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The Title Of Ted Cruz’s New Book Has Social Media Rolling With Laughter

The most hated man in the Senate, Ted Cruz (R-TX) has a new book coming out in November, but the title of the tome left social media users scratching their heads and laughing uncontrollably when Cruz announced its publication on Twitter.

HuffPost reports:

On Thursday, the Donald Trump-loving senator announced “Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America” will be released by Regnery Publishing in November.

Per the promotional blurb, the 256-page book will provide “a long overdue argument against the woke takeover of education, big business, the media, and Hollywood.”

What in the world does the word “unwoke” even mean? If someone is “unwoke,” doesn’t that mean they’re asleep? That would certainly be an apt description of Cruz, who is fond of sending out postings and shooting off his mouth before he bothers to engage his so-called brain.

Twitter users eagerly mocked the Texas Republican.

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Cruz Claims He Can Tell Buttigieg Is Running In 2024 Because He’s ‘Mimicking Obama’s Cadence’

Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz is convinced that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will challenge President Joe Biden for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination.

Why would Cruz say such a thing? According to him, it’s because Buttigieg has recently been “mimicking” former President Barack Obama’s “cadence” when he speaks.

In a podcast recorded on Sunday, Cruz told his co-host regarding comments Buttigieg made about the Chinese spy balloon:

“Just something I noticed listening to that — did you pick up on Buttigieg’s cadence? He is mimicking Barack Obama.”

Cruz added:

“He’s doing this speed up and pause; speed up and pause. And Buttigieg didn’t use to speak that way. I think he’s getting ambitions of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And there’s no real mystery about that. But it is a little amazing, given the train wreck he’s presided over at the Department of Transportation for two years, that his ambitions have soared so high.”

David Edwards · Ted Cruz opines on Buttigieg’s cadance ‘mimmicking Barack Obama’

Of course, Ted is also planning to run for president in 2024, and he’s trying to get ahead of his potential rivals if he should happen to win the GOP presidential nomination, which he won’t. Cruz has tried his hand atwinning a nomination to be president, and he failed spectacularly, winding up kissing Donald Trump’s ass even though Trump insulted both his father and his wife.

Sounds like Cruz is still upset at a burn Buttigieg laid on him in June of last year, shortly after the mass shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas that killed 19 children and two teachers.

When asked about the horrific shooting, Cruz suggested that schools would be safer if they had “one door into and out of the school, which led Buttigieg to retort:

“The idea that us being the only developed country where this happens routinely — especially in terms of the mass shootings — is somehow a result of the design of the doorways on our school buildings is the definition of insanity, if not the definition of denial.”

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Ted Cruz Gets Mocked By CBS Host For The Hypocrisy Of His Term Limits Bill: ‘You’re Still Running!’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) got called out and mocked by “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan for his legislation that would limit members of the U.S. Senate to two terms in office — While Cruz himself is seeking a third term in the Senate.

Brennan asked the Texas Republican:

“You introduced a bill to limit terms to two six-year terms in office for senators. Why aren’t you holding yourself to that standard? You said you’re running for a third term.”

Cruz insisted he was indeed a “passionate defender of of term limits,” adding,  “I think that Congress would work much better if every senator were limited to two terms, if every house member were limited to three terms.”

That’s when Brennan masterfully mocked Cruz:

“But you’re still running!”

The senator tried to wiggle away from his blatant hypocrisy:

“If and when it passes, I’ll happily, happily comply. I’ve never said I’m going to unilaterally comply.”

Brennan then asked Cruz if he was planning to run for president in 2024. He dodged the question, telling her:

“I’m running for re-election to the Senate. There’s a reason I’m in Texas today. I’m not in Iowa, I’m in Texas, and I’m fighting for 30 million Texans.”

Cruz is indeed running for president in 2024. He still thinks the country needs him. But as the American people already made clear in 2016, Ted Cruz is the last person they want leading this country.

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WATCH Ted Cruz Go Full Hypocrite When Asked About Mike Pence Being Caught With Classified Documents

Seconds after demanding that the FBI search any property belonging to President Joe Biden for classified documents, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) insisted that it was no big deal such materials had just been found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s home in Indiana.

How’s that for doing a flip-flop in the middle of blatant hypocrisy?

During an appearance on the Fox Business show “Kudlow” Tuesday, Cruz went on an extended rant aimed at Biden and his son, Hunter.

“I believe the FBI needs to search the residences of Hunter Biden and any business offices of Hunter Biden to determine if there are classified materials there, because if these classified materials in particular implicate Burisma, Ukraine, communist China, payments going to Hunter Biden or Joe Biden’s brother or the Biden family, then this shifts from a political problem to a very serious problem of criminal liability and major crimes.

“And so, the FBI needs to search the University of Delaware archives and they need to search Hunter Biden’s home and business addresses.”

But when Kudlow asked about the news that documents had been found at Pence’s home, Cruz suddenly began singing a different tune.

“Oh look, the Mike Pence story, it’s still early. You know, Mike Pence, as you noted he is a good friend, he’s a good man. He’s explained where these came from, what his office has put out is that in packing up the vice presidential offices that there were a couple of papers that were classified that were inadvertently put with non-classified materials. That was a mistake, but there’s no reason to think this was anything but inadvertent.

“That is very different from what Joe Biden has done. Joe Biden has given zero explanation how these classified documents got there. And in particular, he has given no explanation as to how he has documents from his time in the Senate.”

It’d be easy to say that Cruz is such a notorious flip-flopper that his latest contortions are to be expected. But it still needs to be pointed out, along with a reminder that Teddy is called the most hated person in the U.S. Senate.

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Ted Cruz Thumps His Bible At Stephen King And Promptly Gets His A*s Handed To Him

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz really needs to take an extended absence from social media. Why? Because he keeps trying to troll others and always winds up humiliating himself because he clearly has no discernable sense of humor.

Consider just a couple of spectacular Twitter fails for Cruz that left him with internet egg on his face:

In October, Cruz was forced to delete a tweet he posted about Muslim white supremacists: “Cruz tweeted out a screenshot of what he claimed was an article from the Atlantic which was titled “The Evolution of White Supremacy” and included a subtitle which read: ‘In Dearborn Michigan, Muslim parents who oppose teaching pornography to children become the new face of the far right.”

Turns out the story was fake and Cruz fell for the lie.

Cruz also attempted to troll White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the subject of student loan debt relief, posting a tweet that read “We believe in Santa Clause. And unicorns. And pixie dust!”

The guy graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law, but he can’t even manage to spell a name that most five-year-old kids have mastered.

And now Teddy Boy has responded to a tweet from novelist Stephen King in which the bestselling author encouraged kids to read as much as possible, even books that may be banned at their school (especially if they live in a deep red state like Texas), writing:

“Hey, kids! It’s your old buddy Steve King telling you that if they ban a book in your school, haul your ass to the nearest bookstore or library ASAP and find out what they don’t want you to read.”

Exactly. If they’re going to keep books away from kids in school libraries and classrooms, there’s always the bookstore and public library. Many curious young bookworms (including me) have done exactly that when anyone dared to try and keep information from us.

Cruz, however, couldn’t resist responding:

“And just like that, millions of kids began reading the Bible….”

Very few (if any) school districts in the United States have banned the Bible, so that’s a false equivalency. And here’s betting Teddy would pitch a hissy fit if the Koran was also allowed in Texas schools.

Though King hasn’t yet responded to Cruz, others did, and they let the senator have it.

Free advice, Ted: Delete your Twitter account and become a monk. That way you can read the Bible all day and night without interruption except for when you need to rub one out.