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Gloves Off: Karine Jean-Pierre Puts MAGA Racists In Their Place With A Brilliant Comparison

The issue of race and racism has been in the news quite a lot over the past few days, thanks to two major news stories that have garnered lots of attention and commentary from all sides of the political spectrum.

The first story involves Kanye West (who now prefers to be called Ye) but will be referred to by his given name to avoid confusion.

Kanye decided it would be a great idea to make a incredibly insensitive antisemitic comment in which he basically declared war on Jewish people.

Specifically, West posted this on social media, and got his Twitter account suspended as a result:

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) is also in hot water for saying the following at a Trump rally over the weekend:

“I have never seen like the crime in this country. We all grew up respecting the police. Our moral values. Doing what we could do to help law enforcement in this country. The Democratic party, they have a majority, they could stop this crime today. Some people say, well, they’re soft on crime. No, they’re not soft on crime, they’re pro crime. They want crime. They want crime because they want to take over what you got. They want to control what you have. They want reparations because they think the people that do the crime are owed that. Bulls***. They are not owed that.”

And now we have Nury Martinez, Los Angeles City Council President and and a Democrat, who made horrific comments that are also blatantly racist, The Los Angeles Times reports:

Behind closed doors, Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez made openly racist remarks, derided some of her council colleagues and spoke in unusually crass terms about how the city should be carved up politically.

The conversation remained private for nearly a year, until a leaked recording reverberated explosively Sunday and turned the focus of a sprawling metropolis toward Los Angeles City Hall.

Martinez is being pressured to resign her post, but Tuberville is under no such call from his GOP colleagues, which led a reporter to ask White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at the Tuesday press briefing for her thoughts and those of President Joe Biden on the matter of Nury Martinez, to which she responded:

“Here’s the difference between Democrats and MAGA Republicans. When a Democrat says something racist or antisemitic, we hold Democrats accountable. When a MAGA Republican says something racist or antisemitic, they are embraced by cheering crowds.”

That says it all, and perfectly.

Racism Social Media WTF?!

Conservatives Pitch A Massive Online Hissy Fit After Lizzo Plays A Flute Once Owned By James Madison

You may not know this, but singer Lizzo is an accomplished flutist, and was granted an extreme honor this week when the Library of Congress allowed her to play a 200-year-old crystal flute that was once owned by former president James Madison.

CNN reports that Lizzo admitted she was nervous about playing a flute once owned by a Founding Father and former president.

In footage shared by concertgoers, Lizzo excitedly and delicately handled the flute under the careful watch of Library staff and Capitol Police. She briefly shared the history of the flute with her audience and said she was “the first person to ever play it.”

“B***h, I’m scared,” she said to the audience’s laughter. “It’s crystal. It’s like playing out of a wine glass, b***h, so be patient.”

She played a note on the crystal flute, pausing excitedly after it made a sound, according to a video Lizzo shared on social media. Then, she blew a few more fluttery notes on it, cautiously twerking as she played, as is her signature. After a few seconds, she held the flute high in the air, victorious, and carefully returned it to the staff waiting a few feet away.

“B,***h, I just twerked and played James Madison’s crystal flute from the 1800s,” she said incredulously. “We just made history tonight!”

Here’s the video:

It was a beautiful and historic moment, one which the Library of Congress was glad to help make possible because it made history come alive.

Earlier this week, the Library of Congress invited Lizzo to visit its collection of 1,700 flutes, the largest in the world, per the Library. She carefully played the flute there first before she “serenaded employees and a few researchers” with a “more practical” woodwind, the Library said.

But reaction from conservatives, right-wingers, and MAGA morons was hateful, bigoted, and disgusting, which seems to be the usual for them. They seethed on social media.

Donald Trump Racism The Trump Adminstration WTF?!

Trump Refused To Name Nikki Haley As His Running Mate Because She Had A ‘Complexion Problem’

Disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump rejected the idea of naming Nikki Haley as his running mate because he said she had a “complexion problem,” i.e. was too dark because she’s of Indian descent, according to a new book, The Divider: Trump in the White House 2017-2021, by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser.

During an appearance on CNN Tuesday, Glasser was interviewed by host Brianna Keilar, according to Mediaite:

Among the book’s claims are concerns from H.R. McMaster that Rudy Giuliani was an “influence agent” and needed to be watched while at the White House. Glasser claimed Giuliani fought for the position of secretary of state under Trump, and when he didn’t get it, he became a constant presence at the White House. McMaster reportedly made it a rule that he needed to be present when Giuliani was speaking to Trump, fearing the former New York City mayor could speak on behalf of foreign powers.

The book also claims that Trump rejected Haley as a running partner, taking issue with her appearance and, more specifically, skin tone.

Glasser noted that Trump’s comments about Haley — who served as UN ambassador for two years in the Trump administration — were made by the failed ex-president during a conversation with then-White House Chief of Staff John Kelly:

When Haley’s name was offered to Trump as a possible running mate, Trump dismissed the idea and said, “this doesn’t look good for me,” referencing Haley’s darker complexion.

“Trump was very motivated and talked often about appearances and in particular had a habit of making derogatory remarks about women,” Glasser said.

Those who continue to defend Trump insist he’s not the least bit racist. Of course, they also believe the 2020 election was stolen, though they have yet to provide a scintilla of credible proof of their bogus claims. Some people are born to be lemmings.

Donald Trump Jr. Racism Social Media WTF?!

Twitter Reacts With Revulsion When Don Jr. Posts Meme About White Men Marrying Black Women

It remains a mystery why some white men are so threatened by strong, successful black women, but there are millions of them across this country (and globe) who seem to feel that if things are going well for women of color, it lessens men as human beings.

That, of course, is complete nonsense, and yet it’s still a major tenet of the so-called “MAGA movement” that was spawned by disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump. The ex-president has been a bigoted piece of crap his entire life, and he’s only gotten more racist as he’s grown older.

His son, Donald Trump Jr., however, is young enough to know better, yet he’s only too happy to traffic in racist tropes and suggest that white heterosexual men in the United States are somehow an endangered species.

For example, consider this utterly disgusting meme Junior posted on social media:

What is that about? Obviously, it’s meant to try and flip what has been said about the MAGA faithful (probably because it happens to be true), but it’s actually nothing more than a whiny demand to be recognized and appreciated by Don Jr., who has clearly never felt loved a day in his life, most certainly not by his father, who is a cold fish and malignant narcissist.

Consider for just a moment what has been said about such insecure white men as the former president and his namesake son:

From boasting about the size of his penis on national television to releasing records of his high testosterone levels, President Trump’s rhetoric and behavior exude machismo. His behavior also seems to have struck a chord with some male voters. See, for example, the “Donald Trump: Finally Someone With Balls” T-shirts common at Trump rallies.

But our research suggests that Trump is not necessarily attracting male supporters who are as confidently masculine as the president presents himself to be. Instead, Trump appears to appeal more to men who are secretly insecure about their manhood. We call this the “fragile masculinity hypothesis.”

Twitter users, however, were not willing to extend such a scientific take on the matter, and they destroyed Don Jr.

Capitol Insurrection January 6 Racism WTF?!

Mom Of Jan. 6 Rioter Ashli Babbitt Says A ‘Black Woman’ Would Have Been Treated Better Than Her Daughter

The mother of the late Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt is suggesting that if her daughter had been black, she might still be alive.

Speaking with former New York City mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani on his podcast, Micki Withoeft remarked:

“Nancy Pelosi sitting up there in her castle mad that the minions dared show up that day — well, you know there are a million strong people there to address their government and they made an attempt to kill the First Amendment. But the First Amendment isn’t dead. It’s wounded but it’s not dead. And people are startin’ to realize things that happened that day.”

The First Amendment, however, doesn’t give anyone the right to attack the seat of government and call for the vice president to be hanged.

And while Withoeft also claimed that her daughter did nothing wrong on January 6, the facts suggest otherwise, the Los Angeles Times notes:

In the seven months since she was killed, Babbitt has become a martyr to the far right. In the twisted revisionist narrative being pushed by former President Trump and his supporters, she was a peaceful demonstrator — an “innocent, wonderful, incredible woman” — who was unjustifiably murdered by the police even though she posed no danger.

But that’s not what the video shows. Her death was a tragedy, to be sure — but it was hardly an unjustified murder.

Here’s how Babbitt managed to get herself killed:

Members of Congress can be seen on the other side of the door. Also on the other side of the door is a police lieutenant holding a gun, pointing it at the mob, an unmistakable warning to stay back.

But Babbit decides instead — although it’s a little hard to see on the video — to climb through the shattered glass window into the Speaker’s Lobby, past the police barricade, toward the pointed gun. If she is allowed through, it seems inevitable that the mob will follow.

As she climbs through, a single shot is fired and she drops to the floor.

If Ashli Babbitt didn’t want to get shot, she shouldn’t have rioted and gone against the orders of the cop who told her to stop. She’s the one who caused her death.

Here’s the podcast: