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Openly Gay House Democrat Trolls New House Speaker – And It’s Absolutely Perfect

During a vote today in the House of Representatives that elevated Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) to the speaker’s chair, one of the Democrats who stood and announced her vote against him also managed to get a sly barb in that was clearly directed at the Louisiana Republican.

Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) cast her vote for House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), but it was how she cast the vote that drew national attention and is getting the congresswoman both headlines and plaudits.

Today is Congresswoman Craig’s 15th wedding anniversary, so she used her moment in the spotlight to pay tribute to her wife, Cheryl, remarking:

“Happy wedding anniversary to my wife.”

Democratic House members rose to their feet in response, giving Craig a standing ovation. Here’s the video, along with another jab at Speaker Johnson:

The congresswoman also shared photos of her and her wife.

In case you’re wondering if Johnson had any reaction to what Rep. Craig said, that was provided by “PBS NewsHour” correspondent Lisa Desjardins:

Johnson, who is virulently anti-LGBT, probably doesn’t even understand that he’s about to be the punch line of a million dick jokes. After all, his last name is slang for a penis.

So by all means, have fun with that, Speaker Dickhead. 


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VIRAL VIDEO: Woman Flips Off Ranting Far-Right Oklahoma School Superintendent

An Oklahoma woman has gone viral thanks to her reaction at a school board meeting as the state’s education superintendent spoke angrily about “woke” policies and spewed anti-trans hatred.

According to HuffPost, Oklahoma School Superintendent Ryan Walters is about as far to the right as one can get politically short of changing his name to Atilla the Hun, and his rant was so over the top that one person in the audience couldn’t contain her disgust.

Walters tried to get in all the right-wing trigger words as he slammed a “radical, woke, activist judge” who he said is “pressuring” school districts to change birth certificates of trans students to match their gender identity.

“We see a lot of this coming from the Biden administration trying to force dictates onto our states and onto our individual schools,” Walters said.

As she listened to Walters, the woman shook her head and was visibly disgusted by what he was spewing. Finally, she could no longer contain her anger and flipped off the superintendent in clear view of the camera.

Social media users shared their delight with the woman’s reaction and disgust for Walters .


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Pete Buttigieg Hilariously Trolls Ron DeSantis For His Anti-LGBTQ Ad With ‘Oiled-Up’ Bodybuilders

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg absolutely destroyed Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis for a bizarre anti-LGBTQ ad he released online, suggesting that the governor might be more than a bit insecure about his own manliness.

The ad, which as been roundly condemned, NBC News reports, left both Democrats and Republicans shaking their heads.

DeSantis’ campaign reposted a video to Twitter last week showing overtures to the LGBTQ community by Trump over the years, including footage of him saying that he would “do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens” during a speech at the Republican National Convention in 2016. Trump issued the remarks in the wake of the deadly mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

The second part of the video shifts to a focus on DeSantis that appears to attempt to portray him as the paragon of masculinity. Thumping background music is accompanied by images of DeSantis, shirtless muscular men and headlines about the anti-LGBTQ policies DeSantis signed into law.

Here’s the ad in question:

Log Cabin Republicans, the largest LGBT Republican organization, condemned the ad, issuing a statement which reads, “Today’s message from the DeSantis campaign War Room is divisive and desperate. Republicans and other commonsense conservatives know Ron Desantis [sic] has alienated swing-state and younger voters.”

Buttigieg was asked for his take on the advertisement during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union.

“You know, I’m going to choose my words carefully, partly because I’m appearing as secretary, so I can’t talk about campaigns,” Buttigieg told host Dana Bash.

“I’m going to leave aside the strangeness of trying to prove your manhood by putting up a video that splices images of you in between oiled up shirtless bodybuilders. And just get to the bigger issue that that is on my mind whenever I see this stuff in the policy space — which is, again, who are you trying to help? Who are you trying to make better off? And what public policy problems do you get up in the morning thinking about how to solve?”

Buttigieg then referenced recent infrastructure initiatives he unveiled during visits to Kentucky and North Dakota.

“These are the kinds of problems that most of us got into government, politics and public service in order to work on. And I just don’t understand the mentality of somebody who gets up in the morning thinking that he’s going to prove his worth by competing over who can make life hardest for a hard-hit community that is already so vulnerable in America.”

DeSantis may think his divisive rhetoric and ads will help him win in 2024, but he’s wrong. The vast majority of this country is sick and tired of bigotry disguised as patriotism and hatred wrapped in the guise of domestic policy.