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Donald Trump Jr. Suspected Of Laundering $8 Million From Kremlin-Linked Companies: Report

Donald Trump Jr., son of failed former president Donald Trump, is under criminal investigation in New York for allegedly laundering at least $8 million from two Russian companies with ties to the Kremlin, according to The Guardian.

Reportedly, Don Jr. facilitated the transfer of money from the two Russian entities to Trump Media, which owns the Truth Social platform.

Towards the end of last year, federal prosecutors started examining two loans totaling $8m wired to Trump Media, through the Caribbean, from two obscure entities that both appear to be controlled in part by the relation of an ally of Russian president Vladimir Putin, the sources said.

The expanded nature of the criminal investigation, which has not been previously reported, threatens to delay the completion of the merger between Trump Media and DWAC, which would provide the company and Truth Social with up to $1.3bn in capital, in addition to a stock market listing.

The initial $2 million payment came in December of 2021. At the time, Trump Media was on the verge of imploding financially.

Trump Media needed a bridge loan to keep the company afloat. But it struggled to get financing until DWAC’s chief executive Patrick Orlando sourced a $2m loan wired from Paxum Bank registered in Dominica, according to the wire transfer receipt reviewed by the Guardian.

Paxum is partially owned by Anton Postolnikov, who has connections to Putin ally Aleksandr Smirnov.

Who exactly is Aleksandr Smirnov? Rosmorport, and he worked in the Central Office of the Russian government until 2017.

Prior to that, Smirnov was First Deputy Minister of Justice of Russia until 2014, “and for most of Putin’s first two terms as president, Smirnov served in the executive office of the president.”

Trump Media’s then-chief financial officer Phillip Juhan was ready to return the money in the spring of 2022, but Don Jr. intervened.

There appears to have been some awareness at Trump Media that the first $2m was to come through because Trump’s eldest son Don Jr, who joined the board with Trump ally Kash Patel and former Republican-turned Trump Media chief executive Devin Nunes, had confirmed to the company’s lawyers to proceed with the transaction.

“Just want to keep you in the loop – no guaranty that these will get signed and funded, but we remain hopeful,” John Haley, outside counsel for Trump Media said in a 24 December 2021 email seen by the Guardian, to which Don Jr replied: “Thanks john much appreciated. d.”

Even though the Trumps have repeatedly denied financial ties to Russia or Putin, in 2008 the ex-president’s son, Eric, bragged that the opposite was true.

“In terms of high-end product influx into the US, Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.”

Donald Trump Jr. U.S. Senate WTF?!

Disgusting Don Jr. Refers To John Fetterman As ‘The Vegetable Senator’

In what may well be the most disgusting thing he has ever uttered, Donald Trump Jr. referred to Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman as “the vegetable senator.”

On his Triggered podcast Thursday, during a discussion with an equally offensive and disgusting excuse of a human being, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Don Jr. remarked:

 “I have a feeling the people that elected the vegetable senator—I have a feeling that a lot of the people that ‘cast those ballots’ probably couldn’t tell you who’s on the ballot for the Senate in Pennsylvania.”

Surprisingly, Greene seemed taken aback by Don Jr’s comment, noting:

“He’s back in the hospital, by the way.”

Fetterman, who suffered stroke during his campaign for the Senate, checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this week to receive treatment for clinical depression.

As if sensing he had gone too far, Junior told Greene:

“And I wish him well. We do wish him well.”

However, the son of the failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president quickly added:

“I don’t mean him any harm but I could see that a mile away (I’ve been) criticized for being an ableist—meaning I’m discriminating against someone with disabilities for expecting a United States senator to have basic, cognitive function.
“I don’t think that’s negotiable. You can call me whatever the […] you want, that’s a no brainer. And yet, it’s terrible…”


“It’s the ability to do the job. We need someone that’s thinking really well.”

Twitter users responded to Don Jr’s heartless comments with anger, slamming both him and Greene.

Donald Trump Jr. Viral Video WTF?!

Donald Trump Jr: I’m Not ‘On Coke’ – I’m Just Passionate About My Political Beliefs

Donald Trump Jr. wants you to know that just because he’s passionate about his political beliefs, that doesn’t mean he’s a cokehead or wasted on some other illegal drug.

Yes, Junior finally addressed the white elephant in the room, suggesting on his “Triggered” podcast that his social media postings aren’t the result of him indulging in controlled substances, they’re merely a reflection of his firmly held stances on issues.

Speaking with former Trump administration official Kash Patel, Don Jr. remarked:

“I’ve been blessed beyond belief in this country. I got thrown into politics in my late 30s, and all the sudden, it’s like, hey, I just actually believe this stuff. I will more than happily fight for it.”

Blessed? Is that what trust fund brats like Junior are calling their station in life? Did God place him in the Trump family because he, much like his old, man, is a born grifter and con man?

Junior continued:

“It would have been a lot easier to shut the hell up and be a real estate developer. It’s so important to be in that fight. But I look at what they called me: a traitor. Adam Schiff wanted to try me for treason. You know, a crime punishable by death.”

A real estate developer? Doesn’t he mean a failed real estate developer like his daddy? The Trumps have been spinning off one failed venture after another — Trump steaks, Trump wine, Trump University — in an effort to offset the massive losses the Trump Organization has suffered over the decades.

While he was at it, Junior also accused Hunter Biden of taking “a billion from China” and laundering money.

“And it’s like, he’s an upstanding human being! And then I give an impassioned speech, and they’re like, ‘Oh, Don Jr. is on coke!'”

Well, you know what they say, Junior: If the toot fits, wear it.

Here’s the video:

Donald Trump Donald Trump Jr. Social Media

Don Jr. Manages To Embarrass Himself (And His Dad) With A Disgusting Balloon Joke

Now that Republicans and their hallelujah choir at right-wing media have managed to finally dial back their outrage over the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down by the U.S. military on Saturday, it has come to light that China flew at last three such balloons over the United States while Donald Trump was president.

According to Forbes:

Talking heads on cable TV are up in arms about the Chinese spy balloon that was floating across the continental U.S., before it was shot down Saturday afternoon. Conservative commentators have insisted President Joe Biden should’ve ordered the balloon be shot down earlier and that a foreign balloon flying over U.S. territory never would’ve happened under President Donald Trump. But it did happen under Trump, according to several new reports.

But with the crisis having passed, Donald Trump Jr. just couldn’t resist one of his attempts at humor. Don Jr. loves to post on social media, but he’s usually so jacked up on Peruvian marching powder that he makes little or no sense.

So here comes Junior with a comment about the balloon story:

That’s funny? It’s making fun of Donald Trump and by extension so is Don Jr., who depends on his father for every dime he spends on housing, food, and “party favors.” (Snort snort).

As HuffPost notes, the Trump blimp made several appearances while Donald was still in office:

The “Trump Baby” blimp, which now lives in the Museum of London, was created for Trump’s 2018 visit to London, when tens of thousands of demonstrators protested his visit to the city.

The 20-foot balloon made several more appearances during his presidency, including at anti-Trump protests in Argentina and in Washington, D.C.

We also know that the Trump Baby blimp was hated by the failed ex-president.

President Donald Trump said he felt “unwelcome” in London after its mayor, Sadiq Khan, permitted a 20-foot-tall angry “Trump Baby” blimp depicting him to be flown during his visit to the UK this week.

“I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London,” Trump said in an interview with The Sun.

Don Jr. (and his father) were quickly skewered on Twitter.

China Donald Trump Jr. Foreign Policy WTF?!

Donald Trump Jr: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is The Reason For The Chinese Spy Balloon

According to Donald Trump Jr. (a.k.a. Eight Ball Jr.) the reason the Chinese spy balloon wandered into American airspace is very simple: It’s all due to Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Clearly inebriated on some illegal substance, Don Jr. posted a video on Friday afternoon in which he urged residents of Montana to shoot down the balloon (even though it’s at too high of an altitude to be taken down with a rifle) and then attempted to link the balloon to Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, who at least got help for his substance abuse problems, which is a hell of a lot more than you can say for Junior or his old man. (Toot toot!)

Here’s Don Jr’s brilliant rationale for the Chinese spy balloon:

“Do you think the billion-dollar Chinese investment into Hunter Biden was because he was a wonderful investor? All those incredible crackheads on Wall Street. There’s lots of them folks. The Chinese, you know, they don’t do any due diligence. They just hand out billions the same way Oprah hands out books. Stop shoot the thing down, figure out what’s going on, don’t look like a weakling.”

How does Junior know whether or not China does due diligence on its investments? Is he speaking from personal experience? After all, his old man had a Chinese bank account and even owed $20 million to a company that did business with North Korea in direct violation of U.S. law. And he owed that money while he was still president.

In other words, careful who you toss those allegations at, Don Jr., because you just might wind up shattering a few windows in that glass house your daddy bought for you with his grifting.

Junior got slammed online for his craziness, with many suggesting he needs to find a rehab and sign up STAT.

Do a few more lines, Junior. Maybe then you can fly and capture that Chinese balloon all by yourself.