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Garland Goes NUCLEAR On Republican For Accusing Him Of Religious Discrimination

Attorney General Merrick Garland went off on Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) during a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday when the congressman suggested that the Justice Department discriminates against Catholics who are opposed to abortion.

Van Drew began by remarking, “The two-tiered system of justice is clear and it’s clear to the American public. And the buck stops with the man in charge. That man is you. The actions of the DOJ are on you. The decline of Americans trust in our federal law enforcement is on you. The political weaponization of the DOJ is on you. Attorney General, I need a simple yes or no to the following. Just yes or no because we don’t have much time. Do you agree that traditional Catholics are violent extremists, yes or no?”

The AG replied,  “Let me answer what you’ve said in that long list of-“

“Attorney General, I control the time. I’m gonna ask you to answer the questions I ask,” Van Drew insisted.

Garland: “You’ve controlled the time by asking me a substantial number of things and I –”

Van Drew:  “I didn’t ask you those things, I made a statement. Attorney General, through the chair I ask you, do you agree that traditional Catholics are violent extremists? Answer the question.”

“I have no idea what traditional means here, let me just-” Garland insisted before Van Drew cut him off again.

“Catholics! Catholics that go to church.”

Garland: “May I answer your question? The idea that someone with my family background would discriminate against any religion is so outrageous! So absurd!”

Garland’s family fled from Russia due to anti-Semitism, and the fact that Van Drew would ask such a question clearly infuriated him.

Van Drew continued to press.

“Mr. Attorney General, it was your FBI that did this. It was your FBI that was sending — and we have the memos, we have the emails –were sending undercover agents into Catholic churches.”

The AG replied, “Both I and the director of the FBI have said that we were appalled by that memo.”

Mediaite notes that Van Drew was clearly referring to recent convictions of pro-life Catholics who blockaded family planning clinics:

Garland and Van Drew continued to spar over the DOJ’s treatment of religious Catholics. The former’s DOJ has been criticized for its zealous prosecution of pro-life activists. Last week, two 70+ year old women were found guilty of being “engaged in a conspiracy to create a blockade at the reproductive health care clinic to prevent the clinic from providing, and patients from receiving, reproductive health services.”

Here’s the video:


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Marjorie Taylor Greene: Satan Hates Women Because He Can’t Get Pregnant

Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has an important message for women: They’re under attack by Satan because they can get pregnant and give birth.

Speaking at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Conference, Greene gave the audience a taste of her twisted view of religion, telling them, “Ladies, you have a great enemy. And it hates you because of who you are. Because you’re a woman.”

“You see, if you pay close attention to scripture, all the way back in Genesis, it talks about the creation of everything we see, know, feel, hear, everything that exists,” she continued. “And it talks about the creation of man and woman. And in Genesis, the Bible tells us that God created us, man and woman, in his image he created us.”

God created women, Greene asserted, because man was very “lonely.”

“And when God noticed that man was lonely, he took a rib from the man, Adam, and created woman. Now, woman was different than man. Woman was not the same. Human, yes, but different in amazing ways. Woman Eve, she’s beautiful, absolutely stunning,”

Satan was very jealous of woman, Greene told the attendees.

“Satan, known to be a fallen angel, he was known to be beautiful as well. That was the thing about him. And that’s what gave him all the pride within himself, is he wanted to be the most beautiful one.”

“That’s why Satan hates you,” according to Greene. “There’s another reason why Satan hates women, is because women can do something Satan cannot do, and he wants to be able to do… Satan cannot create life, but women can.”

There’s just a few GIGANTIC problems with what Greene said.

First of all, in Genesis it’s the woman, Eve, who first eats of the forbidden fruit and is therefore condemned to suffer terrible pain in childbirth and to be subservient to Adam, supposedly for all eternity. If anyone had reason to be jealous, it’s Eve.

Additionally, since the Bible also teaches us that Satan can take any form, why would he be the least bit jealous when all he has to do is possess a woman and give birth that way?

Lastly, Marge has been accused of adultery and is divorced. Based on the same scripture she cites, she should be receiving the harshest punishment available in the Old Testament. Is she cool with that, too?


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Indicted Trump Attorney Gets Brutally Mocked For Saying God Will Protect Her

One of the so-called “attorneys” who was indicted in Georgia yesterday for trying to help failed former president Donald Trump overturn the results of the 2020 election is now invoking God as if doing so will somehow protect her from having to answer for her alleged crimes.

Jenna Ellis posted the following on Twitter earlier this morning:

“The Democrats and the Fulton County DA are criminalizing the practice of law. I am resolved to trust the Lord and I will simply continue to honor, praise, and serve Him. I deeply appreciate all of my friends who have reached out offering encouragement and support.”

That was all it took for other Twitter users to rain down holy hell on Ellis, reminding her that God doesn’t like liars and cheats.


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Southern Baptists Have A Meltdown After A Black Minister Calls Them ‘Whores For Trump’

A black Southern Baptist minister is calling out his colleagues and accusing them of being “whores for Trump,” setting off a wave of hypocritical denials from the very people who have supported the thrice-married sexual philanderer who has expressed sexual attraction to his own daughter, Ivanka, when she was only 13.

Kevin Smith is the pastor at Family Church in Palm Beach and also the former executive director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, and he spoke at the first day of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), accusing some ministers of losing their minds when Barack Obama was elected president in 2012, and yet were eager to embrace the deeply-flawed Trump:

“I think some Southern Baptists lost their minds when a black man was elected president — not all, but some. I think some Southern Baptists were unloving to Black people beginning in 2012 with the killing of Trayvon Martin.

“I don’t mean agree about politics or policy … I just mean giving a darn that somebody else is hurting who is supposed to be your brother or sister in Christ, and I think some Southern Baptists just bent over and became political whores with this whole Trump stuff.”

But that was too much truth for many attendees at the SBC, with almost foaming at the mouth as it reacted to what Smith had said:

Not one panelist rebuked him for his insults and incendiary statements. No one corrected him for suggesting that the “some” weren’t regulated to a handful of isolated yokel hillfolk, but rather make up a large and significant minority. He had no proof that the SBC is filled with this rampant, overt racism that rears its ugly head because of a black man getting in power, and not because Obama is a Democrat with awful policies. In a mark of true leadership, all stayed quiet and let that linger for the rest of the panel.

As far as becoming political whores and bending over so the bad orange man could impregnate us with racial ideologies, this is not the winsomeness that he was insisting we emulate during his later conference talk that he gave in front of the whole convention, making him quite the hypocrite.

But the facts couldn’t be clearer, and they support what Reverend Smith said and completely demolish what Southern Baptists would have us believe. For example:

  • It took the SBC until 2009 to finally admit that slavery was wrong and a sin.
  • Southern Baptists were indeed highly critical of President Obama, even though he was a family man, had been married for decades, and helped raise two brilliant, accomplished daughters. Some of them even prayed for Obama’s death.

As we say in the South when someone is particularly upset by a criticism that cuts them to the bone, A hit dog always hollers.


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Trump Is Unable To Answer When A 2024 Voter Asks Him, ‘How Has Your Faith Grown?’

A new clip of former president Donald Trump attempting to answer a question from a 2024 Iowa voter at a town hall meeting hosted this week by Fox host Sean Hannity has quickly gone viral, and not in a good way for the multiply-indicted ex-president.

At the town hall, a voter inquired of Trump, “How has your faith grown since you decided in 2015 to run for president and who has mentored you in your faith journey?”

Trump replied, “Great question,” but then went on an extended monologue that provided no actual response to what he’d been asked.

“You know, I’ve seen so much heartache and turmoil. I was a developer and I did other things and, you know, I had a wonderful life before all this stuff. I didn’t know what a grand jury was. I didn’t know what a subpoena—what is a subpoena? I had a wonderful life.”

Attempting to transition into why he was running for president, Trump continued:

“I couldn’t be more glad. I am so happy I did it because I’ve made America great, we can do it again. Right now, we are not a great country. We are not a great country. But I’ve gotten to know, because of this, evangelicals. I mean, I know so many people and they feel so good about themselves and their family and they base it on religion. I had never had that kind of an experience where I got to know so many. And Franklin Graham and Paula White.

“I mean, I know so many people that are so incredible, religious people, and not just Christians, not just evangelicals. You know, when I look at the Catholic faith, you take a look at what the FBI— no, but look at what the FBI is doing to Catholics, they’ve made them like the enemy, they’ve made them— it’s horrible. How could a Catholic ever vote for a Democrat or a guy like Biden again after the experience that they’re going through?”

Answer the freaking question, Donnie!

Instead, he concluded with this: “But I’ve met some of the finest people that I wouldn’t have had the privilege of meeting if I weren’t president, and they’re religious leaders and they really are incredible people.”

Is it really any wonder why in a Pew Research Poll fully 40% of those surveyed said Trump is not religious “at all?” He’s a fake Christian, just like the vast majority of those who support him.