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Eric Trump Whines He Can’t Buy ‘Skin Lotion’ In New York – And It’s All Joe Biden’s Fault

According to Eric Trump, it’s almost impossible to buy “skin lotion” and other toiletries in New York due to crime, and it’s all the fault of President Joe Biden.

Eric made his patently absurd remarks during an appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures,” telling host Maria Bartiromo that his old man, disgraced ex-president Donald Trump, is “feeling great” despite being on trial in Manhattan for allegedly paying hush money and interfering with the 2016 election, which he won.

“His fundraising numbers are off the chart. The love out there is incredible.”

“It’s the exact reason that they’re trying to tie my father up in a courtroom every single day between now and [the election],” he continued. “They know that [Biden] doesn’t stand a chance. No one believes him.”

That’s when the former president’s son began attacking New York, which he said was “failing.”

“They’re going after a guy for a $130,000 payment. Every day, they close the courtroom. You know, they close the streets around the court. It costs 20 times that. Every time they shut down the FDR drive, it costs 50 times that. No one believes it.”

“All while in New York, you can’t go into Duane Reade,” Trump added. “You can’t go into CVS and buy skin lotion because it has to be locked behind Plexiglas because theft is so high.”

The entire matter, he asserted, can be laid at Biden’s feet.

“The country does not believe it. But this guy’s not going to make it. He can’t.”

“He can’t get down a pair of stairs,” he said. “He can’t finish a sentence. He can’t read off a teleprompter without some kind of gaffe.”

Biden’s not going to make it? What about Eric’s pathetic father, who is falling asleep in court every five minutes and makes claims so wild that some have suggested he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s?

Nice projection, Eric, but no one believes anything your daddy or his spawn have to say. You’ve lied too damn much and the American people are sick of your bullshit.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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