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GOP Congressman Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Idiotic’ For Causing Chaos In The House

Republican New York Congressman Mike Lawler said Sunday that efforts by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to remove Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) as House speaker are “idiotic” and have accomplished nothing but creating chaos.

Speaking with CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union,” Lawler said Greene’s proposed motion to vacate the speaker’s seat is ill-advised and will only cause more problems.

Bash asked Lawler if he believed Greene would formally file the motion to vacate next week.

“I can’t speak for her, obviously,” he said.

“She has introduced it. She has not yet made it privileged but, as I said the day that she introduced it, it’s idiotic and it’s not going to actually help advance the cause that she believes in.”

Lawler added, “In fact, it undermines our House Republican majority. Look, voters enacted a House Republican majority because they wanted a check and balance on the Biden administration. They wanted to stop the reckless out-of-control spending that increased by 5 trillion in just two years and gave us record inflation. They didn’t like the disastrous withdrawal out of Afghanistan, and they saw the disastrous foreign policy decisions that the Biden administration has made when it comes to Iran.”

What Lawler failed to address is the fact that the lunatics are running the asylum in the Republican Party. They support an insurrectionist scumbag who has 91 criminal charges hanging over his head, and they’ve also failed to control the wackos like Greene who have taken over the GOP. Hopefully, they’ll soon be in the minority again and relegated to the back benches of Congress.

Here’s the video of Lawler’s appearance on CNN:

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Trump’s Latest Outrage: Compares ‘His Plight’ To Jesus’ On Easter Eve

Less than 24 hours before Christians across the world began celebrating Easter, failed one-term twice-impeached former president Donald Trump declared on social media that he too was being crucified.

In a posting on his Truth Social site, Trump shared an article entitled, “The Crucifixion of Donald Trump.”

The article, which was written by Tim Constantine, argues that Trump has been persecuted in the same way Christ was.

(Trump is) living proof that certain elements of mankind, in a quest for power, are willing to sacrifice, are willing to crucify another human being.

One would hope that Americans, even those who despise Mr. Trump, have no interest in the courts being used as a political tool to punish political opponents. One would hope.

Pilate knew better. Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron know better. Fani Willis knows better. Jack Smith knows better. Yet like Pilate, their desire to maintain a grasp on political power is greater than their respect for the law.

Perhaps the biggest remaining question is regardless of how the courtroom crucifixions go, whether Mr. Trump will experience his own political resurrection this November.

That’s not just absurd. It’s also blasphemous and should offend anyone who calls themself a Christian.

Trump’s posting was immediately panned on social media.

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Forgotten Lawsuit Is About To Bring ‘Ghosts’ From Trump’s Past Back To Haunt Him

A 2020 lawsuit accusing failed former president Donald Trump of illegally clearing racial injustice protesters at Lafayette Square Park with tear gas is back on the docket. It could result in “ghosts” from the disgraced ex-president’s past coming back to haunt him as he seeks a second term in office, according to a report from Law & Crime.

The lawsuit, Buchanan v. Trump, would impose damages on Trump and members of his administration such as former Attorney General Bill Barr, who had been ruled immune from prosecution because they were acting in their official capacity.

Now, however, an amended complaint has been approved by a judge.

“And that is exactly what’s unfolded quietly in the background of Trump’s many other pressing legal dramas in recent weeks and months. Though the merits of the plaintiff’s amended claims have yet to be decided, a judge has granted the parties the right to serve Trump.”

The suit is expected to be filed by mid-April, according to attorneys for the plaintiffs.

“We anticipate filing our claims against Mr. Trump by April 12, as the Court directed in granting our motion to amend in part. Our clients look forward to seeing Mr. Trump in Court and holding him accountable for his and others’ attacks on the rights of peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square,” Lee Crain, a partner at Gibson Dunn, said.

With the United States Supreme Court scheduled to rule if Trump has immunity from any actions he took while serving as head of state, the Buchanan lawsuit could result in more skeletons exiting the proverbial closet, exposing him as a would-be dictator who cannot stand criticism. It could also convince undecided voters that a vote for Trump would result in him imposing a totalitarian state that would prohibit all dissent.

“Based on the original claims, the new lawsuit is expected to reflect similarly and pursue him in his personal capacity for the distress he caused. Whether he stays on as a named defendant, with his personal presence over Lafayette Square looming so large that June, it is likely he would be asked to testify in proceedings regardless.”

So even if Trump is ruled immune as a defendant, he would likely be forced to testify during a presidential campaign that already shows him falling behind in fundraising and the polls. His actions on that day in Lafayette Square could wind up costing him the election. That would be both fitting and ironic for the wannabe dictator.

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AOC Smacks Down Elon Musk For Claiming Democrats Want To ‘Import Voters’

Twitter CEO Elon Musk got schooled by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Thursday after he suggested that the influx of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border is an attempt by Democrats to “import voters.”

Musk shared a link to an online article from the right-wing Daily Caller which claimed the Biden administration is considering granting amnesty and “handing out green cards” to the undocumented. No such plan exists.

Echoing the “great replacement theory,” a fearmongering tactic employed by conservatives for years to rile up their voters, Musk posted this on Twitter:

Ocasio-Cortez swatted down Musk’s lie by reminding him that he’s also an immigrant from South Africa.

“You’re literally an immigrant. And for everyone saying ‘yeah, but legal!!’ May I once again remind you that seeking asylum is legal, too. Have a good day!”

Musk’s fact-free posting also drew plenty of comments from others on his social media site, which continues to lose millions of dollars each month.

Here’s a thought: Let’s deport Elon back to South Africa or ship him to Russia where he’d feel more at home politically.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Has ‘Proof’ 2020 Ballots For Trump Were ‘Lost In The Mail’

Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said Thursday that she now has “proof” that thousands of votes for failed former president Donald Trump in the 2020 election were “lost in the mail.”

During an appearance on former Trump administration official Steve Bannon’s podcast, Greene remarked, “In 2020, when absentee ballot voting was at its highest. And so when President Trump got on the phone with our secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, and said, ‘Can you find the votes? Where are they?’ He was basically looking for ballots, and these ballots have been lost in the mail.”

“And so there was nothing wrong with Trump, with what President Trump said. As a matter of fact, I think he’ll be vindicated easily by a lot of the work that I’m doing and the proof that I’ll be showing pretty soon,” Greene added.

Later in the discussion, Greene asserted that the “failures of the post office and how many absentee ballots do not get counted because they come in late. And this is something that I’m working on very hard with some election offices across the state. And it’s more I’ve got to deliver to you at a later time when I have the numbers.”

At a later time? Around the same time as Trump’s infamous promise to release his health care and infrastructure plans?

Bannon asked Greene, “But but I know, I know, I know you want to get the facts. Are you telling this audience the most powerful audience in all MAGA, that there are issues with the primary that really haven’t been disclosed yet, that there are issues with mail-in ballots in the Georgia primary? Is that what you’re telling us?”

Greene replied, “Based on 2022 and 2020, these absentee ballots cannot be trusted because the Post Office is not delivering them. Now, the question as to why the Post Office is not delivering them is a whole ‘nother issue.”

Journalist Dave Weigel did a fact-check of Greene’s claims.

Others on social media also weighed in on Greene’s specious utterings.