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Boebert Slammed For Trying To Brainwash High School Students During Controversial Q&A Session

Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is in hot water for remarks she made recently during a visit to a high school in the town of Dolores.

According to a blistering op-ed from the Durango Herald, during a Q&A session Boebert held with students, the congresswoman got very ideological and seemed to be engaged in a form of brainwashing.

Like her or otherwise, Boebert is a polarizing politician. According to our latest news story, she spoke about “moral decay”; becoming aware of issues that could infringe on students’ rights; the Freedom Caucus, a conservative group of GOP representatives; and liberties infringed on during the pandemic. Apparently, she also told students they should know about those issues and let it motivate them to stand up for their freedom.

Come on! This is Boebert’s brand on stage in front of students without parents present.

The Herald notes that if she had really wanted to do some good for the students, she could have talked about how she went from financially struggling teen mother to member of Congress.

Boebert didn’t separate herself and her politics from the mechanics of government. Instead, she could have talked about her personal journey from a manager at McDonald’s to a representative in the hallowed halls of Congress. An inspirational story.

There’s also the matter of hypocrisy on Boebert’s behalf. She and many other conservatives have been complaining about how liberals want to push their political views on students. But isn’t that exactly what she did?

Before the assembly, some parents expressed concern about safety. It wasn’t that long ago – Oct. 3, 2022, to be exact – that Boebert said Durango schools had litter boxes for students who identify as cats at a Mesa County Republican Women’s luncheon. Parents had good reason to attend the assembly. More and more, parents are exercising their rights to know exactly what’s happening in school – public school, mind you.

If Lauren Boebert is going to lecture us all on what we should be teaching our children, maybe she should practice what she preaches and stop trying to “groom” kids with her right-wing hate and propaganda.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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