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Social Media Users Retch After MT Greene Shares Bikini Pic For Her 50th Birthday.

Today is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) 50th birthday, and for some reason she decided it’d be a good idea to celebrate by sharing a photo of herself wearing a bikini on social media.

In a post she made on Twitter, Greene wrote:

Today I turned 50!

Many people go into their 50th birthday thinking it’s a bad thing, but I truly feel it’s wonderful and I’m so excited and grateful God let me live 50 years and do so many things.

From being the first person to graduate college in my family, to carrying 3 babies in my womb and the absolute miracle of 3 childbirths, to raising my children and teaching them about God’s creation and man’s dangers, to running successful businesses and carrying the weight of the responsibility, being a member of congress, running, cycling, swimming, competing, training, reading, always learning, creating, building, skiing, surfing, hiking, making mistakes, learning lessons, and most importantly God’s grace that I don’t deserve but am thankful for beyond words, my 50 years have been an incredible journey that I’m thrilled to be on.

And God willing, I’ll passionately continue each step following Him wherever the road leads.

But if Greene was expecting compliments for her photo, she didn’t get many of those. Instead, most of the responses were extremely critical and often hilarious.

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‘Disgusting’ Eric Trump Gets Shredded For His Tone-Deaf Memorial Day Weekend Message

Even though neither he nor anyone in his immediate family has ever served a single day in the U.S. military, Eric Trump wants us to believe that the entire Trump clan “gave up everything to Save America.”

That’s the message Eric conveyed on Twitter over the Memorial Day weekend when he shared a post from another social media user.

That didn’t sit well with many, and it prompted a fierce backlash against Eric and the Trumps.

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Trump’s Latest Attempt At ‘Dancing’ Has The Internet Laughing Its A*s Off

During his Thursday campaign rally in the Bronx, failed one-term, twice-impeached, and multiply-indicted ex-president Donald Trump once again did something he does very poorly.

He danced.

However, based on the video of the alleged “dancing,” it’d be more accurate to refer to Trump’s moves as his latest public humiliation.

Here’s the video of Donnie busting a move on Thursday:

Dear God, please make it stop! Doesn’t this fool realize how ridiculous he looks? Is he deliberately trying to simulate what Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) enjoys doing publicly with her latest boyfriend? If so, mission accomplished.

Now please give me a way to erase the image from my memory.

Fortunately, Donnie’s bad dancing did spawn plenty of mockery on social media.

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Stephen King Goes Viral With His Mockery Of ‘Chickensh*t’ Trump’s Refusal To Testify

Like millions of Americans, novelist Stephen King is not a fan of failed one-term, twice-impeached, and multiply-indicted former president Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Trump’s defense team rested their case in support of the ex-president without him taking the stand to tell his side of the story.

While most legal experts agree that it was a wise move to not testify, Trump’s refusal directly contradicted numerous statements he’d made over the past couple of months, insisting that he would indeed defend himself against charges that he allegedly falsified business records to hide hush money payments he made in response to extramarital affairs he had with at least two women, Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

After getting pelted with massive online mockery for his cowardice, Trump was also swatted down on social media by King, who branded Donnie as “chickenshit.”

King’s tweet has been “liked” 31,000 times and retweeted nearly 5,000 more since he posted it on Tuesday morning, and it has also elicited over 6,000 responses. Here’s a sampling:

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‘Coward’ Trump Mercilessly Mocked After Refusing To Testify In Hush Money Case

After saying for weeks that he looked forward to testifying on his own behalf in the hush money and election fraud case brought against him by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, former president Donald Trump turned tail and ran today when offered a chance to take the witness stand.

As recently as last month, Trump insisted he planned to testify.

However, as most expected, Trump’s defense team rested without him saying a word under oath, probably because they knew he would have committed perjury.

Donald’s latest cowardly slinking was met with widespread mockery on social media, where he was called a coward and liar. Take a look:

Closing arguments will begin next week.