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Donald Trump Jr. Gets Hit With A Massive Dose Of Internet Karma After Mocking A CNN Host’s Hair

Donald Trump Jr., the son of convicted felon/disgraced former president Donald Trump, proved today that he has an “astounding lack of awareness” as one social media commenter noted, with an online attack on CNN host Jim Acosta regarding the color of his hair.

On Twitter, Don Jr. posted a photo showing Acosta with gray hair and another taken more recently in which Acosta has darker hair.

“LOL looks like CNN Fake News loser Acosta got an embarrassingly bad hair dye job,” Junior wrote, followed by three laughing emojis.

That was all it took for others on social media to remind Junior that his old man has been wearing a rat’s nest atop his head for years and quite clearly colors his hair blond to hide the fact that his hair is grayer than he wants anyone to see.

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J.D. Vance Posts Fawning Praise Of Donald Trump Jr. In Desperate Attempt To Secure VP Slot

Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance decided Wednesday that he would try to jump to the front of the line when it comes to who will be the 2024 running mate for convicted felon Donald Trump, but he only succeded in looking desperate and completely servile.

Vance shared a link to an Axios article suggesting the disgraced ex-president’s son, Don Jr., was “a behind-the-scenes power broker in GOP politics.”

The article, “Donald Trump Jr. moves to be MAGA’s new kingmaker,” also included this observation:

“Trump Jr. is like his father in some ways: He enjoys trash-talking on social media and campaigning, but isn’t as attracted to the day job of governing that would come with running for and winning public office.”

That prompted Vance to add his own commentary: “Don is one of the best people I’ve met in politics. He genuinely believes in America First and works his ass off to make it a reality.”

Holy shit! There are obsequious butt-sniffing weasels, and then there’s J.D. Vance, a man so eager for political advancement that it’s safe to suggest he’d probably volunteer to clean Mar-a-Lago with his tongue if asked.

Vance is reportedly on the short list of possible running mates for Trump, and considering that the GOP needs to win Ohio to have any chance of regaining the White House, he could even be considered the front-runner.

However, Vance’s blatant online electioneering got him roasted on Twitter.

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Whiny Don Jr. Is Begging Fans To Send Him $5 So He Doesn’t Lose His ‘Boyhood Home’

The Trump brood are not happy, but instead of trying to change their behavior or even admit their many crimes, they’re doing what they always do: Grifting.

There is no more perfect example than Donald Trump Jr., who sent out a whiny bid for money from his daddy’s idiotic supporters, suggesting they send him a mere $5 so that he doesn’t get booted out of his “childhood home” at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

“The radical anti-Trump Attorney General in New York wanted to seize my boyhood home,” Trump Jr. insisted. “She wanted to get her hands on Trump Tower, and take control of one of the most iconic buildings in American history.”

Just send 5 bucks, Junior continues, so that the Trumps can “Save America” from President Joe Biden.

A couple of things come to mind when reading that pathetic plea:

  • The use of “boyhood home” is a clear attempt to tug at the heartstrings of the MAGA faithful.
  • Trump Tower is one of the most iconic buildings in American history? Since when?

Reactions to Don Jr’s begging were on point.


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Don Jr. ‘Murders Irony’ With An Accidental Attack On His Daddy

Donald Trump Jr. managed to humiliate himself and his father Thursday during an interview in which he accidentally suggested had inflated the value of properties owned by the Trump Organization.

During an interview with Eric Bolling of Newsmax, HuffPost notes, Don Jr. whined that people often base their valuations on his daddy’s real estate holdings depending upon their motives.

So how much are Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago worth?

“If it’s worth 18 million and that’s good for the soundbite at the time, it’s worth 18 million. If it’s worth hundreds of millions the next day for a different purpose, it’s worth hundreds of millions. And that’s what’s going on.”

Of course, Junior failed to mention that his dad does the same damn thing! He was even found liable in New York for inflating the value of his properties when he needed loans and then reducing them at tax time. How’s that for irony? As a result, the failed ex-president now owes the Empire State some $464 million in penalties.

Twitter users were only too happy to remind Don Jr. of the facts.

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Don Jr’s Claim That Black Men Tell Him He’s Their ‘Hero’ Comes Back To Bite Him On The A*s

In true Trumpian fashion, Donald Trump Jr. wants us to believe black men are constantly coming up to him and declaring that he’s their “hero.”

Junior made those comments on his “Triggered” podcast, remarking, “I travel all over the country, I fly commercial. I have seen and witnessed, now more than ever, the amount of African-American men that have come up to me, literally like, ‘Hey man, you’re my hero.’”

“I’m like, ‘What? Like, really?’” Trump Jr. added. “I did not have that in my bingo card.”

It wasn’t on your bingo card because it never happened, Sniffy McSnort.

Don Jr’s daddy, Donald Trump, often tells similar stories about people approaching him and saying how much love and appreciation they have for his time in office.

Of course, bullshit is bullshit no matter how you slice it, and people were not buying Don Jr’s tall tale.