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MAGA Couple Whines CPAC Ripped Them Off By Making Them Watch Trump’s Speech From The ‘Overflow Room’

Bless their little hateful hearts, the MAGA faithful are being ripped off every step of the way, and yet they can’t see it or, even when they do, they never blame their lord and savior, Donald John Trump. Instead, they blame others for the greed that follows wherever the failed, one-term former president goes.

Case in point: The CPAC conference being held this weekend in Dallas Texas. Trump spoke Saturday evening to attendees, but there was such huge demand to see the disgraced, twice-impeached ex-president that tickets were sold for people to watch the speech from other rooms, where it was piped in via video.

That led to some of the Trump acolytes complaining to Davram Stiefler of comedy duo The Good Liars that they’d been treated terribly.

Steifler shared a video he made outside CPAC in which he announces:

“We are outside of CPAC in Dallas, 2022. People are getting turned away – want to tell us about it?”

The man explained:

“Yes, we were looking forward to seeing Trump live. We actually paid for it right here, and they knew we were not getting in.”

That led Steifler to ask:

“They sold you tickets — it was already overcapacity — they took your money, sent you in there and you just got turned away?”

The man replied:



“Do you think it’s an issue of the organizers of CPAC getting greedy?”

That led the man to respond:

“It could be that. It may not be organized enough, not knowing what the capacity was. I’m not gonna sit and watch in the overflow room.”

Be sure and notice that the couple never said a bad word about Trump, who may well have suggested CPAC sell as many tickets as possible and split the take with him. Would that surprise you? If so, then you clearly don’t know the level of grift the Donald operates from.

There’s an old saying which applies when it comes to Con Man Don: If you can’t tell who’s being conned, congratulations, it’s you!

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One Perfectly-Worded Tweet Completely Destroys The Myth Of Trump And His Minions

There is what can best be called a certain level of mythology surrounding failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump, at least when it comes to the people who support him no matter what.

For the purposes of this particular exercise, let’s call those supporters his minions.

Having set those facts in place, we can now examine some of the iconography that has helped create the myth of Trump in the minds of his fans, most of which can be found (surprise!) on the internet, especially social media.

Need some examples? Try these:

Starting to see a pattern? Donnie is always the heroic figure, the superhero, the winner, the champion, the man among men.

Of course, those of us who aren’t brainwashed members of the Trump cult of personality know that’s all a load of bull. There’s nothing heroic or laudable about Donald. He’s a bully, a braggart, and a con man. End of story.

Now we have a new meme circulating on Twitter, and for some unknown reason Trump is riding a bear, which is not only a bad idea, it’s also just stupid as hell.

Do you believe that shit? That’s so absurd that you can’t help but laugh at it.

However, someone did more than just laugh. Someone set the record straight, and in doing so also obliterated the myth of Trump.

Boom! There it is. That says it all. Feel free to share widely.

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Two January 6 Rioters Cry Like Babies After A Judge Sentences Them To 3+Years In Prison

Two New York men who attacked police officers on January 6, 2021 as they stormed the U.S. Capitol were sentenced to 44 months in federal prison Friday, and they both wept like infants when sentence was handed down, according to The Washington Post.

“Two New York state men who led a mob that overwhelmed police at the perimeter of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 — then bodysurfed over the top of the crowd at a building entrance and pepper-sprayed officers — were both sentenced Friday to 44 months in prison. Cody Mattice, 29, of Greece, N.Y., and James Mault, 30, of Brockport, N.Y., both wept as they stood before Chief U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell and asked for leniency, apologizing for their actions and saying they hoped to return soon to their families and young children. But Howell noted that prosecutors had already cut them a reasonable deal by dropping charges that could have led to far more prison time, and she imposed the sentences requested by the government. Only four other Jan. 6 defendants have been sentenced to longer prison terms.”

Judge Howell told the two men:

“They were not patriots on Jan. 6, and no one who broke the police lines and stopped the democratic process was a patriot that day.”

Mattice and Mault were convicted in large part due to text messages they sent on the day of the Capitol insurrection, the Post added:

“Text messages obtained by the FBI showed that Mattice and Mault planned for violence on Jan. 6, initially expecting resistance from antifa. They texted family members during the mayhem, and then congratulated each other in the days after the riot, which temporarily halted the certification of the presidential election. Howell read from many of the messages, using the same profanity the men had.”

Despite both men saying that they showed up at the Capitol because due to urgings for failed, one-term former president Donald Trump, the ex-president sought to distance himself from the riots, telling journalist Olivia Nuzzi:

“They did it on their own behalf. I don’t think one person in the Capitol had a weapon, not one weapon.”


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MAGA Faithful Are Threatening To Boycott Walmart For Being Too ‘Woke’

If you had to guess, where would you suspect the vast majority of the MAGA faithful (i.e. hardcore Trump supporters) do most of their shopping?

Did you say Walmart? I’m guessing you did, and you’re absolutely correct.

However, it now appears that some Trumpers are ready to dump Walmart and find another place to shop simply because the company isn’t carrying the shitty, overpriced pillows manufactured by Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow.

Dr. Gina Loudon (who claims to have a PhD in psychology even though she doesn’t), is a right-wing radio host who called for the Walmart boycott, announcing on Twitter that she had deleted the Walmart app and instead would be shopping at Publix:

Walmart couldn’t be reached for a comment, but here’s betting it was something like this: Gina who?! We don’t need her business anyway. Good riddance.

Other Twitter users couldn’t resist mocking Loudon, and some of their comments are pure gold. Take a look.

MAGAts boycotting Walmart? Yeah, and pigs are flying coast to coast just for the hell of it.


Donald Trump Trump Supporters WTF?!

WATCH: MAGA Cultist Says His Arm Hair Is Still Standing Up After He Met Trump

Even though he’s nothing more than a failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president, Donald Trump is holding one of his Nuremberg-style rallies tonight in Mendon, Illinois.

However, unlike past rallies, Newsweek reports, there’s definitely a cloud hanging over the loser ex-president:

Former President Donald Trump will arrive in Illinois for a rally on Saturday as he faces growing legal pressure—with calls for his indictment mounting after a week in which the nation saw multiple Republican officials and key members of his administration testify against him.

On Tuesday, Arizona state House Speaker Rusty Bowers, a Republican who backed Trump’s reelection in 2020, testified about how the former president and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani pressured him to recall his state’s slate of electors, which went for President Joe Biden. Bowers, however, asserted that there was no evidence presented to convince him to take such an unprecedented action. The conservative lawmaker also said that it would have violated his oath of office.

However, to the MAGA faithful, Trump remains a modern-day Jesus Christ despite the fact that Donald has violated nearly all of the Ten Commandments, been married three times, and cheated on all of his wives when he wasn’t lusting after his daughter, Ivanka, when she was all of 13.

Oh, and then there’s the lying, the worship of money, and his willingness to throw anyone and everyone under the bus to save his own hide.

If you doubt the perverse allure of Trump, consider a man who was interviewed outside tonight’s rally and said he recently met the former POTUS. Ever since, he claimed, the hair on his arms has been standing up.

Sadly, the guy’s arm hair probably wasn’t the only thing standing at attention as he recalled his encounter with the tangerine orangutan.

For those who aren’t yet aware, Trump supporters are members of a cult, and their god is the guy who failed at every business he ever tried and wound up filing for bankruptcy on multiple occasions.

What an honor it is to meet a certified loser with a possum atop his head and a diaper under his suit. Oh happy day!