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WATCH Eric Trump Whine: ‘They’re Going To Start Seizing Assets!’

Eric Trump is absolutely terrified, and it shows.

Appearing Sunday morning on Fox News with host Maria Bartiromo, the son of failed one-term former president Donald Trump whined that insurance executives who refused to provide bonding for the $464 million owed by the Trump Organization for fraud was asked, “I’m trying to understand how this number came about, $454 million or $464 million, and what the real number is.”

“You know what? It was a crooked number. There are no victims. There is no number. The number should be zero.”

“This is extraordinary,” he continued. “No one’s ever seen a bond this size. Every single person, when I came to them saying, hey, can I get a half-billion-dollar bond?”

Sounds a lot like his old man, doesn’t he? No one’s ever seen a bond this size. Hard to tell if he’s bragging or complaining. Probably a bit of both, knowing the Trump family.

Eric then asserted that he and his father had been laughed at.

“Maria, they were laughing. They were laughing. Top executives of the largest surety companies had never seen anything of this size. And what, they’re going to start seizing assets if he can’t put up something that’s not available in the United States?”

Yes, Eric, that’s how it works. You’re found guilty of fraud, assessed a financial judgment, and if you can’t pay they start seizing your assets. Seems like a so-called “businessman” would understand that, but since the Trumps have always had everything handed to them on a silver platter, they don’t even know the basics of finance or the law.

Starting Monday, New York Attorney General Letitia James will indeed start seizing assets — bank accounts and properties owned by the Trumps — to satisfy the court’s ruling, which proves that Donald Trump has never been as rich as he claims to be. If he’s a billionaire, shouldn’t he have a half-billion sitting in his bank accounts? Earlier this week, he claimed he did, bragging on social media, “Through hard work, talent, and luck, I currently have almost five hundred million dollars in cash.”

Eric, meanwhile, is upset because he knows his old man is about to be broke and his inheritance will be little more than an already besmirched name.

Maybe the Trumps can beg Vladimir Putin for some bucks/rubles. Either that, or perhaps the Russian dictator can provide the Trumps with a dacha in Siberia.

Here’s the video of Eric’s pathetic whining:

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Eric Trump Accidentally Condemns His Old Man With An Eye-Opening ‘Freudian Slip’

Eric Trump inadvertently condemned his father — failed one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump — during an interview with Fox host Sean Hannity Wednesday evening, and set off a torrent of commentary on social media.

Eric told Hannity that the media is “absolutely petrified” of his old man and claimed (incorrectly) that reporters had been “censoring my father since the minute he went down the escalator” in 2015 to announce his run for the White House.

But it was what Eric said next that raised eyebrows.

“Anything they put out, he would censor.”

Hmm…that’s one hell of a Freudian slip. And Twitter/X users couldn’t resist pointing that out to Eric.

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Eric Trump Gets Brutally Mocked For Claiming His Family’s Assets Are The ‘Mona Lisas’ Of Real Estate

Social media erupted with laughter and mockery over the weekend in response to remarks made by Eric Trump in which he suggested the Trump Organization’s properties were the “Mona Lisas” of real estate.

During a Saturday appearance on Fox “News,” Eric insisted, “Our assets are worth a fortune,” and adding:

“They’re the Mona Lisas of the real estate world.”

Despite Eric’s protestations, New York Attorney General Letitia James has already received a judgement of fraud against the Trump Organization and the company could be hit with fines and penalties that exceed a half billion dollars, which would likely lead to the complete dissolution of Trump Org.

However, it was the Mona Lisa comparison that drew the most reaction on Twitter.


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Eric Trump Goes On A Whiny Rant About Potholes And Murder After He Concludes His Testimony

After he concluded his second day of testimony in the business fraud trail brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, Eric Trump went on a bizarre, disjointed rant about murderers and potholes, suggesting that his daddy’s company, the Trump Organization, is one of the richest and most important in the United States because it employs thousands of people.

Eric began by defending his old man’s corporation, which he serves as an executive vice president for.

“Yeah, well, guys, it was a great day. But what the state is trying to do with my father is absolutely insane! We have one of the greatest companies anywhere in the world. We employ thousands of New Yorkers. These people, they make their living relying on us! They feed their families, relying on us! We’ve never missed a note. We’ve never missed a payment. We’ve never defaulted on a loan. We’ve got some of the greatest properties in the world.”

Then came the obligatory attack on James.

“And because you have an attorney general that plays politics with everything, you’ve seen that time and time again. She effectively went after the last governor and threw him out of office, because you want to run that you got 2% in the polls. All of you saw that. She’s come after my father ruthlessly.”

After complaining that James has a “Trump is in this court” every day, he added:

“At the same time, you have people getting shot in the streets. You had a little kid that got shot in the head in Times Square recently. You had people getting thrown in front of trains, in stations! The city is going to hell, guys. And I hate to say that I’m a person who left the city because it’s going down the tubes and it breaks my heart because there’s no place I love more in the world.”

Eric then borrowed a favorite phrase of his daddy’s: Rigged. Which is appropriate since the Trumps have been trying to rig everything in their favor for decades.

“But she’s using a broken system. She’s using a rigged system. And it’s very, very sad. And I know the truth will come out in the end. We haven’t done a single thing wrong. They’re trying to disqualify my father for 2024. He’s leading in all the polls. And it’s sad that this is the United States of America. And right now, make no mistake about it, maybe through your very lenses, the entire world is watching this and they’re laughing about what’s going on. The entire state of Florida right now, when they value a property like Mar-a-Lago and $18 million is laughing, is laughing at New York State and laughing at New York state attorney general and laughing at, quite frankly, a court system. Guys, we deserve better than this. Let’s get the murderers off the street. Let’s take care of the crime. Let’s rebuild our infrastructure. Everywhere you drive in New York, you hit a pothole and your car gets destroyed and they’re going after a guy who employs thousands of people in the state, employed them through COVID. The deepest, darkest times of this state, runs a great organization, literally puts food on the table for thousands of people.”

Why is the system rigged? Because the Trump family is finally being held accountable for their crimes and they’re furious to find out the law applies to everyone, including trust fund assholes like them.

Even if none of the Trumps wind up going to prison, seeing them financially bereft would in many ways be a satisfactory karmic victory.


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Eric Trump Snaps During Thursday Testimony And Lets A Key Piece Of Evidence Slip Out

During his testimony in the New York fraud trial Thursday, Eric Trump got extremely agitated by questions asked of him by prosecutor Andrew Amer, especially when Amer showed him emails that suggested he was aware that incorrect financial statements were filed on behalf of the Trump Organization.

MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin noted that Eric’s demeanor was markedly different from his brother, Don Jr., who testified Wednesday, telling host Chris Jansing:

“It was sort of the tale of two brothers, because we think of Don Jr. and Eric as a pair, but really both temperamentally and otherwise, they would not be more different in their approaches to testimony today.”

“You noted earlier that Don Jr. on the stand principally deflected, denied responsibility, and put it all on the accountants and lawyers who guided him; he is a person who over the course of his life has been used to outsourcing things to other people,” Rubin continued. “But the problem is, as an officer of the company and particularly as a trustee of his father’s trust, there has to be a place where the buck stopped, and when his father was president, the buck stopped with he and Allen Weisselberg as the co co-trustees of the trust in which all the Trump Organization assets were put.”

Contrast that with Eric’s outburst, Rubin added:

“Eric on the other hand, when he took the stand, has been combative from the start,” she continued. “He doesn’t want to give an inch. He didn’t even want to admit that in 2012 he understood his father even had statements of financial condition. And so the attorney general is really working hard to establish that Eric understood that they sent their financial statements to other people outside the company who relied upon them, whether that’s members of a golf club in North Carolina that the Trumps purchased in 2012 or to banks and others.

“When Eric was about to get off the stand, he finally showed a flash of Trumpian anger and basically said, ‘Of course we have financial statements, we’re a major corporation!’ But he’s been generally calm and collected if not particularly generous in his testimony so far.”

Rubin explained on Twitter that Eric’s remarks are damaging for his father and the family company.

That testimony makes it clear that Donald Trump was indeed part of manipulating those financial statements (which were inflated for the purpose of obtaining bank loans and then decreased to reduce the company’s tax bill). It also proves that Eric’s father personally requested “help” with them. That completely undermines the Trump defense that they had no idea fraud was taking place.

In other words, Eric destroyed his father’s key defense plank and gave prosecutors everything they need to impose a financial death penalty on the Trump Organization.