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Ted Cruz And Jim Jordan Could Be Toast If SCOTUS Rules Trump Is An Insurrectionist

As failed one-term former president Donald Trump waits to see what happens with the U.S. District Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C. regarding whether or not he can legally be removed from the ballot in the upcoming election, there are two other key Republicans who are also wondering what could happen to them if the Supreme Court winds up taking the case and rules that Trump is indeed an insurrectionist.

Those two members of the GOP are Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) and Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), according to an illuminating article from MSNBC opinion writer and editor Hayes Brown.

Brown notes that over 200 members of Congress signed on to an amicus brief that supports Trump.

While the GOP lawmakers’ amicus brief is better drafted than most of Trump’s filings, it can’t be ignored that there’s a deeply self-serving element to their arguments. That’s especially true for those members who, under the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling, could also credibly be described as having ‘engaged in insurrection’ — and thus theoretically be disqualified from holding office.

The deepest fears of federal elected officials such as Cruz and Jordan can be found in one specific section of the brief, which pulls the curtain back on what everyone who played a role in January 6 fears most, Brown adds.

The self-interested lawmakers give up the game with this line from the brief: ‘Although not directly relevant to President Trump, the Colorado Supreme Court would give itself the power to judge the qualifications of those who would be elected to the House or Senate.’ That would be especially troubling for Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs of Arizona. The three of them were knee-deep in plotting to overturn the election, and, in a more just world, they would have faced expulsion for violating Section 3. It’s their inclusion as signatories on the amicus brief that makes this filing particularly odious.

Cruz was one of the prime figures who urged others in the GOP to join the brief.

The members who directly aided Trump’s efforts are especially interested in this case, but the effort to file the brief was led in the House by Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., and in the Senate by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Cruz’s participation is worth a side-eye given that he led the charge among Senate Republicans in challenging electoral votes in states where Trump called President-elect Joe Biden’s victory fraudulent. He also pitched a 10-day electoral commission to investigate the nonexistent fraud and potentially give state legislatures time to change their electoral slates as Trump would prefer. He never endorsed Trump’s wildest conspiracy theories, but he was caught on audio hoping Biden’s win would be reversed.

So if the Supreme Court decides that Trump can be removed from ballots, Cruz, Jordan, and others who took part in the plot to overturn the 2020 election could soon find they’ve been excluded from running or serving in any federal post, too. And that would be devastating to the GOP, which is quickly becoming known as the party of insurrection.

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‘Spineless’ Ted Cruz Gets Destroyed On Social Media For His Latest Self-Inflicted Humiliation

Even though only one state (Iowa) has cast ballots in the 2024 Republican presidential caucuses and primaries, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is demanding that failed former president Donald Trump be declared the party’s nominee.

Cruz made that announcement Tuesday, along with a full-throated endorsement of Trump during an interview with Fox host Sean Hannity.

You may recall that it wasn’t very long ago that Cruz had a very different view of Trump, whom he accused of being a “sniveling coward,” a “pathological liar” and someone who has “an issue with women,” as CNN noted in a segment that aired Tuesday.

Cruz’s latest fawning subservience to the Donald drew withering mockery on social media.

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WATCH: Fox Host Swats Down Ted Cruz For Claiming MSNBC Doesn’t ‘Cover News’

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz got an on-air fact check from Fox News host Howard Kurtz Sunday when he claimed that MSNBC is “dishonest” and doesn’t cover news.

Appearing on Media Buzz, Cruz attacked any news outlet that didn’t lean to the right.

Kurtz began by asking the senator, “You say for conservators of big bucks buy a damn movie studio, buy a network, buy CNN. But you think the megacorporations that these outlets, that own these outlets, are run by wild-eyed liberals?”

“Well, for whatever reason, yes,” Cruz replied. “And MSNBC is a rabidly partisan, dishonest institution. They’re not, they don’t cover news, you know.”

Kurtz: “Sure, they cover news. Not the way you want it.”

“No, they don’t, no, they don’t,” Cruz insisted, suggesting that neither MSNBC or CNN had reported on his so-called funding bill for aid to Israel, which has no chance of passing both houses of Congress.

“They’re trying to do a bigger package,” Kurtz noted, once again fact-checking Cruz.

Cruz then told the host, “If you watch CNN, MSNBC, there is no border crisis. Doesn’t exist, because they don’t cover on those facts.”

But Kurtz wouldn’t let that lie slide, either, telling Cruz the two networks do indeed cover the border “at times” and adding, “MSNBC has been covering the border crisis at least this week.”

Just how out of touch and extreme right-wing is Ted Cruz? So much that even traditional allies like Fox are letting him know he’s full of shit.

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Ted Cruz Gets A Social Media Thrashing For His ‘Vile’ Personal Attack On ‘Angry’ Liberal Women

Speaking Tuesday at the Turning Point USA convention in Phoenix, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) launched a disgusting and hateful attack on liberal women, whom he called “angry,” and also suggested that their boyfriends cannot please them sexually.

According to David Badash of the New Civil Rights Movement, an enraged Cruz told a gathering of young right-wingers he was sick of liberals, even going so far as to suggest that anyone who dares to declare their pronouns can “kiss my ass.”

Screaming, a very animated Cruz told the group of students, “The left is so mad, they’re so unhappy, they’re so pissed off. And by the way, if you were a liberal woman, and you had to sleep with those weenies, you’d be pissed too.”

The Texas Republican got plenty of well-deserved pushback on Twitter, with one person referring to him as a “vile pig.”

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Ted Cruz Gets Humiliated By A Reporter When He Claims Trump Appointed Great Federal Judges

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) whined today that judicial nominees being sent to the Senate by President Joe Biden for confirmation are too left wing and liberal to gain his vote, but his complaints were quickly fact-checked by a reporter who reminded him that many of the judges nominated by former president Donald Trump were so inferior that their own peers considered them to be unqualified for service on the bench.

According to Jen Bendery of Huffington Post, Cruz began by saying Biden’s nominees were “extreme!”

She then used facts to swat down the Texas Republican.

Ted Cruz loves to try and present himself as some sort of great legal mind because he earned his law degree at Harvard. But he’s really not all that bright. He’s also a habitual liar and so blatantly partisan that he can’t admit when he’s wrong.

But today, Teddy got hit with a giant dose of facts and karma. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving douchebag.