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Donald Trump Jr: Roe Was Overturned Because Obama Made Fun Of My Daddy In 2011

Much like his father, Donald Trump Jr. insists on internalizing and personalizing everything anyone says or does that they disagree with.

For example, the failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president has been best buddies with someone and then turned on that same person when he or she dared to disagree with him. Most recently, that has been former VP Mike Pence, who was once lauded by Trump but is now persona non grata.

Don Jr., on the other hand, wants us to believe that the reason the right-wing Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade today is because Barack Obama made fun of his daddy at a White House Correspondent’s Dinner in 2011.

Remember that dinner? Obama was in rare form, saying of the Donald:

“Now, I know that he’s taken some flak lately, but no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than The Donald. And that’s because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter — like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?”

That, according to Junior, is why millions of American women no longer have the right to make their own reproductive choices.

Don Jr. posted on Truth Social (his daddy’s piss-poor Twitter imitator), with this bit of dreck:

How does that posting read to you? For me, it comes across like this: Bad black man made fun of my daddy, so now women have to pay the price! How ya like that, Barack?

Yeah, it’s childish. But what do you expect from a trust fund brat who has never worked a day in his life, cheated on the mother of his children, and often makes videos in which he looks like he’s just snorted up half the nation of Peru?

Twitter users were only too happy to respond to Junior, and they didn’t pull any punches:

Don Jr. is so damn clueless that he doesn’t even realize his desperate attempt to “own the libs” only resulted in him owning himself.


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Cringeworthy Photo Of Junior Awkwardly Trying To Put His Arm Around Daddy Goes Viral On Social Media

Have you ever seen anything that would lead you to believe the Trump family is the least bit close or loving? If your answer is no, it does pay to note that failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump did take some photos with his daughter, Ivanka, when she was a teenager that suggest some bizarre connection between the two.

Here’s a sample of those Donald-Ivanka “love” pictures:

And now we have a photo of the Donald with his son, Donald Trump Jr., and for all the creepiness of the pictures with Ivanka, this one suggests that the two men cannot stand each other.

What in the hell?! Donald looks completely focused on the camera while Junior has the appearance of an uncertain teenage boy trying to decide if it’s cool for him to put his arm around his date while they watch a movie. The whole tableau screams dysfunctional, which is probably why it’s being shared like mad on social media and drawing some comments that are sure to make you nod your head in agreement or laugh out loud.


Donald Trump Jr. WTF?!

Jimmy Kimmel Busts Don Jr. For His Most ‘Shameless’ Grifting And Hypocrisy Yet

The Trump family only cares about one thing — money — and it doesn’t matter to them what they have to do or who they have to hurt in order to obtain more of it.

In other words, the Trumps are shameless grifters, and they repeatedly engage in questionable ventures (i.e. Trump University, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, etc.) to further enrich themselves.

Jimmy Kimmel has had enough of the Trump lies and hypocrisy, and he spelled out the latest grift from Donald Trump Jr. on his show Thursday evening, according to Mediaite:

Jimmy Kimmel called out Donald Trump Jr. for boasting that items on his website were “Designed and embroidered in the USA” when they were actually made in China.

“The hypocrisy, they don’t even try to hide it anymore,” Kimmel said on Thursday night. “I guess they don’t need to hide it, nobody seems to notice.”

Kimmel then showed specific examples of what he was making reference to: A cap with the initials “FJB” (shorthand for F*ck Joe Biden) that the failed, one-term former president’s son is selling on his website, which Kimmel explained:

“It may have been designed and embroidered here but, we ordered one of the hats, and boy you’re not gonna believe this,” Kimmel said then revealing a tag that said, “Made in China.”

There was also the anti-LGBTQ hoodie that’s also an insult aimed at Biden, with Kimmel noting:

“Just in time for Pride Month, we’ve got this, uh … ‘Let’s Get Biden to Quit, LGBTQ’ hoodie, designed and printed in the USA and made in … El Salvador.

“And why doesn’t he have shirts made here? Because they cost about 30 percent more to have them made here.”

Hey, Don Jr. needs that extra 30% profit margin for the party favors (snort snort) he hoovers up his nose right before he makes one of his deranged videos that are later posted on social media.

Kimmel also hit the nail on the head when he dismissed the Trump clan with the only branding that fits them to a T:

“Shameless, worthless grifters and leeches is what these people are. And remember that!”

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Don Jr. Blames ‘Crazy Teachers’ As The ‘Actual Cause’ Of School Shootings

According to the always mentally unstable Donald Trump Jr., the real reason the United States is experiencing so many mass shootings at schools is because the teachers are “crazy.”

Also, Junior asserted, the Uvalde shooter could just have easily killed 21 people with a “bat.”

“It’s the gun, it’s not the sociopath wielding it, folks. If it wasn’t for the gun, this kid would be a well-adjusted, reasonable individual, he’d be a wonderful human being, right?

“He wouldn’t have done the exact same thing with a bat or a bomb or some sort of improvised device or a machete, he’s a great kid, don’t judge him.”

And then came the attack on teachers, two of whom lost their lives in the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday:

“We can’t acknowledge what the actual causes are, it’s not a drug-addict mother and a missing father and a lack of religion, indoctrination programs in our schools, crazy teachers teaching some of the crap I’ve talking about in these videos. It’s none of those things. It never ends man.

“Our own stupidity, apathy, wokeness, laziness, that’s the problem, folks, and until we fix that, the rest is just talk and crap.”

Don Jr. ended his deranged rant by claiming that “no one can admit somebody is actually a piece of garbage and screwed up.”

Does that include you, Junior? Because you certainly qualify as garbage and the look of intoxication in your eyes suggests you’re screwed up beyond repair. And yet we should let a loser with borderline personality disorder like you legally own a gun? Seems like a bad idea.

Teachers are not the problem. Neither are the vast majority of the students. The problem is that it’s easier in this country to buy an AR-15 than it is for a kid to get a driver’s license. Oh, and you have to take a test to earn the right to drive. Isn’t it about time we had the same requirements for owning weapons of mass murder?

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Twitter Explodes With Mockery After Don Jr. Dubs Himself The ‘MAGA Prince’

How did you spend your weekend?

You might have watched a baseball, basketball, or soccer game. If so, here’s hoping the team you were cheering for won.

Chances are you didn’t spend any of your time over the past two days making a meme of your face pasted over the head of the late music superstar Prince.

Then again, you also probably didn’t have any powdered “inspiration” (snort snort) to keep you up all night and in desperate need of something, ANYTHING to do.

However, if you’re a spoiled trust fund brat like Donald Trump Jr., you likely did stay up for 48 hours straight and decide the best way to spend some of your time was to make a meme (or pay someone to make one) that you could share with the world.

BEWARE! What you’re about to see may induce uncontrollable projectile vomiting. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

There was also this tweet from Junior:

Literal violence? Dude, that’s what you allegedly do to your nostrils every chance you get.

Also, how dare this incompetent weasel of a human being compare himself to Prince, who had more talent in his little finger than the entire Trump family, a bunch of grifters who have never worked or brought joy to anyone their entire lives.

Twitter was having none of it, and they blasted Traitor Tot with mockery and wrath.