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Donald Trump Jr’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked – The Result Is Both Hilarious And Humiliating

The Twitter account belonging to Donald Trump Jr. was apparently hacked today, and several funny yet disturbing tweets were posted before he was able to regain control.

HuffPost reports that shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, and some strange things began appearing, including a tweet which suggested Don Jr’s father had died.

“I’m sad to announce, my father Donald Trump has passed away. I will be running for president in 2024.”

There were also posts that dealt with North Korea and the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who was close friends with failed former president Donald Trump at one time.

A spokesperson for Don Jr. confirmed the account had indeed been taken over by someone.

How about we take a look at the other tweets sent via Junior’s account? After all, he would never ever send such things on social media, would he?

Maybe later today Don Jr. can do the entire world a favor and delete his Twitter account. No one wants to read what he has to say unless the hackers are in control.


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Trump Preparing To Toss Don Jr. And Eric To The Wolves In Last-Ditch Effort To Save Himself: Report

Now that he’s facing the possibility that the Trump Organization will be taken away from him by authorities in the state of New York, which would also likely result in a complete dismantling of the company and fire sale of its assets, failed former president Donald Trump is ready to toss even his closest relatives under the proverbial bus in an effort to salvage what he can, according to Trump biographer David Kay Johnston.

During a discussion of the case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James against the disgraced ex-president and his company on Thursday afternoon on “Deadline: White House,” host Nicolle Wallace referenced a deposition given by Trump in which he claimed, “I was very busy. I was, I considered this the most important job in the world, saving millions of lives.”

That led Wallace to note, “He’s throwing his sons under the bus,” she said. “Talk about the family dynamic and the risk to the Trump kids.”

Johnston concurred: “Remember that Donald put this in an eyes-wide-open trust.”

“He asserted he could run his company and be president and there would be no conflicts of interest, which is absurd,” Johnston added. “What he’s doing is what he always does: He’s trying to shift responsibility onto other people, and Donald won’t have any problem shifting responsibility onto his sons, who he has told others he thinks are idiots. He doesn’t say that in public, but he’s told people he doesn’t have much regard for the judgment of his two older sons. Talking about the adult sons here.”

Wallace then turned to advertising and public relations expert Donny Deutsch, who was once friends with Trump, telling him that the former president has been much kinder when it comes to things he says about Ivanka, whom he as showered with compliments.

That led Deutsch to note:

“Just a little peek into Donald Trump’s humanity. Any of us who are parents, at the end of the day, you would throw yourself in front of a bus for your kids and Donald is the opposite. Anyone who knows Donald would say the same thing. He would throw his kids under the bus. Does Ivanka live in a different space? She lives in an entirely weird different space, but this is a guy who would not put his children in front of him.”

Ask yourself this question based on what we know about Donald Trump: Is there anyone he wouldn’t toss under the nearest bus in order to avoid financial collapse and/or serving time in prison?

The answer, of course, is no. He will sacrifice anyone to save his own ass. That’s what a narcissist does.


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Don Jr. Urges MAGA Faithful To Buy Trump Merch Only From Him – Not People ‘Lining Their Own Pockets’

Attention all MAGA morons who have money to burn and want to spend it on assorted Trump crap you can put up around your house, on your car, and anywhere else you feel the need to pimp for failed one-term, twice-impeached, and multiple indicted former president Donald Trump: Stop giving your money to people who are only interested in making a buck off the Donald’s tainted name.

That’s the message from Donald Trump Jr. (more appropriately known as Donald #2), who wants the Trump faithful to only spend their bucks at his online store.

On the Monday edition of his “Triggered” podcast, Junior lamented that some people who sell Trump merchandise are only interested in “lining their own pockets.”

“I get other people have made [a] very good living doing the MAGA merch, even if none of the money actually goes toward the [Trump] campaign or the cause.”

Understand, the disgraced ex-president’s namesake added, that he simply wouldn’t “feel right about profiting” from his old man’s four indictments. “I’d probably actually get killed in the press, thinking about it now.”

However, Junior quickly noted, you’re certainly welcome to direct your internet browser over to his website and scoop up some of the caps, shirts, posters, koozies, etc. emblazoned with the Trump name and infamous mugshot taken in Fulton County, Georgia just last week.

Twitter users couldn’t resist mocking Don Jr. for his blatant grifting.


Donald Trump Jr’s High School Yearbook Nickname Is Hilarious

There are few people on the face of the planet who are as disgusting and objectionable as former president Donald Trump, but his namesake son is certainly in the running.

Donald Trump Jr. is always looking for ways to be an ass-kissing sycophant to his old man. Maybe that’s just so he won’t be written out of the will or because he sees his own asshole self in his father.

Looking backwards, you can often see how a person became who they are, and that’s the case with Don Jr., whose high school yearbook perfectly explains how he came to be the clueless, adulterous jackass he is today, according to OK! Magazine:

“One of Don Jr.’s yearbook quotes explains a lot about what he’s learned from his father, Donald Trump, over the years. ‘It takes a big man to admit he’s wrong and I’m not a big man. -Fletch,’ reads a quote underneath a portrait of his younger self on a page, obtained exclusively by OK!, from his yearbook.

“Don Jr. attended The Hill School, a boarding school located in Pottstown, Pa., before enrolling at the University of Pennsylvania.”

Be sure and note the nicknames Junior had in high school, too. One of them is “stank.” It’s impossible to know what exactly that means without confirmation from Don Jr., but it does match with something we learned about Junior when he was in college at the University of Pennsylvania:

“While an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, Trump Jr. reportedly earned a reputation around campus for his rowdy, inebriated habits — notably, passing out in his classmates’ rooms, and wetting their beds.

“Diaper Don would wake up in some stranger’s dorm room or off-campus apartment or bedroom in his frat house, covered in piss, walk back to his own room, and get blitzed that evening or the next anew.”

So, the next time you happen to be on social media and want to get under Don Jr’s skin, remember to use “stank” and “Diaper Don.” Or you can just post that yearbook picture and ask him: What in the hell were you thinking with that hair?!


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Text Message Sent By Don Jr. Seems To Directly Implicate Him In Plot To Overthrow The 2020 Election

A trove of text messages obtained by Talking Points Memo shows that former president Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr., was actively involved in the attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, and the could also lead to enormous legal jeopardy for him.

In one of the texts, which was sent to then-White House Chief of staff Mark Meadows, Don Jr. proposes an approach to making sure his father remain in office even though the election results showed he had lost to Joe Biden.

“It’s very simple. If through our lawsuits and recounts the Secretary of States on each state cannot certify that states vote the State Assemblies can step in and vote to put forward the electoral slate Republicans control Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina etc we get Trump electors There is a Safe Harbor on 8 December if for whatever reason you miss that the Electors then cannot meet in the individual state Capitols on 14 December So we either have a vote WE control and WE win OR it gets kicked to Congress 6 January 2021 the House meets to vote- by state party delegation 1 vote per state California 1 ; Montana 1 Republicans control 28 states Democrats 22 states Once again Trump wins Senate votes for VP Pence wins Summary We have multiple paths We control them all We have operational control Total leverage.”

Another text from Don Jr. calls for the firing of anyone designated as an enemy of the administration.

“POTUS must start 2nd Term now Fire Wray ; Fire Faucci (sic) Make Grennel interim head of FBI Have Barr select Special Prosecutor on HardDrivefromHell Biden crime family,”

With Special Counsel Jack Smith now leading the Justice Department’s investigation of possible crimes committed by the ex-president while he was still in office, Don Jr. could soon find himself having to testify before a grand jury on the 2020 election plot. If he testifies truthfully, that would incriminate his father. If he lies, he’s facing a charge of perjury.

In other words, it seems that Don Jr. is screwed no matter what he does.