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Attorney For Alex Jones Loses His Law License For Misconduct In Sandy Hook Trial

As if the massive multimillion dollar decision against him wasn’t bad enough, InfoWars host Alex Jones has now lost his attorney, Norm Pattis, who had his law license suspended on Thursday for misconduct during the Sandy Hook defamation trial against Jones.

According to NBC Connecticut, Pattis cannot practice law for six months, and the reason is because he released unauthorized files related to the Sandy Hook case.

The files released include the personal medical records of several Sandy Hook families during the Connecticut defamation case.

“Simply put, given his experience, there is no acceptable excuse for his misconduct,” Judge Barbara Bellis said in a court decision released Thursday.

Judge Bellis added, “We cannot expect our system of justice or our attorneys to be perfect but we can expect fundamental fairness and decency. There was no fairness or decency in the treatment of the plaintiffs’ most sensitive and personal information, and no excuse for the respondent’s misconduct.”

Pattis also gave two years of Jones’ text messages to the plaintiffs, a move that even the most inexperienced attorney is unlikely to make.

Jones remains on the hook for $985 million in damages related to comments he made regarding the Sandy Hook mass shooting which left 26 people dead, including 20 children between six and seven years old.

On his InfoWars broadcast, Jones suggested that the shooting had been staged by the government in order to justify new gun control laws. He also called the children killed at the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school “crisis actors” and said their parents were also actors who were being paid to grieve.

Pattis says he is appealing Judge Bellis’ ruling and will be seeking a stay until he can file the paperwork for the appeal.

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Judge Strips Bankruptcy Protections From Alex Jones – Orders Payment Of $1.5 Billion In Sandy Hook Damages

A Texas judge ruled Monday that InfoWars host Alex Jones cannot use bankruptcy to avoid paying $1.5 billion in damages awarded to families of those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in December of 2012.

The ruling means that Jones will indeed be forced to pay whatever he has in cash or other valuable items in order to comply with the court ruling.

In his ruling, Houston Judge Christopher M. López wrote:

“Immediately to (i) allow the Sandy Hook Post-Trial Families’ Cases to continue to proceed to entry of final judgment and (ii) once judgments are entered, to allow appeals, if any, to proceed and the Sandy Hook Post-Trial Families to pursue, respond to and participate in any such appeals without further order of the Court.”

John Craven of News 12 spelled out other details of Judge López’s ruling.

JUST IN: Sandy Hook families may proceed with $1.5 billion in judgments against Alex Jones. A bankruptcy judge just approved an agreement to lift the automatic stay that went into effect when Jones filed for bankruptcy The families agreed to not pursue collection efforts yet

Judge will consider a pay raise for Jones on January 20 Jones’ attorneys say he needs his full salary to keep doing the “Infowars” show — the program where he claimed Sandy Hook was a hoax — so he can pay off the families Attorney Vickie Driver: “He’s just out of money”

Jones’ Attorney Vickie Driver: Jones has “lots of business strategies” to get his company back to profitability

For years now Jones has attempted to delay paying the money awarded to families he accused of being “crisis actors” and part of a government conspiracy to fabricate mass shootings in an attempt to impose gun restrictions across the United States.

But Jones and his lies have finally caught up with him and he’s beginning to realize that he may soon be forced to sell whatever belongings he has to satisfy the court judgements against him and his company.

Racism WTF?!

Kanye West Tells Alex Jones ‘I Like Hitler…Nazis Did Good Things’

During a Thursday appearance on InfoWars, rapper Kanye West went full Nazi, telling host Alex Jones that he likes Hitler and that the Nazis “did good things.”

Jones tried to give West an opportunity to walk back his previous anti-Semitic comments, remarking:

“That’s right, you’re not Hitler, you’re not a Nazi, you don’t deserve to be called that and demonized.”

But rather than take the chance Jones provided, West doubled down and happily went full Nazi.

Wearing a black mask that covered his entire head and face, West told Jones:

“Well, I see good things about Hitler, also. I love everyone. The Jewish people are not going to tell me, you know, you can love us and you can love what we’re doing to you with the contracts and you can love what we’re pushing with the pornography.”

West continued to laud Hitler and the Nazis.

“But this guy that invented highways and invented the very microphone that I use as a musician. You can’t say out loud that this person never did anything good and I’m done with that, I’m done with the classifications, and every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.”


Every human being has value? No. Hitler had no value whatsoever. Neither did Josef Stalin or Pol Pot. Anyone who kills others humans and engages in outright genocide is worthless and only brings hatred and pain into the world.

West has also been hanging out with failed, one-term former president Donald Trump lately, paying a visit to the disgraced ex-president at his Mar-a-Lago estate recently. That alone should disqualify the Donald from ever holding elected office again.

Kanye West is a disgusting sack of shit. He deserves to be shunned by all of humanity.

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Jury Says Alex Jones Must Pay Almost $1 Billion In Damages To Eight Sandy Hook Families

A jury in Connecticut has ordered right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to nearly $1 billion in damages to families of victims killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, according to Bloomberg.

Jones must pay $965 million to eight families and an FBI agent.

The families’ lawyers had suggested jurors use $550 million as a “baseline” for calculating damages — roughly one dollar for every social media impression Jones’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts jointly racked up during the six years following the 2012 mass shooting.

In his closing argument, Chris Mattei, an attorney for one of the families, told the jury:

“You have to stand up to a bully, because bullies won’t stop, especially when being a bully makes them very, very rich.”

Though Jones has repeatedly said he is flat broke and cannot pay a dime in damages, a former employee who worked for the Infowars host testified that Jones total earnings dietary supplements, books and survival gear at $100 million to $1 billion since the 2012 mass shooting that left 26 people dead, including 20 children between six and seven years old.

Just last month, Jones had his request for bankruptcy denied by a judge and a new overseer appointed, guaranteeing that the right-wing agitator will be unable to hide any of his assets, which will likely lead to a complete financial collapse of him and his company:

 Judge Christopher Lopez dismissed Mr. Jones’s attorney and chief restructuring officer in the bankruptcy of Free Speech Systems, Infowars’ parent company, and expanded the duties of a Department of Justice-appointed trustee already monitoring the case. The judge authorized the trustee to hire additional legal and other help, specifying that any new hires must have “no connection to any of these cases,” he said, citing a need to investigate “insider relationships.”

According to remarks Jones made after the Sandy Hook massacre, the dead children and their grieving families were merely “crisis actors” who performed as part of a plan he claimed was meant to aid the passage of restrictive gun control measures in the United States.

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Judge Denies Alex Jones’s Claim Of Bankruptcy And Sets The Stage For His Financial Collapse 

A federal bankruptcy judge in Houston has ruled that officials overseeing the bankruptcy of right-wing host Alex Jones and his parent corporation must be replaced, meaning that Jones will be unable to hide any of his assets.

According to The New York Times:

 Judge Christopher Lopez dismissed Mr. Jones’s attorney and chief restructuring officer in the bankruptcy of Free Speech Systems, Infowars’ parent company, and expanded the duties of a Department of Justice-appointed trustee already monitoring the case. The judge authorized the trustee to hire additional legal and other help, specifying that any new hires must have “no connection to any of these cases,” he said, citing a need to investigate “insider relationships.”

“There has to be greater transparency in this case,” Judge Lopez said during the hearing on Tuesday, pointing to concerns with spending and other disclosures on the part of the company, which is run by Mr. Jones. “Without transparency, people lose faith in the process,” he added, referring to the federal bankruptcy system.

Despite his claims of poverty, Jones has been spending like King Midas, which is odd since he claims to already be $54 million in the hole.

To date, Jones has lost every lawsuit filed against him for his disgusting comments about the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, and was recently ordered to pay $45.2 million to two Sandy Hook parents by a Texas jury. He is facing the same outcome as a trial begins in Connecticut that could also result in a massive judgement against him.

Leaving the courtroom, Jones went on an unhinged rant.

“The headlines were ‘Jones doesn’t show.’ They said we don’t want you! I show up yesterday. We don’t want you! I show up today! We don’t want you!

“And this guy is going to report I didn’t show up today! That’s lying! That’s corporate fake media and that’s shame on you!”