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Trumpkins Have Online Meltdown Over ‘President Biden Expressway’ In Pennsylvania

Bless their coal black hearts, the MAGA faithful who so fervently worship failed, one-term former President Donald Trump love to call anyone who disagrees with them “snowflakes,” but it turns out they’re the biggest babies of them all, easily triggered by the simplest of things.

Take, for example, a highway in Scranton, Pennsylvania, has been renamed the “President Biden Expressway” in honor of the 46th President of the United States, who has lived in the state for decades.

Sure enough, all you have to do is look on Twitter and it soon becomes clear that right-wingers are all up in their feels about a highway being named to honor the current president:


Those responses led to some expert trolling by those who were eager to laugh at anyone who can be triggered by a highway sign:

It’s OK, Trumpers. Maybe one day they’ll rename the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth after your tangerine savior.

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The Latest MAGA-Inspired Portrait Of Trump Is Beyond Pathetic

As much as they try to deny it, those who slavishly laud and support failed, one-term former President Donald Trump are actually part of a cult, which is defined as:

A cult is group of people defined by a “religious” devotion to something — often a self-appointed leader. 

Sound familiar? It explains why so many of the Trump faithful feel a need to put signs and flags up in their yards that let everyone know they still support Donnie Dotard despite the fact that he lost in a landslide to President Joe Biden.

Or consider the QAnon subculture that has also been spawned in the wake of Trump’s rise over the past few years. These people are convinced that Trump is the anointed one has been sent to fight and defeat the evil Democrats who get their power from eating the adrenal glands of children after they’ve been sexually trafficked. And yet the people who have actually been accused of sexual abuse and trafficking are Republicans such as the Donald and his faithful lapdog Matt Gaetz.

The “artwork” of painter Jon McNaughton is also part of the Trump cult, depicting the twice-impeached ex-president as some sort of mythic hero who can cure every ill faced by modern society.

Here’s McNaughton’s latest bit of artistic adoration:

A couple of questions regarding the above creation:

  • Why do they all have semiautomatic weapons when those hadn’t even been invented when most of these former presidents were in office?
  • How did Jefferson, Reagan, Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kennedy get Planet Fitness memberships when it wasn’t incorporated until 1992?

The complete absurdity of the new Trump artwork had Twitter in stitches:


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Right-Wing Extremist: The Taliban Can Be A ‘Model’ For MAGA Takeover Of The United States

A man attending a rally in Iowa for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) told CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan that the Taliban’s successful and rapid takeover in Afghanistan can easily be used a a “model” for “patriots” to overthrow the elected government of the United States.

O’Sullivan was interviewing attendees of the rally when one man began spouting some terrifying predictions of what he sees happening in the United States:

“There’s millions of guns here. You know, it took eleven days for them to take over Afghanistan. Just ask… how many days it’ll take for the patriots to take over this country.”

That led O’Sullivan to ask:

“You don’t want that to happen here, do you?”

The man replied:

“I don’t want it to happen! But if our country and our government and our Congress and Biden don’t get their heads out of their butts, it’s going to happen! I assure you, it’s coming!”

The man is right about there being “millions of guns” in the United States, but not all of them are in the hands of those who want to stage a coup. Liberals and progressives own guns, too, and the government has unlimited power and weapons to counter with.

That doesn’t mean right-wing extremists aren’t a threat. They are, as we learned on January 6th. Even the Department of Homeland Security says domestic terrorism is the biggest threat to the country.

But there’s another threat, too: The rhetoric and vitriol being spewed out by people like Marjorie Greene, Donald Trump, and others. They’re also dangerous, and they need to be treated as such.


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MAGA Faithful Are Now Plotting What They Call The ‘Second Civil War’: Report

Think back to what happened on January 6, 2021. Do you recall the horror and disgust you felt as you watched thousands of pro-Trump rioters storm the U.S. Capitol and demand that then-Vice President Mike Pence be hanged from the nearest noose?

Now think forward to an ordinary day — say sometime around the dog days of summer, between mid-July and August — and imagine the Capitol insurrection times a thousand.

That’s exactly what many of the MAGA faithful are currently plotting, according to American journalist Michelangelo Signorile, who served as editor-at-large for HuffPost from 2011 to 2019.

Signorile warns that the signs are everywhere, and he cites a letter he received from someone describing a book entitled How To Win The Second Civil War. Here’s how the book and the movement it details are explained:

Dear Michelangelo,

“This is not a joke. This is not a myth. This is not a drill. According to a survey last year, a majority of Republicans agreed with the statement: ‘The traditional American way of life is disappearing so fast that we may have to use force to save it.’”—From Michael Gerson’s Opinion piece last week in the Washington Post.

“This is a significant number of people and they are not all conspiracy theorists,” says Jim Hanson, U.S. Army Special Forces veteran.

There are millions of Americans who still support Trump and the extremists who currently control the GOP, and they’re insisting that we give into their demands — or else:

“He’s saying that, yes, the majority of Republicans believe the American way of life may need to be saved ‘by force’ and that Democrats had better bow to Republicans — no matter how insane and fraudulent their claims are — if they want to ‘survive.’ There’s really no other way to interpret it.”

Or consider it this way: A man with a cache of explosives arrives at your house and demands you sign the property over to him or he’ll turn your home to rubble. Do you reason with him, or do you dare him to do his worst?

The rise of Trump and the way it has metastasized inside the Republican party is a clear and present danger to the entire country. It’s a threat to the very ideals we hold so dear, which are spelled out in the Constitution: Freedom, justice, equality, and representative democracy.

What can be done? Signorile believes it’s time those of us who don’t want to see the country devolve into warring camps and fascism get busy and fight against the threat we face:

“So the talk of a ‘Second Civil War,’ as red states are passing more laws allowing access to guns, and as GOP officials do all they can to protect the violent insurrectionists who beat and stomped police, is clearly a signal that there is more to come.

“Democrats must understand the gravity of this — and progressives should be turning up the heat if they’re not.”

Who’s that you see down near the end of the street you live on? What’s that he’s carrying? He’s talking to one of your neighbors, and then both of them begin marching toward your house. Do you wait until they’re on your front porch, or do you and your like-minded neighbors run them off and warn them to never return?

We have to be certain and have the right answers before it’s too late and what we cherish about this country is gone forever.


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MAGA Faithful Angrily Pledge To ‘Destroy The GOP’

For years, there have been predictions that Donald Trump would wind up destroying the Republican Party, and it appears that day may well have arrived.

During a “Stop the Steal” rally held in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, angry pro-Trump protesters made it clear they’re furious with the GOP for not fighting hard to make sure the federal courts named Trump the winner of the 2020 presidential election, even though he lost by over 7 million ballots in the popular vote and 74 in the Electoral College.

So what do the MAGA faithful have in mind as retribution for Trump losing? They say they want to burn the Republican Party to the ground.

One of the speakers at the Saturday rally was right-wing provocateur Nick Fuentes, who told the crowd:

“At the first Million MAGA March, we promised that if the GOP would not do everything in their power to keep Trump in office, then we would destroy the GOP. And as we gather here in Washington, DC for a second Million MAGA March, we’re done making promises. It has to happen now, we are going to destroy the GOP.” 

Wow! So they’re going to destroy the GOP. That’s a hell of goal, but at this point it shouldn’t be too difficult, mainly because Republicans have already sown the seeds of their destruction by cozying up to Trump in the first place and embracing his blatant racism, misogyny, homophobia, and hatred. The GOP has made that their calling card, and everyone is now aware of where they stand on the deeply American idea of equality and opportunity for all.

Destroy the GOP? By all means. It’s not worth a plug nickel anyway, so let it wither and die.