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Trump Shares Meme On Social Media That Threatens Black Poll Workers

Disgraced former president Donald Trump reposted a meme Monday on his financially strapped Truth Social site that many are saying is clearly meant as a threat to black poll workers who will help count ballots in the upcoming 2024 election.

The meme shows two black poll workers sitting at a table, both of whom are wearing protective masks that read “Biden/Harris 2020.”

The photo is accompanied by this message: “Start arresting the poll workers and watch how fast they tell you who told them to cheat.”

As you might expect, that set off a torrent of discussion on Twitter.




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VIRAL VIDEO: Woman Flips Off Ranting Far-Right Oklahoma School Superintendent

An Oklahoma woman has gone viral thanks to her reaction at a school board meeting as the state’s education superintendent spoke angrily about “woke” policies and spewed anti-trans hatred.

According to HuffPost, Oklahoma School Superintendent Ryan Walters is about as far to the right as one can get politically short of changing his name to Atilla the Hun, and his rant was so over the top that one person in the audience couldn’t contain her disgust.

Walters tried to get in all the right-wing trigger words as he slammed a “radical, woke, activist judge” who he said is “pressuring” school districts to change birth certificates of trans students to match their gender identity.

“We see a lot of this coming from the Biden administration trying to force dictates onto our states and onto our individual schools,” Walters said.

As she listened to Walters, the woman shook her head and was visibly disgusted by what he was spewing. Finally, she could no longer contain her anger and flipped off the superintendent in clear view of the camera.

Social media users shared their delight with the woman’s reaction and disgust for Walters .


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Right-Wing Host Is Infuriated That Students Are Being Taught To Use Deodorant: ‘Not In Schools!’

A host on the right-wing Real America’s Voice network is absolutely enraged that students are being taught the importance of wearing deodorant so they don’t stink.

Jason Rantz reported some parents were upset that sex education courses were being taught to students.

Fourth and fifth graders at Lincoln Elementary in the Olympia School District received sex education lessons on May 9. Parents said the school told them that the lessons were district-approved. But students were given unapproved lesson plans. Materials presented by Planned Parenthood included drawings of pubic hair shaped like an animal, and students were told they could pick from a number of contrived genders to identify as. Some of the materials promoted medication to block puberty.

That led host Real America’s Voice host Ed Henry to note, “An elementary school, I think he’s out in the West, and he said an elementary school offered sex-ed lessons to students without parental consent. For again, elementary school. This is not high school. This is not college.”

Henry added that one of the lessons the kids were taught was to use deodorant.

“Of course, okay, deodorant,” Henry said. “People need to learn about that as they’re growing up.”

Co-host Karyn Turk, however, strongly disagreed.

“Not in school! I don’t think they need to learn that in school. Elementary school. They learn that at home?”

But other co-hosts quickly shot down Turk, with Terrance Bates noting, “I get the deodorant.”

If conservatives have their way, pretty soon the only thing students will be allowed to learn is that Donald Trump is the savior of the country and the Bible is the only book any child should read.

Here’s the video:


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Tuberville Gets Ripped A New One For Saying ‘Inner City’ Teachers May Not Be Able To ‘Read And Write’

Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville has long been known as a bigoted and idiotic piece of human waste, but comments he made during an appearance on Donald Trump Jr’s “Triggered” podcast are drawing almost universal criticism across the political spectrum.

During a discussion of education, Tuberville remarked, “The Covid really brought it out how bad our schools are and how bad our teachers are, in the inner city. Most of them in the inner city, I don’t know how they got degrees.”

He then added:

“I don’t know whether they can read and write. And they want a raise. They want less time to work, less time in school. It’s just, we’ve ruined work ethic in this country. We don’t work at it anymore. We push an easy life.”

Tuberville also let loose with this morsel of profound personal ignorance:

“If you can’t read and if you can’t write, you can’t live in a country like this and not have somebody help you make it through life, which is what a lot of this government wants.”

Keep in mind that before the state of Alabama elected him to the Senate, Tuberville was a college football coach. It’s safe to say he probably had some players who couldn’t read or write and needed help, too, but that’s OK because they had the athletic ability he needed to exploit in order to justify his salary, which was in the millions.

Oh, and it’s also instructive to know the following about the state of Alabama: It’s ranked 46th among the 50 states when it comes to its educational system. Kind of makes you wonder if more than a few of Tuberville’s constituents are also deficient when it comes to reading and writing skills.

One good thing did come from Tuberville’s bigoted remarks: The social media whupping he took.


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Boebert Slammed For Trying To Brainwash High School Students During Controversial Q&A Session

Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is in hot water for remarks she made recently during a visit to a high school in the town of Dolores.

According to a blistering op-ed from the Durango Herald, during a Q&A session Boebert held with students, the congresswoman got very ideological and seemed to be engaged in a form of brainwashing.

Like her or otherwise, Boebert is a polarizing politician. According to our latest news story, she spoke about “moral decay”; becoming aware of issues that could infringe on students’ rights; the Freedom Caucus, a conservative group of GOP representatives; and liberties infringed on during the pandemic. Apparently, she also told students they should know about those issues and let it motivate them to stand up for their freedom.

Come on! This is Boebert’s brand on stage in front of students without parents present.

The Herald notes that if she had really wanted to do some good for the students, she could have talked about how she went from financially struggling teen mother to member of Congress.

Boebert didn’t separate herself and her politics from the mechanics of government. Instead, she could have talked about her personal journey from a manager at McDonald’s to a representative in the hallowed halls of Congress. An inspirational story.

There’s also the matter of hypocrisy on Boebert’s behalf. She and many other conservatives have been complaining about how liberals want to push their political views on students. But isn’t that exactly what she did?

Before the assembly, some parents expressed concern about safety. It wasn’t that long ago – Oct. 3, 2022, to be exact – that Boebert said Durango schools had litter boxes for students who identify as cats at a Mesa County Republican Women’s luncheon. Parents had good reason to attend the assembly. More and more, parents are exercising their rights to know exactly what’s happening in school – public school, mind you.

If Lauren Boebert is going to lecture us all on what we should be teaching our children, maybe she should practice what she preaches and stop trying to “groom” kids with her right-wing hate and propaganda.