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Don Jr. Humiliates Himself And His Old Man By Comparing The Failed Former POTUS To Joe Biden

Bless his coal-black, shrunken heart, Donald Trump Jr. just cannot avoid owning himself as he engages in being a dutiful son/sycophant for a father who couldn’t possibly care less about him and has long ago made it clear that Ivanka is his favorite child that he wanted to have sex with when she was only 13.

According to Junior, his father is far more accomplished in his four failed years as president than the current head of state, Joe Biden.

Don Jr. made his claim on Instagram, because apparently he doesn’t like Twitter now that the platform banned his father for being a lying, traitorous sack of shit:

How pathetic can one person be? Well there’s Don Jr. pathetic and everyone else is in a distant second place.

That was all it took for social media to light up with derision and mockery of Traitor Tot:

It’s going to be so much fun to watch in the months ahead as members of the Trump family start to turn on each other in exchange for a reduced prison sentence.


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Paranoid Don Jr. Whines That Everyone Is ‘Plotting’ Against Him

Ever since his father lost badly to President Joe Biden, Donald Trump Jr. has been getting more unhinged and absurd, spewing lies and bile on social media when he isn’t making videos that show him looking coked to the gills and screaming about how the election was stolen from his daddy but providing zero proof to support his assertions.

Now, however, Junior has totally jumped the shark, telling Newsmax that he’s upset Major League Baseball pulled the 2021 All-Star game from Atlanta after the state passed one of the harshest voter suppression laws in the country.

What’s most disturbing about what Don Jr. told Newsmax is that the level of paranoia he exhibits is off the damn charts:

“If those people step up, they start pushing back, they start being vocal, they stop cowering in a corner afraid of being canceled, I promise we can get through this thing! If they don’t try to cancel me 50 times a day I wonder what’s going on. I start to wonder how they’re plotting against me! We just can’t be afraid of the nonsense!”

Don’t you just love how right-wingers try to suggest that someone wants to “cancel” them when they’re the ones who favor censorship, regulation of social media, and boycotts of anyone that doesn’t do what they want?

It didn’t take long before Don Jr. got royally mocked on Twitter:

Tune in next week when Don Jr. complains he’s being mistreated because everyone is laughing at him.

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Don Jr. And His Armpiece Just Bought A $9.7 Million Florida Mansion – Their Neighbors Already Want Them Gone

In a desperate attempt to stay close to his father so he can constantly suck up to the old man, Donald Trump Jr. and his armpiece, disgraced former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle recently moved to an enormous house in a swanky neighborhood in Jupiter, Florida, that set them back a cool $9.7 million.

According to The Daily Mail, the mansion the couple purchased is a jaw-dropping 11,000 square feet large:

“The six-bedroom, 11-bath mansion is located in Jupiter – just 20 miles from Mar-a-Lago – meaning Trump Jr. will be close to dad, Donald, and step-mom, Melania, who relocated to the resort after leaving the White House in January.   

“On top of the home price, Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle must pay a $195,000 membership fee for access to Admirals Cove’s marina, golf course and tennis courts.”

How exclusive is Junior and his lady’s new neighborhood? Consider who lives in the same exclusive locale:

“Admirals Cove boasts many rich and famous residents. Baseball Hall of Fame member Mike Schmidt and Washington Nationals star pitcher Max Scherzer are among the 888 people who have homes there. Singer Celine Dion previously owned property in the estate.”

However, not everyone is happy to see the son of the failed, former one-term president living near them, and some in the area want Junior and Kimberly gone ASAP:

“According to The Palm Beach Post, about 30 Admirals Cove residents have contacted general management to express concerns about the political pair moving in. 

“Some cited security concerns, while others are opposed the couple on ideological grounds. One resident claimed it was a ‘nightmare’ that Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle were moving in.”

Oh, it’s a nightmare all right. The Secret Service will be crawling all over the place, trashy Trump guests will be coming and going, and worst of all, the Orange Menace himself may show up for a visit. It’s enough to make property values plummet.

Hopefully, Don Jr. and his main squeeze didn’t sign a long-term lease on their new house. After all, there’s a very good chance the Trump family will be in prison before long.

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Donald And Don Jr. Having To Lawyer Up As Insurrection Lawsuit Against Them Draws Closer

Failed, one-term former President Donald Trump (along with his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.) is facing even more legal problems and is now having to lawyer up as the result of a civil lawsuit filed by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) earlier this month.

The lawsuit, the Washington Post reported on March 5, would hold the former president and his son liable for the injuries and destruction that resulted from their incitement of the insurrection which took place at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.:

“Swalwell … alleged the former president and his fellow speakers at a rally near the White House that day were directly responsible for mobilizing a crowd of tens of thousands of pro-Trump supporters to march on the Capitol and priming them for violence.

“The lawsuit claims the (Trumps) violated the Reconstruction-era Ku Klux Klan Act by conspiring to violently interfere in Congress’s constitutional duties and failing to act to stop the mob. It also accuses them of multiple counts of negligence under both federal and D.C. law, aiding and abetting, and infliction of emotional distress.”

And that has led the two Trumps to seek cover by acquiring one of the few attorneys willing to represent them, according to The Daily Beast:

“Former President Donald Trump, as well as his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., have retained attorney Jesse Binnall to represent each of them.

“Binnall, a Republican attorney based in Virginia, previously represented former Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn, alongside attorney Sidney Powell, after prosecutors charged him with lying to the FBI about his communications with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S.”

Be sure and note what that second paragraph references regarding Binnall’s former client: Mike Flynn, who pled guilty to lying under oath and had to be pardoned by Trump in the final days of his administration. Flynn is still facing penalties from the Department of Defense for accepting large sums of money from Russia to attend a dinner in Moscow and sit next to Russian President/mass murderer Vladimir Putin. That alone suggests that Binnall isn’t exactly the sort of lawyer who makes the A-list of legal minds.

More recently, Binnall made a fool of himself by working for Trump’s 2020 campaign in their pointless lawsuits seeking to overturn the will of the American voters:

“Binnall filed a lawsuit in Nevada on behalf of the Trump campaign which sought to overturn President Joe Biden’s electoral victory there, and he has also repped Defending the Republic, a legal group founded in part by Powell, in a defamation suit filed by Dominion Voting Systems.”

In other words, Binnall is a loser who associates himself with cases he cannot possibly win. Apparently, some attorneys prefer to be on the losing side of every issue.

The Swalwell lawsuit is a clear and present legal danger to Trump and Don Jr. Let’s hope they lose and wind up having to answer for the domestic terrorism that took place back in January.


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Junior Sides With Putin Over Biden And Sets Off A Wave Of Anger And Revulsion

For years now, members of the Trump family have repeatedly denied they have any ties to Russia or Russian President Vladimir Putin, even though evidence to the contrary can be found everywhere you look, including the four years of Donald Trump’s failed, one-term presidency, when he refused to criticize Putin for anything, even when evidence pointed directly to the Russian leader.

Now, however, under President Joe Biden, the tone has changed, with the current president making it clear the United States government will no longer coddle the mass murdering thug who currently rules the nation of Russia.

Just this week, Biden was asked if he considered Putin to be a killer. He replied:

“Mm-hmm, I do.”

And that wasn’t all President Biden had to say about the Russian president:

“The president also said Putin would ‘pay a price’ after U.S. intelligence released a report that found the Kremlin had tried to help former President Donald Trump win reelection last year.”

Contrast that with what Trump said when he was asked the same question by former Fox host Bill O’Reilly in 2017:

“There are a lot of killers. Do you think our country is so innocent?”

For his part, when Putin was asked about President Biden’s comments that he was killer, he lamely told a reporter:

“It takes one to know one.”

Putin also challenged Biden to an unscripted debate, which Biden wisely refused. Why in the hell would you debate a man who has repeatedly tried to interfere with our elections?

Into this back-and-forth steps Donald Trump Jr. Yes, the same Don Jr. who met with Russian officials at Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential race to obtain “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

Junior posted this on Twitter:

As if the United States looked any weaker than it did with Don Jr.’s old man in the White House.

That was all it took for social media to light up with anger and outright revulsion:

Here’s a bit of advice for Don Jr.: If Putin is such great guy, why don’t you move to Moscow and renounce your U.S. citizenship? That way you could be closer to the object of your man crush.