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MAGA Faithful Are Threatening To Boycott Walmart For Being Too ‘Woke’

If you had to guess, where would you suspect the vast majority of the MAGA faithful (i.e. hardcore Trump supporters) do most of their shopping?

Did you say Walmart? I’m guessing you did, and you’re absolutely correct.

However, it now appears that some Trumpers are ready to dump Walmart and find another place to shop simply because the company isn’t carrying the shitty, overpriced pillows manufactured by Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow.

Dr. Gina Loudon (who claims to have a PhD in psychology even though she doesn’t), is a right-wing radio host who called for the Walmart boycott, announcing on Twitter that she had deleted the Walmart app and instead would be shopping at Publix:

Walmart couldn’t be reached for a comment, but here’s betting it was something like this: Gina who?! We don’t need her business anyway. Good riddance.

Other Twitter users couldn’t resist mocking Loudon, and some of their comments are pure gold. Take a look.

MAGAts boycotting Walmart? Yeah, and pigs are flying coast to coast just for the hell of it.


Donald Trump Trump Supporters WTF?!

WATCH: MAGA Cultist Says His Arm Hair Is Still Standing Up After He Met Trump

Even though he’s nothing more than a failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president, Donald Trump is holding one of his Nuremberg-style rallies tonight in Mendon, Illinois.

However, unlike past rallies, Newsweek reports, there’s definitely a cloud hanging over the loser ex-president:

Former President Donald Trump will arrive in Illinois for a rally on Saturday as he faces growing legal pressure—with calls for his indictment mounting after a week in which the nation saw multiple Republican officials and key members of his administration testify against him.

On Tuesday, Arizona state House Speaker Rusty Bowers, a Republican who backed Trump’s reelection in 2020, testified about how the former president and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani pressured him to recall his state’s slate of electors, which went for President Joe Biden. Bowers, however, asserted that there was no evidence presented to convince him to take such an unprecedented action. The conservative lawmaker also said that it would have violated his oath of office.

However, to the MAGA faithful, Trump remains a modern-day Jesus Christ despite the fact that Donald has violated nearly all of the Ten Commandments, been married three times, and cheated on all of his wives when he wasn’t lusting after his daughter, Ivanka, when she was all of 13.

Oh, and then there’s the lying, the worship of money, and his willingness to throw anyone and everyone under the bus to save his own hide.

If you doubt the perverse allure of Trump, consider a man who was interviewed outside tonight’s rally and said he recently met the former POTUS. Ever since, he claimed, the hair on his arms has been standing up.

Sadly, the guy’s arm hair probably wasn’t the only thing standing at attention as he recalled his encounter with the tangerine orangutan.

For those who aren’t yet aware, Trump supporters are members of a cult, and their god is the guy who failed at every business he ever tried and wound up filing for bankruptcy on multiple occasions.

What an honor it is to meet a certified loser with a possum atop his head and a diaper under his suit. Oh happy day!


Latest Fashion Accessory For Trump Disciples: A Shirt That Proclaims ‘Jesus Was An American’

Right-wingers and Trumpers are a special kind of stupid, as we’ve learned over the past several years.

Whether they’re trying to suggest that the 2020 election was stolen (it wasn’t) or insist that there’s a leftist cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles running the world’s governments (the QAnon cult), there seems to be no end to the absurdities that come from extremists on the right.

Oh, and these people also think they have a monopoly on what it means to be a religious person, especially what makes one a “Christian” or a heathen who should be cast into the pit of hell to burn for all eternity.

At that nexus between their political beliefs and their fake religiosity, these same people are now trying to tell us that Jesus was an American. Here, see for yourself:

Or maybe you prefer this version, which goes against everything the Bible teaches about the Prince of Peace:

Do you believe that shit?! Can you imagine actually wearing a shirt like that? If you can, then you’d probably be wise to forego the rest of this article because you’re about to be mocked mercilessly.

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Trump Fanatic Offered $1 Million To Correctly Answer Who Won 2020 Election – She’s Still Not A Millionaire

Imagine if someone approached you on the street and offered to give you $1 million if you could answer one simple question: Who actually won the 2020 presidential election?

Would you be a millionaire by correctly answering Joe Biden?

Of course you would! But if you’re a brainless MAGA moron, you’d insist on saying Donald Trump and pass on the cool million.

Such is the case with a two-man group known as The Good Liars, who describe themselves this way on their website:

The Good Liars came together when they posed as investment bankers protesting the Occupy Wall Street movement. Together, they formed the 1%’s counter protest: Occupy Occupy Wall Street. What started as one video quickly turned into an actual movement—giving an outrageously blunt and honest voice to the silent 1%.

They’ve also gone after; Chick-fil-A, Scientology, Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, The National Organization for Marriage, Fox News, The NRA, Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, and countless others.

So the two men decided they’d approach some obvious Trump fanatics and offer $1 million for a correct reply. Granted, they probably didn’t have that sort of money to pay off, but they knew they’d never need it because a Trumper is incapable of admitting that Donald got his butt beat by nearly 8 million popular votes and 74 in the Electoral College.

Here’s the proof that Trump supporters are too damn stupid to do anything right, much like their orange lord and savior:

There you have it. Stupid people do stupid things, even when you offer them a million bucks to tell the truth.

Donald Trump Jr. WTF?!

Jimmy Kimmel Busts Don Jr. For His Most ‘Shameless’ Grifting And Hypocrisy Yet

The Trump family only cares about one thing — money — and it doesn’t matter to them what they have to do or who they have to hurt in order to obtain more of it.

In other words, the Trumps are shameless grifters, and they repeatedly engage in questionable ventures (i.e. Trump University, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, etc.) to further enrich themselves.

Jimmy Kimmel has had enough of the Trump lies and hypocrisy, and he spelled out the latest grift from Donald Trump Jr. on his show Thursday evening, according to Mediaite:

Jimmy Kimmel called out Donald Trump Jr. for boasting that items on his website were “Designed and embroidered in the USA” when they were actually made in China.

“The hypocrisy, they don’t even try to hide it anymore,” Kimmel said on Thursday night. “I guess they don’t need to hide it, nobody seems to notice.”

Kimmel then showed specific examples of what he was making reference to: A cap with the initials “FJB” (shorthand for F*ck Joe Biden) that the failed, one-term former president’s son is selling on his website, which Kimmel explained:

“It may have been designed and embroidered here but, we ordered one of the hats, and boy you’re not gonna believe this,” Kimmel said then revealing a tag that said, “Made in China.”

There was also the anti-LGBTQ hoodie that’s also an insult aimed at Biden, with Kimmel noting:

“Just in time for Pride Month, we’ve got this, uh … ‘Let’s Get Biden to Quit, LGBTQ’ hoodie, designed and printed in the USA and made in … El Salvador.

“And why doesn’t he have shirts made here? Because they cost about 30 percent more to have them made here.”

Hey, Don Jr. needs that extra 30% profit margin for the party favors (snort snort) he hoovers up his nose right before he makes one of his deranged videos that are later posted on social media.

Kimmel also hit the nail on the head when he dismissed the Trump clan with the only branding that fits them to a T:

“Shameless, worthless grifters and leeches is what these people are. And remember that!”