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MT Greene’s ‘Unpopular Opinion’ About Christian Women Backfires Badly On Her

Since she doesn’t actually bother to legislate or do the job she gets paid $174,000 in taxpayer’s money for, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has plenty of time to hang out on social media and post all sorts of inane bullshit.

Such was the case today when the congresswoman decided to weigh in on the issue of women’s fashion and Christianity.

Specifically, Greene stated that Christian women need to act and dress more modestly.

“This might be an unpopular opinion and could hurt some feelings.

“There are many conservative Christian women, who are influencers or leaders, that are selling themselves short and not being good role models by conforming to the world’s sexualization of women.

“If you are conservative and a Christian you know you don’t have to express yourself in sexual ways and you know you are attractive by dressing nice and feminine, and you can be beautiful and modest at the same time.

“Men will respect you more and think of you much more highly than just a sexual object for gratification. It’s also good to not tempt your Christian brothers and cause them to stumble.

“As conservative Christian women let us always be an example to girls and young women by displaying actions that our faith believes and not conform to the patterns of this fallen world.

“Be the light, don’t fall into the darkness.”

While many might agree with Greene’s advice, she’s not exactly the right person to be giving it considering her alleged past infidelities.

OK Magazine reported on Greene’s affairs back in 2021.

The controversial political figure from Georgia’s 14th Congressional District reportedly “openly cheated” on her husband Perry of 25 years with multiple men, including Craig Ivey, a polyamorous tantric sex guru, and Justin Tway, a manager at the gym she worked at.

The extramarital affairs allegedly took place a decade ago while the boisterous blonde was working in gyms in Alpharetta, Ga., about 35 miles north of Atlanta.

Greene’s hypocrisy got her lit up on Twitter/X.

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Joe Biden’s Hilariously Profane Term For Trump’s Speeches Has The Internet Cheering

One of the things people say they love most about President Joe Biden is his brutal honesty when it comes to speaking his mind on issues that he considers to be of greatest importance.

Biden is also known to let loose with some salty language from time to time, and his thoughts on the things failed former president Donald Trump says in his campaign speeches have indeed led him to reach into his bag of profane language, according to HuffPost.

CNN White House correspondent MJ Lee appeared on air Tuesday to discuss how Biden has directed his campaign staff to deal with the Trump campaign.

The key is to apparently let Trump be Trump.

Lee said that Biden has asked senior campaign aides to highlight the “crazy shit” that Trump says in public, according to sources Lee spoke to for a CNN story published Tuesday.

Some examples Lee cited in her piece include Trump’s recent suggestion that he would “encourage” Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” to other NATO members and his attacks on Nikki Haley’s husband, who is currently on military duty.

As Lee explained to CNN host Brianna Keilar:

“What we’ve learned is that President Biden himself personally instructed some of his top campaign aides to be even more aggressive in highlighting some of [former] President Trump’s more inflammatory and wild comments. We’re told that the thrust of the president’s direction was to significantly ramp up the campaign’s efforts to highlight the ‘crazy shit that Trump says in public.’”

Twitter/X users who saw the video were delighted, both by Biden’s strategy and the fact that CNN had the guts to say “crazy shit” out loud.

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Mike Johnson Accidentally Trolls Himself And Trump With An Obsequious Online Photo

In a desperate and self-serving attempt to prove his devotion to failed one-term former president Donald Trump, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) posted a photo and message on President’s Day that quickly came back to bite him and the Donald right on their asses.

The posting was made on Twitter/X, which has become a haven for right-wing extremists since it was purchased by Elon Musk in 2022.

Be sure and notice that the photo Johnson shared features him with Trump and both of them are standing beneath an exit sign, which is appropriate when you consider that both of them need to be kicked to the curb in November.

The irony of Johnson’s photo wasn’t lost those who saw it.

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Social Media Expresses Concern After Seeing Photo Of Marjorie Taylor Greene With Terrified Puppy

Ask yourself a question: Knowing what you do about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), would you trust her to watch your dog for you while you were out of town?

The overwhelming response on social media is a resounding NO, especially since a photo began circulating online of Greene with a puppy. The dog looks absolutely terrified.

According to Newsweek, “Although the dog’s owner and Greene—commonly known as MTG—are both smiling in the image, the animal seems petrified, cowering from the camera.”

See for yourself.

That dog does not look happy to be there, does he? Twitter/X users had their own thoughts on why the pup looks so concerned, and they were glad to share them.

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Triggered Greene Attacks ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Creators As ‘Nasty Commies From California’

Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is proving yet again that she’s nothing more than a whiny little snowflake who is easily triggered by the tiniest things.

Greene’s latest online rant comes in response to an episode of the HBO comedy series “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which mocked failed former president Donald Trump’s Georgia mugshot and election laws in the Peach State.

The episode, “Atlanta,” mocks new election laws in the state of Georgia which make it a crime for anyone to provide water to voters who are standing in line to cast a ballot in the Peach State.

At the end of the episode, David is arrested for giving water to a Georgia voter and his mugshot is clearly meant to be a dig at Trump.

All of this was just way too much for Greene, who posted her rant on Twitter/X.

I watched this week’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and it was a glaring reminder of why most Georgian’s resent Republicans in our state for inviting the nasty commies from California, the Hollywood elites, into our state by dishing out Hollywood tax credits.

This week’s episode lied and painted GA conservatives and Trump supporters as racists and red necks and made fun of our good new law that stops the Stacey Abrams vote pandering machine and prevents voter fraud.

We in Georgia are fed up with disgusting Hollywood and their disgusting values and elite judgement in our state that is trying to turn GA blue!

And we expect our Republican controlled state leaders to protect GA from the radical left not continually legislate a way in for them which is slowly handing GA over to the Democrats.

This is along the same lines of handing billions of Georgian’s hard earned tax dollars to the failing electric vehicle company Rivian, of which George Soros has been a major shareholder, and trying to turn our beloved Georgia into the battery belt instead of the Bible Belt.

Following the Democrat’s climate deranged electric vehicle and Green New Deal disaster agenda is the worst move for my home state of Georgia.

The electric vehicle industry is FAILING. Ask any car dealer, they will tell you they can’t sell electric vehicles and move them off their lots. And no it’s not because there aren’t enough battery charging stations, and tax payers shouldn’t be forced to pay for and build them.

People should have the free choice to buy whatever car or truck they want and not be forced or mandated to buy EV’s AND should not be forced to pay to switch over to a failing industry.

It’s madness and the agenda of the left!

Take it from me, as I fight against Democrats in Washington and their radical, evil, and America last policies I can tell you first hand that we in Georgia need to step and do more to PROTECT GEORGIA!!

All Greene accomplished with her post, however, was drawing the mockery in her direction.