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Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Says Victims Of The Club Q Shooting Are ‘Burning In Hell’

You probably remember Jenna Ellis as one of the clueless attorneys who tried to help disgraced, one-term former president Donald Trump overturn the 2020 election with specious lawsuits that were repeatedly tossed out of court with prejudice.

Ellis claims to be a Christian, and yet something she said about the mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado proves she’s just a hate-filled sack of human excrement who enjoys trying to feel superior to anyone she doesn’t like.

On her podcast, The Jenna Ellis Show, the aforementioned fake Christian proudly declared:

“The five people who were killed in the nightclub that night, there is no evidence at all that they were Christians. So assuming that they were not, that they had not accepted the truth of the gospel of Christ and affirmed Jesus Christ as the lord of their life, they are now reaping the consequences of having eternal damnation. And that is far, far greater – we should be having that conversation. Instead of just the tragedy of what happened to the body, we need to be talking about what happened to the soul and the fact that they are now in eternal separation from our lord and savior Jesus Christ.”

It won’t surprise you to learn that this isn’t the first time Ellis has said horrific things about the LGBTQ community.

In 2017, she posted this on Facebook:

“Whether or not homosexuals are nice, wise people, or misunderstood, or mean is not the issue. … Sin is always sin, even if nice people commit it.”

Ellis was lit up on Twitter for her hateful remarks.

Ellis tried to dig her way out of what she said on her podcast, asserting that she was merely trying to encourage people to get “saved.”

If Jenna Ellis wants to see who is going to hell, all she needs to do is look in the nearest mirror.


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VIRAL VIDEO: Tennessee Mom Denounces Homophobic Fake Christians For Their Hypocrisy

Jessee Graham is a mother of four children who lives in Columbia, Tennessee, and she’s had enough of fake Christians who want to persecute LGBTQ Americans while at the same time saying nothing about the abuse of women and children by members of the clergy.

Graham spoke recently at Maury County Board of Trustees, NBC News reports, after the director of the public library, Zachary Fox, was forced to resign.

Fox’s resignation last week came after months of community pushback over the library’s display of LGBTQ books for Pride Month in June. Community members were also dismayed when Fox’s bar, Bad Idea Brewery, hosted a drag brunch last month.

That was the breaking point for Graham, who gave an impassioned speech to the Board of Trustees in which she noted that so-called “church” people are guilty of horrific abuses.

“I’ve never been sexually assaulted at a drag show, but I have been in church, twice. The men at the church told me it was my fault.”

Graham continued, the anger in her voice palpable as she spoke:

“They haven’t done anything to anyone. I am so sick of listening to this weird, fake pious crap about Christianity being the reason behind, ‘We have to protect the kids.’ Jesus didn’t go anywhere and condemn people! He did not ever walk into any place and spew hatred and lies and completely annihilate a group of human beings who just want to exist.

“You don’t need a moral compass to recognize that something is wrong when it immediately hurts other people So, why are we even here? Why are we even doing this? Why does hate even have a platform? I am so sick of these straight, white Christian males who are already at the top of the food chain acting like someone is out to get ’em! Leave them alone!”

Graham told NBC that attacking drag performers may be politically popular, but it’s the height of hypocrisy:

“It is hugely offensive to wipe away so many assaults that are currently being investigated at church while you’re pointing a finger at people who are just being authentic and happy. There’s not even a comparison of the two.”

How viral is the video of Graham? So far, it has been viewed over 1 million times, and if you listen closely, you can hear that many in the audience are applauding and cheering her on.

Jessee Graham is what a true American hero looks like.


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Tucker Carlson’s Disgusting Past Is Coming Back To Bite Him

Something very strange happened on Tucker Carlson’s nightly Fox News show Tuesday.

Out of nowhere, Carlson started going on about how the Washington Post was out to get him. The Post is owned by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, so Carlson began by attacking Bezos and then widened out his anger:

“A quick piece of news from the world of big tech. We spent the day hearing from old college classmates and people we had been in touch with for 30 years. It was nice, but there was an occasion for it. Jeff Bezos had one of his minions pull our dusty college yearbook and to see if we can do anything naughty at the age of 19, that sounds like fun. Let us know if you hear any more good stories. Before he drops any more of us billions on opposition research, he should that it should not affect any election outcome.

“This is a news show, it’s not a political campaign. No one here is running for anything or plans to. On the other hand, if Jeff Bezos wants to come over to reminisce about 1987 on this show, he is always welcome, anytime.”

What? Where did that come from? A reporter starts doing research so Carlson has to try and fire off a preemptive strike to inoculate himself from an unflattering story the Post is preparing to publish.

But what exactly could that story be? What is there in Tucker Carlson’s past that has him worried?

It’s probably this:

The Dan White Society. So does that mean that Tucker Carlson believes it’s acceptable to shoot someone for their sexual orientation? If so, that alone makes him unfit to be hosting any show on any network, including Fox.

Don’t be surprised if Carlson continues with his ranting again this evening. He sounds worried about what else may develop, and considering what a scumbag he is, there may be much more dirt coming.