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DOJ Issues New Criminal Conspiracy Charges Against Capitol Insurrectionists

The wait is over for some of the people who participated in the January 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol which resulted in the deaths of five people, including a member of the Capitol Police Force.

CNN reports that the U.S. Department of Justice has begun handing down more criminal conspiracy charges against members of the group known as the Oath Keepers:

“The Justice Department has added four new defendants to the federal criminal conspiracy case against Oath Keepers who allegedly prepared for and took part in the US Capitol riot, according to a new indictment made public in DC District Court on Sunday.

“The newly named Oath Keeper defendants are Joseph Hackett, who went by ‘Ahab,’ Jason Dolan, who went by ‘Turmoil,’ and William Isaacs, all from Florida. A fourth new defendant’s name and alleged actions are still redacted.”

All of the Oath Keeper defendants are accused of taking part in a criminal conspiracy and entering the restricted Capitol grounds:

 “Isaacs, for instance, allegedly yelled, ‘The fight’s not over’ once the Oath Keepers group had gotten inside the building, and he waved rioters down the hallway toward the Senate, according to the indictment.”

Additionally, five of the individuals already named as defendants are also facing charges of allegedly deleting their social media and cell phone activity, which could lead to them being convicted of obstruction of justice and other federal felonies.

The new court filings also lay out disturbing new details about how the Oath Keepers illegally attempted to smuggle weapons into Washington, D.C. for the Jan. 6 event:

“Department of Justice prosecutors were describing in court filings what else they’ve learned about the group’s so-called Quick Reaction Force, an effort to allegedly bring guns to a Northern Virginia Comfort Inn as backup for the siege.

“Previously, prosecutors had described how the Oath Keepers gathered and stashed weapons at the Comfort Inn, and how defendant Thomas Caldwell of Virginia allegedly had floated an idea of ferrying weapons across the Potomac River to assist with the Capitol siege.”

Before federal prosecutors are finished, many of the Oath Keeper defendants could well be facing charges that would put them in federal prison for the remained of their lives, a fitting punishment for anyone who dares to try and overthrow the elected representatives of the nation as they were going about their official duty of certifying the 2020 presidential election results.

Ironically, the Oath Keepers love to portray themselves as being devoted to the principle of defending the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” But they’re nothing more than terrorist punks who deserve to rot behind bars.


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Roger Stone Admits The Jig Is Up – Trump Is About To Be Indicted

Roger Stone — who can best be described as Donald Trump’s longtime friend, confidant, and ass weasel — is a man so filled with vile intent and dirty tricks (many of them both illegal and immoral) that he’s the perfect wingman for the equally dark and twisted failed, one-term president.

Yet despite Stone’s perverted devotion to Trump, even he can sense that Donald’s days of freedom are drawing to a close, and he’s saying exactly that in his own half-witted and unctuous manner, telling the equally disgusting Alex Jones, host of “InfoWars” that indictments are about to be handed down against Trump:

“I would be shocked if they did not come forward with a fabricated indictment for bank fraud or tax fraud against the former president [Donald Trump] by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.”

That wasn’t all Stone had to say on the matter of Trump’s pending indictment in New York. He also began providing excuses and rationalizations for Trump’s lifetime crime spree:

“Let’s be very clear. In other words, as you said it earlier, you show the man, and I’ll show you the crime. They’re allowed to root through this man’s business record of forty years, in which he built a real estate empire second to none, combing for a crime, they have no evidence of a crime, they have no probable cause. It is disgraceful, but I do think it is going to happen.”

See how Stone tried to spin what he knows is about to happen? That way he can say he say he’s ahead of the curve while still being a loyal ass fly to Trump and staying on his good side, which is kind of the least thing he can do since he got a pardon from Donnie in the last days of the Trump administration.

But if you want to know what’s really taking place in Manhattan and what we can expect in the months ahead, consider what Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen told MSNBC recently, predicting that when Trump is finally charged, those charges will be far-reaching and devastating:

“But it wasn’t just the Trump Organization. It was Donald’s personal accounts. It was the kids’ business accounts, presidential inaugural committee, campaign. Any penny that had anything to do with Donald Trump went through Allen Weisselberg’s desk. I do believe that he has significant exposure, and I think his exposure is not one that you can just hide because the beautiful thing about numbers is numbers don’t lie.”

Donald Trump lies, but the numbers don’t. And the numbers are what will finally bring the former president before the bar of justice.

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If Trump Goes To Prison, Would The Secret Service Go With Him?

Imagine, for just a second, that Donald Trump has been tried in a court of law and found guilty. He’s sentenced to prison and cannot say he’s too famous or well-known to be incarcerated.

But there is an unanswered question that remains to be faced: If indeed Trump winds up behind bars, would his Secret Service detail go with him?

That’s the question S.V. Date of HuffPost began asking, and he got some interesting responses:

“Trump political adviser Jason Miller did not respond to a HuffPost query about whether Trump would waive his right to Secret Service protection if he wound up in the custody of state or federal law enforcement.

“One longtime Trump confidant, though, doubted that he would do that, and said he is more likely to ask for additional protection behind bars than he receives right now. ‘He would probably double up,’ the adviser said on condition of anonymity. ‘It would be an interesting situation.'”

There’s nothing in the Secret Service’s statute that addresses the matter, as it merely states the agency is “to protect” a president for their lifetime. And no former president has found himself under criminal investigation — Nixon received a pardon before he could be charged — until Trump came along. Yet another dubious first (along with being impeached TWICE) that Donald gets to have next to his name in the history books.

So would the Secret Service protect Trump if he’s behind bars? According to Bradley Moss, an attorney with expertise in the national security field, they’d have no choice:

“There is no precedent for this, so no one knows for certain the answer, and arguably President Biden gets final say over the extent of any USSS protection for his predecessor. That said, it is likely former President Trump would maintain protection even if convicted and incarcerated due to his special status.”

But Jeffrey Robinson, co-author of the book, Standing Next to History: An Agent’s Life Inside the Secret Service, disagrees with Moss:

“You’re not going to put Secret Service agents in prison to protect a guy who’s already being protected by the prison.”

That doesn’t mean, however, that Trump wouldn’t insist on the protection. After all, he’s a blowhard and a coward. That’s not a good combination for an incarcerated person, especially one who might be seen as a “trophy” for a fellow inmate hoping to make a name for himself.


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Former Watergate Prosecutor Reveals What Will ‘Wipe Out’ The Trump Organization

Even though he faces at least 10 civil lawsuits (E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit, Summer Zervos defamation suit, Mary Trump’s fraud lawsuit, etc.) a former White House prosecutor says it won’t be any of those actions that will leave the Trump Organization bankrupt.

Jill Wine-Banks appeared on MSNBC and noted that while any of the 10 civil suits could result in multi-million dollar settlements, they won’t be what eventually bankrupts Trump and his company:

“His popularity has diminished greatly. His properties are of less value now. Many buildings are taking the name Trump off of them because it is a deterrent to people, either playing golf at his golf courses or a deterrent to people buying condos in his buildings. So, it will hurt his bottom line both in terms of penalties — think about how many millions he may owe the federal government on the long-festering audit that he said was the reason he couldn’t turn over his financial records. Think about the bank loans that we know are coming due, and his income has gone down as best everybody can tell from all the reporting.”

Those bank loans, Wine-banks continued, are an enormous threat to Trump’s financial bottom line:

“So, where is he going to get the money to pay back those loans, and now a lot of banks will simply not lend to him anymore. So, how is he going to change the source of income to pay back the original lender with new lenders? So, it could totally wipe out the Trump Organization. There are some questions about some fraud in real estate and in defrauding people who bought condos. All of that mounts up, and eventually, the money runs out. So, he should be worried not just about whether he will be charged with a crime and whether a jury will convict him, but with being bankrupted.”

One of those loans is from Deutsche Bank, and it totals $340 million. The German bank has cut its ties to Trump and has also hinted it will seize the former president’s assets if he cannot come up with the millions he owes.

Business is way down at Trump properties, thanks in part to COVID fears and because the Trump name is now poison due to his failures as president.

The Trump Organization is hanging by a thread financially. And in the next few months we could see it collapse completely.

Here’s the video from MSNBC:

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Trump Org. Insider: Donald Is About To Throw His Kids Under The Bus To Save Himself

What do you suppose Donald Trump’s first thoughts were when he found out that a new grand jury had been empaneled in Manhattan as the investigation into him and the Trump Organization escalates?

Safe to say he was angry, even enraged. After all, this is a man who believes he’s above the law.

After the anger came fear, a cold chill up his spine and neck as images flashed into his brain of him being handcuffed and marched off to a prison cell somewhere in New York.

And then, after the anger, beyond the fear, was likely this thought: Who can I sacrifice to save myself? Who is expendable?

According to Barbara Res, the former Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, everyone is expendable to Donald Trump, including his own children.

Res was a guest on MSNBC Saturday, telling host Alex Witt what she believes is going on inside Trump’s head right now:

“Well, first of all, I think he’s going berserk

“I think he’s so angry. All the things that he put in place, the things he put in place to get elected the first time and almost get elected the second time, both were unreasonably based, and all the other things, the attorney general and the kinds of — the judges and all the things that he thought he had working for him all of a sudden are not there anymore. it’s — he can’t avoid this. This happened and this is something he thought he could avoid.”

Berserk. What an apt description of the deeply unstable failed, one-term former president, and it led Res to note that Trump will do whatever it takes to save his own hide:

“And I’m sure he’s looking for people to blame. He’s screaming at people, everybody, he’s probably blaming [Allen] Weisselberg, he’s blaming his sons, his daughter, you know, anyone that’s available to him. And he will, I think, throw any one of them under the bus to protect himself.”

Sound farfetched? Do you find it hard to believe Donald would feed his beloved Ivanka to the wolves? It’s textbook behavior for someone with narcissistic personality disorder, which the former president clearly suffers from.

At this very moment, Donald Trump is scheming and looking for an exit. It doesn’t matter who he has to destroy in order to protect himself, even his own flesh and blood.

Of course, Donnie should keep something in mind: His family may have already turned on him and sold him out to protect themselves. Betrayal, after all, is a two-way street.

Here’s Barbara Res on MSNBC: