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Trump Wants To Launch 2024 Campaign Before Midterms To Blunt DeSantis’ Momentum: Report

In what could turn out to be a disaster for Republicans who have their eye on retaking both the House and Senate in the upcoming midterm elections, failed one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump has been telling those close to him that he is seriously considering launching his 2024 presidential campaign before a single ballot is cast later this year.

Rolling Stone reports that Trump also wants to make his announcement in Florida in an effort to blunt the momentum he senses building around Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who is also considered to be seriously considering a bid for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination:

Donald Trump in recent months has been telling confidants that he may launch his 2024 presidential campaign early — and that he’s considering launching it in Florida to stick it to Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Trump has kicked around staging a large, flashy launch rally (with fireworks, of course) that would announce his White House bid before the 2022 midterm elections, according to three sources familiar with the matter.

People who’ve spoken to Trump say that one reason he’s eying the Sunshine State is to assert his dominance over an ascendant DeSantis, who — if they both run in 2024 — would likely be the former president’s most formidable competitor in a primary fight for the GOP nomination. One of the sources said Trump’s motivation is to show the governor “who the boss is” in the modern-day GOP.

News that the ex-president could be on the verge of making a formal announcement of his plans for 2024 has rattled many in the Republican Party, which fears Trump could ruin their efforts to retake control of Congress:

Various Republicans in Trump’s orbit have pleaded with him to hold off on formally announcing a 2024 campaign, at least until after the 2022 midterm elections have wrapped. They have also repeatedly reminded Trump that, due to campaign-finance law, actually announcing a run would immediately evaporate the current fundraising and financial advantages that he and his political operation currently enjoys while he’s — technically — a non-candidate. But the former president’s recurring desire to declare earlier than that is largely motivated by an urge to throw a Trump-sized wrench into the presidential shadow-campaigns of his fellow Republican bigwigs.

Dan Eberhart, who has given large donations to Republicans and Trump in past, says he doesn’t want the former president anywhere near the party now or in 2024:

“DeSantis is a newer, fresher face. The age difference between DeSantis and Biden would show a contrast between young and old that would cut across party lines. Trump’s profile is large but we did [lose] both the House and Senate under his watch.

I would reluctantly give to Trump [again] if he was the nominee but I am hoping the next nominee’s initials are not DJT.”

In other words, Republicans would prefer that Trump vanish from the face of the planet, if only because they fear the baggage he carries with him could doom them yet again.

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Disney Trolls Ron DeSantis With New LGBTQ ‘Pride’ Merchandise For Kids

When it comes to merchandising and knowing what fans want, Disney is second to none. Their branding is among the best in the world, and their souvenir T-shirts, caps, pajamas, tennis shoes, and even diapers are consistently among the hottest sellers in the world.

And now Disney is branching out with their merchandise in a way that’s certain to earn them millions more devoted followers (and dollars) while at the same time serving as a masterful trolling effort aimed squarely at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and his controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill which passed the state legislature and was signed into law in late March.

On the Disney website, there’s an announcement about the new Disney Pride Collection:

The Disney Pride Collection was created by LGBTQIA+ employees and allies at The Walt Disney Company and is a reflection of their incredible contributions and place at the heart of the company. We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ community everywhere.

The Walt Disney Company will be donating all of our profits from the Disney Pride Collection sales now through June 30, 2022 to organizations that support LGBTQIA+ youth and families. This includes sales of Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars Pride Collection merchandise.

Lisa Becket, senior vice president of global marketing for Disney Parks, had this to say about the new Disney Pride collection:

“Honoring Pride is a long-standing tradition of The Walt Disney Company, and I am incredibly proud to work for a company that supports inclusion as a core value and provides a welcoming environment which allows me to bring my true authentic self to work. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and a longstanding Disney cast member … I greatly appreciate the consistent opportunity for my voice to be heard.”

What do DeSantis and his minions in the Florida GOP have to show for their efforts? Nothing but months of bad PR and fading poll numbers for the governor, who is facing a very uncertain reelection bid in November.

Looks like Mickey Mouse just got the last laugh yet again.


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Florida Lost $200 Million From Its Pension Fund Because DeSantis Refused To Cut Ties To Russia

The state of Florida just lost $200 million from its pension fund. Why? Because Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) failed to divest from assets tied to Russian companies.

Democratic Rep. Andrew Learned blew the whistle on the massive loss of revenue from the Florida pension fund. He and other Democrats in the state legislature had urged DeSantis and his allies to divest from Russian businesses, but were ignored. That turned out to be a gigantic mistake.

In late March, DeSantis was warned that keeping state money in funds tied to Russia was a potentially disastrous move, but the governor chose to attack President Joe Biden rather than do what was best for his state:

DeSantis, who has chimed in on many foreign policy issues during his tenure, ranging from Israel to China to Latin America, did make some comments early on about the Russian invasion and made a few critiques of Vladimir Putin. Florida’s GOP governor has also criticized President Joe Biden over approaching Venezuela for oil during the crisis — and faulted him on Sunday for “using emergency war powers to produce batteries for the 1% that drive electric cars.”

The Florida state retirement system is one of the largest in the United State, with a base of over 1 million public employees. While the state State Board of Administration technically administers the pension fund, DeSantis is the chairman, meaning nothing can be done without his approval.

Much like his onetime political idol, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis is a terrible steward of public funds. For that alone he deserves to lose his bid for reelection this November.


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Ron DeSantis Finds A New Way To Humiliate Himself: By Attacking Cartoons

Now that he’s gone after Disney and cost Florida taxpayers billions of dollars in new taxes, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) took his absurd culture war to a new level of head-shaking idiocy by launching an attack on cartoons.

HuffPost reports that DeSantis was in Las Vegas campaigning for Nevada GOP Senate candidate Adam Laxalt when he went after cartoons:

“One of the things that really bugged me were these videos with all these people that are high up at Disney talking about how [it] was their intention to inject sexuality into the programming for these very young kids,” DeSantis said at the rally.

The governor was seemingly referring to Karey Burke, a Disney executive who said she has two queer children and supports featuring “many, many” LGBTQ characters in future projects.

“When we were young, you could watch cartoons without having to worry,” DeSantis said. “Now parents have to sit there and worry about, ‘What are they trying to inject in?’ ‘What type of ideology are they trying to pursue?’ And that is wrong.’”

Did DeSantis actually watch cartoons when he was a kid, or was he too busy trying to decide exactly how he was going to transform himself in a stooge who says stupid shit and thinks he’s got a shot at being president?

It didn’t take long before Twitter was abuzz with reminders for the Florida governor that some of the most popular cartoon characters from his youth — Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, and Wile E. Coyote — cross dressed and engaged in violence, yet we all laughed because we were able (unlike him) to distinguish fiction from reality.

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WATCH Ron DeSantis Try To Change The Subject When Asked If Pence Or Trump Is Right About The 2020 Election

There are some who believe that Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis will be the GOP presidential nominee in 2024, but based on remarks he made Monday regarding whether former President Donald Trump or Mike Pence is right about the 2020 election, it’s clear that DeSantis isn’t yet ready for prime time.

NBC News reports that DeSantis chose to punt instead of respond when he was asked if Pence could have refused to certify the electoral votes on January 6 as Congress was meeting in joint to session for that sole purpose:

Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly insisted that Pence could have changed the outcome of the election by upending the congressional certification of the results, overturning President Joe Biden’s win. On Friday, Pence rebutted his former boss, saying Trump was “wrong” to suggest he had the authority to change the outcome of the election.

Asked Monday with whom he sides, DeSantis wouldn’t say. 

“I’m not. I …” DeSantis told reporters at an immigration-related press event at the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora in Miami, before cutting himself off.

Pressed by a reporter, DeSantis then changed the subject to say that he had a “great working relationship” with the Trump administration during the two years his administration overlapped with it. And he then criticized the Biden White House for obstructing his agenda.

Translation: No comment because I’m a chickenshit coward, but it’s all Joe Biden’s fault.

There have been reports that Trump considers DeSantis to be a lightweight and is angry because he feels the only reason DeSantis is currently governor is because the failed former president campaigned on his behalf. Trump also reportedly mocks DeSantis for having a “dull personality,” which is certainly true. Watching paint dry is more exciting than a DeSantis speech.

Trump and DeSantis are both certifiable sociopaths who have been more than willing to let people die rather than endorse the wearing of masks, getting vaccinated for COVID, or anything else they fear would be bad for business or their poll numbers.

There’s no guarantee that DeSantis will even win reelection as governor later this year, and if he doesn’t, you can bet Trump will take delight in dancing on the political grave of his former disciple.