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WATCH ‘Sniveling Dork’ Ted Cruz Get Relentlessly Booed At The Houston Astros Victory Parade

The city of Houston was in high spirits Monday, giving a hero’s welcome to their baseball team, the Astros, for winning the 2022 World Series, defeating the Philadelphia Phillies in six games.

As is always the case with victorious sports teams, a victory parade was held in Houston, but one person who showed for the celebration wasn’t exactly welcomed by fans, according to HuffPost:

Houston Astros fans gathered in the city’s streets on Monday to honor the team’s World Series victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.

However, some people seemed more enthusiastic about booing Sen. Ted Cruz than they were about cheering the Astros’ victory.

For some reason, the smarmy Texas Republican rode in a car in the parade ― a move that didn’t score many points with fans.

Numerous videos taken at the parade show Cruz being brutally booed by thousands

Twitter users were delighted to see Cruz being so rudely received by Texans, and they magnified the senator’s humiliation.

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Ted Cruz Forced To Delete Tweet After Sharing Fake Story About ‘Muslim White Supremacists’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) fell for an online ruse and had to delete an article he shared suggesting that some Muslims in the United States are becoming “white supremacists.”

According to Mediaite, Cruz tweeted out a screenshot of what he claimed was an article from the Atlantic which was titled “The Evolution of White Supremacy” and included a subtitle which read:

“In Dearborn Michigan, Muslim parents who oppose teaching pornography to children become the new face of the far right.”

To that, Cruz added this notation: “The Left is beyond parody.”

Not long afterwards, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale busted Cruz for his gullibility.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn this isn’t the first time the Texas senator has fallen for an online fake, as Aaron Blake of The Washington Posted pointed out:

That led Cruz to later say he didn’t know the screenshot he shared was faked, and attempted to blame it all on others, a common tactic among Republicans who cannot admit their own ignorance and failure to at least run something through a quick Google search before posting it online for all the world to see and mock.


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WATCH Ted Cruz Get Roundly Booed When He Says More Guns Are The Solution To Mass Shootings

Despite having zero proof that more guns are the way to stop mass shootings in the United States, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said Saturday at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin that the only way to stop bad guys with guns is to give even more guns to the good guys and anyone else who wants one, or even a hundred.

In other words, Cruz was spouting the same bullshit every member of the GOP clings to because they’re owned by companies that manufacture weapons of mass murder.

Cruz told attendees:

“Whenever you have a mass murder … you have Democrats in Washington, the step they immediately go to is we need to take away firearms from law-abiding citizens. OK, you can clap for that except for the minor problem that it doesn’t work. If the objective is to stop these crimes, gun control is singularly ineffective.”

Of course, the same could be said about lack of gun control, which is clearly not doing a damn thing to decrease shootings.

Instead, Cruz suggested the country adopt his plan:

“If you want to stop crime, you target the bad guys. You target the criminals, the felons, the fugitives. You prosecute them, you put them in jail, you get them off the streets, and you also enhance security at vulnerable targets.”

The Texas Republican said the same was true for shootings at schools:

“Two weeks ago, I stood on the Senate floor and tried to pass legislation I’ve introduced that would double the number of police officers in school. If we want to keep our kids safe, and I desperately want to keep our kids safe, the most effective step we can do is to have police officers there to protect them who can intercept a mass murderer before he gets into the school and stop them.”

Loud boos and jeering could be heard among those listening to Cruz, who continued to spout platitudes he likely got directly from the NRA:

“Look, if you have a solution to stop the deranged evil murderers, I’d love to hear it. My solution is to throw them in jail. Stop them before they commit these crimes. There are some we won’t know about beforehand, and the single best step to stop them is to have armed officers on campus that can stop them before they kill our kids.

“But look, instead you guys can instead sing kumbaya with them and hope they’ll just stop, but what you’re proposing doesn’t work.”

Neither does what you’re proposing, Ted, and there’s a river of blood flowing across this country that proves so.

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White House Savagely Trolls Ted Cruz When He Attempts To Take Credit For New Highway In Texas

Poor Ted Cruz. He’s so desperate to pretend that he actually does something other than whine, bitch, and moan for his annual $174,000 salary (that’s $14,500 a month, along with full health care and retirement benefits, all paid for by taxpayers) that he’s now trying to take credit for things he didn’t support and even voted against.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mediaite notes, Cruz made a Twitter posting in which he was clearly patting himself on the back for a new highway in his state.

Cruz tweeted a video of an appearance he made on KAMC TV based in Lubbock, Texas on Sept. 12. In it, Cruz touted his work on an amendment that was added to the fiscal year 2022 omnibus bill. That amendment provided funding for a large highway that will run from Laredo, Texas up through the middle of the country all the way to Canada.

Despite the inclusion of that provision, Cruz nevertheless voted against the bill and his own amendment, which the Senate passed in March, 68-31. The House also passed the legislation and President Joe Biden signed it into law.

Yet despite having cast a vote in opposition to the very highway he now wants to be congratulated for, the Texas senator boasted:

“The Ports to Plains highway will run from Laredo all the way up to North Dakota and into Canada. This project will bring jobs to Texas and millions of dollars to the state. A great bipartisan victory!”

As soon as the White House social media team got a whiff of Teddy’s tweet, they did a combination fact check/trolling effort.

Jaime Harrison, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, also joined the debate.

Mediaite also notes that the White House social media response team has gotten significantly more adept in recent months by hiring Megan Coyne to serve as Deputy Director of Platforms in August, and she hasn’t been shy when it comes to calling out the blatant hypocrisy of Republicans:

After her hiring, the White House put several Republicans on blast for opposing Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness program after they had collectively accepted millions of dollars in forgivable loans under the pandemic-era Paycheck Protection Program.


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Ted Cruz Gets Confronted On Flight And Asked If He Can Name Any Of The Uvalde Shooting Victims

A supporter of Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke confronted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on a flight and asked him to name a single victim of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, that took place in May. Video of that encounter is going viral on social media.

The video, which was posted on the Twitter account of Beto for Everyone is prefaced with this note:

“Senator Cruz was on my flight, and I asked him to name any of the Uvalde victims. He couldn’t.”

When the video begins, the Beto supporter remarks:

“Hey, we’re in Houston? I thought we were going to Cancun?”

Cruz doesn’t respond, but the man continues, telling the Texas Republican:

“Senator, thank you for everything you’ve done since Uvalde. All those podcast episodes must have raised a lot of money for you.”

Cruz finally speaks, insisting that he tried to pass school security legislation, but Democrats refused to support more security guards or metal detectors in public schools.

To that, the man retorts:

“How did you have time when you were recording a shit ton of podcast episodes?”

When another passenger says the man should let Cruz “fly in peace,” the O’Rourke supporter responds:

“I’m fine,” and Cruz can can fly in peace when “children can be buried in peace.”

Cruz asks the man filming if he knew “the facts at all,” the man responds with a question of his own:

“Do you know any of the names of the Uvalde victims?”

Cruz insists he does indeed know the names of victims from Robb Elementary, but never once utters a single name to back up that claim, telling the man:

“You don’t care about the facts. You’re a partisan — that’s ok.”

As he turns away, the O’Rourke supporter rightly asks:

“You’re not a partisan?”