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Don Jr. Suggests Requiring A Vaccine Card To Vote And Then Quickly Walks The Idea Back

Donald Trump Jr. thought he’d found the absolute best way to “own the libs,” which is something he constantly tries (and fails) to accomplish since he’s basically just counting the days until an indictment with his name on it is handed down.

Junior saw a tweet online in which someone equated COVID-19 vaccine cards with having to show photo ID to vote, even though the two couldn’t possibly be more different:

The simple fact is that you do need an ID card to vote in many states, including the state of Georgia, which just passed some of the most restrictive voter suppressions laws in the country. If voter ID works so great, why did legislators in the Peach State make it even tougher to vote? Simple: They don’t want everyone to vote, especially people of color.

Don Jr. ran across the vaccine card/voter ID tweet and immediately added his one cent worth. (One cent instead of two because Junior repeatedly proves he’s not exactly operating with a full cranium.)

Here’s the problem with Don Jr’s deeply flawed right-wing “logic” as it were: A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that a mere 35% of Republicans in counties Trump won in 2020 have been vaccinated for COVID-19. And a poll from the Associated Press reports that half of Republicans say they will never ever get a coronavirus vaccine.

So, if needing a vaccine card is suddenly necessary to cast a ballot (as Junior suggested), then 50 to 65% of the GOP won’t be allowed to vote.

To quote Homer Simpson: D’oh!

When that fact was pointed out to Don Jr., he quickly began walking back his suggestion, saying it had just be a big joke:

Uh-huh. Sure thing, Traitor Tot. No one believes your bullshit. And they couldn’t wait to congratulate you on your spectacular self-own:

As one person pointed out in a response to Don Jr.: Carrying a vaccine card “solves a problem” while voter ID doesn’t solve anything other than suppressing the vote.

Free advice to Donald Trump Jr.: Enjoy Twitter while you can because you won’t be able to from prison.

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Federal Appeals Court Says Multimillion Dollar Fraud Suit Against The Trumps Will Proceed

An enormous class action lawsuit filed against former President Donald Trump and his three oldest children — Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka — will move forward despite pleas from the Trumps that the case be allowed to go to arbitration.

According to Courthouse News, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that the lawsuit, accuses the Trumps of running a pyramid scheme to hawk the services of American Communications Network, which allegedly ran a multilevel marketing scheme that bilked investors and never produced the financial returns it promised:

“Trump and three of his children — Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump — appeared from 2005 to 2015 in promotional television ads, at events and in magazines touting American Communications Network, a telecommunications company that offers business seminars and encourages enrollees to bring in new recruits.

“In a 2018 federal class action, four investors who said they lost hundreds or thousands of dollars investing with ACN sought damages from the then-first family and their corporate entity, the Trump Organization, saying they concealed that ACN paid them handsomely for their endorsements.”

Here’s how the scheme worked: ACN made investors pay $499 up front so they could register with the promise that they could then earn commissions by selling products at “motivational rallies.” At those rallies, family and friends were shown a DVD to encourage them to pony up money for their share of a massive payday promised in ACN’s promotional materials, many of which featured the Trumps encouraging people to pay money so the could reap the rewards, which never materialized.

In the lawsuit, investors reported they made back “less than 10%” of their initial investment.

Much like another illegal scheme, Trump University, the only people who made money in the ACN/Trump deal were the principals: ACN and the Trump family.

A class action judgement against the Trumps could put a massive dent in their bottom line at a time when the Trump Organization is reportedly hemorrhaging money and the former president is unable to lure investors to his struggling real estate business.

The Trump Organization is also under criminal indictment for engaging in tax fraud over the course of decades. Those indictments were handed down earlier this month.

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DC Attorney General Focused On Don Jr. And Ivanka For Inaugural Fraud Scheme: Report

The District of Columbia attorney general is focusing in on Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump for their role in an alleged scheme to defraud the 2017 Trump inaugural committee out of more than $1 million, according to The Daily Beast.

Attorney General Karl Racine has filed a civil lawsuit against both the inaugural committee and the Trump Organization which went to mediation earlier this month. However, no resolution was reached on the matter, which places it back in the hands of a judge overseeing the suit:

“The case will proceed, as all sides wait to see whether D.C. Superior Court Judge José M. López rules that the local law enforcement agency has already proven its case before trial. The office of the local attorney general, Karl Racine, has a pending motion for summary judgment arguing that the evidence already presented weighs that heavily in his favor.

“The local attorney general claims the Trump Organization and Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C. were ‘unjustly enriched’ by overbilling the nonprofit inauguration committee. The office wants the judge to force the return of $1.08 million in ‘misspent charitable funds.’ (The AG’s office wants to award that money to another civic-minded nonprofit of its choosing.)”

The suit is especially dangerous for Don Jr. and Ivanka, who are believed to have bilked the inaugural committee out of millions by directing events to the Trump International Hotel in the nation’s capital and overbilling on rooms and services provided at the hotel.

While Racine’s suit is asking for a civil judgement against the Trumps, his office retains the right to any evidence of criminal behavior to other agencies that could pursue the Trump Organization and seek criminal penalties, including imprisonment for fraud and other crimes.

One of the key figures in the inaugural fraud scheme was recently indicted in federal court:

“Tom Barrack, who led the inaugural committee as its chairman, was arrested on a separate matter last week. Barrack, a wealthy investor and personal friend of Donald Trump, appeared in Brooklyn federal court on Monday to plead not guilty to charges that he used his access to the incoming president to secretly lobby for the United Arab Emirates.

“When Barrack was deposed in November 2020 by Leonor Miranda, an assistant attorney general with the office’s public advocacy division, he claimed that he wasn’t involved in the Trump family’s initial selection of venues—and that he didn’t know about the block of hotel rooms that were eventually paid by his committee.”

Barrack might be willing to cooperate with prosecutors and tell what he knows about possible crimes by the Trump family and Trump Org. If he wants to avoid spending the rest of his life in prison (Barrack is 74), he’d best start singing like a canary.

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Don Jr. Attempts To Defend Tucker Carlson But Only Succeeds In Humiliating Himself

On Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. (a.k.a Traitor Tot) tried to defend his buddy Tucker Carlson who was castigated by a man in a viral video that showed the Fox host being taken to task for his lies about vaccines for COVID-19, but all Junior accomplished was proving what a gutless suck up he is.

In the video of Carlson, a man identified as Dan Bailey approaches the Fox host in a Montana shop and tells him:

“You are the worst human being known to mankind. I want you to know that.”

That led Don Jr. to post this ridiculous note on Twitter regarding the video:

Pregnant male emoji?! WTF does that even mean? Is Junior trying to say that Bailey is overweight? Has he taken a good look at his fat slob of a father lately? The failed, one-term president looks like he swallowed a pumpkin and wasn’t able to shit it out. He’s clearly tilting the scales at over 300 lbs.

All Junior accomplished was getting his own tweet squashed flat by others on social media:

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Don Jr. Gets Humiliated For Pushing His Girlfriend As Meghan McCain’s Replacement On ‘The View’

As he so often does, Donald Trump Jr. stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and wound up getting slapped down on Twitter for suggesting that his girlfriend — disgraced former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle — should replace Meghan McCain on “The View.”

According to Newsweek, Guilfoyle’s name has indeed been mentioned, along with those of Megyn Kelly and Candace Owens, any of whom would be even more annoying, bigoted, and right-wing than McCain, who also won’t be missed by most viewers.

Into this debate stepped the failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president’s son, who took to Twitter and made it sound like Guilfoyle was some sort of conservative savior and master debater who would put her co-hosts to shame:

That’s when social media took over and laid some harsh facts on Traitor Tot:

The only reason for ABC to hire Guilfoyle as a co-host on “The View” is if they want to kill the show.

Here’s a quick reminder of just how unhinged Kimberly Guilfoyle is: