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Josh Hawley Gets Pelted With Online Mockery After Claiming There’s Only ‘One Gender’

Did you know that there’s really only one gender and that anything contradictory to that is “transgender propaganda”?

That’s what Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is claiming in a fundraising email he sent out.

According to HuffPost:

The conservative lawmaker and running enthusiast recently sent a fundraising email that suggested teaching children about more than one gender was “transgender propaganda.” Any more than that goes “against nature, science and common sense.”

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that this isn’t the first time Hawley has made incredibly bigoted and disgusting remarks about members of the LGBTQ community.

During a Senate hearing in July, Hawley browbeat a law professor.

A UC Berkeley law professor told Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley that his line of questioning was “transphobic” during a Senate hearing related to abortion rights Tuesday.

The tense exchange began when Hawley, 42, asked Khiara Bridges, an expert in race and reproductive rights, for clarification regarding a comment she made about “people with the capacity for pregnancy.”

The Missouri Republican has also whined that masculinity is under attack in the United States:

In a keynote speech at the National Conservatism Conference last month, Hawley accused the political left of seeking to redefine traditional masculinity as toxic, and called for a “revival of strong and healthy manhood in America.”

“This is an effort that the left has been at for years now and they have had alarming success,” he said. “American men are working less, they are getting married in fewer numbers, they’re fathering fewer children, they’re suffering more anxiety and depression, they’re engaging in more substance abuse.”

For his “one gender” ignorance, Hawley was ripped all over social media.

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White House Savagely Trolls Ted Cruz When He Attempts To Take Credit For New Highway In Texas

Poor Ted Cruz. He’s so desperate to pretend that he actually does something other than whine, bitch, and moan for his annual $174,000 salary (that’s $14,500 a month, along with full health care and retirement benefits, all paid for by taxpayers) that he’s now trying to take credit for things he didn’t support and even voted against.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mediaite notes, Cruz made a Twitter posting in which he was clearly patting himself on the back for a new highway in his state.

Cruz tweeted a video of an appearance he made on KAMC TV based in Lubbock, Texas on Sept. 12. In it, Cruz touted his work on an amendment that was added to the fiscal year 2022 omnibus bill. That amendment provided funding for a large highway that will run from Laredo, Texas up through the middle of the country all the way to Canada.

Despite the inclusion of that provision, Cruz nevertheless voted against the bill and his own amendment, which the Senate passed in March, 68-31. The House also passed the legislation and President Joe Biden signed it into law.

Yet despite having cast a vote in opposition to the very highway he now wants to be congratulated for, the Texas senator boasted:

“The Ports to Plains highway will run from Laredo all the way up to North Dakota and into Canada. This project will bring jobs to Texas and millions of dollars to the state. A great bipartisan victory!”

As soon as the White House social media team got a whiff of Teddy’s tweet, they did a combination fact check/trolling effort.

Jaime Harrison, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, also joined the debate.

Mediaite also notes that the White House social media response team has gotten significantly more adept in recent months by hiring Megan Coyne to serve as Deputy Director of Platforms in August, and she hasn’t been shy when it comes to calling out the blatant hypocrisy of Republicans:

After her hiring, the White House put several Republicans on blast for opposing Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness program after they had collectively accepted millions of dollars in forgivable loans under the pandemic-era Paycheck Protection Program.


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Oops! Sen. Ron Johnson Says He Condones White Supremacy During Fox Interview

Even though he didn’t mean to, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) appeared to finally admit how he really feels regarding the issue of white supremacy during an interview with Fox host Maria Bartiromo.

HuffPost reports Johnson was trying to say he condemns white supremacy, but it didn’t quite come out that way.

Ultra-conservative Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) on Tuesday said he condoned white supremacy before quickly correcting the slip of the tongue to say he condemned it, but people on the internet mercilessly pounced anyway.

That Johnson made his gaffe in an interview with fellow rightie Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business only made it worse. One jokester imagined Bartiromo’s response to be: “Jeez, remember to ‘dog whistle,’ Ron, like we practiced!”

It probably won’t surprise you to learn this isn’t the first time Johnson has outed himself as a bigot on the issue of race.

  • In 2020, Johnson refused to criticize Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, claiming “justice has been served” when Rittenhouse was acquitted.
  • In 2021, Johnson said the pro-Trump rioters who attacked the Capitol on January 6 weren’t a genuine threat, but they would have been if they’d been members of Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

Twitter was eager to remind Johnson that he had finally spoken the truth, even if he didn’t mean to be so blatant about it.

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WATCH: Lindsey Graham Pitches A Hissy Fit When A Fox Host Asks Him About His Abortion Ban

For years, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has said that the issue of abortion should be handled at the state level because it’s a matter of states’ rights, not the business of the federal government to set policy on such a personal matter.

And yet, on Tuesday Graham introduced legislation in the U.S. Senate that would ban all abortions beyond 15 weeks at the federal level.

Why the change of heart from the South Carolina Republican? That’s what Shannon Bream of Fox News asked Graham on Sunday, according to Mediaite:

“Graham’s stunt is a godsend and helps us remind voters Republicans want to ban abortion everywhere,” Bream said, quoting a source from Politico. Bream then brought up The American Spectator, a right-leaning outlet which just ran the headline “Lindsey Graham Hands Abortion Fans a Box of Hand Grenades.”

Graham replied:

“I’m pro-life, even in an election year.

“To those who suggest that being pro-life is losing politics, I reject that. Only in Washington is it extreme to protect a baby at 15 weeks from excruciating death…So I don’t apologize for being pro-life. I think the pro-life movement has found a position that most Americans will agree upon.”


“You’ve got to explain the pivot.”

That’s when Graham pitched a full-blown hissy fit, going on an extended rant as he tried to defend his indefensible action which could wind up costing Republicans the midterm election:

“Number one if you know anything about me Shannon for 20 years I’ve been supporting federal legislation banning late-term abortions but you said there are states to make these decisions.  The states, here’s what Dobbs says elected officials can make the decision state or federal.  I’m not inconsistent in 2020. I had a bill on the floor of the United States Senate right across the Capitol that banned abortion at 20 weeks because the baby can feel pain. I had 51 republicans voting with me and two Democrats to suggest that I’m new to the game opposing late-term uh abortion is ridiculous.”

The senator continued, getting more animated as he spoke:

“No one’s excited. Listen I was the author of the unborn victims of violence act that made it a crime to hurt a baby if you attacked the mother you’d be charged with two crimes if you attack a mother and you hurt the baby it passed 72 votes in the United States Senate I never suggested there’s no place for the unborn in Washington, DC. if you tell the pro-life movement that we’re out of business in the nation’s Capitol that we can’t set some minimum national standard to prevent Chinese abortion policy in Maryland or California they’ll be a revolt by the pro-life community the people with me.”

Graham concluded:

“What am I saying I will not sit on the sidelines and watch this nation become China when it comes to boarding babies up to the moment of birth I reject that I will continue to introduce legislation at the national level setting a minimum standard. Okay at 15 weeks no abortion except for life rape uh save the life of the mother, rape, incest.”

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‘Dark Brandon’ Strikes Again: Masterfully Trolls Rick Scott On His Plan To Cut Social Security

President Joe Biden has found the perfect Republican foil as the midterm election draws closer by the day.

For weeks now, Biden has been aiming his rhetoric at Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), who serves as chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, remarking in a speech he gave last month:

“Rick Scott, the – who heads up the ultra-MAGA agenda for the Republicans, he’s the head of the Senate campaign committee for the Republicans. … He said – he thinks everyone in America should pay taxes – not more taxes – everyone in America should pay taxes. All those folks making less than $100,000 a year, if they have some exemption, they should have to pay net more taxes. Average increase expected to be $1,200 bucks for every American under that amount.

“Well, beyond that, he says that we should try to be in a situation where we – Congress, every five years, has to affirmatively vote to maintain Social Security, which you paid for your whole life. You have to affirmatively vote. It comes up – if it’s not positively voted for, it’s gone, it’s eliminated. And you think I’m making this up; it’s not. It’s the only written Republican platform so far.”

As Chris Cillizza notes in a piece he wrote for CNN, Biden is making Scott the face of the midterms, and that’s a big problem for the GOP because virtually everything the Florida Republican says has been landing like a lead balloon:

Recent Democratic polling gains in the generic congressional ballot, as well as improvements in Biden’s job approval rating, are due to the growing sense that the 2022 election isn’t going to be a referendum on Biden and Democrats, but rather a choice between the visions of governance laid out by the opposing parties.

And now Biden has trolled Scott on Twitter, laying a nasty burn on him while again reminding voters that Republicans want to take a chainsaw to entitlement programs such as Social Security.

Scott brought the latest humiliation on himself, trying to mock the president with this posting:

Biden responded.

Dark Brandon is killing it, and we still have a month and a half until November. This is going to be fun to watch.