deep dive into DeSantis, and what he found should serve as a warning to anyone who thinks the governor is a sure thing. For example:

“He was standoffish in general,” the Virginia Republican Barbara Comstock, a former House colleague of DeSantis’s, told me.

“A strange no-eye-contact oddball,” Rick Wilson, a Republican media consultant, wrote on Resolute Square.

“I’d rather have teeth pulled without anesthetic than be on a boat with Ron DeSantis,” says Mac Stipanovich, a Tallahassee lobbyist who set sail from the GOP over his revulsion for Trump and his knockoffs. To sum up: DeSantis is not a fun and convivial dude. He prefers to keep his earbuds in. His “Step away from the vehicle” vibes are strong.

In other words, DeSantis isn’t the least bit “smooth.” And while some might say that’s a good thing, keep in mind the the best pure politician of the past three decades was Bill Clinton, who was so smooth that some dubbed him “Slick Willie.” But despite being called “slick,” Clinton connected with people, understood how to talk to voters, and always listened to what they were saying to him. And he won the presidency by overwhelming margins in 1992 and 1996.

DeSantis is far from “smooth.” Matter of fact, he’s quite off-putting, and voters don’t tend to cast ballots for candidates they don’t like.

“I think he is going to run into some challenges,” Carlos Curbelo, a former Republican congressman from Florida who served with DeSantis in the House, told me. “It’s that question that often comes up in politics—the question of ‘Would you want to have a beer with him?’’’ This is a big-time cliché, of course, but it does feel pertinent. Will he grow on voters like a catchy song, or like mold? DeSantis “has this robotic quality that he has to shed,” Curbelo said. “Everything else checks the box. He is smart and competent and committed to his ideology. He just has to humanize himself.”

But perhaps the line that best describes DeSantis is this one, shared by a Republican consultant:

“Ron’s strength as a politician is that he doesn’t give a fuck. Ron’s weakness as a politician is that he doesn’t give a fuck.”

But if he truly doesn’t give a fuck, then why would anyone want to vote for him?

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Conservatives Melt Down After Character On CBS Show Accuses Ron DeSantis Of Sexually Assaulting Him

Something very odd happened Thursday on the Paramount+ show “The Good Fight,” and it has led to an outpouring of anger and revulsion on social media.

According to Fox News:

The finale of the courtroom drama’s sixth and final season premiered on Thursday with the episode titled “The End of Everything.” In a clip widely shared online, the episode features the main character Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski, meeting with Felix Staples, a flamboyant, gay provocateur who has made appearances in earlier seasons of the long-running show. In a conference room surrounded by lawyers, Staples claims that he was sexually assaulted by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who forced him to have oral sex following a CPAC conference while interning for his office. 

The accusation wasn’t left unchallenged, and it soon became clear that the Felix Staples character did indeed fabricate the entire story.

Diane immediately dismisses the accusation as politically motivated “bulls—” despite Staples claiming to have DNA proof. The lawyers spend the episode gathering evidence to expose Staples for lying. He eventually confesses to fabricating the allegations to tarnish the Florida governor’s reputation, because it will put former President Trump “ahead in the polling” in 2024’s presidential race.

Of course, had a show made the same joke about a well-known Democratic contender for the 2024 nomination, right-wingers would have delighted in the idea, probably promoting it online and trying to suggest it was true.

But since DeSantis was the recipient of the jab, conservatives had a full scale conniption fit online, suggesting that putting something like that in the script of a fictional show was a preemptive hit job on the Florida governor.

Ron DeSantis is a public figure and subject to ridicule, even if that ridicule is disgusting. Considering the horrific shit that has been said over the years about Bill and Hillary Clinton by the political right, conservatives really need to put their outrage in neutral and stop being such blatant hypocrites.


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Trump Hints He Has Dirt On Ron DeSantis

Failed one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump is hinting that if indeed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) runs against him for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, he will destroy him by using whatever dirt he has.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Trump was speaking with journalists on the flight back from a rally he held in Miami when the topic of the Florida governor came up, leading the disgraced ex-president to remark:

 “There’s our competitor, he’s a fine guy.”

But Trump’s tone soon turned dark and ominous as he mused about a possible 2024 run for the White House by DeSantis:

“If he runs, he runs. If he did run, I will tell you things about him that won’t be very flattering. I know more about him than anybody other than perhaps his wife, who is really running his campaign.”

Journal reporter Alex Leary also noted:

Mr. Trump endorsed Mr. DeSantis in his 2018 run for governor, lifting the tea party-styled congressman in a Republican primary over establishment favorite Adam Putnam. Mr. DeSantis went on to barely win the general election but Covid-19 helped turn him into a GOP darling as he eventually eschewed lockdowns and downplayed vaccine mandates. Mr. DeSantis has broken gubernatorial fundraising records nationally, pulling in some $200 million. The governor didn’t ask for Mr. Trump’s endorsement this time and nor did Mr. Trump formally offer one.

What sort of unflattering things might Trump be referring to? Well, there is the matter of DeSantis’ Italian-American heritage, which has led to rumors that he might have connections to organized crime. And there are also whispers about a possible sexual scandal that could be hiding in the governor’s past, though no one seems to know exactly what that might entail.

Of course, when one is dealing with Trump, it also pays to consider that he often says things just to start people chattering. After all, he’s a pathological liar and deeply insecure, needing to feel superior to others in order to mask his own faults, which are seemingly endless.

In other words, if DeSantis does indeed decided to challenge Trump for the 2024 nomination, he’d better watch his back and make sure there are no skeletons waiting to trip him up with the Donald’s help.


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Conservatives In Full Meltdown Mode After Trump Attacks DeSantis At Pennsylvania Rally

In what some political pundits are calling a sign of what to expect as we get closer to 2024, failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump went into attack mode during a rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and belittled Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is seen as likely to seek the Republican presidential nomination.

Referencing recent polling on possible GOP contenders in 2024, Trump told the crowd:

“There it is, Trump at 71. Ron DeSanctimonious at 10 percent. Mike Pence at 7–oh, Mike Pence doing better than I thought.”

That, according to The Daily Beast, was all it took to release pent-up anger among right-wingers who aimed their fire at Trump for going after DeSantis with the 2022 midterm election just days away.

“Calling it now, DeSantis is going to run, and he’s going to beat Trump badly,” Will Chamberlain, the publisher of Human Events and a right-wing lawyer, said in response to the Trump jab. “This is just weak.”

Right-wing Daily Wire pundit Matt Walsh also expressed frustration at Trump over the “dumb nickname.”

“Trump isn’t going to be able to take this one [DeSantis] down with a dumb nickname. He better have more than that up his sleeve,” he wrote. “Also, nice job launching your public attack against the most popular conservative governor in America three days before the midterms when we’re all supposed to be showing a united front.”

There was also this:

RedState editor Jennifer Van Laar commented, “Enough, Trump. Stop. Move on,” while a Townhall writer asked what DeSantis has “done to earn Trump’s scorn here right before an election?” “It’s inexcusable and just shows this has always been about him.”

Even Republican political figures were upset by Donald’s childish attack on DeSantis.

Expect more attacks from Trump in the days and weeks to come. If DeSantis wins second term as governor, the failed ex-president will ratchet up the pressure and start spreading all sorts of conspiracy theories and online rumors about how Ron is a part of the “deep state” and wants to destroy the country.

When all is said and done, hopefully all of this Republican infighting will lead to the permanent demise of the GOP.


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DeSantis Releases Campaign Ad Suggesting He Was Sent By God To Govern ‘Paradise’

According to many GOP political pundits, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is a sunnier and more palatable version of failed, one-term former president Donald Trump, meaning that DeSantis can appeal to independents and conservative Democrats who were disgusted by Trump’s boorishness and immorality.

While that may be true, DeSantis is proving with a new campaign ad for his reelection effort that he’s only too happy to appeal to the far right Christian nationalist crowd that so fervently worships Trump and some of his elected minions such as Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)

In the DeSantis ad, a narrator introduces the governor as a “protector” of paradise:

“And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, I need a protector. So God made him a fighter. God said, I need somebody willing to get up before dawn and kiss his family goodbye, travel thousands of miles for no other reason than to serve the people, to save their jobs, their livelihoods, their liberty, their happiness.”

As images of DeSantis flash on the screen in dramatic black and white shots, the narrator continues:

“God said, I need somebody who will take the arrows, stand firm in the wake of unrelenting attacks. Look a mother in the eyes and tell her that her child will be in school. She can keep her job. Go to church. Eat dinner with friends.”

The ad ends on a saccharine note:

“And hold the hand of an aging parent. Taking their breath for the last time. So God made a fighter. God said, I need a family man. A man who would laugh and then sigh and then reply with smiling eyes when his daughter says she wants to spend her life doing what dad does. So God made a fighter.”

A fighter? Really?! DeSantis is a man who routinely attacks those who are far too often marginalized (i.e. LGBTQ Americans) and loves to stage photo-ops of himself surrounded by children, using them as props. Both of those are the hallmarks of a coward.

And now we have reports that DeSantis will refuse to run for the GOP nomination if Trump runs again in 2024, with Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair noting:

But according to four prominent Republicans, DeSantis appears to be reconsidering his plans to run. Sources told me DeSantis recently indicated to donors that he would not challenge Trump for the Republican nomination. “He’s led them to believe he will not run if Trump does,” a Republican briefed on the donor conversations told me. Another source told me DeSantis’s calculus is that, at age 44, he can easily wait until the next presidential cycle, so why risk a brutal primary fight against a pugilist like Trump? “He can walk into the presidency in 2028 without pissing off Trump or Florida,” the source said. “What would you rather do? Be the governor of Florida for certain or go run for president?”

In other words, DeSantis has no balls whatsoever. He’s all rhetoric. Again, it’s what you’d expect from a coward, a lightweight, a gutless little boy who soils himself anytime his daddy raises his voice in anger.

Ron DeSantis may think he was chosen by God and is a fighter, but he’s nothing but a stuffed suit with a bullhorn. Men like him wind up destroying themselves in due time.