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Don Jr’s Latest Video Is Incomprehensible And Suggests He’s Cracking As His Legal Problems Intensify

Donald Trump Jr. is facing legal jeopardy in several jurisdictions, and reports are that his father is ready to offer him another family members up as the scapegoats for any crimes that may have taken place at the Trump Organization, so it’s safe to say that Junior is under more than a little stress these days.

That being said, you have to wonder: Why would someone who needs to lay low and consult his attorneys be posting videos online that appear to show him high as a kite and virtually unable to speak?

Whatever the motivation, take a look at this 29-second train wreck:

Is he high on drugs? Sure seems that way, though only he knows for sure. At times, it’s almost impossible to decipher what the ex-president’s son is even saying, though there is this line:

“Joe Biden is what stands between us and a nuclear-capable China. Joe Biden is the guy they’re going to call at 3 in the morning if there’s a serious crisis with Russia.”

Yeah, things were so much better when we had a president who was beholden to Vladimir Putin and deferred to the Russian autocrat no matter the issue.

Junior’s bizarre video set off a wave of online mockery:

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Trumps May ‘Turn On One Another’ As Prosecutors ‘Go Up The Food Chain’: Report

Each day brings more bad news for failed, one-term former President Donald Trump and his three oldest children, which is leading to speculation that all of them could soon be facing indictment in New York, Georgia, and from the Justice Department.

The threat has become “existential,” according to Trump biographer Tim O’Brien, who said Saturday he believes family members could start turning on each other to save themselves:

“I think you’re going to start to see this vice squeeze in. The Trumps will happily throw underlings under the bus as this gets hotter. I think the question is whether or not the family members will turn on one another as it goes up the food chain.”

O’Brien then went into greater detail about the legal jeopardy facing the Trumps:

“The Manhattan DA’s case has existential consequences to it. Donald Trump and perhaps his children could end up in orange jumpsuits if that case goes the full route. That’s not going to be the case with (New York AG) Letitia James’ prosecution, that’s a civil case. I also think the Georgia case has an existential threat. Donald Trump acting like a 19th-century ward heeler, called up the secretary of state and said find me some votes, and there’s proof of that, there’s evidence.”

It’ll be fun to watch over the next couple of months to see what happens with Donald and his spawn. But if the past is any indicator of what we can expect in the future, Tim O’Brien is right: The entire family is likely to start tossing each other under the bus.


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Trump May Let His Children Take The Fall For Him As His Legal Problems Intensify: Report


From a legal perspective, this has indeed been the week from hell for failed, one-term former President Donald Trump, as investigations by New York prosecutors, a special grand jury called for by a Georgia district attorney, and subpoenas from the January 6 committee have all converged to ratchet up the pressure on the ex-president.

Since Donald’s three oldest children are also involved in the alleged crimes he’s committed, it’s fair to ask what exactly he’s willing to do in order to guarantee that he doesn’t go to jail.

According to Margaret Carlson of The Daily Beast, the answer is simple: Trump will probably toss anyone and everyone under the bus to save his own hide. After all, he’s done it before.

New York Attorney General Letitia James this week filed subpoenas for two of Trump’s kids—Ivanka and Don Jr.—as part of her investigation of the Trump Organization. This raises the tantalizing question of whether he’d put his own interests ahead of those of his own children. He’s used to throwing lackeys like Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort under the bus to save his own hide. But would Trump leave Ivanka and Don Jr. with skid marks on their backs?

References to the Trump kids can be found in court documents filed in various jurisdictions, which certainly suggests that they’re in legal trouble, too, and can only be saved if their father agrees to take the rap:

It’s easy to view the Trumps as farce, but there’s an element of tragedy, with the children emulating the sins of the father.

I’m old enough to remember when there was talk of Ivanka as a future president. I’m young enough to now know that’s never going to happen.

James alleges that “Ms. Trump caused misleading financial statements to be submitted to Deutsche Bank and the federal government.” The House committee has “invited” Ivanka to appear, but she is thus far resisting in light of statements the committee already has which indicate she twice asked her father to call off the mob. She made herself scarce in the days leading up to Jan. 6, to her credit, but it does suggest she knew what was in the works.

Will Donald toss Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric to the wolves? Based on his past behavior and the fact that he’s a pathological narcissist, the answer can only be yes.

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Don Jr. Tried To Troll Eric Swalwell – And Got His A*s Handed To Him

Some people never learn.

Such is the case with Donald Trump Jr., who thought he’d troll Rep. Eric Swalwell on Twitter Tuesday, only to wind up with egg on his face when the congressman fired back and utterly destroyed the son of the failed, one-term former president.

The mention of China is a reference to an attempt by a Chinese spy to get involved in a romantic relationship with Swalwell, as the Washington Post reported in December of 2020:

U.S. officials don’t think Fang ever got classified information as she cozied up to politicians, including from Swalwell. He is not accused of any wrongdoing. After U.S. intelligence officials briefed him in 2015 on their concerns about Fang, he cut off ties with her. Swalwell said in a statement to Axios this week that he provided information to the FBI about her and that he hasn’t interacted with her in six years. Fang has left the country.

Swalwell had the perfect comeback for Junior:

Others then joined the online debate and took turns mocking Don Jr.

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New York Attorney General Tish James Lays A Nasty Burn On Don Jr. And Ivanka


It was recently revealed that New York Attorney General Letitia James has subpoenaed Don Jr. and Ivanka, the two eldest children of failed, one-term former President Donald Trump, for testimony as part of an ongoing financial fraud investigation being conducted by her office.

As you’d expect, the two Trump kids say they won’t comply with the subpoenas and have gone to court to have them quashed, according to ABC News:

Former President Trump’s eldest son and daughter have refused to comply with subpoenas issued by the New York State attorney general’s office as it conducts a civil investigation into the way the family real estate business valued its holdings.

“A dispute has arisen between the OAG and the Individual Trump Parties regarding the Subpoenas,” a document filed Monday said.

Despite the attempt to have the subpoenas quashed, most legal experts say courts will rule in favor of AG James because she’s investigating possible criminal behavior.

James also made it clear that all the stonewalling in the world won’t keep her from moving forward, sending out this tweet aimed directly at Don Jr. and Ivanka:

Sounds like Junior and Vanky had better start prepping for their depositions, and they’d better make damn sure they don’t lie under oath.