Anti-Vaxxers WTF?!

Anti-Vaxxers Are Already Claiming Matthew Perry Died Because He Took The Covid Shot

Even though no autopsy has been performed and there is no preliminary indication what may have led to the unexpected death of “Friends” star Matthew Perry at the age of 54, anti-vaxxers are already suggesting — without a hint of evidence — that the Covid vaccine killed him.

Mediaite reports:

The 54-year-old actor was found dead this weekend after an apparent drowning in a jacuzzi at his Los Angeles home. The precise cause of death remains under investigation, though so far there appear to be no signs of foul play, and reports have said that first responders were called to the scene for a cardiac arrest.

Perry was best known for his acclaimed 10-season performance of Chandler Bing on the hit show “Friends.” In recent years, Perry was also visible for his public struggles with drug addiction, undergoing multiple stints in rehab and dealing with various health issues.

Perry was also known for using his star power in the last two years to urge people to get vaccinated for Covid.

That vaccine advocacy was all it took for right-wingers to crap all over Perry’s memory by pronouncing their own ignorant diagnosis.


Anti-Vaxxers Elections

Grandson Of John F. Kennedy Blasts RFK Jr. As ‘An Embarrassment’ To The Family

The Kennedy family has had enough of Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s presidential campaign and his ridiculous remarks about vaccines, his blatant anti-Semitism, and his willingness to be a stooge for House Republicans.

Jack Schlossberg, the grandson of President John F. Kennedy, posted a video on Instagram today in which he called RFK Jr’s campaign a “vanity project” and “an embarrassment.”

“He’s trading in on Camelot, celebrity, conspiracy theories and conflict for personal gain and fame. I have no idea why anyone thinks he should be president. What I do know is his candidacy is an embarrassment. Let’s not be distracted again by somebody’s vanity project.”

Schlossberg also endorsed the reelection of President Joe Biden, noting that Biden has “appointed more federal judges than any president since my grandfather. He ended our longest war, he ended the COVID pandemic and he ended Donald Trump. These are the issues that matter. And if my cousin Bobby Kennedy Jr. cared about any of them, he would support Joe Biden too.”

Schlossberg is the latest member of the Kennedy family to denounce Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Earlier this week, his sister, Kerry Kennedy, “I strongly condemn my brother’s deplorable and untruthful remarks last week about Covid being engineered for ethnic targeting.”

Back when RFK Jr. first launched his campaign, Kerry noted, “I love my brother Bobby, but I do not share or endorse his opinions on many issues, including the COVID pandemic, vaccinations, and the role of social media platforms in policing false information.”


Anti-Vaxxers Congress

WATCH A Democrat Mock RFK Jr. For Being An Anti-Vax Hypocrite: ‘He Vaccinated All His Children’

At a hearing of the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee today, the GOP’s star witness was Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination and is probably best known as being a vocal opponent of vaccines, including the ones developed for the COVID virus.

At one point during Kennedy’s testimony, Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-Virgin Islands), noted that while the witness loves to slam the value of vaccines, he certainly made sure that his immediate family got vaccinated for COVID-19.

“You know, Mr. Kennedy’s own family decries his stance on vaccines and families disagree on a lot of things. I got family members that, you know, we all disagree, so that doesn’t mean anything. But the fact that he has famously sent a request to a party guest that they had to be vaccinated to come to his party, and I’d like to introduce into the record a letter from Lewis Silken — a law firm representing Mr. Kennedy — which states, as he has stated repeatedly, he vaccinated all his children. And I’d like that to be introduced into the record.”

The congresswoman then added that while Kennedy “tells the Black community and myself, a mother of five Black children, that I should really be careful and not necessarily have the same safeguards to protect my family, my children, from a virus that has killed millions of people because I’m black. There’s no secret that this is an amplification of his own platform.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a charlatan, a hypocrite, and a liar who needs to sit down and let the adults discuss matters of public health.


Anti-Vaxxers GOP

WATCH Rand Paul Get His A*s Handed To Him During A Hearing On Vaccines


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) made a fool of himself at a hearing of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee Wednesday when attempted to suggest that young men who take the COVID-19 vaccine are more likely to have myocarditis (which is an inflammation of the heart muscle).

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel was testifying before the committee and was asked by Paul:

“Is there a higher interest or a higher incidence of myocarditis among adolescent males 16 to 24 after taking your vaccine?”


“First, let me say we care deeply about safety and we are working closely with the CDC and the FDA.”

Paul: “Pretty much a yes or no,” Paul said. “Is there a higher incidence of myocarditis among boys 16 to 24 after they take your vaccine?”

“The data I’ve shown, actually, I’ve seen, sorry, from the CDC, actually shown that there’s less myocarditis for people who get the vaccine versus who get COVID infection,” Bancel noted.

A clearly shocked Paul asked, “You’re saying that for ages 16 to 24 among males who take the COVID vaccine, their risk of myocarditis is less than people who get the disease?”

Bancel confirmed what he had just said, “That is my understanding, Senator.”

Taken aback and looking as if Bancel had just slapped him, Paul exclaimed:

“That is not true. And I’d like to enter into the record six peer-reviewed papers from the Journal of Vaccine, the Annals of Medicine that say the complete opposite of what you say.”

According to the CDC, Bancel is right and Paul is (as usual) wrong, reporting, Myocarditis and pericarditis have rarely been reported.

Anti-Vaxxers QAnon WTF?!

QAnon Members Say Kirstie Alley Was ‘Assassinated’ Because She Was An Anti-Vaxxer

On Tuesday, the children of “Cheers” actress Kirstie Alley announced that their mother had died, issuing a statement which read:

“We are sad to inform you that our incredible, fierce and loving mother has passed away after a battle with cancer, only recently discovered.”

It was later reported that Alley had died as a result of colon cancer, with a rep telling People magazine that the late actress had indeed been diagnosed with the fatal disease.

But according to some in the QAnon cult, Alley was actually “assassinated” because she was opposed to COVID vaccines.

David Gilbert of Vice News reports:

On the QAnon message board the Great Awakening, members concluded that the sudden nature of Alley’s death was a clear sign that her death was part of a global plot to silence critics of the COVID vaccines. 

“I wholly believe the [deep state] has a way of dosing people with poisons that create aggressive cancers,” one member wrote. Another added: “She either just drew the short straw or she was poisoned by the Deep State for being a public Patriot.”

Yep, here we go again. The same people who believe world governments are control by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who eat the brains of children in order to stay young now think that Kirstie Alley was killed because she was an anti-vaxxer.

Alley, a vocal Trump supporter, had spread multiple conspiracy theories on her social media channels in recent years about COVID-19 and vaccines. She tweeted in October last year that until the vaccines “can prevent me from getting COVID or prevent you from getting it. I won’t be getting it and will ignore mandates to get it.. seems fair to me.”

Alley had also expressed her support of the QAnon movement, tweeting out this in October of 2020:

There’s also chatter that Alley was killed by the COVID vaccine, which she allegedly had to take before she was allowed to appear on “The Masked Singer.”

Some conspiracy theorists claimed on extremist message boards, as well as social networks like Truth Social, Gab, and Telegram, that because she had recently joined the cast of The Masked Singer Alley would have been “forced” to get a vaccine against her will. Others speculated, without any evidence, that she would have had to be vaccinated in order to receive treatment for her cancer.

Not batshit crazy enough for you? Well, consider that Alley was 71 when she died. But 71 reversed is 17 and the 17th letter of the alphabet is Q.

“Smells fishy,” a prominent QAnon group wrote on Telegram. “She’d been asking a lot of questions about official narratives. Funny thing, these fast acting cancers and celebs that don’t fall in line.”

What smells really fishy is the bullshit that gets passed off as “fact” by the QAnon cultists.