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Why Is Ron DeSantis Gasping For Air In This Viral Video?

There’s something terribly wrong with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), and that’s not the set up for a punch line.

DeSantis was speaking to a group of people recently about manufacturing in the Sunshine State, but as you’ll notice in the video, he seems to be having trouble breathing. Matter of fact, he appears to be gasping for air and on the verge of tears at one point. Take a look:

You may recall that the Florida governor went missing for two weeks. When he finally made a public appearance, a combative DeSantins told reporters he’d accompanied his wife for treatment of her cancer:

“A lot of people, particularly people who have gone through breast cancer treatment, the notion that would be considered a vacation, I think is offensive to a lot of those folks.”

The larger problem, however, is that DeSantis pulled a Houdini right as cases of COVID-19 were exploding across Florida and members of his administration tried desperately to pretend everything was under control.

So the video of the governor trying to breathe was certain to set off a lot of controversy and commentary on social media, where people wondered if perhaps DeSantis had contracted a case of coronavirus but didn’t want to let anyone know.


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Roger Stone Threatens To Wreck Ron DeSantis’ Reelection If He Refuses To Audit Florida’s Voter Rolls

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is already facing a very uncertain bid for reelection next year in the Sunshine State, having completely mishandled the response to COVID and taking the public stance that he will oppose any local efforts to combat the deadly virus, which has resulted in sending nearly 60,000 Floridians to their graves.

But it now appears things are about to get much worse for DeSantis, as he’s facing a challenge on the extreme right-wing from longtime Donald Trump friend and protégé Roger Stone, who is demanding DeSantis run a full audit of Florida’s voter registration rolls.

Stone sent this warning to DeSantis via Twitter:

He followed up with this one:

Here’s the interesting thing about Stone’s threat to DeSantis: Both of them are acolytes of the failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president, so it’s hard to know if Donald put Stone up to this in order to take DeSantis down a notch and keep him from being a viable GOP presidential candidate in 2024. Because if DeSantis can’t get a second term in Florida, he’s all but guaranteed to be a dud in a run for the White House.

Of course, as unhinged and duplicitous of a bottom-feeding insect as Stone is and always has been (he used to work as a dirty trickster for Richard Nixon), he may have cooked up his run on the Libertarian ticket just so he can remain relevant and try to raise a few bucks. Word is that money is tight for Stone and his legal bills are believed to be enormous.

Whether Stone actually runs or not isn’t exactly the point. Just the threat proves that DeSantis is potentially weak on his right flank, which he thought he had safely covered.

For now, Stone is just testing the waters to see if he can get what he wants. But if he does choose to run, Ron DeSantis could well be sending out his résumé after the votes are counted next November.


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DeSantis Allegedly Attended Party With Underage Girls And Alcohol While Teaching At High School

Shortly after he graduated from college and prior to attending law school, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took a job as a history teacher at the Darlington School in Rome, Georgia. His hiring was announced in a 2001 newsletter published by the school:

Ron DeSantis is joining the Upper School history department. DeSantis earned bachelor’s degrees in history and political science from Yale University, New Haven, Conn. While at Yale, he worked for the political science department, the athletic department, and the university sports camp. He has work experience with the Sonic Corporation and the office of Senator Connie Mack.

But it turns out that DeSantis was more than just a teacher while at Darlington, according to Hill Reporter:

His students would have been high school co-eds, teenagers, some of whom would have been living on-campus. According to our whistleblower, he had a reputation among students for being a young “hot teacher” who girls loved, and the girls in the photo are believed to have graduated in 2002, making them seniors at the time.

The photo shows a person purported to be DeSantis, in a group embrace with several young girls, one of whom is holding what appears to be a glass beer bottle. The source who provided the photo says that it was taken prior to graduation — meaning the young girls would still have been DeSantis’ responsibility at the time. It is not clear whether any of them were legal adults, though they would have been too young to purchase alcohol.

Of course, DeSantis isn’t the only Florida politician who seems to have an affinity for young girls. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is current the subject of a wide-ranging federal investigation that reportedly involves the congressman taking underage girls across state lines and paying them, which is sexual trafficking of a minor. And that investigation could also wind up ensnaring the governor, who is up for reelection next year:

Still, the investigation may be moving uncomfortably close to the governor’s office. Besides Gaetz himself, the influential Florida political figures under federal scrutiny include Jason Pirozzolo, a hand surgeon and DeSantis campaign donor, and DeSantis’ political appointee Halsey Beshears, the state’s former top business regulator.

DeSantis has yet to respond to the photo or other revelations from Hill Reporter.