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Republicans Brand DeSantis A ‘Sellout’ After He Urges Floridians To Get Vaccinated

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) thought his plan for dealing with COVID-19 in the Sunshine State had been a perfect balancing of public health and opposition to vaccines.

And then the Delta variant arrived, and suddenly DeSantis realized the tightrope he’d been walking was swaying dangerously, making him and his state one of the main hotspots for a resurgence of the disease, as the Wall Street Journal recently reported:

“The state accounts for one in five new infections in the U.S. and logged 73,181 cases over the past week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Florida had 341 cases per 100,000 people over the past week, second only to Louisiana. The weekly total of new cases reported by Florida jumped more than fourfold between July 1 and July 22, reaching its highest point since mid-January.”

DeSantis realized he had no choice but to address the numbers coming from his state, so he spoke in favor of vaccines, admitting “vaccines are saving lives.”

And that’s when the blowback started, with many of DeSantis’ once loyal supporters accusing him of being a sellout, Politico notes, and possibly destroying the governor’s chances of being a legitimate presidential contender in 2024:

“’Don’t let political correctness get in the way of health choices,’ former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said recently of DeSantis’ comments, speaking on ‘The Right Side with Doug Billings,’ a conservative radio host and podcaster.

Another conservative radio host, Stew Peters, last week called DeSantis a ‘sellout’ and suggested the governor was taking bribes, though didn’t specify from whom.”

Of course, none of this should surprise anyone because the Republican Party has become a cult of death and conspiracy theories, refusing to accept facts, science, or medical advice. Their refusal to do the right thing and get vaccinated is causing many GOP-controlled states to see a surge in hospitalizations and deaths.

What happens next for DeSantis? Will he back away and let COVID have its way, or is he finally ready to be a responsible leader? According to CNN’s Chris Cillizza, the answer to that question will decide if the Florida governor has a political future, especially since he’s facing a shaky bid for reelection as governor next year:

“Depending on what you think of DeSantis, he has either been good or lucky to date in the pandemic. But the rising number of cases in Florida – coupled with the increased transmissibility of the Delta variant – poses a challenge that he hasn’t had to deal with yet.

“DeSantis seems likely to be faced with a clear challenge sometime soon: Do what’s right for the state of Florida or continue to play to his 2024 ambitions by refusing to acknowledge that mitigation practices – masks, social distancing, etc. – are necessary.”

Based on DeSantis’ past statements and actions, don’t be surprised if COVID gets significantly worse in Florida and DeSantis winds up losing badly in 2022. And once that happens, he’ll be nothing but a failed has-been, just like his hero, Donald Trump.

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Sarah Sanders Gets Cold Busted For Lying About The COVID-19 Vaccine

Believe it or not, former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is actually encouraging people to get vaccinated for COVID-19, writing an op-ed that was published Sunday in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in which she repeatedly gives her former boss, failed, one-term former President Donald Trump, all the credit for the vaccine.

For example, Sanders writes:

“A few months ago, I decided to take advantage of President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed and get vaccinated.

“When the Trump administration initiated Operation Warp Speed in May 2020, the president stated that a vaccine would become available by December of that year at the very latest. From the moment he made his announcement, the ‘expert’ class tried to undermine those statements with baseless fear-mongering.”

Why were so many of us skeptical about what Trump said regarding the vaccine? Probably because he spent four years lying about everything and even suggested that as soon as warmer weather arrived in the summer of 2020, COVID would completely disappear. It didn’t, and hundreds of thousands of Americans died as a result of his misinformation and attempts to minimize the seriousness of the pandemic.

Just like her former boss, Sanders also resorts to lying to make her case, suggesting that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris tried to discourage people from getting vaccinated:

“The New York Times ran an opinion piece claiming that whatever the Trump administration released would likely be a dangerous political stunt. CNN did the same. But no one did more to undercut public confidence in the vaccine than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Biden doubted that the vaccine would be ‘real,’ while Harris said in a nationally-televised debate that she would not take any vaccine the Trump administration had a hand in creating.”

But as CNN White House correspondent John Harwood noted on Twitter, Sanders is also lying with her accusation:

Here’s the video of exactly what Harris said during the VP debate:

Of course, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Sarah Sanders is praising Trump and lying about the candidates who defeated him and Mike Pence by nearly 8 million votes. After all, Sanders is running to be governor of Arkansas. She’ll say whatever it takes to divert attention from the truckload of bullshit she uttered from the podium as press secretary.

Does Trump deserve some of the credit for the coronavirus vaccine? Yes he does. But that has to be balanced against the endless lies he told about the disease as thousands of Americans perished under his so-called “leadership.”

COVID is one of the main reasons Trump lost the 2020 election. And it’s also the reason a majority of Americans will never trust him again.

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Asked About Americans Dying Of COVID, Marjorie Taylor Greene Laughs Maniacally

Based on the things she’s said and done since she first announced she would be running for Congress, there are some things we already know about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA):

  • She’s willfully ignorant
  • She’s a shameless self-promoter
  • She has the common sense of wet burlap
  • She’s fond of conspiracy theories

But based on remarks Greene made Tuesday during a press conference held at her office, we can add another fact to what we know about the Georgia congresswoman: She’s a heartless asshole who doesn’t give two hoots in hell about anyone but herself.

It began when Greene told reporters:

“With 6,000 vax related deaths and many concerning side effects reported, the (COVID-19) vax should be a choice not a mandate for everyone.”

Mediate reports that at Greene’s Tuesday presser, Tim Mitchell of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked her:

“Do you feel any responsibility for keeping people in Georgia safe? There are children, skinny people, who have died of coronavirus. Do you feel any responsibility?”

Greene’s response was to begin laughing. Not just a chuckle, mind you, but a genuine maniacal laugh before she finally managed to reply:

“Gee, you crack me up.

“You know what? I think people’s responsibility is their own to read the information, and it’s everywhere.”

Notice how she didn’t actually answer the question? She has no logical answer or fact to provide, so she resorts to a bullshit response that only serves to prove what a foolish and dangerous person she truly is.

Another reporter asked the congresswoman if she had been vaccinated, and Greene began spouting outright nonsense about how the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) prevented her from saying one way or the other on that query:

“(That) is a violation of my HIPAA rights. You see, with HIPAA rights, we don’t have to reveal our medical records and that also involves our vaccine records.”

Not even a little bit true, as Mediate noted:

“Under HIPAA, healthcare providers may not provide medical information about patients to third parties without patient consent. It does not apply to individuals or entities who aren’t healthcare providers. Moreover, it is not a “violation” of the law to ask someone if they have been vaccinated.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a waste of flesh and oxygen. She’s also a heartless ghoul with blood on her hands.

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Ron DeSantis Busted Selling ‘Disturbing’ Pandemic Merchandise

Among many in the Republican Party, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is seen as the favorite to be the GOP nominee for president in 2024, even though the party still seems in the thrall of Trump fever despite the fact that he lost badly to President Joe Biden and is facing indictment for a number of serious crimes.

While DeSantis clearly isn’t as abrasive and legally-challenged as Trump, he does share a complete lack of taste and good manners with the failed, one-term former president as evidenced by merchandise for sale on his campaign website, according to The Hill:

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is selling merchandise on his campaign website taking shots at Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious diseases expert, and other coronavirus restrictions. 

“The merchandise includes drink koozies and shirts that say ‘Don’t Fauci My Florida’ and flags that closely resemble former President Trump’s style saying ‘Keep Florida Free.'”

In case you hadn’t already guessed, DeSantis is running for reelection as governor of the Sunshine State next year, and he’s going to have some serious Democratic challengers, including former governor Charlie Crist.

DeSantis may think his campaign merch will be popular with his base supporters (and it likely will), but considering how badly the state of Florida has been impacted by COVID-19, with over 38,000 already dead, it seems unwise to be making light of the pandemic, especially with cases on the rise once again as a result of people failing to get vaccinated and arrival of the new Delta variant.

Many on social media weren’t exactly enamored with DeSantis’ attempt to make a buck off a deadly disease:

Here’s some free advice for Ron DeSantis and the rest of the GOP: Just go ahead and change the name of your party to American Death Cult. It’s a hell of a lot more honest and your voters will love it.


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Newsmax Host: Vaccines Are ‘Against Nature’– Diseases Are Supposed To ‘Wipe Out’ People

As hospitalizations from COVID-19 in red states continue to skyrocket and the Biden administration urges Americans to get vaccinated as a way to prevent another wave of the deadly disease — this time as a result of the new Delta variant — right-wing media continues its assault on science and rational thought.

For weeks now, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been questioning the need for COVID vaccines, and now Rob Schmitt of Newmax has decided to join the misinformation brigade by proudly asserting that vaccines go “against nature” because diseases are supposed to “wipe out” a certain number of people.

Monday, Schmitt had this to say on the matter of disease and vaccines, according to Media Matters:

“I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’m not a pro-vaxxer. I’m somebody that’s looking at this thing and trying to figure it out.”

Admitting that he’s “not a doctor,” Schmitt then added:

“I’ve always thought about vaccines, and I always think about just nature, and the way everything works. And I feel like a vaccination in a weird way is just generally kind of going against nature.”

And then Schmitt took his remarks to the most absurd level imaginable:

“Like, I mean, if there is some disease out there — maybe there’s just an ebb and flow to life where something’s supposed to wipe out a certain amount of people, and that’s just kind of the way evolution goes. Vaccines kind of stand in the way of that. Do you follow what I’m saying? Does that make sense to somebody in medicine?”

However, if that was the case, children in this country would be dying by the hundreds of thousands each year from preventable diseases such as smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough. Millions more would be paralyzed or die from polio. Is that what we want to see happen when we have ways of eliminating such childhood scourges?

In the case of coronavirus, misinformation is literally death. And while most of us believe everyone has a First Amendment right to express their opinion on any subject, that doesn’t mean it’s wise for so-called “news” networks to delude their viewers into being so cavalier with their health or the health of their loved ones.

If you can’t shout “fire!” in a crowded theater, then you damn well shouldn’t be minimizing the seriousness of a virus that has already killed over 600,000 Americans. To do so makes you complicit in adding to the death toll. That may not be a crime, but maybe it should be.